I danced, moved and shimmied and full on bounced and gyrated and moved to the beat of the music as I cheered and cheered for our guys out there on the football field and we were winning. Winning is great Y’know especially when you’re a cheerleader. Well being a cheerleader rocks because even if you’re not at the top or part of that inner circle life’s pretty good.

I actually got it pretty good in life really, my family has a farm and it was my grandfather who got smart and put a lot of money into three green houses and switched stuff over to things so we’re a mixed organic farm. With the way some of the farms have been going down with the economy and those farm companies trying to but a lot of them out. He said he saw it coming.

Well like I said life’s pretty good, we’re not rich but we do alright and I really don’t want for anything providing I work for it. Dad pays me to stay in school, a bit more for good grades and some for having stuff that looks good on my college apps. It’s not much but it’s a lot at the same time plus I can work shifts on the farm and dad expects me too sometimes when we’re short handed. I don’t work there enough though for him to pay me more than a basic wage. He says I don’t put the time in hours wise compared to the other guys on the farm.

That’s fair.

And the weekend was shaping up to be pretty good. Our team won and everyone was geared up to party at Michael Dixon’s place the quarterback and one of the richer kids when there was a big blow out. At the party and Mandy Quaid the homecoming queen took one of her famous or infamous shit fits and the party ended early. I was with Scott this guy I’d been seeing and we left with the rest of the crowd. Then we got into this place where they’re having this party down by the tracks.

I got buzzed pretty good on shots and smoked a joint with some friends but I don’t get sloppy drunk. I’m not a bad girl and don’t party all the time but I’m not a goody two shoes either. I’m just like everyone else, like every other girl and even partying like this I’m not any different than anyone else. Until Scott wrecked the entire night. We had just had sex and we were coming down from everything when he looks at me.

“Petra.” yeah that’s me.

“Hmmm baby what.”

“You know I think you’re a fine piece of ass right?”

I’m not facing him but can’t help but pull a face. I can’t help but just “Love” getting called a piece of ass or other nice, cute shit like that that guys say.

“Oh gee thanks Scott, you’re so romantic.”

“Oh C’mon babe, don’t be like that. I just wanted you to know that you’re awesome.”

“Uhm, okay…”

“And I was wondering?”


“Yeah see some of the guys think you’d be a hell of a time.”


“C’mon, it’s just a few of the guys. Alicia, Gary’s chick she was a cool chick about it and a hell of a time.”

“You…you fucked her?!”


“You shit!”

I hauled off and hit him, a couple of times and grabbed my clothes and got the fuck out of her mini-van. Scott grabbed at me again and I turned and swung again breaking his nose or at least something went crunch and got bloody.

I’m crying and angry and pissed trying to get into my clothes and getting honked at by a few cars of so called “Friends.” It’s high school bullshit and just pisses me off that there’s some girls that do this whole sex club bullshit. I’m not one of those girls that’s into that bullshit. Sucking cock and getting gangbanged for points.

Then of course the rain starts and begins to pound down on me.

I walk a miserable twenty minutes before getting passed by this truck that brakes and the backs up. I’m a bit nervous until I recognize the truck!

OMG! It’s Alex! I run to the truck.

Alex is my older stepbrother, and he was deployed to Afghanistan and was supposed to be coming back but we didn’t know when he was getting in. I run to the truck and he gets out and we’re hugging.

“Alex! You’re here when did you get in? Mom and Dad are going to spaz!”

“We got in a few hours ago in and headed home, what’s going on with you?!” He holds me back and he’s looking me over.

“Guy I was seeing turned into a fucking pig and wanted to have a GB with his buddies.”

“I can shoot him, seriously I’d get away with it too I just back from the war…”

“No…he’s got a black eye at least and I think I busted his nose.”

“Thattagirl.” He hugs me and I shiver. “C’mon I’ll take you home.”

“Home? Wait what? You’re not going home?”

“Naw, I called the house and me and the guys are having a forces homecoming party to blow off some steam. I was going to go over tomorrow around the afternoon so Mom can plan all the people getting there and stuff.”

“I’m out all night too Mom and Dad think I’m with Jessica. I can’t go home like this.”

“Okay, I’ll take you to Jess’s place.”

“She won’t be there either.”

“Fine you can stay at my place.”

I get in and there’s a couple of his forces buddies in there and they shake hands with me and Ryan gives me his jacket to wear since I’m shivering and they turn up the heater and Alex drives first to the beer store and then to a liquor store and they stock up and then to the grocery store.

Wow…have you seen army guys just I intent on enjoying themselves shop? Burger, chops, chickens, steaks and pizza and the things for subs and sandwiches…it’s awe inspiring to watch in this very different that I’ve ever been taught way. Don’t get me wrong they do the veggies too but baking potatoes and corn and most of the stuff for burgers can make a salad too. But it’s just so not the way that Mom and I shop.

Booze and food we are in and out of three different places in under an hour.

We hit Alex’s place which is on our land but it’s way away from the farm and connects to a different road as when Granddad bought it the place was someone else’s.

