The Pink ops

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The loud buzz of the of cell phone could be clearly heard throughout the office. As well as the rather nasty comments coming from the bathroom attached to the office. A disheveled man emerged from the bathroom his dress shirt still hanging out here and there and the tie off to one side.


"Sorry to disturb you sir but Subject 42 is missing from her room."

"Fuck. She is trying to escape again. Code Pink activate the tracer and home in on her."

"Already done Sir. However it would seem that she is blocking the tracer somehow. Its still active and we have a vague idea she is in the area but the system refuses to focus on her more than in the range of a couple of miles."

"That little... I will be down in a few minutes."

"Very good sir." The line went dead and the man went back into his bathroom.


Sam was at the back door of a hair salon working on the door with a bent hairpin and a flattened bit of coat hanger. After a bit of jiggling he got the door lock popped and turned so he and his makeshift bag could get in. After getting inside he locked the door behind him.

He stood still with his senses stretched to their upmost limit. The only sounds were the hum of the ventilation system blowing warm air around with its few creaks of warm metal. It was dark inside the only light from the glow of the neon lights of various products around the salon. The strong astringent smell of the various cleaners, shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products all combined but didn't hide the smell of the one cat in the store. It was probably against regulation to even have an animal in the business but you could just smell it.

It was therefore no surprise to feel said cat just brush up against his leg The back door of the salon was simple enough to close so that the office was not viewable. From his bag he extracted a small pink battery powered light. The light wasn't much and was obviously missing more than a few components. The base had been bent and torn off so that the batteries were barely holding inside. The small light bulb and the two wires were held inplace with a bent barrette. Its barbie vanity light origins were not in any way noticeable except my a skilled police analyst.

If anyone had looked in they would have seen a young girl in severly disheveled state. Her pink party dress with its three petticoats torn and very dirty in places. The wide sash was torn off partly on one side. The peter pan collar was also flipped up on one side. The girls mass of blonde curls were in disarray and with more than a few twigs. Her small breasts heaving with each breath she took. Her broken fingernails showed that most were manicured and done with a pink nailpolish that matched her dress. She had no footwear and the once beautiful lace socks were hopelessly ruined. Her stockings had multiple runs all over. However aside from all that what was really unusual was the wide silver colored wrap around her thigh. It was held with what looked like human hair ropes.

Sam checked his blocker again for the hundreth time. It was the only thing that was keeping them away he knew. Until he could find someplace safe, like a medical clinic or something to remove the tracer implanted into his thigh he had to make sure the blocker was there to muffle the signal he was sure by this time was broadcasting his location.

He carefully stripped off the much hated dress and all the frilly underwear. His penis was still there and once free from its prison slowly unfurled a bit at a time. He wasn't sure what they had done to his testicals but they were still up inside him. He couldn't slow down enough to think about his ordeal too much yet he had things to do.

He found a clipper on recharge in the back office and what looked to be one of the mirrors from the front needing a new glass. He had to shift his makeshift light around a bit but he carefully removed the hated blond curls from the top of his head. He got as much of the curls removed in short order then took quite a few minutes to get his hair clipped into masculine crew cut. He then carefully gathered up all the trimmings into a small plastic bag and put them into his makeshift bag. From the bag he next removed a very used roll of duct tape. This part was going to be painful but he had to do it.

Using the duct tape he taped down his new and very sensitive breasts as much as possible with more than a few tears streaming down his face. It wa really painful but after he was done he panted on the floor for a bit to get himself under control. Those damnable hormones had done this to him. He hated it. later concentrate. Next was the removal of every bit of nailpolish on his fingers and toes using the small bottle of nail polish remover and the barbie toothbrush. It took a bit and when he was done he went into the bathroom attached to this office. Using a small hotel plain soap bar that was unscented he scrubbed himself all over standing on his makeshift bag the whole time. He had to scrub his face a few times and then used some shampoo from another small bag to remove any last remnants of makeup from his face. In the bathroom mirror, which had seen better days he saw a small girl with a boys haircut. Not enough yet. From the bag he extracted a dark brown pencil crayon. Using the crayon he darkened in his eyebrows to a more normal boys eyebrows instead of the feminine plucked ones he really had.

All the diet and pills had over the last year done their mark though it was still a girly face that looked back but it was at least passable as a boy. Next out of the pack he dug out a carefully wrapped bundle. He was proud of these it had taken a bit of subterfuge and a rather nerve wracking walk with these stuffed under his dress from the chute. But he had managed and if not for that loose screw on the vent would have made this escape impossible. he removed the boys hoodie and sweatpants much like the ones he used to routinely wear minus the gang colors and markings of course.

