Just another christmas story

Janice woke up yawning as she usually did, with a stretch and grin she hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom where she sat and did her business making sure to wipe afterwards. Next she took off her pjs and put them in the hamper and started her bath with a little bit of bubbly that smelled so nice. Today was christmas eve and she was to help mommy do the baking! She was so excited.

Getting into the tub she washed all over and made sure to clean behind her ears and her private then using the shampoo she washed her long brown hair really good then she used her good conditioner with the flowery lilac smell that she loved so much. After rinsing off with the shower she stepped out of bathtub onto floormat. Using a towel she patted herself dry all over then wound that towel around her head and with a twist set it in place. Then using another towel wrapped it around herself, exited the bathroom and quickly made her way to her room.

With the door closed she went through her dresser and pulled out a pair of pink panties, because she was in a girly mood, and one of her training bras although she didnt really have anything it still made her feel grown up. She put both of these on with the ease of long practice. Next she took out a pair of white silk tights and was about to put them on when she realized she hadnt painted her nails or toenails last night. Although she thought this strange she guess that in her excitement for today she forgot, which was ok mommy said that once in awhile it was good for her nails to breath properly. Like most little girls she preffered to have them painted like big girls do. After three coats had been applied she decided to do her hands as well.

*Hmm my nails need a bit of filing too* she thought. Grabbing her nail file she quickly and expertly filed each of her nails into nice ovals, making sure that there was no ticks to catch on anything. she knew that it would take time to dry her hands so she put on her tights, carefully rolling them up so they wouldnt run. Then put on her full slip.

That accomplished she sat at her vanity and proceeded to carefully paint her nails with the same light pink as her toes. When she had them done with three coats and no mistakes, she blew on them to get them to dry a bit faster. She wanted to wait a few more minutes for her nails to be dry so she started on her makeup. She knew she wasnt allowed to wear too much as mommy had said repeatedly "Sweet little girls dont need makeup". She looked deep into the mirror and noticed her eyebrows needed a bit of plucking which she did. The pain of plucking only lasted a little bit and it didnt take her long to have the delicate femine arches she so preffered. Like most 9 yr olds Janice didnt really have all that much for eyebrows anyways but since seeing mommy do this once it made her feel like a big girl.

Using her blush brush with nothing on it she brushed away any fine hairs from her face before applying a light dusting of brown to the white skin above her eyes. Next she used her mascara with the curved brush to bring out her eyelashes so they were nicely long and dark being careful to also bring out her lower ones. With a bit of rose on her blush brush she pit a bit of color on her still smooth cheeks.

Since her nails were now almost dry she unwound her hair and used the blow dryer to finish drying her hair. After a few minutes of careful drying she then spent a few minutes brushing it out till it was completely dry. Her brown hair was very shiny and reached down to her back with a slight wave to it that also gave it a bit of volume. Smiling to herself she brought down her bangs and found to her surprise and many of them almost reached her nose.

*This wont do at all* Janice thought and spied the scissors that she had used last night with her brother when they were in her room wrapping the presents for grandma and grandpa. A few quick snips restored her normal just above her eye length and by back brushing a bit gave her that girl style bangs she usually had.

At this point she decided that it would be a good idea to put on her dress before finishing her hair. Walking to her closet she opened the doors onto her wonderful wardrobe of girly dresses blouses skirts and her 3 school uniforms. Moving the dresses from side to side she searched for her new dress but it was strangely not there. Puzzled she decided that mommy took it to sew that one piece of lace that had come loose. It was ok as she had another dress just as pretty anyways.

Taking out the velvet dark red dress with white lace trim and white satin sash she unziped it and pulled it up making sure that her slip was free and pulled down after as well as settling the pettycoats just right with a bit of difficulty she got the zipper pulled up and went to the full length mirror to admire herself so far. In the mirror was a pretty girl in a very pretty christmassy dress. After a few adjustments and tying the bow sash in back she went back to her vanity and pulled out a matching ribbon for her hair. She finished brushing her hair just right and put the ribbon in her hair so that it ended with a tiny bow ontop to left side which just added to her cuteness.

Now it was time for some jewerly although she didnt have that much by way of jewerly being so young she choose a plain gold necklace that would rest just ontop of her dress with the white lace collar, next she choose some gold earrings that should also match the necklace. She didnt really need to look in the mirror to put in her earings so with a bit of fiddling as it seems her lobes had almost grown shut. This momentarily puzzled her as she couldnt remember why they would be closed. The other girls in school were allowed to wear earrings but she couldnt remember why she was told once she wasnt allowed.

"Oh well" she thought and check her earings in the mirror. "hmm i guess that one was almost closed" as she noticed a bit of red on the bottom of one lobe. Using a bit of the earing stuff on a tissue she carefully cleaned around the earing so that it was all clean. Then checked to make sure there would be no more blood, there wasnt, she next put on some light pink lipstick. It wasnt a big girl lipstick, in truth it was more of a lip balm with a bit of red color in it, it was all she was allowed to wear. Her makeup complete she went to check herself in the full mirror again.

"My arent you pretty" she said it was then she noticed that something was missing.

"Shoes!" and went to her closet again and looked for her shoes.

"I guess I left my new black sandles downstairs" she mumbled to herself. So she chose her older pair but they needed something.. "I know my new lace socks!" Giggling to herself she went to the draw that should have had them. Strangly these were also missing her old lace socks were still there but the new ones she thought she had put there were missing.