I’m not one of those girls to just sit by and help so I’ve already got a Two-four (24 case of beer.) in each hand and heading inside. I help with the rest of the stuff too getting grins from the other two guys Ryan and Nate, I like Nate he’s a Newfie (Newfoundland born person.) And he’s got the accent and he’s funny as heck. I learn that a wobbly-pop in another word for beer.

I’ve always liked Alex’s place 1950’s farmhouse with a wrap around glassed in porch over time him and friends gutted it and got it up to code but he’s got these click-hardwood floors except the porches and the kitchen and bathrooms and those are tiled. And most of his walls are these sanded and refinished barn boards set vertically. The rest is just simple furniture, and his military stuff and stuff he’s got from around the world.

It’s a man-cave, a really nice military guy one but a man cave.

His basements finished and it’s a den with a bar, TV and pool table plus there’s a room with lock boxes for his guns.

I’m drinking a beer watching him and he looks at me. “What?”

“You guys are gonna take off huh?”

“That was the plan, there was a few places we were going to hit tonight, people we said we’d see.”

“I don’t want to stay here.”


“C’mon Alex, I’ve had a really shitty night. I just want to get out of here and maybe do something I never do…”

“We’re not exactly going to places that a girl like you’d wanna go.”

“A girl like me? What does that fucking mean.”

“Sis, I love you and you’re awesome but we’re really different animals you and I.”


“So…you should stay here.”

“Fuck Alex…C’mon, I need this…if I was your little brother, instead of your little sister this wouldn’t be an issue.”

“Hey! Petra…fuck I’m not like that and you know it!”

“Prove it.”

“I don’t want you freaking out or something and thinking less of me.”

“I won’t.”

“What if you do this is about stuff for the guys too.”

“I won’t.”

“You gotta swear.”

I kill my beer and look him in the eyes. “I won’t, I swear.”

He looks me in the eyes. “Okay…hmm…little brother huh?”

……………………………….........And hour later I’m feeling so strange in my brothers room and slipping on an army desert cammo t-shirt on and my chest is wrapped with one of his bandages. I’m not big chested so it’s not a big deal but it’s as strange as the rest of it. Guy’s soap, shampoo, deodorant spray. Not doing my hair but this messy look with my long hair and a bandana also in military desert cammo. I slip the black Haines boxer briefs on and there such a strange feeling with that thick elastic.

I come out and look at him. “So…?”

“Not quite right, You need some heft.”




He holds up a jock strap?

………………………………........... “Oh…”

“Yeah oh…Pete.”

“Pete? Oh cool.”

Alex frown at the jock then goes to his sock drawer and takes out a rolled up pair of dress socks.

“Shouldn’t it be bigger?”

He looks at me. “You’ve had boyfriends, do they generally come bigger?”

“Guess not.”

He actually takes out his sewing kit and stitches the socks together then to the top inside front of the jock and does the same thing with a bit of sliced old t-shirt and some popcorn and tissue paper for what’ll be “My Boys.”

I go into the bathroom and take off the underwear and put the jock and dummy “Junk” on and….I don’t get why…but it’s different…I’m me…I’m still me but it’s like I’m new too and checking out my profile I’m.

I’m nor sure, sure that I pass for a guy but at the same time I kinda pass for a young guy, like still late teens and baby faced. It’s so…

Wow…I can feel my self getting hot? It’s just right but not because I mean c’mon I’m cross-dressing and who ever heard of a cross dressing girl. But my nipples are awake under the bandage…and my clit…is getting…I’m getting a girly stiffy.

I get a Tampax mini from my purse because I really don’t want a wetness issue really and the head out to get dressed the rest of the way. Black fatigues and army boots with socks in the front and that feels just. Guy’s cut for pants is a ton looser and my legs have so much room and stuff and while you can sort of see I’ve got a nice butt it’s not girl pants snug so…and the boots. They’re heavy enough it feels different to walk in them.

Alex lends me a jacket to wear and I look in the mirror again. It’s me but not me, I look like a young guy with sort of army clothes and long hair and a baby face…I look like a little brother.

I look like Pete instead of Petra.

And….I know it’s so weird but I think I like it.

We head down stairs and Ryan and Nate get a good laugh and that makes me kind of get nervous and stall a bit until they tell me. “Hey it’s not that we’re laughing at you Pete it that this is kinda awesome.”

“It is?”

“Yeah, never new any girl that’b be brave enough to do something this nuts.”


My voice isn’t a problem really I’m not really girly pitched more a middle range anyway and it’s actually weird to get coached as we pile into Alex’s truck with me driving as the DD or designated driver. There’s a lot of stuff to just not do…that I’ve been well taught to do all my life. We end up first going to a strip club and meet up with about another five guys there and then the fun begins.

The guys are partying and drinking and talking about stuff over there where they were deployed and it’s mostly going over my head because like a lot of stuff like this you had to be there or have been there. But there’s some really gruesome or sad shit and their drinking and laughing about it.

