by shalimar

As the Evil Witch, shalimar turns Giggles into his daughter. She then turns him into mom, and the fun begins. Based on Hyperboard messages around March 2001, and on a suggestion by Sigh.
New roles for the SRU Wizard and Bikini Beach's Anya.

Copyright 2001, revised 2011.


Notes: Some of the people in this story are real. For privacy reasons I have used their handles. This story is based on at least three sets of Fictionmania Hyperboard messages, and some email notes from Sigh, Bill Hart, and Elrod W. This includes permission to use the SRU Wizard as a judge, and Anya as a defense attorney. Permission was given to me to use the Hyperboard messages.

The usual disclaimers:

If you shouldn't be reading this for moral, legal, or emotional reasons, don't.

It is fattening.


Giggles and I finally got together. It took weeks to set up after she asked me for her to be my love slave. She was still a 25-year-old effeminate guy about 5' 9," 145 lb. with very small breasts. Her long brown hair looked like it just went to the beauty parlor. For the most part there was no beard. She did wear a little makeup and wore a black knit dress.

She was surprised that I was still male, and twice her age. My balding and weight almost freaked her out. I was also beginning to get breasts. I told her that we should at least talk.

We met in the morning at the Marriott near Kennedy Airport, a nice towering hotel. I rented a room on the sixth floor. We heard and felt a Concord roar over us just before we stepped into the elevator. I thought I knew exactly what we were doing. When we entered the room we talked for a few hours.

Then she asked me to hypnotize her.

"Why me?"

"'Cause you're the Evil Witch."

"The last time I hypnotized someone you weren't born yet."

"Do it anyway. That way I could be your love slave."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay. I promise I won't harm you in any way."

"Thanks, that makes it even better. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet. You asked ME to hypnotize you and I'm supposed to know what I'm going to do?"

"You'll think of something."

I needed something for her to focus on. I pulled off my necklace that had a small emerald on it and held it in front of her.

"I want you to stare at the emerald," I said in a soft, calming voice. Keep on looking at it. That's it. Just stare at it. You are getting sleepy."

She blinked.

"That's it. You are getting sleepy."

Her eyelids were slowly closing.

"Very sleepy."

Her head was beginning to bend.

"You are asleep."

Her eyes were closed and her head down.

"You will do whatever I say."

"Whatever you say..."

I had an idea. It was a crazy idea, but what do you expect from someone who plays solitaire with 47 cards.

"You are younger."


I noticed that she was really getting younger. Maybe I am a witch.

"You are sixteen."

She looked like she was in her mid-teens.

"How old are you?"

"What a silly question. I'm sixteen."

I decided to try something else.

"What sex are you still?"


"You are female."

"Of course I'm female."

"Your sexual organs are female."


"Your balls are ovaries."


"They are entering your body where they belong."

I heard a squishing sound and then a small pop in the proper region of her body.

"Your penis is turning into a vaginal canal."

"Of course I have a vagina."

"See, your public hair is a pretty triangle. There are no tools."

She put her hand on the public area and rubbed.

"That's right, feel it. There's nothing else there. That's right. Just like it's supposed to be. You are shorter."

I saw her shrink a little.


She acted like Alice before she entered the rabbit hole.

"You are 5' 5"."

She finally shrank down to that height.

"You have larger breasts."

The breasts started to grow larger.

"That's better. Small ones for now. Stop at 'A'. They'll grow in time."

They stopped at just where I said they would. She was beginning to look like a regular teen girl.

"You have no hair on your face."

Her remnant of beard began to be absorbed by the skin.

"Your face is as smooth as a baby's."

There was nothing left of her beard.

"Your waist is too wide. Make it narrower."

The area near her stomach started to shrink.

"More. Down to 24". That's better."

It stopped at the appropriate diameter.

"Your chest is too wide. Make it narrower."

Like the rest, the change started to happen.

"Down to 33 inches."

Again she stopped at the right size.

"Now the hips. Make them wider."

