Written by Dauphin
A Mannequin boy gets life due to his special hair. He learns that being a girl is something that he wants
"A story that is not about a human, but Dauphin manages the human touch in a special way" Diana
"This was an attempt to write a different type of story. Another twilight type song" Dauphin


I opened my eyes and was in a shop window. I couldn’t move because I was a mannequin, produced at the Royal Factory, and special because I was an autonomy correct boy. I had long hair to my shoulders. Long hair was meant to make me look like a skater boy or something like that. I suppose it was supposed to be modern. There was a special thing about me. My hair was made from clippings from a real princess. I doubt that when the princess was getting her hair cut, that she knew that it would be used as my hair. I don’t know why Royal Factory used Princess Hair. I think that the workman that made me just wanted to make something special. I was supposed to be about 10 years old.

I was sold to a small shop in the countryside. It sold women’s and children clothes. The owner was Mrs. Shell and had two daughters called Chelsea (12 years old) and Chloe (10 years old). Mrs. Shell was divorced, so she had no husband. It was probably lucky enough that she didn’t have a husband. She was very dominating and very bossy. That is most likely where her daughters have learnt it from. I was put in the shop window with a girl mannequin. I had a lovely sight over the town’s main street. I decided that I would have a beautiful life here

That night, everything was quiet in the town. The girls were playing a card game in the shop. Mrs. Shell was upstairs doing the accounting. The moonlight was slowly appearing. I could feel it on my legs. It was a warm feeling. My hair started shining. I knew there was something magical about princess hair. I didn’t know that mannequins could feel anything. But I tell you, I felt a warm feeling where the moonlight was shining on my body. It felt sort of strange; it was like I was being thawed out after my body was frozen. Then I saw Chloe and Chelsea staring at me. They were telling each other that I was coming to life. I thought they were going crazy, but as the moonlight continued shining on my body, my body became warmer and warmer. I tried moving my arms, and to my surprise, they could move. I started moving around. I was a bit stiff at the start, but that disappeared after some time.

The girls were in shock. They started poking at me and thought it was funny when I said ouch. They were nearly dancing around me as if they have given life to me. I was very shy and didn’t know what to do or say. Being a boy mannequin is easy, you just have to stand and pose. You didn’t have to do anything. As a real living boy, you have to do something. You have to say something.

“What’s your name?” Chloe asked

“Model T-rex 2012” I whispered

“You have to speak louder. Otherwise, we can’t hear you”

“Model T-rex 20212.”

“You can’t be called that”

The two girls talked together, and then names started flowing from them. Martin, Bill, Stefan, Kevin and many other names.

“He looks like a girl.” Chloe

“I suppose you are right, “Chelsea said

“Then he should have a sissy name like Chrissie. “

“That’s a good name for him.”

That was my new name. The two girls told me that they were like my sisters. They would take care of me. Then they told me that they would be playing dress up. I just stood between them and sat on the floor. Chelsea rushed up to her room to get a small suitcase. When she came down she put it on the floor and opened it. It looked like a treasure box, full of jewellery and things for hair.

They started by fixing my hair. I didn’t ask them what they were doing, as being a mannequin, I was used to people fixing hair and putting things on me. I just sat there being obedient and allowing the two girls what they wanted to on my head. They were putting my hair in a ponytail and telling each other how pretty I looked.

I was not at all embarrassed when they took my clothes off. After all, they were not my clothes; they were the shop's clothes. The girls laughed as I stood there in my underwear. I looked down and could a tent in them. The people who made me put a stiffy on me. This meant that I would always have a stiffy. The girls took off my undies and started going to the shop finding some clothes. I just stood there.

They started talking

“We can’t put those on him”

“Why not?”

“Because they are girls.”

“So, he has a ponytail. We can make him look like a sissy”

“That would be so funny”

So within no time, they found panties, and leggings and a tube top. They wasted no time in putting the clothes on me. They led me to a mirror and I was surprised. I looked like a girl. You could still see that I was a boy, but I looked like a girl. I put my hand up to my hair. It was so pretty with all the butterflies and flowers. I looked down at the leggings. You could still see the tent in them. The girls, of course, that was funny.

They called me their sister, and we started playing different games. In no time I was laughing and enjoying the games, especially hide and seek. We also played Top model, where we tried different clothes on. I forgot all about that I was a boy dressed in girl’s clothes. I was just having fun with the two girls.

The girls became tired and slept on the floor. I was not tired. I went to the shop and tried on different clothes. I don’t know why I tried on girl clothes; it could be because the girls influence me. I also thought that the clothes were pretty and I liked the way they felt on me. It was getting early in the morning. I put the clothes I was given the girls back on.

The sun was beginning to appear. I felt funny. As the sunlight entered the shop, it started to shine on me. I felt life leave me and I could see that my skin was changing once again to plastic. I was afraid. Was my chance of becoming a boy disappearing? Was my destiny just to be a mannequin in the shop window? I could feel my body stiffen. When the sun was shining directly on me, I was totally stiff and once again. I just stood there.

