journey of discovery

Journey of discovery

my boss had arranged a party to start the summer vacation
the theme he came up with was "dress-up"
not being a party type I had no idea what to dress in
my wife suggested going as a woman.

I looked her straight in the eye and said do you make a joke huh
no she answered , every party people go to they always do the same thing
do something else for once.

I wasn't really looking forward to it dressing up as a woman
but through the persistence of my wife I agreed
but I told my wife I choose the outfit as I didn't want to go as a maid.

I was lucky too being build rather slim
and having long hair was a plus too
I had an idea what to wear so I plunged in the closet and found a long silk gown
my wife had once bought but for some reason had never worn.

Now that I knew what to wear I had no clue of how to dress myself
let alone how to act.

I turned on the computer and started searching online on how to walk sit and many other things I needed too pull this off
I had no intention of being ridiculed at the party.

I found a website of interest for me
there it showed me how I could hide my manhood
how to get realistic breasts.

I ordered some breast forms and a gaff
after I received them the next day I started bringing the things I saw into practice.

I put on the gaff and as I looked into the mirror I was amazed to what I saw
my front was completely flat
I had learned I had to sit down to pee so that I had to get used to
I then put on a bra and after some tries I’d closed the hooks.

The breast forms were next
I placed them in the bra and pulled up my own skin
what I saw was absolutely stunning I now had breasts
I put on some matching panties and as I stood before the mirror I looked at myself from every angle.

But something was not correct
my body didn't have the proper proportions
then I knew
I put on a pair of heels and although they were a bit too small my posture changed dramatic.

I carefully walked through the room and to my amazement I had no problems walking the heels
I made a note to myself to buy some proper heels after work.

Dressed as I was I again sat down behind the computer and started reading how to put on make-up
the site showed me step by step how it was done
I took some of my wife's make-up and started to put in on.

I really don't know how many times I applied the make-up
but at some point when I looked in the mirror it looked perfect
I put on a silk kimono and walked downstairs to get me something to drink
at that point I completely forgotten my wife was there
when I walked into the room there she was
she was so amazed as to what she saw that she could not find any words.

Finally she did manage to ask me what was going on
I at that point should have run away but I was so much in the moment I simply told her that if I was to go as a woman I should look the part.

Let me look at you she said and as we both stood before the mirror looking at ourself I felt proud
without saying it saw I made a prettier woman the she was.

After a cup of coffee I went back upstairs and took of all I was wearing
it was then I noticed the hairs on my body
as I needed to remove the make-up I filled the bath tub
it was then I saw the bottle of hair remover
I applied it all over my body except for my head.

After the time given on the bottle I washed the crá¨me of my body and to my amazement my body was completely hairless.

I then sat down in the bath tub and washed myself clean
when I reached for the shampoo I mistakenly picked the wrong bottle
when I washed my hair unknown to me I used conditioner
when done I carefully stored the lingerie and breast forms in a separate drawer for later use.

The sudden release of my manhood from the gaff was evident as it stood erected from between my legs.

When I stood before the mirror I noticed my hair was fuller
when my wife entered the room she noticed the same and asked
what did you use for your hair
shampoo I guess I answered
she went to the bath room and came back with two black bottles
which one she asked , I clearly could not tell the difference between the two.

Well I finally said what's done is done and it looks good
I picked up my bath robe and walked downstairs
the rest of the evening I didn't gave a thought about what had happened.

Monday after work I drove to the mall and bought myself a pair of heels that fitted well
except from that day I never got dressed up that week
when Friday came we stopped at noon to get ready for the party
on the way home I drove past the mall again when I saw something very interesting.

In a shop window I saw a mannequin who was wearing a half long leather skirt
on top she had a bright red silk blouse with puffed sleeves
I parked the car and entered the shop
there were only a few customers and as I wondered through the shop a saleswoman approached me and asked if I needed any assistance.

I told the woman about the outfit I saw in the window and wondered if I could try it on for a good fit
the woman never asked me why I needed to wear it but simply escorted me to the changing room as she went to pick up the items requested.

When she brought them to me I started to put on the clothes
she asked from outside the room if I needed some assistance
to be honest I had some trouble with the blouse
first the buttons seemed wrong and second the sleeves seemed wrong.

So I asked if she could be of some assistance
she entered the booth and immediately saw the problems
she showed me how to close the buttons
next she told me the blouse was to big
she brought another one and after putting that one on it fitted perfectly.

As I changed back she said from outside the room I probably need some stockings
I never thought about that I answered her
that's what I thought she answered back , I picked out some nice one's for you.

What surprised me was that I been there for over an hour and she never asked
why I needed to dress up
so I asked her
she simply answered it was none of her business.

When I started to pay for the clothes she surprised me again by giving me a 20% discount
I thanked her for the service and left the shop
as she held open the door she said 'perhaps till next time'
I didn't know how to answer so I simply gave her a nod with my head.

