To Learn a Lesson

To Learn a Lesson
By Morpheus

Sexy Amelia has a plan to teach the macho Mark a lesson.


Amelia looked down at her watch and then smiled to herself, knowing that it wouldn't be much longer. Not much longer at all. Still smiling, she clutched her purse tighter and hurried up the stairs and through the final short distance to Mark's campus dorm room.

Pausing outside of Mark's dorm room, Amelia let out a dreamy sigh as she thought about how much fun their date was going to be. For her at least.

"Oh poor Mark." she chuckled, gently patting the side of her purse.

Her date for the night was Mark Tessler, a 'big man on campus', or at least that was what he thought of himself as. He was one of those somewhat large guys that tended to push their weight around a lot and thought that they were God's gift to women when in reality he was the same kind of chauvinistic ass hole that Amelia hated. Hated and envied at the same time since he always had everything handed to him, just because he was a man.

It wasn't difficult for Amelia to manipulate the big stud into asking her out on a date. Not with as sexy as she was. All of the men constantly stared at her generous chest and complimented her lustrous brunette hair. The hair that was her greatest vanity. No, it hadn't been difficult at all to lure Mark into her little trap, making her feel rather smug at his stupidity.

"Like the fish going to the fisherman." she muttered silently, reaching into her purse and triple checking the contents inside. She wanted to make sure that everything was ready. Ready to teach that chauvinistic bastard a lesson.

Then Amelia smiled to herself as she absently pushed her hair back, remembering how she'd found an old piece of paper folded into a book in the campus library. A piece of paper that she'd been surprised to find labeled as a magic spell. A spell that she'd immediately become convinced would work. She hadn't known why she knew this, but she had known it without a doubt. And she was going to use it.

With that, Amelia knocked on the door, forcing herself to smile more gently when it was opened and Mark stepped out. He was taller than her, standing at 6 foot 1 compared to her 5 foot 7 and his face grinned rather stupidly from underneath his blonde hair.

"Hey babe." Mark greeted Amelia, letting her into his room. She tried not to wince as he pinched her butt in passing. "Man you look fuckable." he added once she was inside and the door was closed.

Amelia fumed inside at Mark's attitude, though kept it well hidden with the knowledge that he was soon going to learn a valuable lesson. That soon the shoe was going to be on the other foot.

"Hi honey." she purred, accepting a kiss from Mark, then asking if he would get her a beer. "I've got a big surprise for you."

Mark grinned smugly, "Sure thing toots, I can't wait." With that, he gave her a wink before staring towards the small fridge in the corner.

"Probably thinks I'll get drunk and be an easy lay." Amelia thought to herself, reaching into her purse as she did so. Or that his surprise was going to be intimate. Little did he know, she thought smugly. A moment later, she pulled out a folded sheet of paper. The same one that she'd found within the book.

Opening the paper, Amelia smiled evilly, reading the title once more. 'A spell to exchange bodies with another'. She waited until Mark turned back towards her with the beer in hand, envious that he got everything because he was born a man. But soon that would change. She couldn't wait.

When Mark was halfway back towards her, holding out a beer and going, "Here ya go.", Amelia started to read from the paper. The words were strange and unfamiliar, but they slipped from her tongue with unbelievable ease. Almost as if they were speaking themselves.

"What the...?" Mark started to say when suddenly the room was filled with a green glow, though it only lasted a moment.

Amelia staggered as a wave of dizziness washed over her then gasped in delight when she suddenly realized that she was no longer inside of her own body. She dropped the beers that were in her hands and looked down at her new...male body. Mark's body. Then she started to laugh, desperately wanting to see Mark's confusion and fear at being in her body.

Mark just stood there in Amelia's body then silently reached down and touched his new breasts. However, what happened next completely shocked Amelia.

"YES!" Mark burst out excitedly in Amelia's sexy voice, "I'm a girl again."

Suddenly gagging, Amelia gasped, "What...?"

Mark flipped his long hair back and then gave Amelia a sexy but smug look. There was a twinkle in what had been Amelia's eyes and he just laughed. "I can't believe how easy that was."