They started to expand into the baby-carrying angle.

"I said wider. In my family, a broad is broad. That's more like it."

"Now your voice. "Say, Aaaaahhhhh."


"Keep it up."


"Raise the pitch."

Her voice was becoming more feminine. When the voice was more like a teen's I made the changes stop.

"What's your name? Hummmmm. My great grandmother never had anyone named after her. You are Sarah. Now tell me your name."

"Silly, its Sarah."

"Right, Sarah. You are my daughter, Sarah."

"Of course I am, daddy."

There were some more genetic changes. Her face became heart shaped. Her hair became lighter in color and wavy. The eyes were more of the Mongolian slant. She had a spring complexion and became a few shades darker. As she smiled I noticed the teeth. She had a small gap between the two upper front teeth. That means that, like many in my family, she would have one less tooth in each quadrant.

"When you wake I will tell you what we are going to do. You will agree."


"You also have this magic power, but you are reluctant to use it. You think you don't know how enough, and you are afraid that you will make a mistake. It worries you that you might do harm."

"Of course I am a witch like you."

"Now awake and tell me if you like the change."

Sarah looked down on her body and saw the changes and then went over to the mirror.

"I'm pretty... not drop dead gorgeous, but still pretty. Pretty enough to attract a boy. Thank you, daddy."

She gave me a hug.

"But why did you pick Sarah?"

"My great grandmother had it. The one I knew. The other choice is Sacagawea, the one on the dollar coin. Sarah is easier, but it's your choice."

"Sarah, then."

"Okay, Princess."

"Daddy, what about you? When are you going to change? Wouldn't you rather be Mom?"

"I just discovered I can do this. Give me a chance. Maybe tomorrow, this afternoon we are going to see that Broadway play you've been pestering me about. Then we'll go home."

"I could do it for you then?"

"When we get home it might be too late. You'll have to get ready for school."

"That's the only bad part of this change. I'm back in high school again. Yuck."

We took the subway into the city. On the subway ride we chatted away about everything. She continued to push me about me changing also. She said she needed a mother more than a father. I told her she needed both, and if I did become her mother I would have to remedy my single status. Eventually I told her that we wouldn't have time that day. I told her she was NOT going to sleep through class on her FIRST day. I also told her she had LESS knowledge about how to change reality than I did. I did want it though. I just didn't think we would have time that day.

We arrived at the theater with about five minutes to spare. I purchased the tickets and we went in. I manufactured' the money out of my wallet. I believed I was getting the hang of magic now. It is an interesting phenomenon. I told Sarah. She opened her purse, looked in it a while, then smiled. I knew that she had just added a postman or two to her wallet.

"You can buy some clothes with the money you just made, if there's room in your closet."

The play was thoroughly enjoyable. We laughed. We cried. And at the end we were among the ones standing and cheering. We ate dinner in the Village, at Emilio's. I hadn't been there since the night of July 3, 1976. I was with friends that night. At midnight that night I rose from my seat, raised my glass of wine and started singing he National Anthem. From that time on there was singing in that courtyard until Emily's closed several hours later. Telling Sarah about it brought a smile to my face. 25 years later I am still a friend to most of those with me that night.

It was about 10:00 PM when we got home to our house on Vista Lane in Levittown, NY. I had to change her room closer to a teenage girl's room while she took a bath. I made sure she had enough clothes for the next few days. When she was in her bathrobe I told her she could buy some clothes when she got a chance " long as you finish your homework first."

"Dad, take a bath."

"I take showers."

"You are exhausted. You could lie back and relax."

"I might fall asleep in the bath."

"I'll be with you."

"I'm a man."

"There's nothing you got that I didn't have this morning."


"Besides, I need you as Mom, not Dad. It'll only take a half an hour. Then I'll go to sleep. Promise."


"I'll draw the water."


"Thanks, Mom, you won't regret it." She gave me a hug.

"Only change my age, my weight and my height."

"I'll have to add some hair and remove that bald spot."

