My Super Secret Life-13.

My Super Secret Life-13.

Chapter 13

Yep WTF was certainly the perfect term.

Matt looks at me and smiles and I’m…I mean he’s…oh fuck.

Okay I said what I saw but it’s really like this.

Matt’s wearing some kind of wig that fits him perfectly giving him this head full of shiny, wavy sexy tumbly black tresses that go all the way down her…his back. Then there’s the face his face is perfectly smooth, no stubble or anything and he’s got these incredibly thick long lashes and perfect make-up.

Shiny black lace metal choker and earrings and bangles.

But the little black dress, the fishnets, oh god he’s even wearing pumps.

And he’s still Matt, still this well toned and built tanned football guy and no padding or the usual drag stuff but like he’s still a guy in a dress. But he’s taken the time to be a very, very hot guy in a dress.

I know I’m standing there mouth open like an idiot but…

I feel what I’m seeing sink in right about the same time my nipples get so hard so fast that it hurts and my clitty is so effing hard that it feels like I’m Ty. Except for the sudden flood of wetness in my panties.

He giggles and… “Sunny…Sunny, ground control to Sunny…” his voice is still Matt’s but there’s this sweet female overlay like he’s.

Matt steps in and Kisses me.

Oh yeah, capitol K, Kisses.

Arms still full of stuff but wrapped around my neck like she..he..and the softest Kiss Matt’s ever given me and their…yeah they’re lipstick gliding with mine then they break the Kiss.

“Sun…ny.” Again that voice.

“Uhm…wow…I mean holy shit, I mean…Jeez Matt you weren’t kidding about sides of you I didn’t know.”

“Yeah, we’re going to a T-party.”


“It’s a kind of an old gender sex term, transgendered and stuff like that it’s a fundraiser for Full Spectrum.”


He/She looks at me with this honest to god exasperated female expression. “Full-Spectrum…Jeeze Sunny, it’s like the old gay, lez, bi, TG things they used to have but it recognizes that people are people and have ever right to live in society whether they’re gay, straight, or VG.”


“Varied Gender, just because there’s two primary genders doesn’t mean there are variances. Just look at the idea of two numbers, just how much distance is in between them.”

“Okay, okay I didn’t mean to get you all worked up, you’re really into this aren’t you?”

“Yeah…..” Damn, she looks like she’s going to cry.


“Later, C’mon lets go get you dressed.” She shoves me into the house and to my room and we pass mom who does a double take at first then yells behind us. “Love your dress Mattie, you’ll have to tell me where you got it!”

Matt, my Matt giggles and yells back. “Sure I’d love too!”

Once in my room she tells me to strip and starts to take out a nice looking dark suit and shoes and stuff and it the bag there’s some toiletries and I’m still watching her, him…her jeez even the body motions are femme, not pure girl but girly polished like his nails.

“Matt, you lost you beard?”

“I didn’t have a beard.”

“You know you’re all smooth and stuff.”


“Oh” That stuff’s expensive one hundred and twenty bucks for one ounce. It uses very limited nano-bots to actually go into the hair and remove the hairs and stuff and while not permanent it’ll be a year before hair grows back. And being nano-tech you can only get it done or applied through a licensed salon.

“You don’t mind not having facial hair for a year?”

“Nope, I’d get rid of it forever if I could.”

“Matt are You VG?”

He/She stops and smiles at me a little sweet sad smile. “Yes, technically everyone is really but yeah. I have a higher degree of female sensory input then the average guy.”

“Meaning, I actually like pretty clothes, nice smelling things and the feel of things in a feminine way that process to me as normal.”

“Huh?” God I feel like a dizt again.

“My brain’s wired that I like and enjoy the feel of what I’m wearing as much as any girl would but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m typically hetero. It’s just main stream society looks at me and says. Cross dresser, tranny You shouldn’t like that stuff, if you do you’re queer.”

“But you’re not a cross dresser?”

“No, most cross dressers don’t really exist, it’s a different way that you process sensory input. Hell the shrinks are still calling in sexual sensory disphoria. But it’s not a disphoria, it’s a legitimate way that our brains work on the VG spectrum. Sexual sensory perception is more than that and less than that. Like a butch Lez getting told to get all prettied up in a dress. She won’t like it and will feel not that comfortable even if she does it.”

“I think I get that. So you’re”

“Sunny, I’m still me. I still like my usual life and clothes but I’m like this too. I still like girls and everything but really if I could be just me. All the time it’d be some of this, well like sixty five percent like this and the rest everyday me.”

“Why don’t you?”

He cocks her hips a little to one side and looks at me. I palm tap my forehead. “Oh yeah right because people suck.”

“Yeah…Sunny are we good?”

“Yeah we’re good.”

I walk over and kiss her pressing into her and smiling. “How long until we have to be there?”

“It goes all night.”

