A Change of Summer Camps

Change of Summer Camps

By Jessica C

His name is Willy and Summer Camp started for him and his sister as soon as school was out in mid-June. Their Mom was in France this summer for work so their time at camp would be through all of July, maybe into August. Willy started at Camp Arrowhead but that and a few other things changed on my tenth day.

If something seemed impossible, kids at school or camp would say get Willy, “Willy can do it". Unfortunately, the same could be said about getting into trouble. He was a bit smaller and a year younger than some of the guys he hung around with. They let him hang around with them because if they wanted to figure out how to do something without getting caught and couldn’t: someone would say "Willy can do it."

The boys’ camp was separated from a girls’ camp, Camp Rainbow by 40 acres of a forest reserve and for over 100 yards out into the lake there was a net in the water clear to the lake floor to keep the boys out.

Each year they sought to make the fence to the reserve impossible penetrate and Camp Rainbow did the same with the fence and netting going out from the shore and out into the lake. Willy spent his free time the first weekend there finding solutions to the problems.

Happily, others had not figured out how they got into the preserve last year, They just had to remove the rock from their entrance to the burrowed tunnel and place a new rope ladder that went down the cliff on the other side.

Chuck brought enough new rope for one ladder and he and two guys tied together the new ladder for this year. Willy was the one who could safely scale the boulders to set the ladders in place and workable by hidden ropes on the ground. They used that route sparingly because of an eagle’s nest higher up and some 20 yards over on a different slope.

This year’s way through the net took a second and third effort into Sunday. The rope netting was made of this thick rope with a wire going through it. The weights and ties along the bottom were heavy and the best yet. For seventy-five feet there were water lilies in stagnant water for over half the distance and a thick growth of reeds the remainder.

No one, was crazy enough to go through that area or in their right mind wanted to pay the price to find or make a way through the water lilies as the stagnant water was putrid. A route cut through the reeds seemingly would be too obvious, the entrance, as well as the exit, would be too obvious on either side. But that is why Willy's route through the reeds worked.

Willy learned they didn’t even need to make the opening through the net as the net there was hung up between two rocks near the bottom, creating a nice gap all on its own. Willy showed two guys on Monday during FOB (flat on back). The opening to the route on either side quickly had a zigzag so it appeared to go nowhere. The swimming path didn't appear until one was 10-12 feet in on either side.

Come the tenth day, right after lunch until close to 2 p.m. the guys would initiate their plan. What was most enjoyable, was the fact that Camp Rainbow counselors had a break time then. Several older campers and counselors were usually sunning themselves on the floating platform furthest out from shore. They're sunning their backs with straps undone.

Wednesday the surprises of summer would start early. Four Arrowhead campers gulped lunch quickly and swept around the camp buildings, with waterproof cameras and water guns in hand. We were down to our swimsuits as we hit the water, with our dry clothes hidden on shore.

Jeff had brought a few Supersoaker water-guns that easily fired over sixty feet. The unexpected cold water had as planned the expected effect. Two cameras took pictures of four counselors jumping up unprotected.


Three were embarrassed and dove for shore. Lisa a friend of Willy's sister, moved to come after them, but she slipped and hit her head on the platform as she went into the water.

Willy's friends were swimming out of sight and back for camp. His concern was for his sister's friend Lisa; she was in the water and unconscious. Willy called to the other girls but they were on their way to shore.

One reputation the Landis family had was a concern for others. Leaving with Lisa being hurt in the water would haunt him including everything his Dad had taught Willy. One thing if Willy was caught it was usually for a more noble cause. Not because he couldn't have gotten away. This time was no exception. Willy did not swim away but to Lisa and as he pulled her head above water. He wasn’t sure if she was breathing. The fact that she was not fighting him wasn’t a good sign.

He called her name and felt the back of her head where she hit the platform. There were a lump and a little bit of blood. Lisa was as big as Willy which wasn’t a problem in the water. He pulled her around to the ladder, but he couldn’t pull her up nor could he get her to help herself.

Willy saw two staff people swimming toward them and a lifeboat was approaching as well. Willy pushed Lisa toward the first swimmer as she neared.

He was set on swimming and getting away. He tried to submerge and swim undetected, but someone grabbed his ankle and then another person took hold of a wrist. Lisa was not as helpless as he thought, and Lifeguard Sharon was just a better overall swimmer than Willy.


Sharon turned Willy's eyes away as they lifted Lisa into the boat and Sharon waved them to go to shore to get Lisa attended to. Sharon told Willy to allow her to pull him to the shore without any trouble. Reluctantly he agreed.

Willy had hoped to see some women up close, but this was his worst nightmare, not his dream. Once they got to shore Sharon’s anger took a creative approach. “Does anyone have a lipstick marker?”

“I have lip-gloss for sun protection,” a camper said and she handed it over to Sharon. “I owe you.” 'Camp Rainbow,' she wrote on his left shoulder blade in a crimson red. The girls began to giggle at him.

Sharon began to ask questions, “What’s your name young man? And who were the other boys involved?”

One thing Willy would not do was to tattle-tell on others. “Is Lisa alright,” he asks? He was feeling bad that someone got hurt and surprisingly to himself he was sad enough that he was almost crying.

One girl suggested they humble him with the lip-gloss being applied to his lips. Sharon was still angry over one of her girls being hurt and his refusal to speak. So she had him hold up his head as she applied an ample coat of lip-gloss. “Do you know how to press your lips together?" Without further directions he did which brought a smile from Sharon and giggles from the camp girls. Sharon said, "Hmm, nice little girl."

“Does anyone recognize him? He knew Lisa’s name, so I am sure he knows people or is related to someone at our camp.” She turned to him and asked, “You do, don't you”?