The girls could see that I was a plastic mannequin again. They were a bit disappointed, but they moved me back to the shop window. They did not change the girl’s clothes on me, so I stood in the window with a tube top and leggings. Mrs. Shell didn’t even notice that my clothes were changed. The two girls were on their way to school; they looked at me on the way out and started laughing

“He still has girl’s clothes on!”

“That doesn’t matter; people will just think it’s a girl.”

“Unless they noticed that he was a boy yesterday or they can see the bulge down below.”

No one that passed really stared at me. I was enjoying that everyone thought that I was a girl. There was even a mum that came in and asked if she could get the same leggings as the girl was wearing in the window. She was talking about me! She thought that I was a girl! Mrs. Shell looked confused and looked at me. She didn’t know how I got girl clothes on. All she did was shrug her shoulders. It didn’t matter once that I helped her sell clothes.

Just before lunch, a boy stood outside the window with his mum

“Mum, I want the same top as he has”

“That is a girl, darling.”

“No, it is not. He has a boy’s hairstyle, and he was a boy yesterday and you can see his thing stick out”

“She has long hair.”

“Some boys have long hair mum”

Mum looked closer at me, and she knew in her head that I was really a boy. How could she explain to her son that I was a sissy? How can shops promote such a thing? Boys wearing girl’s clothes! She thought that it was completely wrong for shops to promote girls clothes for boys. She rushed on past the shop disgusted while her son protested, saying that he thinks my top looked pretty. Mum and son would have a serious talk that night.

Some people that passed the shop looked at me. Some figured out that I was a boy. I would be the talk at dinner tables, in the pub, and while watching TV.

The shop soon closed. The girls came back from school and giggled as they seen me. They have planned what they would do with me if the same thing happened to me. As soon as they went upstairs, it was just me looking out at the street. One shop after another shop was closed down. I tried to move but I couldn’t. I was still plastic. I looked at the sky and thanked God for giving me the chance to be a boy at least once

I had a glimpse of the moon as it was beginning to light the street. I was disappointed. I thought that I would get another chance to be a boy. After a few minutes, it hit the shop window. I could feel my princess hair glowing and tingling. As the moonlight hit my body, I could feel myself coming to life again. As the moonlight lit the shop, my body was once again a boy’s body. I jumped from the window and started running across the shop. I was delighted that I could run. Standing still in the window could be boring

The girls came down and were happy to see their adopted brother (me) alive once again. They told me that they had new clothes for me to put on. I was so happy! I loved putting on new clothes. I quickly stripped off the clothes I had on, while the girls took out a bag. They took some diapers from the bag. This confused me. I was supposed to be 10 years old and didn’t need any diapers. They were girl’s diapers as well. I opened my mouth to protest but nothing came out of my mouth. I could see a demanding look on the girls face and I thought that if I protested they would be mad at me. Besides I was T-rex 2012 and was their property.

They put the diaper on me. It has the little Mermaid on it. I looked down. It looked so bulky and made me look like an overgrown baby. Then they put a t-shirt on me with a teddy bear on the front of it. The T-shirt was pink. Then they put a denim mini dress on me. I kept looking in the mirror and I could see that I looked like a cute girl. In the end, they put ankle socks on me that were frilly. They decided not to do my hair because they wanted that to look like boys hair.

I didn’t change clothes more that night. We drew pictures of castles and princesses and flowers. It took me a bit of time to learn how to draw, but I loved it. I loved looking at their pictures because they were so pretty. Before I knew it, the girls were tired and decided that they had to sleep. Of course, I was not tired and continued to draw all night.

I could see that it was getting lighter, and within no time I could see that sun was beginning to shine. When the sun hit my body, it began to stiffen up. I was once again becoming plastic. This happened quite quickly and I just stood there as I was supposed to. Mrs. Shell was the first to come down and was puzzled why I stood in the middle of the shop with drawings around me. She also noticed my girl’s clothes. She was proud of her daughters. She thought that they were practising their window display skills. Of course, it confused her why I had girl clothes on. Everyone could see that I was a boy mannequin. Once again, she shrugged her shoulders and moved me over to the window shop.

People paid more attention to me that day. They would stare through the window and talk with each other or laughed a bit. I didn’t know that a rumour went around town that Mrs. Shell dresses her boy mannequin in girl clothes. Some boys stood staring through the window. They were a bit older than the girls. I could see the boys pointing fingers at me. They noticed that I was wearing a diaper under my mini dress. This made them laugh even more. They started calling me a sissy baby. I felt like crying, but being made of plastic, I could not get any tears to come.

I was being looked at by many people. There was even one from the newspaper that started taking pictures of me. People were both disgusted and curious about why a boy was being dressed up as a baby girl. I felt a bit shy, especially when the newspaper man started taking pictures of me.

That night, the moon shone on me again. I could feel the warmth going through my body and I could move again. I quickly moved from the shop window and started taking my clothes off. I walked around the shop looking for new clothes. I picked up some Spiderman briefs and put them on. I looked in the mirror. I was a boy! But something felt wrong. They did not feel comfortable with me. I walked around the shop. I didn’t feel like I was myself. In despair and in anger, I took the briefs off. I rushed over to the girl's section and found some panties with “hello kitty” on it. They were pink. I rushed to put them on. I looked in the mirror again and wondered why these panties were more comfortable. They did look pretty on me. Was it because pink was my favourite colour or was it because they were girl’s panties?