I supposed to head home now but instead I entered a barbershop
an hour later I walked out with beautiful styled and curled hair
I now drove home and prepare myself for the evening to come
I took a bath making sure not to mess up my hair.

I then put on the gaff and placed my manhood between my legs
on top of that I put on some panties
the bra was a struggle again just to close the hook but I finally managed
in went the breast forms and I made sure to pull up my own flesh so my breasts would pop out nicely.

As I placed the stockings carefully on my legs I found to my horror I was missing something
I didn't have a garter belt to hold up the stockings
for a moment I was in a loss but then I got an idea
I phoned the store where I had bought the clothes and explained my situation.

She asked which Colour I needed
I told her the colour
within fifteen minutes the doorbell rang
by this time I was fully dressed as I answered the door
she asked for me (the male me) and as I explained I was me she barely could find words to compliment me.

I asked what I owed her she simply said consider it a gift and then she left
I put on the garter belt and clipped on the stockings.

Next I started the final touches , some clip-on earrings a bracelet and some rings
I picked up one of my wife's hand bags and placed my ID make-up and my car and house keys inside.

I had learned to soften my voice to make it somewhat feminine
I was fairly confident as I had a weeks practice.

I went downstairs and poured myself a drink to ease my nerves as my wife walked in the door
she carried a box which I assumed was her outfit for the evening
without looking she rushed past me yelling she was late
fifteen minutes she was downstairs all dressed up as Abraham Lincoln.

It was then she saw me sitting in the living room her jaw dropped
oh my god she said , is this you?
Like what you see I answered with my fem voice
you are absolutely stunning
she looked me all over and by the way she acted I knew she liked it
after she had calmed down a bit we went on our way to the party
I managed to park the car close by the entrance so we didn't had to walk too far.

As we entered the building I showed our invitations
we were invited inside
ones inside we were greeted by my boss who as I might guess had no idea as to who we were
we were offered some drinks as we mingled into the crowd of guests already present.

I seemed to be a hit by the male guests a bit more then I wanted
but as the party grew so did my confident
the fact I already drank quite a few whiskey's did help.

I danced with a lot of men much to the anger of my wife who felt neglected
after I danced with a man I gave him a small kiss on the cheek
but one guy kissed me on the mouth and strangely enough I returned the kiss.

As we broke the kiss I turned around and saw my wife standing there
if looks could kill was true in this instance
before I had a chance to talk to her she stormed out of the building.

I should have gone after her but I loved the attention too much
during the evening no-one asked who I really was and I never told them.

When the party was over I said my goodbye's and drove home
as I entered my home my wife was nowhere to been seen
it was to late for me to find her so after a cup of coffee I got undressed
I cleaned my face and went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning I knew something was different
so I sat up in bed and looked down
what I saw formed a smile on my face
I wore a beautiful silk nightgown
I stepped out of my bed and walked to the mirror
gently I moved my hands over my chest imagining there were breasts.

It was then I knew I never wanted to go back being a male
I put on my kimono and booted up my computer
after a short search I found what I was looking for
with a few strikes on my keyboard I had ordered some female hormones.

Two days later the hormones arrived
the description said two pills a day
but I knew I could not wait that long so I swallowed two at once.

For the next two weeks I stayed pretty much inside taking four pills a day
I checked myself in the mirror every day and after two weeks I saw what I was looking for
I’d grown breasts , small but ever so present breasts.

Delighted as I was I dressed myself in a short leather skirt with a green silk t-shirt
one's done I re-checked my make-up and drove into town
I bought some flowers and walked to the shop where it all began.

I walked inside and there she was helping another customer
she looked up as she heard the doorbell
a big smile formed on her face as she saw me standing there holding the flowers
she guided the woman into a booth and almost ran towards me.

Out of the blue she kissed me on the mouth
where have you been honey she said
oh just busy I answered
she looked at my chest and gently placed her hand on it
she softly asked 'are those real'
I couldn't have been more proud then I already was
yes I answered , I didn't think anyone would notice.

Honey she said anyone who doesn't see them must be blind
she then heard the woman call
wait here I’ll be right back
a few minutes she came back after the woman bought the clothes.

She closed the shop so we could chat undisturbed
I still sat there with the flowers
are those mine she said pointing at the flowers
oh yes of course I answered her and I handed her the flowers.

Unknown to us we had talked for almost two hours
well she mostly did she couldn't believe how good I looked
many true women would like to look like you do
I know I answered , the first time with my wife I looked better then she
and that was in lingerie only.

It was time for her to reopen the shop but before she did she said she had something specially for me
she went to the back and came back shortly after carrying a large suitcase
this is for you , they will fit it's all in your size.

I thanked her again and I went home
I placed the suitcase on the table and opened it
I couldn't believe what I saw
in it were the most beautiful clothes a woman could have
skirts dresses and blouses as well as a collection of lingerie
true to her word they all fitted as I tried on some of the clothes.

as I was trying on the clothes I heard the front door close
my wife finally decided to return home
I made my way down dressed in a crá¨me coloured dress
when my wife saw me descend the stairs the way I was dressed
her anger returned and she started screaming.