"I wonder if I left them with my shoes" she said and then bit her bottom lip just a bit in thought. She couldn't remember so she just used her old ones, they looked that same as new ones, and then put on her black sandles with the tiny gold strap onto her feet.

She checked herself in the mirror again. All she saw was a pretty little girl in her cute christmassy dress. She considered herself perfect. She just hoped she wouldnt spill anything on it while making the cookies before going to grans at noon. Satisfied she was ready she opened the door of her room and went down the hallway.

As she passed the bathroom she saw her father intently shaving his face in the mirror.

"Hi daddy" Janice said as she passed by.

"Morning princess" her father replied.

She skipped down the stairs in her excitement to help with the baking and entered the kitchen. Mom wasnt there.

"Mommy" she called out.

"Im just finishing up in here sweety. Can you be a dear and get the milk, eggs, and butter out of the fridge. Oh and put on an apron so your clothes dont get dirty." She called out from her sewing room.

"Yes mommy." Janice replied with a smile on her face she chose her favorite apron with ruffles and little pink fairy on it. She then pulled out the egg carton and placed it on the table being careful not to drop it. This was followed by the milk and the butter.

Using the foot stool that brought her up to to actually see the top of counter she read the recipe that her mother had chosen for the cookies to grans.

At this point her mother entered the kitchen and stopped looking at her with round eyes.

"Ja ...Jaa.. What on earth are you wearing?" Her mother cried!

Turning to her mother " Oh mommy I couldnt find my new dress socks and shoes so I decided on this dress. Dont I look pretty" Janice beamed at her mother for approval.

"Well yes very pretty and um very christmassy." She replied.

At this point Janice's missing dress shoes and socks entered the kitchen. "Mommy have you seen..."

Janice was stunned there standing not 5 feet away in her new dress shoes and socks was Sam her brother, Looking every inch a girl just like her. Stepping down off the stool the two girls walked up to each other circle around inspecting.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CLOTHES" They said to each other at the same time.

"Oh my ..." with that Mommy ran from the room. Presumably to get her father.

"Now your in trouble" Janice said to Sam.

"Me? Im not the one dressing in his sisters clothes." Said Sam.

"These are MY clothes Samual" Said Janice with a touch of anger.

"No they are MY clothes Jason" Said Sam also with a bit of anger.

"My name is Janice and im the girl so these are my clothes!"

"My name is Samantha, IM the girl and these are my clothes!"

"Are not"

"Are too"


As you may have guessed this was done in rather loud voices. Both equally girly sounding btw which confused there father as he entered this sight in the kitchen.


"HE is wearing my clothes Daddy!" they both said while pointing at the other.

"I Am not!These are my clothes" again both in unison.

"Daddy Im Samantha your daughter and these are my clothes." said sam.

"Daddy Im your princess Janice and these are my clothes." said janice.

"Your name is Jason" fumed Sam

"Your name is samual" fumed Janice

"I I I uh" Stammered a very confused father.

At this point the two girls, both being equally upset, started to cry. Unfortantly for thier father this was a double team that turned him to mush.

"Well uh you both look very pretty." He said for lack of anything else.

"Really! Thank You Daddy!" Both girls said with that little girl preen and big smiles.

"Harold!" Screached thier mother.

"I uh gotta go shovel the driveway" with that there father quickly put on boots, one workboot and one snow boot, His wifes raincoat over his pajamas and rushed out the door. This was funny since the family didnt actually have a car at the moment as it was still in the shop.

Holding her hand to the top of her nose with to fingers as if she had a huge headache their mother just said"GIRLS!"

At once both the girls were quiet.

"OF all the days to pull this! We dont have time for... Oh my god what are we... "

"Ok lets just get the baking done" Thier mother said in a desperate voice. She had promised she would bring these cookies and buttercups for the family gathering. They had to be done. It gave her some measure of peace of direction.

Samantha dutifully put on her own frilly apron and the two girls set about helping thier mother with the baking. Both girls were just happy and excited to help and thus soon forgot about the arguement and just acted like to sisters. Thier mother always loved baking or as she put it"Just add a bit of love and its delicious" And soon all three were chatting and giggling away in thier mutual love of baking. The mornings even almost completely forgotten.

Some time later a much sweaty and somewhat cold harold returned to the house. All that time spent shoveling snow had cleared his head as to what he was gonna say and do. However upon nearing the kitchen all he saw was 2 girls and thier mother giggling away while baking, he could almost taste the smells that wafted out. But of his son there was no sign. Sighing deeply he just went upstairs for a long hot shower. After his shower Harold got ready in his "best" clothes or simply suit pants golf shirt and watch. Spying his watch he noticed that it was almost time for his brother to come by and pick up his family in his minivan. Quickly putting on his socks and dress shoes he went downstairs.

The site he was greeted with was a mother bent over a table patiently teaching to pretty girls how to decorate cookies with some icing. Both of them standing on chairs next to table in thier frilly aprons. Although he didnt say anything he was filled with a sense of proudness.

"Uh dear.. the time"

"Huh? Oh my goodness! Common children we have to get these cookies in the pail and then wash up and ..." At this point his wife of 12 years Mary remembered that one of these girls was infact her son.

The time to deal with the issue was at hand.

"Ok.."started thier mother.

BRINNGGGG rang the doorbell.

Or not.

Harold looked at his wife in horror. Mary in turn looked at Harold and just shrugged.

"uh Girls lets get you in some coats to cover your uh dresses" stated thier mother. "Harold put this in the bag along with the presents."

"But what about ...you know?"

"Just have to wing it. What other choice do we have?"

To be continued

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