A short story of revenge .

“Oh yeah your tight you little bitch", That’s all I can hear over my screams as this low life enters me.

As this is happing I have to think of how I ended up here, tied to this bed God knows where getting violated by some guy who paid for me.

(Four days earlier)

My make up is perfect I thought as I looked in the mirror, and my little black dress couldn’t be more sexy.

I had a new target for my little hobby who’s name was Glenn, I had met him a few nights before and I knew he was the type of man who needed to be taken off the street.

When I first met him he hadn’t said two words before he was grabbing my ass, I was kind of bitchy that night because my cycle hadn’t stopped yet, gosh I hate that time of the month.

I grabbed my coat and purse then I was out the door, I met Glenn at the entrance of the building were I lived in my seven thousand dolor a month penthouse apartment.

He was wearing the typical male outfit, blue jeans, Hooters t-shirt and work boots with a oil stained Mossy oke hat.

This redneck was in for a big surprise I thought as I walked over to him.

“Hot Damn girl your fine as hell” he yelled.
“You look handsome as well Glenn” I said with a smile, in truth I wanted to beat him.

He took my arm and walked me to this old beat up pick up truck, I climbed in and we were off.

When we got to the fancy restaurant as he called the local pizza hut he opened my door and lead me inside.

I waited until he left to go to the boys room and I put my plan into action, I pulled out my little packet of powder and poured it into his drink.

When he came back I watched him drink a good bit of his coke then excused myself to the bathroom, by the time I got back he will have passed out then I can call Mandy i thought.

But I came back to the table and he was still awake, and flirting with the waitress, I was trying to figure out why when I sat down.

He ordered the food and I sat in wonder, how could he still be awake, he should be snoring up a storm right now.

I ate a slice and started on my diet sprite, a few minutes later I was feeling dizzy, and everything was fading away.

I woke up sitting in a chair, I was strapped in tight and this bright light was shining down on me.

“Wher.. Wha.. “What’s going on”? I asked to myself.

“Ah your awake” I heard a man say from behind the light.

“Who are you, why am I here”? I asked.
“You will find out in time” he said.
“Jennipher do you mind if I call you Jenn”?
“I wouldn’t mind you telling me what the hell’s going on” I snarled.

“Well Jenn I am a doctor, and I am also very angry with you”.

“Do you know why”?
I was feeling bad about this.

“Let me tell you” he said.
“Do you remember a new years eve party you went to six years ago”?

I thought back, It was the night I first started my hobby, there was this short man who looked like he had just got out of high school.

His name was Brandon, he was about 5’4 130 pounds, short dark hair and a nice smile.

“You met a young man there did you not”? he asked.

“Yes I did”.
“Tell me about the young man”.

“He was nice, quite and a little shy”.
“He was the first one you changed wasn’t he”?
“You know about that”?

“I know everything you have done in the past four years so don’t try to lie to me”.

“What did you do too him”? He asked.

I thought back, I walked to the bar and sat down beside him, I made small talk to him and when he looked away I slipped him the drug I had in my purse.

After he was out, a friend helped me take him home, if anyone asked we just told them he had too much to drink and we were taking him home.

When we got him home Mandy went to get rid of his car and I stripped him down and removed all his body hair, and then I dressed him in a frilly pink maids outfit and put a dog collar on his neck then locked it in place.

When he woke up he was frantic, he called me a fucking bitch and I was more then happy to take the cane to him.

It was so fun to hear a grown “Man” screaming and crying for me to stop, after that he was pretty docile, it wasn’t long before he was cleaning my home and cooking my meals.

I loved him calling me master, I started him on the special hormones and with mine and the various surgery and body shaping outfits help it wasn’t eight months later that he had a body any woman would die for.

You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I was letting him go, he was so happy, then you should have seen the look on his face when I handed his dog leash to Carlos.

Then he was off to be someone’s fuck toy for the rest of his life.

“Now why did you do that to the young man”? the man behind the light asked.

“Because men are worthless creatures who think they are so much better then women, they think they can just force us to do..” the man cut me off.

“So you don’t like men”? he asked.
“Your damn right I don’t” I yelled out.

“Well you told me what I want to know so I will tell you why you are here and you are to be quite while i explane” he said.

“Five years ago I was at a party in Mexico when this beautiful young white woman walked over to me”.

“She was a fine sight and she was very flirty”.
“She grabbed my shirt and pulled me to my feet, then she lead me to a bedroom”.

“When she closed the door, she turned to me with tears in her eyes”.

“Roy I cant believe it is you” she yelled as she embraced me in a hug.

“Who are you and how do you know my name” I asked her.

“”Roy it’s me” “Brandon”.
“I tossed her off of me and yelled at her, I demanded to know how she knew me and my brother”.

“That’s when she told me things only Brandon would have known” “Then what made me believe her was when she lifted her dress and pulled her panties off”.

“I was shocked to see a very small dick, then she turned around and showed me the lightning bolt shaped birth mark on her left butt cheek”!

“Brandon had the same birth mark in the same place”.

“I didn’t know what to think, all that time I thought my brother was dead after those fishermen found his car at the bottom of the bay”.

“I had to pay quite a lot of money to free my brother from those ass hole slave traders” “But by then the damage was done and he could never be the same”.

“My brother was a very good person who would help anyone who needed it and would treat any girl lucky to be with him with the respect she deserved”.

“He was going with this sweet girl at the time and they were waiting till they were married before they would do anything past makeing out”.

“You know I blamed myself for his death, I was the one who invited him along to that party”.

“My brother was the best man I ever had the pleasure of knowing, and thanks to you and your fucked up beliefs he is dead”.

“After I freed him It wasn’t long before he realized he could never return to the man he once was, I came home one night from work and I found him sitting on the couch with a gun in his hand and half his head all over the wall behind him”.

“I decided to go by what he had told me about you and sure enough you were still living in the same place”.

The man behind the light slowly walked into view, I couldn’t believe my eyes, “Mister stone”?
He smiled, mister Stone was the head of security for my apartment complex.

“I paid the old head of security enough money to retire and then I took his place”.

“I put cameras in every room in your house and I watched as you did your sick hobby with all those men".

“After you gave them to Carlos I would buy them and send them to a doctor friend of mine”.

but i wont be having to pay him anymore after today though, i am going to put an end to your sick little game right here" he said.

“If you knew what I was doing then why didn’t you stop me sooner huh”? I yelled out at him.

“Simple, things weren’t ready for my revenge yet so I had to wait”.
"I had to find everyone who was envolved in your little game before i could do this".

"You see i am going to Punish them as well after a am done with you" he smiled as he said it.
“What are you going to do”? I asked a little scared but trying not to show it.

Roy smiled at me and my blood got colder “You kidnapped my brother and turned him into a girl then you sold him into slavery as a whore”.

“So I am going to sell you as a low end whore, but before that I am going to use my talents as a surgeon to make you completely numb”.

You will never feel another orgasm no matter how much sex you have, so you will never come to enjoy the feelings of some average Joe plowing your brains out”.

He smiled wickedly as he walked over to me with a syringe, “You know my brother would have actually treated you right if you would have tried dating him instead of killing him and personaly i don't believe sex slavery but for you and your friends i am going to make an acceptation” Roy said as he put the needle in my arm.

When I woke up I was tied to this bed and this large man was looking at me.

“I hope I get my moneys worth sweetie” he said as he climbed on the bed.

Well that’s how I got here, Roy did do something to me because I cant feel anything but this guy slamming into the back of my legs with each thrust.

Now I have to think, do I really deserve this.
The End. A short story of revenge.

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