'Daydreams Can Come True' Chapter 5

Daydreams can come True ’ Chapter 5
Julie Dawn Cole

I remember looking up at the huge arrivals board and still 40 minutes before the flight was expected to arrive and then maybe another 30 minutes at least or even more if it was busy through passport control. So time for me to buy a gift or even to escape.

My tummy was full of butterflies and it was churning so much after a while that I seriously considered whether or not to make a run for it and go back to my apartment. I tried to stay calm and consider the best and worst scenarios.

Was I was being selfish to come here like this just to satisfy an urge to see Susie or was it guilt that she’d traveled at that way. Was I being fair to her and building up her hopes. Maybe I just wanted her to see me and accept me as a woman rather than as a man or was I just kidding myself.

Maybe I wanted a relationship with someone who could accept me as I am and perhaps I felt safer if it was a woman. I’d was frightened that a man might get aggressive.

I had no answer since I thought it could be any one of these reasons and I needed re-assurance. But where from at this late stage. I felt like I was trapped in quicksand and unable to move.

Then a strange thing happened. I was passing a snack area and a young woman asked me for help. She had a young baby crying and a small girl who had fallen and hurt herself. She obviously took me at face value and assumed that I was a woman and I just took the baby from her and sat down beside her.

The baby stopped crying as I comforted her cradled in my arm. I patted him gently and he went quiet and looked into my eyes. Then he started to smile and his mum passed me a small bottle of water to give him a drink. His sister also stopped crying as she looked at me holding her brother.

‘Thanks so much I was getting to the end of my tether. He is taken by you but I hope you don’t mind.’

I remember thinking we’d had a calming effect on each other and I quite enjoyed to hold him. Then his mum asked me if I had time to join her for a drink since she was waiting for her husband and she wanted to repay me.

I just nodded and she suggested we walk to a coffee shop asking if I was meeting a boyfriend.

I just said I was meeting a friend and she didn’t pry anymore. We stood up and I didn’t want to let him go. When I put him in his pushchair he started to cry again and she laughed. ‘He likes you I think so can I hire you?’

We laughed as I said I was a novice and picked him back up. I was being accepted and the little girl wanted to hold my hand too. I was amazed how nice it made me feel and it did wonders for my self- confidence as we walked towards the coffee shop.

I left them after about 15 minutes but not before exchanging names and phone numbers. Angie wanted to meet up sometime whilst her husband baby sat and also said she’d like to introduce me if he arrived before my friend.

It made me think a lot about myself and my developing relationship with Susie. She’d attracted me with her beautiful eyes but her wonderful humour and her personality had really won me over and I felt like I’d known her a long time.

I felt I had to meet her. After all she’d always been honest about herself and she treated me as a woman trying to come to terms with some latent lesbianism.

How would an open lesbian like Susie react to me, a man dressed and behaving like a woman who had no idea how to behave like a man and with no experience of loving a woman as a man or a woman.

I was re-gaining my confidence but my tummy was still churning so I needed to relieve myself. Oh I was stupid to get myself into this situation but it was so exiting at the same time. Why did I encourage this relationship. Because I had found someone who shared my likes and dislikes and had a really strong personality to make me follow her advice.

I saw the sign for the bathrooms and walked as quickly as I could. No time to deliberate I dashed straight into the womens side and luckily there was no queue. I was so relieved to close the door and try to calm down. I took several deep breaths.

When I came out there were two ladies freshening up and they were obviously friends. One spoke to me and asked if I was OK because I seemed to be nervous and afraid. I should have just made an excuse but I told them I was frightened because I was meeting an internet friend for the first time and she might not like me. Why did I say that?

They looked at each other and obviously thought it was amusing. Why since internet friendships aren’t uncommon and they aren’t the same as blind dates.

I left as quickly as I could and went upstairs to find some shops. What to buy as a welcome gift? I think the safe bet might be flowers because I knew she loved fresh flowers and had very feminine tastes for such a boy that is how she liked to consider herself.

