Rilly Kay

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Detective Sergent John Wilks Looked out the slimy window of the cubical office he had inhabited for the last 4 years working on this case. It was one of the worst Homicide case in the departments history. The trail of murders seen to go back almost a decade but only the last 4 years worth could be contributed to Ms. Kay.

The plethora of copycats was yet another mystery. The court jails were full of almost identical people claiming they are Rilly Kay. It took the brain doctors months of therapy to even get the victims to realize who they were in the past.

It had certainly thrown a curve ball many a time in the case. The apparent easy with which Ms. Kay would somehow hypnotize these victim to make themselves over in her image was astounding. The black spiky hair the almost doll like face with blood red lipstick and eyeshadow and thick heavy black masacara. The black dog collar, the black lace corset with garder straps leading to black sheer stockings with just a black satin mini skirt to cover the inappropriate places. Black lace fingerless gloves and the tight looking black leather jacket that hid those 9 mill pearl handled serialess guns. the 4 in black stelletos and the tiny fake leather purse completed the outfit. Every one a perfect copy of the original, which was in a evidence bag not 10 feet from him.

Yes real pearl handled 9 mill twin guns. Many of the copies were just pearl paint on the handle convincing but not the same. Only these guns every killed.

Ms. Kay was an enigma in herself. No fingerprints at all. Perfectly smooth finger tips and toes. Not scared or sanded like the fakes. It made positive identification difficult.

The final interview with her was also strange, Most criminals try to hide what they did in some way. She instead gave us names dates and more and more evidence of more victums. It was like she was playing with us, taunting us. When she got up in her chains and cuffs and gave me a peck on the cheek with that sick smile it was all I could do to not pull my police issue and plug her.

From the look outside it was gonna be dark soon and with the heavy snowfall the trip home was gonna be long.

He got up and collected his heavy coat which he put over his shirt loose tie and suit pants. Grabbed his gloves and as an afterthought the evidence bag. Maybe he could find some clue to explain it all. Something just didn't make sense.

He got to his old but warm Chrysler Daytona A remnant of his long ago high school days. He threw the bag on the passenger seat and got into the car butt first then swung his legs in tapping off the snow before the feet came inside the car. The car started up and took a few minutes to warm up in the parking lot which was ok. He had time for his cigarette. When the windshield was clear it was time to drive. He put it in gear and unzipped his coat. The car had two settings for heat. Boiling hot or freezing cold.

He absentmindedly scratched at his itchy chest as he pulled into traffic and made his way to the tunnel under the airport that lead to his highway to home an hours drive from the city. As he drove he kept his mind as clear as possible and tried to figure things out. Annoyingly at one of the many jams in the tunnel in this weather when the car was stopped he removed his coat as it was too warm in the car. He also readjusted the seat so that his feet and hands felt comfy on the wheel. The traffic was moving slowly and with the piss poor lighting in the tunnel is was almost black broken only by the headlights and steam of all the vehicles.

The bumps on this road where irritating his breasts. They just wanted to bounce of thier own accord. He wished they would fix this dang road. The tie didn't help so he took it off. He found himself getting more and more annoyed as the traffic moved ever so slowly.

At one point he had enough of the jiggling wishing he had a bra. Well that corset would do. In no time he removed it from the bag and was ready to put it on but that blasted stupid ugly shirt had to go first. He ripped it off in shreds feeling strangly much better. The corset was soothing and fit supporting his dd breast so much better and the lace and satin felt oh so much better. It took but a moment to tie the laces with long practice. He put on his black jacket while he was at it. No reason to give those perverts more of a show than nessary.

She looked at her fingernails they were horrid. Removing some nail polish and a file it took but a few moments for her lovely black nails to be done on the ends of her oval fingers. Needed the gloves though. When they were dry she put them on as well. next was her collar. She looked in the mirror her face needed makeup and her hair a good brushing. She had the time with the traffic being so awfully slow. It took a few minutes but her beautiful face was looking back at her in the mirror again. The hair took a bit as it seemed to be so tangled that every brush made it longer.

The thoughts of sex started to fill her head as she was trying to get her earings in the holes seemed to have closed so it was a bit painful to get them in. She continued to drive and started to pet herself into a phrensy Rubbing didn;t seem to help and the zipper was stuck on the pants. She hated those awful pants. And as soon as the traffic stopped she ripped them off for the relief including the horribly scratchy underwear. She could finnaly put her finger into her very wet vagina. It felt good but this was not the place for this. She reached over and skillfully put on the stockings and her decent shoes attaching them deftly to the straps and finnaly the short satin skirt that gave modesty but still allowed her easy access for sex. She was hungry for sex.

She got off the tunnel traffic and move to her uptown apartment. It took a few minutes and she made sure to put her guns into her jacket pockets and grab her purse. The car wasn't really hers so she left it and the keys and walked to her apartment. She got the key out of the back of the rusty mailbox in the little slot and made it inside. She set the tea to boil while she took off her coat and removed her guns for cleaning. In the mirror Rilly saw the beautiful girl she had always been.

She smiled as she cleaned her guns which just made her more and more horny. That stupid detective. Such a poor sod. Maybe when she was through she would let him wake up. She had all the time in the world.

Being a damon had its advantages. OF course it also had its down side with this constant need for sex with men.

As Rilly Kay got her tea she smilled again at the mirror that gave birth to her name. After all it was mispelled it was rillik or killer backwards. Such fools.

"Timme is on my side, Yes it is.. Tiiiiiimme is on my side..."

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