With that, she led him over to the Administration offices. She took him to the nurse's office and told me, “Go in sit down, and don’t try anything.”

That got him to thinking and as he spotted an open window he took off. This time Sharon caught the boy by his swim trunks at the waist, but he did not give up so easily. He tried to pull and shake loose. He only wrecked his swim trunks, tearing the elastic cord and waistband.

“Too bad you spoiled brat! Now go behind the screen and take your swim trunks off and I will get you something to change into.” Willy did his part, as he knew from being to camps enough that a camp infirmary usually had extra clothes for times like these.

What he didn’t anticipate was a pair of panties, a short skirt and a girl’s beige top thrown back. “You must have a pair of shorts and a camp shirt,” he yelled back!

The lifeguard said, “Yes we do, but you are not getting them until you cooperate. I suggest you quickly put those on as the Camp Director is heading over here right now. You can either put them on or hold a towel over your lap.” A towel was thrown over the screen.

Two people came into the infirmary as he quickly put the clothes on. Director Laura asked, “Where is the young man you apprehended?” Laura thanked Sharon for what she had done, and the boy heard her tell Sharon, "Lisa appeared to be alright but will probably be held at the hospital overnight as a precaution."

Sharon asked, “Are you decent behind the screen?”

“No, I feel lousy! How can I be okay like this?” Sharon pulled away from the screen and he was sitting there as a boy in a skirt with a short sleeve blouse and holding folded hands in his lap to hold down the skirt.

Director Laura asked, “What’s wrong with how you feel?”

“I caused a friend of my… I caused a person to be hurt, I am sorry, I know I'm in trouble and I have no excuses.”

Sharon was disgusted, “Do you expect that your words of apology excuse what you did?”

The Director spoke up, “Why don’t you tell me, young man, what happened and why you feel it is your fault?”

Willy said, “Shouldn’t I be quiet and wait for the police and shouldn’t you tell me my rights?”

“The police will be coming but I am neither the Law or obligated to wait for them. So if you would, I would like to hear your story, before and maybe instead of involving the law.”

She says, “I kind of recognize you but I can’t put a name or other faces with yours yet. I suspect one is a sister and the other is a father or mother you look like?”

Willy's head was down as he said, “My father died years ago. I suspect you will know my name soon enough.”

Her face lights up, “You’re Susan Landis’ younger brother. It is your mother Marie that you resemble as does Susan. If I remember right your father was Bill or William and that makes you ‘Willy’."

It is as though a light goes on in her thinking, “If I am right, we have been trying to catch up with you for at least two plus years, and now we have. So please if you would tell me your story? I would also like to know if you are Willy, the 'Can do boy’?” Others lightly giggle and are amused at her last statement.

He lightly joked, “Well you know how guys will be. The harder things become, we try even harder. When you try to make this a forbidden place and have girls over here, we will work to find a way. I doubt if I can take credit for all that you credit to “the Can Do Kid”.

“I found a hidden way through the reeds and we used FOB time to sneak over. We didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. We expected all the girls to stand and freeze before diving in toward the beach. But Lisa came toward us and was going to dive in when her feet slipped and she hit her head.”

He continued “I yelled for the girls swimming to shore to help her, but I don’t think they heard or knew what happened. The guys were already swimming back. When I looked back for Lisa, she was in the water. She wasn’t moving and just barely floating there.”

The Director, “How did you know it was Lisa and that she needed help?”

He said, “Lisa’s a friend of… my sister. I didn’t know if she needed help, but I knew I had to check and help her.”

“Didn't you realize you might get caught if you did?”

“I don’t plan on getting caught, but I knew if Lisa was hurt, it didn’t matter. My sister wouldn’t ever forgive me. I had already dishonored my Dad’s name; I couldn’t risk something worst happening. I am sure no one will believe me or care, but I don't leave a person like that. I don’t blame you for what you might think.”

The Director says, “Aren’t you afraid of what your Mom is going to think?”

He said, “I hope I don’t ruin things for her; she is in France. She is very important to her company and on a project. I don’t want to go to a juvenile center, but I hope they send me there so she wouldn’t have to come right back.”

“Mister Landis, you’re right the courts could send you to a juvenile center but I suspect they would want your mother to come back and accept responsibility for what you did anyway.”

Willy says, “My Mom has done a great job raising us; I am the one who is responsible for what went wrong. You can do whatever you want to me, just please...”

Director Laura continued, “What would you do, not to cause a bigger problem for your Mom?”

Willy said, “I’m afraid that’s too late but I would do anything if it meant Mom didn’t need to come back.”

She said, “I know your Mom. You are right it would probably be very helpful to her work not to come back, not to mention an extra expense of flying back. The risk of it hurting her career is unknown but that also is a real possibility. If I call soon we might get her before late night there.”

He eagerly says, “Do you think you can do something so she wouldn’t need to come back?”

“I think your mother is just the kind of parent who could creatively handle it from where she is. But you would need to be a person of your word and accept the responsibility. If it would be needed, I would have no problem telling your mother she needed to come back and take responsibility for you.”

Willy pleads almost to the point of tears, “Please if you can, do what you can and I will assume my responsibility for it.”


“So how does it feel to be caught by a woman,” asks Sharon?

“I have an older sister, a mom and go to school basically run by women, so it’s nothing new. I might have gotten away if I didn’t mind kicking or hitting a woman, but I don’t do that.”

Sharon says, “If you tried to fight your way free, I was ready and I don’t think you would have gotten away.”

Willy says, “You may be right.”

“While the Camp Director is holding off the law and trying to get a hold of your mother, why don’t we go and get us some lunch.”

“Give me some decent clothes and I will go but I am not hungry enough to go through being hassled.”