The lady in the shop also treated me as normally as any other customer so my confidence was getting stronger. She chatted away about the different options and tried to tempt me towards a big welcome bouquet but that was too much over the top.

I settled for some red roses in the end and a welcome to Hong Kong card. She gave me two balloons with welcome that I accepted even though I felt conspicuous. I’d often returned to Hong Kong to see wives and girlfriends waiting for their partners and envied the guys. I never thought of myself being the girl with the red balloons.

I went back to the coffee bar but Angie had gone. I settled down with a nice Latte. The balloons were attracting attention. Or was it the man in a dress? I looked at my legs and tried to sit elegantly.

It was a bit uncomfortable but eventually I got used to it and I crossed one knee over the other that seemed to be the best way to sit in the tight skirt.

I was attracting attention from a middle aged guy by now who tried to start a conversation. I mumbled a bit and I’m sure I blushed. He was German and said he wished he’d been met by a nice girl with flowers and a balloon. I tried to ignore him as much as I could but he did keep staring so in the end I was about to get up and go when Angie appeared. Her daughter little Emily ran towards me and said ‘Look daddy here she is this is Julie.’

As I looked up I was shocked. It was Matthew Coulson from the office down the corridor from me. My God he will surely recognize me. I’m sure that he did but he was kind enough to just be polite and thank me for helping Angie. I must have been as red as the balloons by that stage but he never indicated any concern and Angie started chatting about how good little Joshua had been and how she wanted to hire me.

I had to escape so I politely excused myself saying the flight had arrived. Angie and Emily waved to me and Matthew just said he was pleased to meet me and hoped to see me again soon. I gave Emily one of the balloons and she was thrilled.

Having escaped any further embarrassment I drifted around the shops for a while and eventually checked and saw that the flight had landed. So I drifted slowly towards the customs exits where the arriving passengers snaked out looking for their greeters.

Here I was a greeter with flowers and one red balloon. I found a place where I could see clearly and sneak off quickly if necessary. After 15 minutes of examining passengers I still saw no sign of Susie and I was getting to the point of leaving thinking she’d changed her mind when there was a tap on my shoulder.

‘Excuse me, Julie.’

I turned and just said yes, looking to see where the voice came from.

It was Matthew. ‘Here you are Julie you left your mobile phone on the table. Can I ask if I know you? Are you related to Jonathan Cole by any chance?’

So I knew that he knew who I was and I just said
'Yes, he is my brother,why?’

‘ Oh I work at the same office and I never really had chance to talk to him. Please give him my regards and also I hope that you will stay friends with my wife. She doesn’t have chance to socialize or make friens and she seems to like you. Emily does too.’

I was flattered and was glad he’d not been funny with me. Now he seemed to be encouraging me.

I looked around again but hardly anybody was coming through the doors. Then I turned because I sensed someone looking at me. It was a blue eyed strong looking girl with shortish black hair. Yes I knew from the eyes that it was Susie and she smiled and approached me saying, Julie is that you? Are you with the guy over there.’

‘Yes it’s me Julie and he’s just someone from work and that’s his wife waiving.’
Susie hugged me but I wasn’t feeling so good about myself..

‘What’s wrong please is something the matter.’

‘Oh Susie I’m sorry but there is something wrong but I don’t know what to say. I’m so glad you came but when you know about me you might want to go home on the next flight.’

I was really nervous but Susie just put her arms around me and said ‘Tres Julie you look wonderful, I’m glad you came to meet me.. You’re beautiful and much more beautiful than I dared to hope.’

I felt awkward to answer knowing that I was no oil painting but she just smiled and we kissed each other lightly on the lips.

I couldn’t move. Matthew and Angie had gone so I decided I had to talk to Susie. This wasn’t right. So I turned to her and asked if we could find a seat for a coffee or a juice because I needed to tell her something.’

‘Julie there’s nothing you can tell me that will change anything but I like a double shot expresso anytime so let’s go.’

To be continued…………..

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