Soul Sword Ch 2

Soul Sword
Chapter 2: Freaks of Nature

By Blackout

Editor: Zip


Terry was your typical average teenage boy. But like most stories he was about to startled by some unexplainable power but hey that’s what makes the story interesting. Read on as the life of one typical teenage boy except for his hobby of swordsmanship is turned around as he discovers a world he never thought he would enter in more ways than one.


“Huh! What’s up man? Is it just me or do you feel as tired as me this morning?” I said as I rubbed my hand around my eyes. I hated the waking up and I still felt sleep in my eyes. It seems I slept outside all night. I was not going to like all the bug bites I probably had gotten.

“Morning my ass Terry! You slept all afternoon!”

“Holly shit! We still have to practice some sword training this morning. Give me a second and I will be ready.”

“Yeah ok just hurry up.”

I went to the bathroom in the woods first. My bladder felt like it was about to explode. It seemed my body was trying to rid itself of something. I then went and brushed my teeth using the spigot. It was rather disgusting since that water is always disgusting when you get it from the woods. I swear it was like bad taste microbes invaded the insides of the pipe making the water taste like ass. With the grueling task of brushing my teeth done, I headed into the tent to get dressed. I just had no time to take a shower I needed to go and spar with Shane. I felt bad. How could I have overslept that late? That rarely ever happened. I quickly threw on a pair of shorts, some clean socks and underwear, along with a shirt. Grabbing my sword I ran outside where Shane was waiting.

“So do you know where we could spar man?”

“Yeah, actually I saw this great place for sparring yesterday, when I went to get firewood.”

“Ok then man, lead the way.”

I lead Shane to the area with the big tree. Looking at it again there really wasn’t anything to spectacular about it now that I saw it in the daylight. Sure it was big and the area was thin with few trees around but that wasn’t so unusual. It was still a pretty good place to spar though.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding, this is a nice spot to spar.”

“Yep I know! I found the firewood here yesterday. Ok let’s quit the chatter. Are you ready to get your ass handed to you?”

“Dude you know I don’t care that much.”

“Yeah but come on. At least try to have more fun with it. Ok come at me.”

Shane and I unsheathed our swords and began to dance around each other. Since we were using real swords we had to be careful so we only used the back side of the sword and we had to try to only hit the sword out of the others hand. The reason we were allowed to use real swords such as the katana I was using, was that we had already practiced enough with the wooden swords that we were fairly safe when using them.

I parried and lounged forward bring my sword up against his to try to knock it out of his hand. He countered with a block. Both our swords were now neck and neck against each other I knew I could not win in a pure strength and endurance battle, so I pulled back. Shane however followed my retreat pushing me further back. I would have to come up with something creative.

“Terry, hate to break it to you but you’re going to lose this time.”

“It’s not over yet man.”

“Whatever, you know you can’t beat me with pure strength.”

“Yes but I am more cunning when it comes to tricks and style, I practice more, so my skills exceed yours.”

I twisted my sword up and around Shane’s sword to bring it crushing back down as I brought my body forward to apply more force. He still held his sword up though.

“Terry I hate it when you pull those moves on me.”

“Sorry, I know how to manipulate my sword.”

We both laughed at that one. I then tried to knock him off balance by going in even closer so that I was practically in his face. I then took the hilt of my sword and smacked his hilt.

“Ouch” he cried as he dropped his sword.

“I win, Woot! Woot!”

“Holy shit! Terry you’re bleeding.”

I look at my arm. I really was bleeding I had got a minor cut when I used that final move to win. It was not that big a deal but it did sting. Good thing you always bring a first aid kit when you spar with real swords I though. I went and sat by the tree as Shane came over with the first aid kit. He wiped and cleaned my cut, and then wrapped it. The disinfectant stung like hell.

“We should probably rest here for a little bit. The cut wasn’t that big but you lost some blood so just lay down for a little bro.”

“Yeah I hear that.”

I did not bleed so much but it was pretty evident that I was fairly hurt.

Now that I had sat down the adrenaline wore off I my arm started to swell. The throbbing pain was pretty uncomfortable. The cut was only about an inch big on my arm and the bleeding had basically stopped already.

“Hey man I am going to come back with some food, water, and an ice pack.
Try to just relax here till then.”

“Ok but don’t get distracted by a phone call with Michelle.”

“Come on man you know me better than that.”

We both laughed at that one as he headed to the camp site. I started to feel a little disoriented maybe from the loss of blood. So I just lay there against the tree.

After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only about half an hour Shane came back. I’m not that patient of a person.

“Finally back huh?”

“Yeah it was a pain in the ass to find my way back here.”

“Whatever man, you got some grub in that bag?”

“You know it man.”

“Then let’s chow down!”

He got out a picnic blanket in the bag laid it out and then came out bread, an assortment of meat, condiments just what we need to make some sandwiches. There were also chips, and carrots. Carrots were about the only vegetable I actually liked. Though they never really actually seemed to improve eyesight, like some would have you believe.

“Hey Shane make me a sandwich, I’m injured?”

“Hell no I’m not a woman. Tough it up and be a man.”

We both had a laugh at that joke.

The sandwiches were as good as one could expect. I basically just sat there eating carrots and chips for a while.

“So do you have any plans for when we get back, man?” Shane asked me.

“No not really. I was just going to chill and practice with swords the rest of the summer.”

“That’s cool. Hey, it’s getting pretty late, we should probably head back now, you up for it.”

“Yeah my arm is not hurting as much anymore.”

We got up and started to head back. It was good to get out of that place finally, It felt like I had been there for a while.

“Hey Shane don’t you get the feeling were being watched?”

“Yeah I do, it’s weird… Holy shit! Dude what is that thing?!!!!!”

There in front of us was the most hideous monster I had ever seen. It looked almost like a zombie. It had a humanoid shape but was hunched over and about half the size of an adult human. Instead of normal nails, what came out of his fingers were claws. Though despite being riddled with holes and looking like a decayed zombie mutant this thing looked surprisingly fast, with huge feet, far bigger and not proportional to its body.

“Shit dude this thing is freaky. Let’s run for it.

Before we could do that however about ten more of those things came out and blocked our path forward. There was no way around them. This was the scary shit show ever. Lucky for us we had swords if we were going to be killed, I sure as hell wasn’t going down without a fight. One of the things inch forward and pointed at Shane.

Yoou..uu .wweeeilllder….givv vee S… sss sou..uulll Ssword!” /“(You wielder give us the Soul Sword)”/

“What the hell are you freaks of nature saying… what the HELL is a soul sword?!”

Then the thing then pointed its long and dangerous finger at me. “HHHee..eer…rr!” /“ (Her!)”/

Author's Notes: Soul Sword two is here. Shocking end in this chapter and what exactly is going to happen. Well you will just have to wait till I feel like writing more of the story. Also comments are helpful and keep me motivated to write more.

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