“Well you have decent clothes for a girls’ camp, all you need is have something for your feet. If you would like something more, like make-up or your hair brushed out we can take care of that.” Sharon turns to the campers in the room, ”Someone have Susan Landis to come here, maybe she can help.”

Willy thought, 'My sister will be very angry and the end result was I would be made up as a girl and go to the dining hall. So with a pair of sandals, he went with Ms. Sharon to the camp dining hall. Luckily activities had started so there was only a small crowd that saw him dressed as a girl.

Just as they got to the dining hall he received a big push from the back, and heard, “Why did you do something so stupid little bro?” They would have been in a fight except Sharon spoke up. “Susan that is not acceptable… I am the one who called you here.”

“Director Laura has to call your mother, you may want to go over and see if you can say hi to your mother. Then come back and help me keep your brother in line.”

Susan was quickly off, but not before she asks, “Does this mean I am getting a little Sis to be at Camp with me?” Willy had not thought of that possibility. Maybe going to a juvenile center was not so bad of an idea. But he was sure Susan was just teasing.

Several staff members had been there or came in to eat with Sharon. One staffer, Tess, just in for coffee and offered to paint Willy's nails. He said no, but Sharon said, "That would be an excellent safeguard from him running and hiding somewhere as a boy."

Tess offers a couple of possibilities and Sharon says, "The Plum would best go with the lip-gloss."

Tess asked him to stick out his hand; He looked around as everyone was staring. Finally, he presented both hands so one staff member took her emery board to one hand and Tess was doing the right hand. She cleaned the fingernails, worked around the cuticles and then used a tool to shape them.

Sharon did forbid them from using extensions. The head cook came over to complain, but when she saw the boy, she made an exception. “He deserves to have the fun of being a girl; It would be a good experience for him.” Tess continued, he and others would not have believed how she transformed the appearance of his fingers and hands. If it had not happened right in front of them most would not have believed the difference.

"Does anyone know where we have a belt or leash." Willy laughed as he thought she was kidding. But it was a game they had developed like flag football. They had also been used for trust walks.

Sharon said she would use one so she could keep an eye on him and still do her duties at the beach and water areas. It was very embarrassing as young campers and teens got to see him parade around in a short skirt, looking a sweet little like a girl.

He got a lot of advice such as He needed to shave his legs, to sit up straight and keep his legs together. Several commented he would look pretty nice; if he stayed long enough he'd look prettier. Several suggested to Sharon, he should change into a swimsuit if he's to stay near the water.

One young camper asked if he had sun-protection on. When he said, "It probably washed off when I was in the water." She told Sharon, "Even a bad boy should have on some sunscreen." Sharon asked Susan to put the sunscreen on his legs and face and asked Tanya to put it on my arms and elsewhere.

It was embarrassing as Susan went high up his legs under the skirt. Luckily the sunscreen was put on as he was bored and fell asleep. Susan took the opportunity to paint his toenails. When he woke up he was sporting a three strand gold necklace, matching bracelets and even an anklet.

It was a while before he realized his toes were painted. He had seen the bracelets, but not the anklet nor the necklace. Sharon received news that the Director had reached the mom and they were working out the consequences.

He asked if he got a say and Susan responded, “Agree or go with the police.”

He joke, “Going with the police would be easier.” Several laughed but no one said anything. Sharon finally said, “Relax the Director has not told any of us, except it should be acceptable and achieve being a good deterrent.”

“That sounds good for everyone except me.”


Another bit of information is that the waterproof cameras did not get good pictures. Whoever took the pictures was startled when the girls jumped up and got mostly pictures of the sky instead. He had taken a good picture of the group before the event.

He was told, "The other boys are being sent home for two weeks if they do not argue about the punishment." When Wily saw the picture he said, "Two of the guys in the picture were not in on the raid."

It appears, they had been told that but did not believe the guys who said it. Willy was still on the hook for naming the full group.

Sharon spoke up, “They also said you had made a route through the forest reserve that is still working. That confession is the reason they are only having a two-week suspension from their camp. They said you were the only one to know the full plan.”

He asked, “Does that mean my punishment is two weeks or less? Since I am cooperating.”

Sharon reiterated, “You haven’t cooperated, all you admit is that you were caught and two guys in the picture weren’t part of the raid. …Oh, by the way, you might be happy to know that Lisa is alright and will be back tomorrow. Maybe she'll recognize those who participated.”

A camper was sent to get Susan, Sharon, and Willy for a report. They met in Director Laura’s office and she started to go over the agreement made with their mother. Willy's quick response was “No way am I doing that or that my Mom approved it!”

He hadn’t been told we were on a conference call to his mother in Paris. “It is after midnight young lady and the agreement has my input and you better accept it. If I need to spend our vacation money to travel back as well as possibly lose my promotion or job; you would find the consequences far worse.”

He moaned, “But the full summer would not be fair if the other guys just have two weeks.”

His Mom said, “You endangered Lisa’s life, I am not responsible for what others decide, but you will cooperate and become a good Rainbow Camper. And you will not embarrass your sister or me anymore. Do you understand and do we have an agreement?”

“Yes, but what break do I get for dismantling the way through the forest?”

“We expect you to show us the reserve route; if you want a break you will need to give us the names of all in on the planning of both routes and the raid. …Your mother didn’t think you would cooperate so an alternative wasn’t offered.”

Susan tells him with a giggle in her voice, "Like me, young sister, you're in the progressive camp that is geared for helping girls to grow up and deal with their life challenges."

He asked what that entailed. He was told about the use of make-up, self-defense, the choosing of clothes, health care and more. “I can handle what you are telling me, but somehow I believe there is more than what you are saying."

