My Child

Mo Leanbh, Mo Chroi

The two held hands; almost awkward for him and quite natural for her. She leaned close to the edge and pointed down at the scene below. They stood astride time, in a way. They saw the girl's birth; not recognized for the gem she was in some ways, but held and treasured by one that almost made up for the lack. The rough but kind man held the child, agreeing with what some would finally see; so short a time for him.

Pain and sorrow led to leaving; home so far away but ones who loved her; maybe even before they even met. And the young man...the one who saw her...maybe the first besides the girl who stood across from her in the mirror. He would stand and sit and lean and hold and comfort and protect. No one else could possibly be like him. Gone too soon. And the dear woman who left her own behind as well; both of them who loved the girl and loved each other; parted too soon, but a love so special as to elude the bonds of mortality.

But now another who stands with her; seeing her and holding her in his heart even before they met. And loving her....with his own kin and kith....little ones who with their Da seeing her perhaps as her creator had envisioned; complete and wholly blessed and a blessing!

Today is the anniversary of the passing of her dear ones, and she will be spending time with family remembering their lives. But like we all might come to see, life does go on; sometimes in ways wondrous to behold. She's moved on to a new and wonderful life, of which I have been thrilled to be included in a small way. Not a fable or a fairy tale; no magic here but for the magic of the love of a good man for a good woman. Twice in a lifetime? As ever was!

For Dylan, Concobhar, and Eammon,
Caoimhin and Celleigh

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