But it’s I’m figuring on of those laugh about it to deal things and I sort of start to get the black humor of it a bit.

But the watching the girls like this…sprawled in the vinyl chair legs open just not having to think about proper, not having to cute my voice to be like the other girls…no, it’s not like that, it’s that most girls don’t talk like the way they do at school or in public as when they do with family or really tight friends…like make-up and fashions we girl it up like the other girls we’re with all out lives out of social expectations.

And Pete…doesn’t.

I don’t have to check my hair, or re-apply my lipstick or touch up my make up because I’m not wearing any of that.

Pete is just staying sober but getting to be Pete.

And being around strippers…unless you know one or are one or related to one you really don’t get the experience. The way they move, entice and look is so from a whole other world for me.

Ryan buys me a lap dance…I can’t touch, and we don’t kiss but this Asian girl maybe Thai or something glides over and she dances in front of me and stares at me seductively and in a way that no woman has ever looked at me before. Well that I’ve noticed. She’s so unlike anything in my experience and she grinds on my lap, slither, slides and moves in ways I couldn’t do, or even know how to do and she slides her hands over my shirt and her eyes widen…oh that look those Asian eyes and my nipples get even harder…and then she’s feeling my “Junk” and sort of rubbing her hand along the sort of length of it and it…it…

I like guys, or I though I liked guys, never had more than those odd little lesbian curious thoughts in my head from time to time…but this stripper this “Honey-Li” …ow…oh fuck I’ve got a girl stiffy so hard I could cut glass with it.

“You come back stage?”

“Uhm I…I…”

“You come backstage, I do you good, I suck you long time.”


Nate comes over. “How much for my friend here eh?”

“Fifty, fifty and I suck long time.”

He passes her a fifty. “I…uhm…Nate!”

I’m stunned not sure what to do but Honey-li’s pulling me up by my hand and Nate slaps me on the shoulder. “Hey, think of it as the right of passage there Peter, time to man up and lose your cherry.”


She hauls me back to this little room with a couch and goes on her tip toes kissing me, shoving her tongue into my mouth for not just my first girl on girl kiss but my very first French kiss. Her nails rake my chest and I can sort of feel it through the shirt and bandage.
My nipples do.

I don’t do this, I don’t throw caution to the wind and just hook up but I really don’t….she’s a stripper!, she’s a hooker!

She breaks the kiss and says to me in good English this time. “Hey, it’s cool…I like pussy too…Peter…”

She guides me down to the couch so I’m sitting and she’s kneeling and she is still feeling my stuff…and rubbing it and my combats are down around my ankles then the boxer briefs but she…she nuzzles my jock and it’s contents and then pushes it aside.

I’ve never been on the receiving end of oral sex in my life…I’ve given head three times and it’s Meh…not a big thrill and it would’ve been nice to get some return on my affections.

I had no fucking idea.

And I rode her face, I had my fingers in her hair like any guy and was shoving my pussy at her as she was taking me to places that I didn’t know existed. Oh…and she kept rubbing her hand against my jock and my unit like it was pressed to the side of my leg…that made everything just hotter…and the more she sucked and licked the faster she rubbed it….I saw stars with the orgasm that she gave me.

Sweat soaked and panting she tucked me back away like any other John and kissed me deeply with the taste of myself on her lips and she left just like that…I have no idea how to process the best fucking sex of my life being what this is…a fifty buck blowjob in the back room of a strip club. Petra is freaking…Peter…Peter…I can’t get the silly stupid afterglow grim off my face and head out to the bar and the guys who treat me like…well most of them don’t know I’m a girl so they treat me like I’m the young buck they took along who just got his first.

The feeling is heady, the rite of passage thing is no joke really. And there’s these looks of respect and stuff and just…

Alex slides into the chair beside mine and looks at me. “You okay?”

“Yeah…I think so yeah…I’m still all kinds of holy fuck about it but I think I am okay, except for…”

“For?” He leans over and looks me in the eyes.

“I just had the best sex of my life Alex.” I look at him and at the dancers too… “but I’m good with this…”

“You sure, I mean a stripper…”

“Have you done this before?”

“I told you that you might not like stuff about me tonight…yes, I have.”

I look at him and at one of the other dancers. “When was your first time? With a pro?”

“My sixteenth birthday, there was a place.”

“Well then it’s never changed you enough that I noticed, I mean you’re still you, still Alex so why should it be different for me?”

“As long as you’re sure you’re okay?”

“I’ll be fine…Jesus, you’re home, go have fun for fucks sakes.”

“Okay, Okay…”



“Can Peter come and hang around every once in awhile?”

He clasped arms with me not just a handshake but forearms. “Pete’s welcome to hand with me no matter what.”

He leaves to head to his friends and I order one of those famous strip club five dollar cans of coke and settle in to watch the girls on the stage. I’ll even admit with a bit of a new eye and maybe a new outlook on just how my life might be from this point on.

It kinda of feels like I’m not bullshitting anymore.

It’s scary but also kind of nice.

……………………………….........Peace out Y’all Petra… “Peter King.”

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