“Good because you’re so turning me one looking like this and everything that…” I kiss him again and take his hand and guide it to my soaked panties and he smiles around the kiss.

The sex…

My boyfriend just introduced me to lesbian sex.

Okay it might be oral, and regular sex but it wasn’t. You know how we call guys stallions? Well Matt wasn’t a stallion at all he was a mink, a very male mink when he took me sinking in while in that LBD and four inch heels. Oh and the inter-lipstick kisses and the feel of it on my nipples and that long hair doing that sexy fall on my breasts.

I really loved this, loved that whole experience and whatever in me is attracted to Shane was getting some. I tell you, I never considered the lesbian stuff until recently but I’m definitely in love with long hair on my partners now.

And before that even… the foreplay. And Matt going down on me for a change was really, really lesbian like. Even when I returned the favor he rand those hands with those long nails through my hair and cried out those male-girly cries.

It’s this voice disguiser in the choker, it adds female or Matt as a female into his voice and blends it. Apparently pretty cheap at a special FX shop. This is Paradise City, Hollywood sector 337 on the FCG. (Free Colonies Grid.)

I’m sent off to shower and Matt gives me shower stuff to use. And it’s so weird but good weird in a way. It’s all that guys stuff that makes them smell so fucking good and I use the stuff and no the stuff doesn’t dry me out guys stuff now has all the stuff ours does in it for the most part and Matt helps me get dressed.

Sports bra and these high end nice boxers. They fit, oh…oh…these are oddly comfortable. I look at the package. His for her? Huh… “Maybe, I’ll buy some of these.” Matt laughed. “I’ll show you were they sell them they’re pretty mainstream.”

It takes time getting dressed and stuff and The whole outfit-suit is cut for a girl or a woman’s body but there’s these pads that drape the materials sewn into things that make the way it hangs on my body look….I look good in a really not girl but still a definitely a girl kind of way just kind of like Matt being hot as hell but still a boy in a dress, damn still a sexy boy in a dress. I even like the way that the tie settles between my breasts and Slip into the shoes and suit jacket. My hair’s still long and styled and I still look definitely girl but not.

Matt and I leave and even then it’s all different. I’m not used to Matt being on my arm, or opening the doors for him and we end up driving to the peninsula and into one of the old neighborhoods there. It’s urban still but urban chique. It’d have been gentrified more with the peninsula being one of the first parts of the city but with the casinos and movie studios and the cruise ship docks all those places need people living close by some Strata-peninsula was were most settled.

I’ve never been here before in my life and it’s mostly three to ten story places with lots of old styles brick and wrought iron for decoration. It looks gentrified but if the gentry moved out and the places at street level became coffee houses, pool places, bars…a lot of bars and all these hip kind of stores and shops and the place is busy with lots of people everywhere and there’s so much I’m lost here relying on Matt for directions.

We finally get to the party and I park my car and we have to walk a block before we get to the place and it’s a four story apartment building and it’s absolutely packed there’s people there from our age to in their thirties and there’s booze there but the people.

Most of the girls are dressed as guys or in a guys kind of fashion and a lot of the guys are dressed as girl with about seventy percent of everyone dressed up and the rest are a mixture of just normal to the extremes.

There’s people there who are bi-gendered, and transitionally gendered and intersexual and non-sexuals.

Okay the non-sexed ones really are freaking me out because I can’t tell what gender these people might have been pre-dressing up and it turns out some of these people are VG and that they honestly don’t identify with having a gender at all.

And there’s people that are Het but they totally identify and live as the other gender because that’s where their gender senses are at. Confusing to me because I met two “guys” that were really cute but were women, straight women.

There was a lot of food and dancing and people having a good time. I was having a good time and Matt, well my boy can ever dance a shimmy with the best of them and in heels no less. There’s a point where there’s a lot of flirting with the dancing and just such a different time than I was expecting.

I never met anyone like these people and there’s so much stuff going on and we have probably the best time at a party that I ever had before.

I don’t drink so I’m good to drive and I’m thinking the entire time. I’m thinking about Telling Matt and he’s kind of girly chatting away about the party and the people and everything and he’s had a better time than I’ve ever seen him have before and he seems to be so at home like this.

I slam on the brakes as a police car comes sailing out of the night and comes down crashing front end down like the thing got thrown like someone’s cheap toy. One of the officers wasn’t belted in and he smashes out through the window.

I get out of the car and a block down I can see some kind of fight going on with the police and a super of some kind. And they’re losing.

“Mattie, call The Tower, tell them I need back-up.” I lean into the car and press my phone into his hands. “It’s speed dial one.”

I go to move and he pulls me down into a long female like kiss and starts dialing as he falls back into the seat.

“Be careful…..Go…they need Titan.”

I’m running and shifting and…he knows.

Matt knows I’m Titan.

I hit a power leap and make the distance in seconds.

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