As he held them his mind flashed back to a year ago. He had been caught with two of his friends in the cop car after a rather interesting chase. The thrill of the chase brought a smile to his face. It was what happened after that wasn't thrilling. The mad rush of cops, the cold jail cell, the rough handling of him by the big police officers, his father and his mom who looked at him like some horrible thing. It wasn't his first offense as the mean judge knew all too well. It wasn't an unfamiliar sight he had seen it many times before and knew he could escape the city's overfull juvenile detention center.

That Lady in the black suit was however new. She was very sharply dressed and screamed official in a bad government way. It was because of her and her blasted program that he was this way. He found out later she was just a calm front for the program. The people who ran it were much worse. But he knew that what they had done to him and all the others wasn't right. He was determined to get away and get back his manhood before they took it away completely.

Sam shook his head and got dressed into the boys clothes. It had been more than 10 months since he had last worn anything but dresses, skirts and blouses. He didn't have any male underwear but the black plain panties would have to do. The knee socks would also have to do they almost looked like boys sport socks under the sweatpants. Even his blocker didn't show thru the sweatpants. He put the white tennis sneakers on and hoped he could scuff them up enough in dirt so they looked old and would hide the pink nibs on the laces.

He gathered up as much of the hated dress into the makeshift bag and cleaned up what he could. In the mirror was a young child of 11 even though he was closer to 14 that could be either a young boy or girl. It was as best a disguise as he could do. He looked at the hair coloring stuff and decided against it. Chemicals kinda scared him now anyways.

From the bag he extracted a small meal of cereal bar and cheese. He ate this in the silence with the store calico cat staring at him as if he had some sort of treat for her. He apologized that he didn't and petted her for a bit before she went back to her box and laid down almost ontop of her kittens.

He put the few scraps left from his supper into the makeshift bag that was really a plain pillow lining from a couch cushion. From the last corner in the bag he remove his few homemade lockpicking tools and the small change that he had saved.

Sam turned off his small light and stuffed it into the bag then tied the bag tightly shut. It was now time to leave. His plan was to stuff the bag into an overloaded and smelly dumpster he had noticed on his way in. In darkness once more he cracked open the door and looked around and listened. Nothing was visible at all. He made his way out and to the dumpster. It took a bit of effort and some moving to cover his bag but he got it done finally.

He still wasn't sure where this town was or even the name of it. He was sure it would have a bus, train or something moving from it that he could get a ride on out of here. The further away he got the better. It never once occurred to Sam to think to use the buses and trains as they would be closely watched.

He did sneak around undercover as much as possible trying to find a way out of there. He also knew that if he didn't find something by daybreak his chances of escape would reach zero. These people were not stupid like cops.

He finnaly found a semi tractor with a lowbed and tarp covered load on the back that would be perfect to escape under. The sky was not quite as dark as he it used to be meaning daybreak was not far off. Using the shadows as cover Sam made it to the trailer and after a bit of scrambling got himself up and under the tightly wrapped tarp. He laid down his head and spent quite a few minutes stilling his heart that was trying to pound out his eardrums.

He was there for about 20 minutes or so when he felt the shift of the truck. The sound of the truck starting and finally moving allowed Sam to relax for the first time since he had planned this escape. He was finally almost free. And god willing would be able to keep his manhood. His relaxation was so complete he drifted off to sleep. The smile on his face was that of a little girls smile of bliss he didn't even notice when the pipes next to him shifted a tiny bit and a small mist overcame any chance of him waking up.

When Sam next opened his eyes he expected to feel the rough ride of the tractor under him. Not the soft bed of the institute. He sat up in bed quick. He was back in a nightie again. His blocker was missing from his leg. And worse from the sore feeling down below he suspected that he would find bandages under the panty. He couldn't help it he started to cry. Just then the door opened on him.

"Well Samantha you have been a very naughty girl. Just what did you think you were doing running around like that?"

"My name is not Samantha its Samantha!"

The older man just looked at the little girl in her bed and smiled. Another runaway caught easily. Hopefully they were all this stupid. This one was more original than most though.

He saw her break down in tears and let the older girl into the room to sooth her and made his way back to his office. They were all like this he thought. It was fun breaking down these jailbirds from a life of crime into functioning members of the fairer sex. The pay wasn't bad either.

No life wasn't that bad for a former black ops Major not bad at all.

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