Just a Normal Girl 2

Just a Normal Girl 2
by Brooke Erickson

Life here at Whateley isn't too bad.

Well, I'm still having to "explain" to folks here in Poe that my sex hasn't actually changed. Regardless of that stupid law back home.

At least nobody outside the cottage knows about it. Of course, they think I'm some sort of head case. I know the cottage needs the cover story, but I don't have to like it.

Then again, it does mean I get more slack for being depressed and stuff, so I guess it's a wash.

Classes aren't too bad. I managed to talk them out of Powers Lab, since I don't have any. They said I still needed Powers Theory though. I guess I can see their point. It'll help me understand the other kids, and might even help with figuring out a way to prove I'm not a mutant.

They suggested putting me in the "Survival" class for PE instead of Basic Martial Arts. But after thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to be able to do a better job of fighting back if I get cornered in a bathroom or something on a visit home.

Anyway, since Whateley doesn't have any sports I can compete in, this'll at least keep me in shape.

I was not happy to find out I'd have to go through Powers Testing.

It turned out to not be that bad. Everybody was fairly nice, not like the jerks doing it for the MCO.

Pretty much the same results as before though. Physically and mentally I'm really good for a baseline or really sucky as a mutant. No regen (ouch). No danger sense (really ouch!)

And I can think of a few jerks from my old school I'd like to put through that dodgeball thing.

In the end, they said that nothing says I'm a mutant, but that they can't prove I'm not one. (something about not being able to prove a negative)

In a fit of perversity, I decided on my codename: Normal Girl

Hey, if I can't make a joke about it, I'd have to cry.

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