Soul Sword Ch 6

Soul Sword Ch 6
Chapter 6: The Wheels of Fate Begin to Turn!

By Blackout

Editor: Zip


Terry was your typical average teenage boy. But like most stories he was about to startled by some unexplainable power but hey that’s what makes the story interesting. Read on as the life of one typical teenage boy except for his hobby of swordsmanship is turned around as he discovers a world he never thought he would enter in more ways than one.

Please read the Author's Note of this chapter.


Shane left to go up to the house and check things out. While Shane was in the car I couldn’t properly let my feelings out. I had been running on pure adrenaline for a while and had been holding back the tears. Now finally being alone it all just came out. I just kept crying and crying. This whole situation totally sucked and I hated being a girl. My whole life was flipped upside down. Sure, being a sword was cool and all, but now I was also a girl. Everyone would treat me differently and there was nothing I could do to change that.

“Why? Why me?” I cried out. I never liked crying in front of people and so I tried my hardest to not cry. But the tears were beginning to pour out like rain. I felt so alone now, more so then ever before. It was also probably the new hormones that added to just how emotional I had become all of a sudden. I was also confused with my entire world being flipped upside down, me becoming a sword, and the mutant zombies. If I said this to anyone before I would be pretty certain they would say I was insane. Now I wasn’t so sure. It is one thing to say such fantasies don’t exist; it’s all together another thing to have them occur before your very eyes. While the shock was still new, I could barely think about the situation, and I was just trying to calm down. Now I was upset, because my life was destroyed since my gender was flipped, as well as being completely unnerved, because the world no long made any sense to me.

Before I knew it though, Shane had already come back from the house and with him was an old man. The old man had a receded hairline around his grey hair and hazel colored eyes with deep wrinkles that portrayed years of wisdom.

“I’m sorry miss; I see you’re still startled from the accident?”

“Yeah!” I muttered knowing I couldn’t tell him the truth.

“My name is Howard by the way… Mam?”


“Nice meeting you. You look rather worn and tired; you must have been through a lot recently. Why don’t you go head inside? My wife will fix you up.” Wiping my tears on my shirt sleeve I headed inside. Howard’s wife Miranda was very kind she gave me some food.

While I was eating I couldn’t help but start crying again. I still was very upset and shocked with the whole ordeal. Miranda was a sweet old lady with dyed brown hair and warmth oozed from her body she seemed like the typical kind grandma. She instantly wrapped me in a hug and embraced me.

“I don’t know what you’re going through sweetie, but I will let you know something everything happens in this world for a reason.”

“Well then the world is cruel.” I cried.

“Yes it is. But we can either look back with regret… or move on to a brighter tomorrow.”

“That’s a nice thing to say but in the end it’s worthless.”

“Maybe, but that doesn’t mean we can give up on life.”

“Yeah! But it still hurts; and I have never been more confused, upset, and lost in my life. And my emotions keep spinning out of control now.”

“Everything will work itself out. You’ll see.”

“Thanks. I never thought I would lose it here in a stranger’s house.”

“Well we’re no longer strangers, Terri. You have eaten some of my pie, and I only give my pie to people I like, and I like you.”


“No problem. Listen, I am going to go check on the stove. If you need anything just call me.”

As she left, Shane came back into the house and found me. He had a real serious face when he approached me. No matter how much of an asshole Shane could sometimes be on the outside, I knew he was a good guy at heart. Which is why I was friends with him… but not his girlfriend.

“Hey Terry how are you feeling?” Asked Shane.

“Better thanks!”

“Hey, I need to apologize to you!”

“Its ok man, I already know.”

“No it’s not ok. I have been doing some thinking and I realized just how much of a jerk I have been to you since this all has happened. I was trying to joke with you, like we did as bros before this change thing happened. But with you being a girl and me trying to joke about the situation, to relieve stress, it mostly comes out as bad pickups and makes me look like a huge jerk wad.”

“Yeah it does.” I said laughing in between my tears.

“Hey, there is no need to be so strong and hold it together like you have been doing for the past couple of hours. I know it must be hard, so if you ever need anything just tell me. I’m here for you.