“Hello there, I was wondering how you could change clothes every day”

I turned around and it was Mrs. Shell. I just stared at her unable to say anything. I was afraid of her; after all, she was my owner. She saw that I was afraid and that I trembled. She came over to me and hugged me. She said she heard of mannequins coming to life and was so lucky to have one herself. I then told her how the moonlight makes me come to life and how the girls dressed me as a girl. I also admitted that I tried boy’s clothes but they didn’t feel right.

She told me that I should wear boy’s clothes in the shop window when I was just a plastic mannequin, but I could dress up as a girl at night-time when I was alive. It was because she was getting a lot of angry people that complained that a shop should not have a sissy in its shop window. She explained that people do not simply understand boys who have transgender identity problems or boys who simply like playing in girl clothes. I agreed to her deal.

Then she called down her daughters and told them that she knew everything. The daughters held their heads down low as if they have done something wrong. However, Mrs. Shell praised them saying that it was nice of them to help me pick out girl clothes, but she did not understand why I needed a diaper. The girls said that was just for a joke, and beside the bed, wetter’s would come on the shop. I laughed at that. I was not a bed wetter. I never ate or used the toilet.

We played around all night. We were now like sisters, and at one stage Mrs. Shell said she had three daughters now. This confused me. Did she not owe me anymore or did she consider me a part of the family? I loved playing with the girls and I could feel the love and compassion that Mrs. Shell had for us all.

The girls soon fell asleep and after Mrs. Shell read Harry Potter for me, she fell asleep on the chair. The morning was approaching, so I put on some boy clothes. However, I kept on my kitty panties and long waist tights that were white. At least I felt comfortable underneath and no one could see them. I stood at the shop window waiting for the sun to come up. I loved looking at the sky when it was dark. The stars were so beautiful. I thought that they were angels holding a light and protecting everyone at night. I felt that it was my job to protect the shop at night, while my new family slept.

Morning came, and it became lighter and lighter. It started to rain and you could nearly dance to the rain pounding against the window. Chloe was the first one to wake up. She rushed to the window and saw that I was still moving. This confused her so she woke her sister who was just as much confusion. Mrs. Shell woke up and told the girls that it was nearly time to go to school. She wiped her eyes when she saw me there. Then she remembered the stories of mannequins that came to life. The moonlight helped them to come to light and the sunlight made them plastic again. Then she concluded that there was no sunlight because it was raining. I was to be a boy today. She told me that I could go to school with the girls

When we arrived at school, the girls presented me as their cousin. I was in Chloe’s class and the teacher said I could come any time when I was visiting the family. I sat down next to Chloe. School was fun and I started learning a lot, except maths. I didn’t understand a word of that!

The boy behind me poked me in the back. He could see that I was wearing tights. I blushed and looked at the blackboard again. Then he gave me a piece of paper. I slowly opened it, trying not to capture the teacher’s attention. It was a picture of me in the shop window with girl’s clothes and a diaper on. It must have been that man from the press yesterday. Below it, the boy wrote, “This looks like you!” I think I must have gone very red. I felt like the earth was opening up and I was going to get swallowed. I showed the newspaper clipping to Chloe. She read what the photographer wrote under, “Shop sells clothes to sissy boys”

“Don’t worry, he will not know it’s you, “she whispered, “No one would guess that a mannequin can come to life”

“I am wearing tights and panties; he knows that I am wearing them”

“Oh, maybe he will forget”

He didn’t forget. At lunch, he told everyone. Within no time there was a group of boys around me asking to see my cute tights and panties. I was embarrassed and just stood there. They became more cruel and started to pull down my trousers. I stood there with my tights showing and trousers around my knees. They could see the pink panties through my tights. Then the questions started flying in at me. Am I a sissy? Do I fancy boys? Would I like to wear a skirt? They were laughing and teasing me. I just looked at the floor. I wanted them to go but I couldn’t tell them too. I just listened to their questions and insults. The problem is that I knew what they were saying was true. I was not a normal boy. I had hair that belonged to a princess, a girl and I felt like a girl in many ways.

The boys got bored of teasing me. They started to discuss if they would beat me up because they thought I was a sissy and gay. I put up my hands to protect my face, but then I heard Chloe and Chelsea and their friends come. Chloe put up her hands ready to fight any boy that touched me. The boys laughed at her and walked away. I had the ultimate humiliation because I was protected by girls.

“You are now one of us,” they said. I smiled. At least I belonged somewhere.

That was my life, I was considered a sissy by the boys and they would never be my friend. Maybe they thought that I would give them the sissy disease or something. I played with the girls, and to be honest I liked their games better. I loved when we would gossip and talk about clothes.

At home, I was considered part of the family. I played a lot with my two sisters and I loved when my new mum gave me hugs or read a history. That’s of course when the sun didn’t shine. When it shined, I was a mannequin on the shop window

I found out to accept my weird sides. I was not just different, I was just not a sissy, I was just not a mannequin, and I was myself

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