"Okay: 22, 5' 5" and three pounds heavier than you, and I'm a misses, not a junior like you. I want dirty blond to light blond hair like I had when I was that age. Make sure I stay crazy. I am happy that way."

"Could I make your hair long?"

"Not beyond my breasts. Oh, and fix my hearing. You have such a sweet voice. I want to hear you properly."

"Okay. How could I be 16 and you be my 22-year-old mother?"

"You're still 25. You're only physically 16. I'm still over 50. I'm also the father of your half-brother who is now a year older than you."

"Confusing, isn't it?"

"Not if you're a witch."

I started to get undressed. The steam from the bath was inviting. She poured bubble bath into the water. There was a fragrance in the liquid.

"Get in that bath, girl!"

I obeyed. She had already made me into a girl between my legs. She put a sponge headrest behind my neck. I felt the tension seep into the water as she worked her magic to transform me. My daughter was right. This heavenly soak was just what I needed. When she finished changing me she fixed her hair for the night. I kissed her good night.

"Good night, Mom."

"Is your boyfriend coming over tomorrow?"

"I don't know. Why?"

"We have to get you clothes. I need to know if he's staying for dinner."

"I really don't know," she said a she stared into space and hugged herself. She was smiling.

"You love him don't you?"


The smile became a grin.

"You already belong to him, don't you."

She didn't say anything, but I knew the answer.

"Are you going to tell him about us?"

"Mom, do you want us under the hupah?"

Ouch! We've had this conversation before and I still don't know when to shut my damn mouth.

"Sixteen is too young. Good night, Princess."

We gave each other a kiss. When she was out, I shaved my legs and underarms. I don't know why I did it. I was extremely tired at the time. Then I rinsed and dried myself and put on the see through peach nightgown that somehow was on the shelf near the towel. It was sexy. Sarah had thought of everything, but there was no one to be sexy for, yet. When I got to my bed I just had enough energy to pull the covers off and flop into bed. My changing took a lot of energy out of me.

'How was I going to make breakfast for her in the morning?' I thought as I quickly drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to my favorite classical rock music station. I listened to her music in the kitchen until she goes off to school. I tolerate her top 40 music. Some of it IS good. Okay, most of it as long as its not rap, then its back to classical rock or Jazz. Yeah!

I was wondering if I would go to work today. Somehow buying and selling stock for a few millionaires didn't seem that appealing this morning. But, what would I do if I called in sick? I could fix the place up a bit. Redo the kitchen; get some furniture, things like that. Or, I could get some clothes. Maybe I'd call Jamie. She's the baby of my group of friends. At least she was until last night.

Then I knew exactly what I had to do. Visit my Mom in the nursing home. She had been there for six months. She had heart by-pass surgery a year ago. Her leg wound from where they took the vein for the by-pass had gotten infected and she almost died. I was afraid for her then. For a while she was on no code. I understood why. I didn't like it, but I understood. During that time she was 'out of it' I held her hand. When she recovered she told me that she remembered that I held it. That made my day then. Why am I crying?

When she recovered enough for the nursing home she couldn't walk. Her MS didn't help matters. I would have to change her age and medical conditions. Dad would be there to help her out. I could kill two birds with one stone. The Audubon Society would be angry at me again.

My transformation last night made me think. If I was tired out from my change last night, any change on my parents would probably kill them unless I did it right. After all, they're nearly 80. While I was thinking my phone rang. I noticed the name on my cell phone.

"Hi, daddy."

"Shelly, are you coming to visit your mother today?"

Guilt City. Don't think that moms art the only ones that can give it.

"I am planning to get there today. I'll probably be there in two or three hours. I have to talk to both of you anyway."

"About what?"

"I now have witch powers. I'll tell you more when I get there."

When I got off the phone I cleaned and straightened the house. This was something that I didn't do much as a man. I sighed. I knew that I only just begun, but it would take me days for it to be presentable. Even my new magic powers could only do so much and that took a lot energy. I finally had breakfast. It consisted of a vitamin pill, OJ and a banana.