Wait a minute I yelled if it's anyone's vault it's yours
your the one wanting me to attend as a woman
yes I love what's become of me but don't blame me for it
then she too saw my breasts 'are those fucking real' she yelled.

As I placed my hands on my breasts I simply said those are my girls
that does it she returned I want a divorce
she turned and walked to the door , but before she left she yelled
I’ll get my stuff later I never want to see you again.

To be true I didn't need her at this point
I had way too much fun discovering the new me
the only thing bothering me was that in a weeks time I had to return to work
I had no idea how my boss would react or my co-workers for that matter
but that's an issue for later.

As I still had a few days before returning to work I picked up my purse
I returned into town and headed to the shop
It was about lunchtime so I boldly walked in and said let's have lunch
although a bit surprised she agreed and moments later we sat down in the nearest lunch room.

As we ate she complimented me on my dress and how well it fitted
I thanked her and did the same
we chatted as only women would do
we had so much fun she didn't re-open the shop but instead walked to the nearby park and enjoyed the scenery as we did our self.

She said I was the most natural looking woman she ever saw
not that not mattered but she never addressed me as a male figure
to be honest the way I looked who would.

As the day came to an end I escorted her back to her car which happened to be parked next to mine and we drove home agreeing to meet her the next day which was her day off.

The next day she rang the doorbell early
as I opened the door still dressed in my night wear there she stood
she brought several boxes
what's that about I asked
let's clean house she answered
and clean we did , by the end of the day everything which reminded me of me
was gone.

All my male stuff including my clothes went to the salvation army
whatever my wife might want to take we stored in the garage
whatever furniture reminded the past was replaced with feminine stuff
my bedroom took the most effort
the bed sheets were replaced with silky materials as were the curtains
I no longer had to use the gaff since my member had shrunk to minimal size
so it too went to the salvation army
it was a pleasure to have the silk touching my skin.

At the end of the day we were waisted
we had no energy to make diner so we drove to the restaurant and ate diner
after diner I drove her home leaving her car at my place
although I almost asked her to stay at my place , but then I thought 'no pressure'.

When I came home that night I wondered where she had gotten all the stuff from we used in my house
although it all looked new it must have been some old stuff she had laying around.

I was almost ready to go to bed when I remembered something I had to do
so the next day I had my ears pierced and bought some diamond earrings
now my transformation was complete.

Sunday came and I remembered my boss was sometimes present that day
I drove to work and seeing lights I entered the building
lucky for me I had the keys so I let myself in.

when I came to his office I knocked on the door
surprised to find someone there on Sunday he opened the door
as I stood before him he asked me if he could be of some assistant.

Using my own voice since weeks I told him who I was and we needed to talk.

After I explained what had happened I asked him if I still had an job here
if it was up to me he answered there's no problem
but his staff was a different matter
if you leave some of the others move up in rank , but if I hire you instead of one of them there will be major issues.

So this is it I asked my boss
I’m afraid so but I’ll leave you a substantial bonus so you won't end up broke.

Walking out the building I thought to myself 'I should have seen this coming'
but the blow hit me hard just the same.

I drove to town and parked the car
not knowing what to do I sat down at a bench near the park
I placed my head in my hands and wondered about my future when she saw me.

Hi there honey what's up she asked
without looking up I simply replied 'I lost my job'
come on she answered this isn't the end of the world.

I looked up and as I looked at her I remembered something
in all the time I known her I never bothered to ask her name
I told her don't you think it's strange I don't even know your name
silly girl she answered you never asked.

Let's do this right she said and as she extended her arm she said 'hi I’m Sandra what's your name'
at this point I never considered needing a female name so I quickly went through my mind
my male name is mark so I quickly Decided on Marissa.

As I reached for her hand I replied hello I’m Marissa
hello Marissa Sandra said , you look lovely today
would you care for some lunch , my treat.

A smile formed on my lips
you do know how to sweet talk a girl I said as I reached for her hand
She said , I’m used to get what I want and right now I want you.

I was Honoured that she wanted me although I didn't know to how far
We again had a lovely afternoon and as I went home we said our goodbye's
when I got home I checked my bank account
true to his word my former boss deposited a substantial amount of money.

I now knew and could do what I wanted
I changed my name Legally so my ID and drivers licence said Marissa
the next day I phoned Sandra and told her I’ll be away for a few weeks
I packed some bags and headed south.

When the two weeks had passed I returned home with some real sized breasts
my Adam apple scraped off and some other minor changes.

I phoned ahead I was coming and I agreed to meet her at the local diner
when I met her she was all formally dressed up
the diner was packed with people and for all to see she dropped to her knees and asked me to marry her.

From a box she showed me the most expensive ring I ever saw
with tears in my eye's I said yes.

A month later we got married and as I stood for the altar dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress money could buy I wondered how I could get so lucky.

After the wedding I got my final surgery.

This was a true journey of discovery.

The end

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