Laura, “Susan would you be open to helping your younger sister is getting ready to shop for some clothes? If you want you can go with us or stay, but she needs to get enough stuff for a couple of days at least.”

He asked, “Don’t I have a say?”

Director Laura Hall says, “Yes, are you willing and open to cooperate and be a good Rainbow Camper? Officer Joan Cordell is willing to come out and receive you if you rather go that way. But we are at a place we need to proceed one way or another. ...You won't be free to change your mind if you stay here. If you are unwilling to allow it to work, we will be free to ask you to go. My next question would be the name you would like to go by if you stay here?”

Mom says over the speakerphone, "‘Patricia Lea Landis’ would have been your name if you were born a girl or if I had a girl later. I suggest you consider Patti or Tricia during your time at camp. We will honor whatever you decide.”

Susan smirks, “Mom warned me against any temptation to tease or be too hard on you. She knows it will be really hard for you at first to live by the stipulations. She asked the Camp and me to help you.”

Mom says, “I will be calling you two back in two days to make sure you are doing as asked and to make sure you have the support you need Patti.”

“Sue, I know what I did was wrong, but I am not the bad guy who didn’t take responsibility. I don’t know why I am being punished so much.”

Susan retorts, “You trespassed into our camp, you were a peeping Tom, trying to get indecent photos and caused one on my friends to get hurt. You embarrassed Mom and me, and almost cost our Mom thousands of dollars and her job, and if you mess up you may still do it. …Director Laura offered the right consequence to the right parent.”

“I can’t live as a Rainbow Camper for one day, don’t worry about through July. A guy can’t be a girl, yuck, what could be more disgusting!” Willy's frustrated,

Susan says, “’Yuck, disgusting’ what is bad about being a girl? Your mother is one and I am a girl and if you live a few more years you will be dating girls. I think you will be a cute girl when you get over the jitters.”

It was rather late to shop, but Director Laura had called into one shop, and as long as there would be a sale they’d stay open and let them get their shopping done. Dir. Laura handed him a purse to get going. Two lessons right at the beginning: The purse had long straps so it was to be over the shoulder, with his arm and hand on the outside of it. Secondly, he had to swing his legs in and out of the car and learn how to sit and keep his modesty intact. That was Susan’s first test at not giggling, Willy would give her a C.


Once they were at the store he noticed the silence, so he swung out his legs and as gracefully as a guy might he stood up. He made sure he had the purse held correctly. His steps were too long and too wide. They corrected him before they were in the store. Susan whispered to pitch his voice up, but not to mistake tone for volume.

He actually said, “Thanks, Sue.” She smiles in appreciation.

There was one young salesgirl along with the owner. She came over to Susan and Patti. Susan said, “Patti decided to stay at camp but did not bring needed clothes, so she needs some panties, a bra, socks, shorts, tops and a bit of make-up, please.

"My name is Heather, Patti. I will be glad to help. So Patti comes this way. I hope you enjoy your stay at Camp Rainbow. What made you come and decide to stay?”

“My Mom thought it would be good for me and I thought it would be a good alternative.”

Heather says, “Are you excited that there is a boys’ camp nearby? I hear there are some shared activities.”

“That interests my sister more than me, but yes I know they are there.”

Heather showed Patti panties and asked the size and style she wore. Susan interrupted asking if Patti could be measured as she had been growing a bit. Heather measured and said, "I would recommend a size #2 in panties and a size three/four in tops and shorts or jeans. The Director spoke up and said, "She needs at least two short skirts."

Heather suggested, “You might want to try on a combination skirt and panty set like what the golfers or tennis players use.” He quickly thought golfers and tennis players don't wear such outfits, but he was thinking like a guy. He quickly picked out a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts.

Susan spoke, “One plain pair of each, but let’s pick out others that are a bit more fashionable and will look good on you. Here take these and try them on.” Everyone else noticed better than him that his legs needed to be shaved. They got several tops and he was relieved to think they were done.

“Don’t forget two swimsuits, remember Patti you didn’t bring your swimsuits with you,” Heather spoke about the rumor of one boy being caught. "I heard he and another male camper were being sent home."

Heather said, “Most of the boys are excited about seeing pretty girls like you but hopefully they don’t get carried away like them. ...Officer Jamie said, "She for one wished they allowed her to pick him up. She’s a good trooper and was hoping to give him a taste of his own medicine.”

“Officer Jamie is very good,” Laura said, “But she knew his mother and I had agreed he would be properly punished.”

Heather said, "We have some more swimsuits coming in tomorrow, but we have this cute two-piece suit and your choice of this red one piece or the green." She holds out the green suit and Susan says, "That's a better style for her as it goes well with her hazel eyes.”

Patti was forced to try the green suit as she was worried about showing a bit too much. Laura handed him a package and suggested if she wasn’t sure how to use it to ask for Susan’s help. It was a napkin pad which was narrow enough for the suit and sufficient enough to hide his male parts.

Patti was a bit red as she emerged from the changing room, but Heather said she looked mighty cute and did not need to be shy as she looks as cute as most of the girls.

They had a limited selection of shoes and sandals, but she was able to get a pair of each and Heather helped her to quickly pick out some make-up and skin care products.

She was surprised when she checked her purse for money to pay for as much as she could. Patti had just over $100 there so she paid for $95 worth and Susan used her Mom's debit card for the rest. The total was over $200.

On their way back to camp, they stopped so Susan could quickly run into the convenience store and get a razor, shaving gel, shampoo, and conditioner as well as a girl's deodorant and other needed items.


When they got back Susan took Patti to camp #5 five, the Blue Belles, where she would be staying. They had a small tent for Counselor Samantha and Patti. She correctly guessed they did not want her running away nor did they want her too far away from the other campers.

