Trans Pride Day, May 20, 2007

Trans Pride Day, May 20, 2007

by shalimar

I used to be afraid that others would know my secret, that I am male between my legs, but female between my ears. What would happen if it got out? Would others still like me? Would I be hurt? In truth, questions like that were on my mind.

But then I started to take hormones and soon it didn’t matter what others thought of me. I became more at peace with myself. My inner conflicts ended. And with the peace with my inner conflict I became less hyper, less angry and felt more at ease with myself. I also discovered that I am what I was meant to be, myself. For you see, I am a woman and proud to be one, and accept my new inner strength.

I also accept my role as a woman and actually enjoy it, something that I could not do as a man. In fact if there was a cure that would make me a, so called, normal man I would reject it. I would, however, take the one that would make me a normal woman including the risk of pregnancy and everything that implies.

On another note you may ask why there are such as us, transsexuals whether we are becoming male or becoming female or haven’t even tried to transition. G_d is using us to teach a few important lessons to humans. The first is that we are all loved, for we are in the image of G_d.

Second and just as important is that we teach courage. It takes courage to go against the grain and do what we feel is right, not what our body is shaping us to be. You could even say it takes balls to do that. Of course if a male to female goes all the way and has the operation she won’t have those any more.

Remarks given as one of the Trans Voices in Huntington, NY, May 20, 2007

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