I put on a light yellow sundress as the day was going to be warm. I liked how the yellow brightened my face. I lightly threw on some makeup and then drove the 15 minutes to the nursing home. I finally got there and found the impossible, a parking spot. How could a suburban nursing home have no parking? And they say I'm crazy. I walked in and went to the other side of the building. The walk inside took as long as the drive. I shouldn't complain. I was visiting my folks. I went up an elevator that if it went any slower it would be going backwards. With a bounce in my step I popped into her room. Mom had just come back from physical therapy and was happy that she could stand by herself while holding on. Her progress until today was painfully slow. Even she knows that.

"How are you doing, Mom?"

I kissed her and then Dad. He gave me a hug. He still had a lot of strength despite him being nearly 80.

"Okay. I stood by myself today, without help."

"Great, Ma."

"How's my grandchildren?"

"Manny is applying to colleges now. He wants to go to one of the good science schools like MIT or Stony Brook. Sarah has a boyfriend. Nothing serious yet. She made me realize that last night."

"And their grades?"

"They're still in their 90's and Manny is actually doing his homework. The teachers are impressed. I'M impressed."

"And, you? Do you have a boyfriend?"

"I'll find someone. I know it and it'll be soon."

"That Princess of yours needs a father, especially now that she has to learn how to love a man."

"I'll get someone soon, promise."

"You better. You are not a spring chicken."

"Mom, I'm only 22."

"That's three years older than when I married your father."

"And you waited four years to have me."

"Actually we tried right away."

"Mom, I didn't come here to discuss my sex life."

"Or lack thereof."

I looked up. She was worse than my daughter. Why can't she leave me alone about this? Then again what are mothers for? I had to change the subject.

"Mom, Dad, I can change reality."

"Don't play games with us," he angrily replied.

"How old am I, Dad?"


"How old do I look?"

"About 20."

"What sex was I the last time I was here?"


"What sex am I now?"


"How many children did I have last time?"


"How many now?"


"How old are they?"

"They're in their teens."

"Now do you believe me?"

"If you say so, Shelly."

"Anyway, what I want to do is make you both younger. I have discovered that the older the person is now the more tiring it is for the person being changed. I have to do this slowly, or it might kill you. I am going to try a month a day for a while. When you get closer to my true age we'll try some jumps. What do you think?"

"I don't know," she said.

"Mom, you'll be out of here in about a month. You can do your own cooking, or come to my place."

"Are you still a good cook?"

"I learned from grandma. Nobody was better than her. You won't regret it. The two of you will be playing golf together again by the spring, maybe sooner. No more golf widow."

I saw her smile at that suggestion. She liked the idea of being active again.

I did the magic that would reduce their ages at the rate of a month a day. I also did some safety back ups in case this is too hard on their bodies. I also made sure Mom would see like she used to, but gradually. This would take months. Okay, three years before she would have full sight, but if she got her sight back too quickly she would be blinded by the increased light going to her brain. I also fixed their other medical conditions.

The amazing part of all this is that I knew exactly what to do. The more I know, the more confidence I have. But I better not get too cocky. I usually get into trouble when I do.

After I finished I talked to my parents for about an hour and then went home to prepare for Sarah. She came home with her boyfriend. And they studied together. I still didn't know. Am I serving dinner for one, two or three?

"Alex, are you staying for dinner?"

"No, my parents want me home tonight. Thanks anyway."

They went back to studying. With that kissing I would guess biology. Looks like I'm a chaperon.

After he left I served the fish I bought around the corner at the fish market.

"Mom, are we unique?"

"How could I be unique if you're like me?"

"You avoiding the question."

"Trust me, I don't know little old men in bathrobes or women running water parks."

"Seriously, are there others like us?"

"I don't know. I didn't even know I could do anything until we were in that hotel room. Everything just sort of happened. Yet, I know more of what to do as I do it. It's kind of scary though. I'm afraid of doing harm. I knew that with you I could change you back if you didn't want what I did, but it still got out of hand."