Susan sent over a pair of teddy bear pajamas. Patti like the other girls had to go out to the campfire to sing and have fun each night. She felt like she was on display with so many others looking at her. One girl asking how it felt to be on display, said, “Wait until you are in a swimsuit.”

One girl came behind Patti and asks, "Would you mind if I do something with your hair.

She responds, "If it would be an improvement, I don’t mind." The end result was the group kind of adopted her as their project as well as a Bluebell and Rainbow Camper.

Before Patti could turn in, Samantha took her to the shower to shave her body and shower. Sam checked and made her do better and get touchy areas closer. She checked where Patti could not and other areas where hair had developed.

Samantha woke Patti up at 4:30 saying it was her responsibility to use facilities when the other girls did not. This time she had Patti shampoo and condition her hair and pats it dry a bit before they returned to their tent area.

Sam helped Patti with her bra after she had on a pair of panties and a short skirt. It did not cover as much as Patti wanted but it was two inches longer than the one Susan chose for her. Margaret and Staci passed by as she was putting on her bra, but she was sure they saw nothing. Nothing there because that was what she had.

Samantha brushed and combed out her hair, then she began to roll it up and pin it in curlers and used a setting gel. Girls could not regularly wear curlers to breakfast, but they made an exception for her today only. She had to help clear tables after others left,

Sam brought out a hair blower and began to dry her hair to set the gel. She then took out the curlers and to brush it into the desired style.

Patti would have been very pleased if she saw herself as Patti. But she still saw Willie so this looked silly. They did have her change into a nice soft yellow camp shirt with straps that were just over an inch wide. Lucky or planned she was not sure but the bra and top straps matched.

Patti's bra strap was snapped at least 10 times that morning. Someone snapped the snap and it became unsnapped. Patti asked for help, but Samantha said, "You need to do it by yourself as most girls have to learn." She thought of turning the bra around, but because her top was on that would not work. It took her five minutes and a demonstration by Samantha before she finally managed.

When finished lunch, she's to be FOB (Flat-on-back) in one of the group’s two bunk wagons. She gave the girls needed time to change if they wished. Her sleeping bag was on the floor. They did not use sweet perfumes that might attract bugs, but she still got mists from two different sprays. One girl was on top of her forcing Patti to wear a moisturizing lipstick. It was a rose pink. They enjoy her panty skirt outfit and giggle about her selecting it at the store in town.

At 1:30 the camp bell rang as a warning and they were all instructed to go to the beach area. Once there Patti was given an anklet to wear and she was asked to get into a canoe with lifeguard Sharon and another counselor. A van rode over to the beach, Lisa was being welcomed back to camp.

Sharon and Carol set out toward the net as Sharon asked Patti to point out the area where Willy and the others came in from. He directed her toward the reeds. Patti showed her the area. But Sharon said it was only a dead end.

Patti said, "If you're good at swimming underwater and have a pair of goggles, I could show you but not with the anklet."

Sharon told Carol she would check; she was back in five minutes verifying the route. But as she was ready to get into the canoe, Patti told her at least two stupid boys just swam under the canoe on their way back. Sharon quickly went under the water and in five minutes was back with one boy’s swimsuit.

Sharon smiled, “I wasn’t going to risk anything inappropriate but we kind of caught them with their pants down. …Why did you tell me today when you didn’t yesterday?”

Patti said, “I thought today's prank was in bad taste, plus I am now a Rainbow Camper.”

Carol said, “You’re telling us you wouldn’t have been tempted to jump in if you didn’t have that anklet on.”

Patti pause and then said, “I might have been tempted, but I'm not crazy, You already know me. I know the position of my Mom and sister. If you would have asked me to promise not to escape I would have given you my word. You could have my word on it if you want it. I already agreed to as much with my Mom.”

We already had a lesson time in the morning so Patti was surprised to find out she started the afternoon with another. This one was called life lessons and today’s was about menstruating. She was sat down in front and told not to be looking around as it was a very sensitive topic.

Jane the Camp Nurse asks, "Who has not already had their first period please raise your hand?" Then asks, "How many of you girls have had the maturing of the female body and having a period explained to you?" The Camp Nurse asks Patti, “Patti are you saying that you had your first period and that your mother or someone explained things to you?”

Patti was upset, “You know I have not because I am not…”

Jane said, “I do not want excuses nor for you to be rude. You are participating as a Rainbow Camper are you not?” She agreed and Jane explained that they would see a video on this topic and one Rainbow Camper will help in the demonstration that follows.

Nurse Jane chose Patti to help and asked what she learned from the video. Willy's wit kicked in and she quickly responded: “more than I ever wanted to know?” The girls all giggled, but Patti was called up to share which was a tampon, which was a pad and which was a shield. When she was finished the other girls applauded as she had not joked anymore and had gotten everything correct. We were told anywhere from 40 to 85% of the girls usually knew all the answers when they first came to camp, depending on their age.

Nurse Jane gave her a box of twelve shields to wear when swimming or if her panties were likely to show to much. It was none too soon as they were swimming next. At Camp Arrowhead all they needed to do was to make sure the camper could swim. Camp Rainbow taught the various strokes and broke the larger group down into the groups based on ability and things we're learning.

While Patti was a natural swimmer her techniques and knowing different strokes lacked a lot. They were swimming for a good seventy-five minutes and other girls had fun helping Patti to renew her sun protection. Staci enjoyed showing Patti the development of her girl tan.


The next was free time and two girls asked her to go paddling with them, and Sharon agreed to let them. Alas, halfway out into the lake she was wanted by Director Laura, Officer Jamie, and a Conservation Officer. She was being requested to show them the way through the reserve.

