Santa's Gift to the World

Santa's Gift to the World

by shalimar

Note: I wrote this little story because of things that I have observed at the end of 2001. I don't usually write Christmas
stories. That is why I wrote it after Christmas.

 © 2001, 2002, Revised 2011 shalimar. Elrod W.'s copyright of Bikini Beach and the movie "Its a Wonderful Life" are also protected by this copyright.

Santa Claus was sitting in his easy chair reading another letter. It was typical of the ones from the New York area this year and it depressed him. Even Mrs. Claus's gingerbread cookies couldn't get one "Ho" out of him. Forget about the other two "Ho's."

Dear Santa,

Daddy was a fireman who died at the WTC.
Mommy and me miss him so much.
Can you bring him back?

Thank you,

Kisha Brown

There were letters from children from the Chesapeake Bay area asking Santa to protect their parents who were put in harm's way. In addition across the country, and around the world there were children sending letters saying that one or more of their parents were out of work and there were not going to be presents this year. The children only asked that mommy or daddy would be able to work soon. One from a Jimmy Braun in Iowa told how his dad was now drunk all the time and there would be no work even if his father was sober. Although Jimmy's letter was worse than most, almost all the letters this year had no joy. It was the worst Christmas season in a long time.

Mrs. Claus put her hand on the usually jolly fellow and asked, "What can I do to help you?"

"I don't know," Santa said as he put his head in his hand. "There is so much pain this year. I need to find a way to change that to joy."

Mrs. Claus left her husband and walked into the kitchen. Morty, the elf, came into the kitchen and snatched a gingerbread cookie. Mrs. Claus looked at him in mock anger.

"Go cheer up the boss," she said to him.

"I've been trying Mrs. C." Morty told her. "But I don't think seeing 'Wonderful Life' would cheer him."

"Mrs. Claus sighed and then asked, "What are we going to do?"

"I have an idea," Morty suggested.

Later that day Mrs. Claus made two phone calls.

It was the night of December 23.

"Trust me," said Mrs. Claus.

"But, I have to be rested for tomorrow," Santa complained.

"Just get the sleigh ready," said Mrs. Claus. "Think of the children."

"I'll do it this time," replied Santa.

Mrs. Claus smiled, and gave her husband a hug and kiss. Then Santa mounted his sleigh and waved to his wife and elves. He snapped his reigns and off he went into the sky. It landed an hour later in the mountains. He went to the entrance of the cave and went in. He went several levels down until he found the sleeping man. Santa did some magic so that man would not be startled when Santa woke him.

"Shush!" Santa whispered. "Come with me. You'll be safe."

The man followed. Up the cave they went, then out into the cold and onto the sleigh.

Then with a snap of the reigns, Santa said, "Let's go guys. Rudolf, lead the way."

A little while later they landed in a parking lot. Out of the office by the gate walked the Bikini Beach owner.

"Is he any trouble?" asked Grandma.

"No," replied Santa. "He's still under the spell."

"Come with me," she said to the man.

She led him into the showers and made him wash. When the new woman came out, she was wearing the traditional dress of a Saudi woman. She gave her towel to Grandma who handed the new woman her lifetime pass.

As a Saudi woman she had no rights and as a Saudi woman she had no wish to discuss politics, leaving that to her husband. She thanked Grandma for the midnight swim and walked to her husband's car with the Saudi flags on the front. Inside was her husband, a prince. He gave her a kiss and asked her if she enjoyed her swim. She thanked him for his indulgence.

"Are you coming to Christmas dinner?" asked Claus.

"We wouldn't miss being with you for this Christmas for the world," replied Grandma.

"Pick you up around two?"

"Sounds good," answered Grandma.

And with that, St. Nick drove his sleigh back to the North Pole. He loaded up his sleigh with toys and made his usual trip around the world, then returning home. He was only a little more tired than he would have been if he didn't make that extra trip.

Around 4PM on December 24, I took my usual walk down Montague Street in Brooklyn to the Promenade. As is my routine I looked at New York Bay, this time as the sunset. I saw the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to the south. The Staten Island Ferry was traveling to Manhattan as the ferry to Our Lady of the Harbor and the Gateway to America passed it. The Brooklyn Bridge started just to the north of the Promenade. In between the Twin Towers climbing to Heaven was a sleigh carrying the Great Gift Giver. In his bag of presents were lots of letters.

One said:

Dear Kisha,
I give you your most wanted present.
Your daddy will be celebrating Christmas with you this year and for several years to come.
Remember what you wished for.


On Christmas day Kisha read the letter and then heard her father ask what she was reading. She turned and ran to her father and hugged him as she cried. Emotionally she never let go of him. Kisha's father was with her that Christmas because the man in the cave was Osama bin Laden.

May those of us who suffered finally have peace.

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