Amelia stared at the laughing girl in front of her, completely stunned and confused. Mark wasn't reacting anything like what she'd expected. She was the one that was supposed to be laughing...and she did not like suddenly being on the other side.

"Such a nice spell..." Mark commented, glancing down to the paper in his hands and then folding it up again, grinning all the while. "Where did you find it? Your mailbox? Did an old lady sell it to you? Or maybe a friend gave it to you instead?"

"What's going on?" Amelia asked, feeling like she was the one at a disadvantage in spite of the fact that she now towered over Mark by 6 inches. "How did you know...?"

However, Mark didn't pay any attention to her as he strolled across the room with an exaggerated sexy gait. "Or maybe you found it on the Internet....just like I did."

"Just like...?" Amelia gasped, suddenly remembering that Mark had mentioned being a girl....again.

Mark just laughed a sexy little laugh. "Oh, you poor thing. You still don't get it." Then Mark paused and said, "Do you think that you are the only one with a copy of that spell? That spell is all over the place, though I have to admit that I didn't quite realize just how much until after I used it."

Gulping, Amelia that she was now a guy and did her best to look intimidating. It wasn't easy however as she was uncomfortable with her new shape. With her flat chest and the strange thing between her legs. "What are you talking about?" she finally managed to get out.

"You still don't get it." Mark sighed, sounding disappointed. "I used that spell and stole my boyfriend’s body because I thought that he had it better than me as a guy." Then he shook his head, "Boy was I wrong. You don't realize just how much everyone gives you just for being an attractive woman," Mark sighed, then explained, "But I couldn't use the spell again so had to trick someone else into using it on me instead."

Amelia gasped, "Tricked...?"

"Oh sure..." Mark explained in the same tone as if talking to a small child. "I just acted as macho and chauvinistic as I possibly could, figuring that sooner or later someone who had a copy of the spell wouldn't be able to resist teaching me a lesson." Mark...or whomever had been in Mark's body grinned again.

Then while Amelia just stared at Mark in shock, he added, "You'd be surprised how many others I found using the same strategy to get back to being a woman. There are three other former woman on campus alone."

Suddenly Amelia gasped out, "I'll just use the spell and take my body back then."

Mark shook his....hear head, still smiling. "Won't work. The magic only works for women. Men can't even see the spells much less use them."

"Change us back then!" Amelia demanded, suddenly no longer interested in teaching Mark a lesson....or being stuck in his body. It might have sounded great earlier, but every moment with Mark was making her regret her choice more and more.

With another laugh, Mark responded, "I don't think so. Here...." he handed the paper with the spell on it to Amelia who quickly grabbed it.

However, as soon as Amelia opened the paper to read the spell herself, doubting that Mark was telling the truth, she was horrified to see it start to turn black and then crumble away, starting at the spots that she'd been touching.

"See..." Mark said smugly, "Men can't even touch the spell." Then she laughed again.

Amelia stared at her in horror, slowly realizing that she was stuck. Stuck in Mark's body until some other woman traded places with her.

Then in a sympathetic voice, Mark said, "Don't'll get used to it." Then he smiled, still looking radiant in Amelia's body. "Maybe you'll be able to get someone to trade places with you willingly...or..." she giggled again, "Maybe you'll even like being a guy....but I kind of doubt it. Trust me, it's highly overrated."

"But...but..." Amelia started.

Mark just smiled seductively at Amelia, then blew her a kiss. "Bye bye...Markie." And with a gentle laugh, the new Amelia strolled out of the room, shaking her hips as seductively as she could, just as if to rub it in to the real Amelia's face.

For a long moment, Mark, just stared at the door in horror, shocked at how twisted her plan had become. All she'd wanted to do was teach that macho bastard a lesson, and if she ever wanted to become a girl again, she'd probably have to act just as macho and chauvinistic. She'd come to the apartment to teach a lesson, and a lesson had been learned, just not the one she'd planned or with the person she'd intended. Then with a horrible sinking feeling, Mark dropped down onto his couch and cried.


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