She said “There were at least three ways into the preserve from Camp Rainbow, I suspect you use one or two for nature walks. There is another way close to the horse trail we used last year if we thought you might have set a trap. The key was how to get in and out from Camp ArrowHead undetected. She showed them where a 20’ ladder would be needed on this side. The conservation officer let us through a locked gate to Camp ArrowHead. Patti led them to the rock formation and a place where some rocks hid the burrowed tunnel, and how it opened on the other side.

Officer Jamie followed her through and she showed how a rope dropped down the rope ladder. She and Jamie climbed up and she showed Jamie the ladder for the other side. Jamie cut down the one ladder and threw it down into the preserve. They climbed down the ladder into the trees. Someone would be back to cut it down.

Before the others could join them, Jamie asked for her reserved route. Patti showed her an area on this side where a monkey like Patti could climb. Jamie pried a little more and Patti shared the lock on the gate had not been changed and it was too easy to pick. "It takes time and patience, but a person with both can do it."

Jamie thanked Patti as the others caught up with them. Patti said, “The famed Officer Jamie lives up to her reputation."

She asked me what her reputation was? Patti told her it would take an ice cream sundae and a ride in her state squad car.

She smiled, “There is a strong chance you will get those anyway.”

Patti joked with Jamie, "You're about thirty-some years old and fairly attractive, but one cannot tell by the way troopers have to dress with their hats.

The Director asks if there were any more. Patti said “No.” The Director asked the Trooper if she believed her. Officer Jamie asks Patti directly if she knew any other ways through.

Patti said, “Not that I know of now, but I suspect I could find or make one if needed.”

Jamie asked, “Do I have your word that you will not run away from Camp Rainbow or seek sanctuary in Camp ArrowHead or the preserve?”

Patti said, “You know if I give my word, it would be binding to me, don’t you?”

“Yes Patti, it is my understanding that you see that you are bound by your honor! I believe that is binding to Willy as well.”

“Yes, and yes, you have my word on it. I wouldn’t give it except that it would mean I couldn’t go home as well.”

Officer Jamie gave her a hug before she caught her composure and then just gave a slight smile. Dir. Laura said, “Jamie, I see there is another person who knows it is good to be on the correct side with you. …Would you take your dinner break with me at the Camp?”
The evening went rather well as Patti was getting into the routine of being a Rainbow girl, entertainment night was karaoke singing, lip sinking, skits, girl humor. Samantha was great at teaching her about taking care of her hair, with swimming, throughout the day, as well as bed and wake-up time.

Come morning as they were going to the shower, Patti panicked as it was a dance night. Samantha saw her panic and said, “I suspect Director Hall already has thought of other possibilities. So don’t pee in your panties.”

She was right, Patti soon had a message, she was to prepare for a weekend camp-out with horseback riding, canoeing and trail walking. P.S. Check with the nurse before you go. This will begin after FOB.

The morning included craft (tie-dying a shirt/top), a life lesson and canoeing. She was surprised by a package from Camp ArrowHead. It contained most of Willy's stuff other than clothes, cell phone. It did contain notes of ridicule, vulgar statements and warnings, some of Willy's stuff was defaced. It also included some socks, a pocket knife, flashlight etc… She, Patti, was cool about the harassment as he planned to return the favor twofold. That was Willy's idea of being even.

Lesson time was both interesting and embarrassing. But Patti wondered aloud, why it wasn’t offered at Camp ArrowHead as many lessons were taught by extension services or the area hospital. She guessed she was foolish in asking as it revealed she knew what did or didn’t happen at the other camp.

Nurse Jane said, “Between their director and how crude some boys were, they felt it was not wanted there.”

Patti said, “That shouldn’t deprive guys who want to learn. I would guess it would take a few guys liking it one year to grow to a meaningful program the next year. There are questions I know a guy would like to ask but never has the opportunity.”

During the canoeing session, Patti got to see Lisa, one on one and apologized. Lisa asked if Patti got a good look as she jumped up towards us. It was then Patti realized if she either didn't notice or forgot. But Patti confessed that when she was trying to help her, she did notice how beautiful Lisa was.

Lisa saw it as making fun of her while she was vulnerable. She grabs Patti to drag and carry her into the water. Where she gave Patti a scary dunking and since Patti had her two-piece suit on, the bottom got pulled down once.

They were both in front of Sharon very quickly. She warned Lisa out of Patti's hearing. "If I report this it would be one of two warnings she would get before being sent home. And I would also put a warning in your file."

Patti's testimony did not coincide with other witnesses that said she didn’t provoke anything. Patti said, “I knew it was a sensitive time for Lisa, and I joked at least once too much. She tried to shut me up by dunking me. I think coming from Susan’s brother was even more irritating.”

Patti was asked about Lisa pulling her bottom down and realized that offense could be seen as very severe in many ways. “My bottom panty could be a little bit tighter for a girl who has no hips. I thought it was my fault that they came down too easy. Once I tried to spin out of her grasp and the way I held my panty worked against me. I did not try to do anything bad.” Patti said, "I was closer than the witnesses and if they didn’t hear it all, I had to stand by my words."

Sharon brought Lisa back in, sharing what Patti said would exonerate her but put Willy at risk for non-compliance to the agreement. Lisa agreed with Head Lifeguard Sharon to give them both unofficial warnings and to get back to activities. She did assign Patti to Lisa’s canoe.

Lisa quietly whispered thanks to Patti, as Patti renewed her apology. Lisa said we would get a chance to talk later as she was going on the high school weekend camp-out.

Patti wore a pair of jeans and halter top for horseback riding and took a pair of shorts, top and sweatshirt, as well as my swimsuit, sandals and hiking shoes for riding and walking. Patti was missing a few things that the other girls were delighted to hear about.