"I guess I wanted what you gave me. I wouldn't trade this reality for the world."

"That's good because I like my daughter."

"Like or love?"

"I still love you. Its just I like you too."

"What did you do today?"

"Aren't I supposed to ask that question?"

"Avoiding questions again."

"I went to the nursing home. I have grandma and grandpa gradually becoming younger. I wish I could do it faster, but last night you showed me that age creates problems. You have to change things slowly with older people. We talked. It was the best time I had with Mom in a long time. I told them you and Alex are not serious, yet. You're still in high school. Both of you need to finish and go to college."

"What if I don't want to go to college?"

"Better than a 90 average in academic areas and you don't want to go to college. My daughter's mashuguna."

"Ding, Dong"

"I'll get it!" She said as she ran to the door.

She was probably expecting it to be Alex again. I heard her open the door as I walked into the dining room.

"Ma, I just found out the answer. We aren't"

"We aren't what?"

"Evening mam."

It was Bill Murray in his Ghost Busters uniform.

"We had a report that there was unauthorized magic here last night."

"What do you mean by unauthorized magic?"

"Well, we checked the records and there is no witch license or witch tax paid for anyone at this location."

"Which tax?"

"Yes, the witch tax."

"Which tax are you talking about?"


"Could you tell me which tax you mean?"

"The witch tax. You didn't pay your witch tax."

"But if you can't tell me which tax I didn't pay, how am I supposed to pay it?"

"Egan, get the copy of the magic regulations out of the car. Mam, for you to do magic, you need to have a witch license and pay a witch tax."

"But how do you know if I didn't pay which tax and which license if you can't tell me what I need?"

"In order for you to do magic you must pay your witch tax. Before you pay your witch tax you must get a witch license which you get after you pass the witch exam, which you can take after you graduate from a witch school."

"Which school? Which exam? Which license? Which tax?"

"Now you got it."

"Got what?"

Why is Dan Akroid looking like Bud Abbot, and Bill Murray like Lou Costello?

"Oh," I said. I'll go to my room and get you those papers. They're in my night table draw. Be right back."

I walked into my room muttering, "Who's on first. I don't know. WHO'S on first. I DON'T KNOW. I'm telling you, WHO'S ON FIRST."

I opened my draw and 'pulled out' two papers showing the proper license and paid tax. I brought it out to a restored Bill Murray. He looked them over and returned them to me.

"Everything seems to be in order. Sorry to bother you, mam. By the way, what magic did you do last night?"

"Sarah changed me into her mother."

"She looks like she is 15."

"Sixteen, I'm a junior in high school."

"Is this Sarah?"

"That's my daughter."

"She did it?"

"Yes, why?"

"Sixteen is not old enough to be witching."

"She was 25 earlier that day!"

"Sorry, mam, she sixteen now."

"So what do we do?"

He pulled out a pair of handcuffs from his rear pocket as he told me, "I really hate to do this to you, but you are under arrest for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say..."

"Sarah, get my father on the phone and tell him what's going on. Tell him to send a lawyer to... where are you taking me?"

"Witch Jail."

Here we go again.

"If you don't know, how do you expect me to?"


"I hope so. And where is this jail?"

"1313 Mockingbird Lane. You'll have a Hell of a time finding the place."

He finished placing my hands behind my back and cuffing me. They took me down to the car and drove me into the lower garage of a forbidding building near the railroad station in Hempstead, NY. At an entrance on the far side of the building I was made to get out of the car and down a hall. We entered an elevator and went to the 13th floor. They escorted me into a courtroom.

They unhandcuffed me when I was at the defendant's table. Across from me was the jury. In the jury box was just about every magical person and creature imaginable. The foreman was Rod Serling. There was Aunt Clara, Grandpa Al Lewis, Sandra Bullock, Diana Ross, Harry Houdini, Q, Glenda the Witch of the North, Harvey, Barbara Eden, and Sabrina. To make sure I knew exactly what kind of a court this is the twelfth juror was Kanga and Roo.