“Thanks” I started crying again. I was just so emotional right now, more so then I had ever been in my entire life… and it sucked. I had tried holding it all in to keep myself from succumbing to the pain. I just wanted to ignore it and maybe it would all go away, but it was obvious… it wasn’t.

“Again I am really sorry. I would never do anything to hurt you man. It’s just when I look at you its really hard for me to imagine my best friend Terry, under there. You look so different.”

“Yeah, I really do” I said crying even more. I instantly hugged Shane… and he hugged me back.

“Shane what am I going to tell my parents. My life is officially over.”

“I’m not sure you want it, but if you want, I will be there with you.”

“Thanks Shane. I like it when you’re like this instead of when you’re in douchebag player mode.”

“Yeah I’m sorry about that. It’s a part of what makes me who I am.” We pulled away and both smiled weakly at each other.

“I know, but I am not in the mood for it with all that has happened. So if you would please tone it down for me.”

“Yeah I will work on it. Hey, you want to see if the car is ready yet. Triple AAA got here about five minutes ago so they should be done soon with attaching the spear tire.”

“Sure, I’m ready to head home.”

Triple AAA sure did work fast when they got there. The car had a spare tire put on and we were all good to hit the road now. The police had come and killed the deer and took Shane’s insurance information. Unfortunately for Shane that meant his dad would hear about the accident from the police. Needless to say Shane’s dad was not going to be thrilled, when we go back, that much was for sure. We both said our goodbyes to Howard and Miranda and then hit the road to home.

It was late at night when we pulled up to Shane’s house. We had decided that I would spend the night there tonight and then deal with my parents tomorrow. We walked up the door and Shane unlocked the door. To Shane’s horror, we found his dad sitting there waiting for us.

“Hey dad!”

“How is it going Mr. Hailon?” Hailon was Shane’s last name.

“Shane you have some answering to do.”

“Mr. Hailon we can explain.”

“First of all… who are you?”


“Hey Howard do you believe in fate?” Miranda asked her husband.

“I like to think that we all have some free choice in this world?”

“I’m sure we do, but mysterious occurrences do happen that can only be described as fate.”

“Yeah! I never thought a new sword would be discovered after all these years. It’s almost like when they found Excalibur!” Howard replied. He could barely contain how excited he was.

“Hahaha, few know that King Arthur’s wife used to be his best friend. But it must have been fate that brought those two to our front door.”

“Maybe, but fate it just another word for accidental.”

“Yeah that’s true. Well… I better go contact Swords Master Cedric and alert him about two new students at the University.”

"Hahaha! I don't know if fate exists. But if it does it has one hell of a sense of humor!"

--SEPARATOR--Author's Note: I did my best to take the comments into account and improve the story.

First off I wasn't thinking of it as the characters coping to well but rather the location where they were impacting how they were thinking and reacting (The environmental stimuli). Everything happened so soon and they really had not been in a place that allowed all that happened to sink in. They were more worried about getting to a better, safer location.

I am expecting Terry to have more break downs around times that remind her more about her old self so expect more of that when they finally get home. I did add some emotional identity crisis in this chapter allowing the facts of the change to sink in.

Also with the comment about Shane. His character is a little tricky. I hope in this chapter I showed the better side of his personality and why he was acting like he was. That was closer to how I pictured Shane. (Possible spoiler: And then having Shane change slowly for the better because of Terry.)

As for plot development I am showing more of the plot now. I assure you there is a good plot but this story is more frequent chapters with each chapter moving things forward a little bit. So we aren't far enough along the story where I can give you the details without spoiling the story.

Remember these chapter are about 1200 words so we really haven't went that far in the story even though we are on chapter 6 with this. It can be seen as only chapter 2 in a less frequently updated series. (Why do you think I am having trouble updating elemental awakening: It takes to long to write a single chapter for me when I write large chapters so it begins to bore me.)

Also please kudos and comment (Maybe about the story itself). If you ask me questions I will try to answer on the story but without giving away spoilers.) Also the higher the kudos the more motivated I get. There is a great satisfaction knowing people enjoy your story.

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