Nurse Jane gave and insisted Patti use a full-size feminine napkin if horseback riding was not to destroy his manhood. Patti was sure it gave a degree of protection, but not as much as a boy needed having tucked parts back underneath. Patti got to ride April a chestnut colored beauty. The first hour was easy trail riding. After a break, some were going to gallop across a field but everyone was warned and told they didn’t need to. Patti and whoever needed to stay back with her would have been the only two not galloping.

Patti's ego was not up for that and given a little encouragement April showed how good she was. One horse stepped on a bee nest just in front of her and April without missing a step jumped over the spot and picked up her speed and delivered Patti to a pond higher up in the hills. Patti only had one bad sting. While the other girl needed to go back for first aid.

When they settled down from riding that day, the other girls changed at will as they had Patti blindfolded. There was one more project to plant and water 100 seedlings. Ten of the 25 horses had a shovel packed on the back, and Patti's was one. She thought the idea was creative and liking nature she didn’t mind, but six of them planted most of the trees.

Patti's ego would like to say she planted the most, but there were two country girls who did as much and probably more. But seemingly it wasn’t a competition to them and she enjoyed talking with them except when they tried to gross her out with too much girl stuff.

One asked if Patti knew the different holes for peeing and sex. Patti was thinking when the girl was planning on showing Patti until Patti ran. Finally, she told her she would show Patti on her mare. Lisa said it was alright since it was a natural way for boys and girls to learn out on a farm. While it was kind of interesting it was more than Patti wanted to know.

She made the mistake asking about stallions, so they checked one of the stallions and it got exciting.

It was an hour before a meal and the campers decided a group of us needed to bathe before dinner. Patti used one pond while the girls used another. Back at the campsite, Patti was in a pair of panties and a towel drying herself as Lisa said she needed to check Patti for ticks and leeches where she couldn't check on her own.

Patti was taken to a tent and needed to strip back down. Lisa found some ticks but a leech was in between her legs that proved embarrassing and a problem. Finally, with an added dose of salt, it let go and Lisa pressed the spot with a pad and then put ointment on it. From a safe distance, Lisa showed Patti a feminine pad with her blood on it.

It was a memento of camp but one that Patti did not get to possess. Lisa would keep it to share with Susan and whomever she wanted. That included Patti's Mom and a select number of campers.

The next morning the group was up at sunrise and rode down to the lake where some ten canoes were ready for another all day adventure. The Camp was at the south end of a 5-mile long lake and they paddled another mile up one of it contributing rivers at the north end.

Patti had stripped down to her swimsuit while they were on the lake. Now as they paddled under bridges and close to walkways and shops she was very sensitive to all the eyes looking their way. It was both the policy and in the spirit of the camp that Rainbow campers warmly greeted others. Though Patti was sure most of the attention went to the pretty girls, She was not comfortable being on display. They pulled over to one park to have lunch and visited with various kids, mostly Campfire Girls and Brownies or Girl Scouts.

It was sweet to have girls wanting to be your friend so fast, but Patti was not ready for all the girl questions she was asked. "Did I have a boyfriend… if not, why not… was I a lesbian… which boy idols I wanted to kiss or go to bed with… Lisa and others had fun documenting with pictures of Patti with others and her conversations on their phones.

They were nearly a mile up the river when they started back. Canoeing time went by quickly, what was now slow was stopping at shops looking for bargains and other things they liked. Most of it was window shopping but not all.

Lisa first suggested and then insisted Patti get her ears pierced. Patti realized that it was like she was receiving a make-over. She was changing over to Patti. She wouldn’t acknowledge it but she liked how cute she looked with the earrings.

Sharon, Director Laura, Officer Jamie all had been encouraging the better part of her to relax and get into being Patti. Patti enjoyed being accepted, despite the correcting of mistakes, making things better and living outside the box.


They were canoeing back on the lake and Lisa said they would be staying at the State Park tonight. They made it to the park by 5:30 where they had their campsite reserved.

Patti went behind the restroom to get some fresh water for cooking but heard a girl crying inside, but there was no one in there. She checked the boy's restroom and within one stall she heard a girl cry. When Patti told her she was there to help her. The girl said, "It was too late and you should leave before you're in trouble too." Patti opened the door and there was a scared girl no older than herself. She heard Lisa come over to check on her and called her in to help.

We took Polly to our campsite. She said she had run away from her foster parents who were abusing her, but the courts had kept sending her back, without even sending her to another foster home.

Polly showed she was bleeding under her panties and even as Patti knew she was seeking to share her how traumatic was her abuse. But she also insisted we needed to get away from her. She had missed a ride or an attempt to confuse those hunting her. She insisted there was not going to be any justice for her, just hurt for those who helped her.

It was just minutes later a State Representative came looking for her. Saying he was helping her parents who were worried for her. We said we had neither seen her nor knew where she was. He was surprised that we had not heard the news that she was a wanted runaway in danger of hurting herself and others.

Janice mistakenly said, “I thought she was from a foster home.”

The State Congressman got furious and said we were obstructing justice and did not know whom we were up against. That echoed with what Polly had said, "That it was more trouble than we could handle." The Congressman went back to his car saying he would be back with authorities who would run over us to get the girl back where she belonged.

We had a quick discussion after he left, Everyone except four of us would stay. Patti would dress like Polly as they would take two canoes back to camp. Hopefully, the size of our camp would appear the same with no Polly to be found. If they caught up to the canoes Patti would jump from the canoe and swim in a different direction. Lisa had called back to the Camp giving the group’s location at the State Park encouraging Sharon to stay at Camp and not be one of our helpers.