In walked a young lady who looked like she was in her late teens or early twenties. She actually looked pretty in her gray business suit. She came to my table with her briefcase, sat down and took some papers out.

"Hi," she said in a sweet voice. "My name is Anya. I'm your lawyer for this trial."

"Your grandmother owns a water park."

"You've heard of me, Good. It'll make things easier. The charges are very serious."

"What exactly are the charges?"

"According to what I have read they say that you let your daughter do some magic when she was under age. Is it right? She is 16?"

"Well, she was 25 earlier that day. Does that count?"

"You're saying she is physically 16, but she was age regressed from 25."

"Yes, that's it. I changed her from a 25-year-old male to female transsexual to my 16-year-old daughter."

"What about old memories?"

"Still there."

"Good. Genetics?"

"She's now half me."

"That makes it tougher," she sighed.

"What can I do?"

"Throw yourself at the mercy of the court."

"With that foreman and juror number twelve? Say I got an idea. You're underage, and so is Sabrina."

"We could try that. It could make a difference. Did you supervise your kid?"

"She changed me!"


"I was her father. She needed a mother."

"And you let her?"

"Yes, of course."

In walked Richard Mohl.

"Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble," he announced. "All rise, the Witches and Wizard's Council District Court, Eastern District, New York, is now in session. The Honorable Wizard, presiding."

In walked a little old man in a bathrobe. He looked regal.

'Gandalf,' I thought as he sat down in his chair.

"He's my godfather."

I was thinking he was going to tell me he owns a store.

"I gather that you heard of my Spells R Us."

"Yes, your honor. Maybe later I can ask you more about it."

Maybe I could send him some business.

"Are you trying to bribe me, young lady?"

"No, your honor. I'm not used to people reading my thoughts."

"I see. Well, anyway, read the charges against the defendant."

"We wave the right to a formal reading."

I looked at Anya surprised. How was I supposed to defend myself if I didn't understand the charges against me?

"You'll understand everything," he told me.

"Your Honor we would like to approach the bench."

It was then that I noticed who the prosecuting attorney was, the final butcher, Death. I heard the two talking to the judge in a whisper. I heard Anya say that both she and Sabrina were under age and they are allowed to practice. The rest I couldn't hear, but it seemed like it took forever.

Finally the judge said, "The prosecution can call its first witness."

Death pointed a bony finger at Bill Murray, who took the stand and raised his right hand.

"Do you swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. Do you understand that the Witches and Wizards Council could give you the same sentence if you lie?" asked Richard Mohl.

"Yes, I do."

Bill first told the jury that the Ghost Busters were called to my house because of some suspicious magic. He said that his investigation resulted in him finding out that I let Sarah, my 16-year-old daughter, transform me into her mother.

"Will the defendant please rise."

What about my right to cross examine? What about MY witnesses? Anya stood up and I followed.

"Shelly, you have been found guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I sentence you to be burned at the stake."

"What? ARE YOU CRAZY?" I yelled as they took me out of the courtroom.

The bailiff took me into the courtyard where there was a wooden pole standing up with wood piled around it. Although I struggled he was able to tie me to that pole. Fear took me as he lit a pole with straw on it.


At that time, Anya's grandmother approached the Wizard, and whispered something in his ear.

"I declare a mistrial," said the Wizard.


"It's okay."


"It's okay, honey."


"You had a nightmare again." It was both a question and statement. I heard his love.

I looked at my love and saw that worried look again.

"Same one?"

I barely nodded my head 'yes'.

He softly held me close. "They really did a number on you at that trial."

"It was worse than the real thing. Just because I didn't know the rules."

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to pee. That's something that's been getting bad recently. I waddled back to the bed and struggled to lie close to my husband. Being in my thirtieth week, it is hard to get that close with the little one in the way, but I need him more than ever. I need him to keep the monsters away.

Definition of Jewish words: hupah is wedding canopy; mashuguna is crazy.

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