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She lay naked but for a pale blue cotton sheet draped across her torso. Her breasts were small and firm and the cool breeze blowing from the bedroom window caused her to shiver. Her partner walked to the bed and placed two glasses of Shiraz Merlot on the bedside table.

“Dark…mmmm.” She said, taking a sip of wine as she crawled into bed. A moment later a soft hand played with her earlobes and the wet curl that led down from her temple and caressed her cheek.

“Do you think you know what to do?” The young woman said as her lover put her other hand on the dark brown thatch below. She smiled and her partner shook her head.

“I think so, but it’s not like you came with instructions.” She leaned closer and kissed her partner on the eyebrow and moved slowly across as her lips tasted the tears and sweat that fell from the young lady’s eye lashes.

“MMMM….you go sooo good with the wine,” She said as she began to kiss her partner’s breast; her tresses tickling the young lady's sensitive nipples, causing her to flinch even as she welcomed the touch of the girl’s tongue.

“Make sure you…well, you know.” It might have seemed a bit controlling, yes, but her partner welcomed the direction, feeling unfamiliar and worried about an outcome when all they really needed was to show each other affection.

“Okay…just one question, dear?” The young woman propped herself up on one arm as she played with her partner’s soft hairs.

“And what would that be, my love?” She arched her back slightly as the girl brushed across the flesh, causing a feeling that neither could ever remember having.

Which one is the button?” A giggle escaped her….his lips; his shoulders shaking as the breeze from the open window grew cold. He pulled against the satin robe, but the other boy had rolled over, trapping the garment under his knees.

“That?” the boy said, pointing down. The two looked down at the limp flesh and sighed.

“I guess those pills that Dr. Elias gave us are finally working, huh?” The boy shook out his longish hair; a first-time coquettish gesture he would recall later.

“Well, we are girls, are we not?” The other boy sighed but smiled sheepishly.

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just cuddle.” We can figure this other stuff out later, okay?” The boy smiled as his best friend pulled him down and kissed him with a newly-discovered passion unhindered by a previously essential ingredient and fueled by another...prescribed one.


“I don’t know for sure, Marty? But I think you just pushed my button!”


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