Sharon used the camp motorboat to see if any of us were returning across the lake, and discovered us half way to the camp. Chloe one of the canoers had also been abused and she told Sharon, “Sharon, Polly needs to be secluded until we know she will be in safe hands, not just those stating they had authority. Patti suggested their campsite from last night since no one was to be there.”

It was suggested Jamie be contacted and unofficially talked to. Officer Jamie knew of the manhunt but did not like the officials conducting it. “People like these people are almost impossible to stop.”

Sharon looks at Polly and me and says, “If there might be a way, I think we need to find it.” Sharon covers the phone and suggested Patti get some extra clothing and sleep gear for two and get Polly and Chloe to the stable.

Director Laura got to the campers at the State Park just before the authorities showed up. None of the law enforcement officers were local. Two state officials, four county Sheriff Deputies out of their area and two State Troopers also out of their districts.

Laura allowed them to conduct their search but insisted on an orderly manner and no harassment of her girls. She had quietly counted her campers and staff, knowing how many were there and how many and who was missing. When questioned she accounted for the number and the exhausting schedule they were on.

If they say Congressman Peterson became infuriated with them and threatened them Patti and others believed it. "We will need to ask local law enforcement to do an investigation to protect our camp and the rights and safety of these young women. Whatever has caused them to be so frightened of officials and authorities goes against the grain of what we believe and teach them. These are fine women and I think they are owed more than an apology.”

Congressman James Peterson said no one was offering an apology. One Deputy who seemed to receive more attention than his position would suggest stated an apology and just compensation would be considered if the situation warranted. A State Trooper escorted the Congressman to his car and insisted he leave there. Nothing was found there, but the other authorities wanted to check the Camp.

“That is quite possible,” replied Dir. Laura, “but we need to get the camp bus and transportation for the canoes back to the camp first. I would also request local law officials of the County and State to be part of the search. I suspect it will be morning before that can be accommodated.”

She said, “Tomorrow we will have an ongoing program and new campers coming in the afternoon. You better be able to work around that, As far as I know, this problem has nothing to do with our camp and I will not allow its reputation to be hurt as we work with you.”

One official says, “Hopefully this runaway problem will be put to rest before morning and we won’t have anything to do at the camp. It’s too bad a girl of such a tarnished reputation should be of any concern to you. She is like a pesky varmint that needs to be exterminated. She hurts the reputation of fine people like yourselves.”

One Trooper received a call that nothing was seen crossing the lake and things appeared normal for a camp from what they could see. Director Laura felt shivers hearing her camp was being watched. She visibly remained calm as the camp bus and canoe trailer showed up.

It would be a long night at the Camp but most activities were unofficial. The presence of an extra guest was communicated and her safety was relatively secure. Officer Jamie came in her own vehicle and a strategy was set in motion in case someone was usurping their authority to the endangerment of one or more young people.

Patti, Polly, Chloe, and two others made it up to the campsite in time to gather wood and see a beautiful sunset. Despite any discomfort, Polly was experiencing she did enjoy the view in the relative safety of new friends. It was suggested she let Lisa and someone help clean her up. “We just had a life lesson session and it’s a bad area for infections.”

Polly volunteered me to be her trusted partner, “You talk a good talk, so you can be the one to help clean me up.”

We got a clean blanket and towel for Polly to lie on, as she scooted down her own panties. Lisa handed Patti a wet soapy cloth and she started to clean off the blood and to see if there was any current bleeding. Polly was black and blue in areas, and Patti didn’t know any difference in bleeding from a period or injuries, so she asked Polly what had happened.

“They have people come over and play with me and I am just supposed to go along with whatever they say. They don’t care if it hurts me or if I'm uncomfortable doing things. It is about their enjoyment. Ma Melanie tells me I need to learn to enjoy it. She tells me I am a slut and will always be one. She said maybe someday you can have two or three girls working for you. Even sluts can work their way up if they learn to cooperate.”

“When I asked Ma if that was what she did, everything started to go wrong for me. I could have died twice and Ma said I was a fool to fight that I should concentrate on how to stay alive.”

I tell the others, “I have Polly cleaned up, some ointment where it appeared bright red or still healing.” Lisa had put a napkin in her clean panty and when Polly got dressed and she looked relatively nice. We ate, talked under the stars, checked our horses and went to sleep. It was a little cool so Polly and Patti cuddled back to back, others did the same. They both turned during the night and were hugging each other when They woke.

Lisa looked at Patti suspiciously but she shrugged she shoulders to indicate she didn’t do anything. Lisa smile and patted me on the back for being so good. It was after breakfast that Sharon and Officer Jamie came riding up to the campsite.


They had Polly hide until Sharon said Jamie came as a friend.

Jamie said she was taking a week of vacation to act as a foster parent and then in another week Heather her foster daughter would come to camp for July, or until charges came to bear on a ring of abusers. The State Attorney General wanted to bring these people down, but he needed enough people not under their influence to substantiate the charges and get them to a good court.

Trooper Jamie said, "Our County Attorney is one of the cogs that is falling in place quite nicely. He has just been elected to his fourth term and has no intention of stepping down nor seeking a higher office. The Sheriff’s office was called in because they were not easily bought. If we can transform Polly’s appearance we will have her at Camp hiding out in the open when we go back to work."

Before we went to sleep for the second night, Jamie and Sharon took me aside to talk. “We just want to thank you and say we are pleasantly amazed by the neat Sister you are turning out to be.” They could tell by the stunned look on my face that I did not understand.

This time it was Jamie, “By Sister, we are talking about you as a woman and how you are there for others. We are surprised and talked about it on our ride up here. It has been surprising enough how your appearance has changed, but your mannerisms and especially your heart and caring wisdom say you are one of the ‘Sisters’.”

May be continued... If readers indicate it should be....

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