Soul Sword Ch 7

Soul Sword Ch 7
Its me Terry!

By Blackout


Terry was your typical average teenage boy. But like most stories he was about to startled by some unexplainable power but hey that’s what makes the story interesting. Read on as the life of one typical teenage boy except for his hobby of swordsmanship is turned around as he discovers a world he never thought he would enter in more ways than one.

Oh shit! I had been thinking about the situation the whole car ride but now that I was here my head was blank. This whole situation sucked. Here I was in my best friend’s house having to explain to a man I practically saw as a second father that I had somehow magically transformed into a girl.

“Yeah dad it’s a long story….this is…”

“It’s me Terry.”

“Right your Terry I get it” Mr. Helion said sarcastically.

“It really is Terry dad you got to believe us.”

“Do you honestly expect me to believe your best friend Terry all of a sudden became a girl?”

“Dad I told you it was a long story.”

“Shane this prank has gone too far. This is probably some hijinks you came up with to get out of the camping trip.”

“Mr. Helion do you remember that time Shane and I unlocked your beer cabinet and got really messed up. You were really angry at us and handed our asses to us. Or that time you forgot your wife’s birthday so you had me buy her a present.”

“Dad you forgot mom’s birthday?”

“This is not the time for that right now Shane.”

“Oh right, sorry.”

“Ok I believe you. After all being your father I can tell when you’re lying to me Shane. Like that time you thought you got away with breaking your mom’s special vase. The truth was I just hated that vase too.”

“Really you knew?”

“Yes Shane. Anyway tell me what happened to you guys.”

“Do you honestly expect me to believe Terry became a sword?”

“Dad we’re not making this up.”

“Show me then.”


“Become a sword.”

“Well I’ll try I guess?”

I really only had to try to think about it when I began to shine again. The world went dark again and I knew I was a sword. I immediately thought of changing back and I did. I was weird becoming a sword.

“If I did not just see that with my own eyes I would never believe it.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well as shocking as this night has been there is no use thinking about this on a lack of sleep.”

“Hey, dad where will Terry sleep?”

“Terry can sleep in Cassie’s room.”

Cassie was Shane’s sister who had gone off to college a few years ago. During college she began to become more and more distant from their family and now they rarely ever hear from her since she graduated.

I said good night and went upstairs. Cassie’s room was next to Shane’s. I had never been in there before. Opening the door and turning on the lights I found a typical girls room. This whole day had taken to much from me. I don’t think I have ever been this exhausted in my life. Cassie’s bed was so comfortable though that before long I was fast asleep.



I hated mornings so much. Thankful I think I can sleep in today. I will be able to hang out with Shane and just have some guy time, although something felt off. I had the strangest dream yesterday in which I became sword and a girl. Thank god that could never happen. Though there was a strange weight on me and I felt weird and kind of sore today. I sat straight up. Looking down at my chest I was horrified to discover the yesterday’s events where a reality.


Yesterday I had been pumped on so much adrenaline that I felt upset but the total impact on my life had not sunken in. This whole situation sucked something fierce.

Knock! Knock!

“Hey are you ok in there? I heard screaming.” It was Shane’s mom, she was probably already up to date on the whole ordeal.

“No I just woke up to discover yesterday was not a dream.”

“Hah that’s funny. It seems you still have your sense of humor though, that’s good. Do you mind if I come in?”

“Sure go right ahead.”

“Wow I would never have had believed it in all my years.”

“Well it’s reality and it sucks.”

“I’m sure it does but it’s not all bad. I’ve been a woman my whole life and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Yes but you were not born a man.”

“True, but you can’t sit here moping all day. It’s time to get dressed.” Mrs. Helion has always been like a second mother to me partly because I was at Shane’s house all the time. I guess I could use her help right now but the whole situation was embarrassing.

“Terry I can read you like a book, don’t worry there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not anything I haven’t seen before.”

Reluctantly I striped down.

“My, my you certainly are a looker.”

“Please don’t tease me.”

“Ahaha, sorry about that. Couldn’t resist.”

Mrs. Hellion went over to Cassie’s dresser opened it and got the female underwear out.” If I had to put a bra and panties on day after day I might end up insane. I mean I liked female underwear as much as the next guy. Heck I would even admit that I now looked good in it. Yesterday I had the same thought as well as I put on the lingerie. But it was me looking at a girl in underwear that I found cute. But when the facts hit me that the girl was me, the whole illusion was ruined.

“Here Terry I got you some underwear, I know it’s not what your used to but I did keep it simple.”

Thank heaven it was not something frilly or girly. It was the basic white bra and panties. Still the idea of putting on panties was very embarrassing. I slipped on the panties finding they were quite snug. I then tried to put on the bra but it was a bit tougher, no matter what I did I just couldn’t get it to feel right.

“Terry let me help you. After you have slipped on both straps you should lean forward to make sure you get your breasts in the cups. Then you strap it in the back and adjust the straps to your liking.”

“That’s better but it’s still slightly uncomfortable.”

“Yes I believe it would be. You’re going to need to be measured for the right fit.”

“Uhg you gotta be kidding me.”

“I wish I was, but that’s something all woman need, you don’t want your breasts sagging do you.”

“Ewww that’s disgusting.” I pictured my new self being older with saggy breasts and decided that as long as I remained a girl I was going to wear bras.

“Yep so you need to wear a bra, it also keeps them from being very uncomfortable and embarrassing. I got you some clothes from Cassie’s drawers.”

The shirt was a girl shirt but no overly girly. It was a tight fitting short sleeve shirt with a picture of a cute panda on it, and black sleeves. The shorts would be a little more embarrassing since they were red short shorts. I put them on anyway. It was less embarrassing then standing around in my underwear.

“Wow even these simple clothes look good on you. Go look in the mirror.”

I did look pretty good except for my hair which was a bit of a mess, but not all that bad.

“This really sucks do I really have to go through all this?” I broke down crying. It was no longer me I saw in the mirror. In the mirror was a gorgeous young lady. Not Terry, it was not me.

“I’m afraid so, at least for now. But your no alone there is people here who love you.”

“Yeah but what about my parents? What will I tell them?”

“Don’t worry we already took care of that for you. Your mother is on her way here right now.”


“Terry no need for that language here. Your mother is a wonderful person and will love you regardless.”

“You don’t understand my mother always wanted a GIRL!”

…to be continued

Author's Note: Sorry for the long break. I finally finished this chapter. Yes the story does progress slowly but it should pick up.

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