Little red dress.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well the picture of a dress I saw in a flyer may have yielded just a tad more.

I first saw that dress as I was on my way home from work. It was a red cocktail strapless satin dress with a double tiered skirt that came to just above the knee. I had never been interested in girls clothing before. I had plenty of chances growing up to do so with a mostly female household. A mother and three sisters being the only boy and the youngest. Well lets just say I refused more offers on girls clothing than anything. By the time they stopped offering I was already in highschool and well on my way to my 220 pound 6 foot frame.

"Oh please. You know full well..." interrupted my mother I almost giggled as she in turn got interrupted by the doctor.

"Mrs. Anderson! Please continue Al." Doctor Angela gave my Mom the look.

So as I was saying, I saw that dress in the window of the store and didn't really think much of it. I was employed at the office as a file clerk. You know just grab whatever files were around after the meetings then spend most of my time entering whatever changes into the computer. Not really a hard job. It was better than pumping gas at the gas station or doing yard work as a grubby. I continued to work out almost daily with runs and stopped by a gym once a week to do some weight work. Pretty average really. I was slowly losing some of my weight and mass from my football days in highschool. I was never that good looking. At most you could have called me rugged. Not handsomely rugged, I wont kid you I had to take my cousin as my date to prom since nobody else would go with me.

So anyways it was like 3 days later I passed that store again. The dress was still there and I stopped to look at it. I can't really explain it but it was like some part of me was called to it. I walked away but it took some effort. Everyday after that I would stop and look at it again and again. About a week later I saw sale in the window and knew that if I didn't do something I would never see that dress again. I should have just walked away but I didn't. I went into that store and bought the dress from the window telling myself that it would be a present for one of my sisters. I even had them wrap it.

I felt so quilty that night like I had somehow done a very bad sin. I didn't touch that package for 2 days. It was hard, really hard to do so. But one day I came home and had to look at it again. In my haste I ripped apart that box it was in. Just seeing it and feeling the satin material in my hands calmed me down. I felt happy in a way. I knew the dress was way to small for someone of my size to ever fit. But still some part of me was happy it was mine. Later that night I got disgusted with myself and threw that dress into the back of my closet.

The next day saw me ironing the wrinkles out of the dress after I went out and bought an iron just for it. I couldn't understand why I did that. Everyday after that I would come home from work at just stare at it. It was weird but after a few days of seeing that at home I had dreams of wearing it at night.

I didn't notice it at the time but bit by bit I was losing more weight and well other mass. My feet and hands got just a tiny bit smaller every day. I let my hair grow out, which now that I think about it seemed to be growing much faster than normal. Other hair on my body however was less and less thrilling to have. It was about 3 months after I bought it that I started looking at hair removal.

I tried really hard to not do that since it wasn't manly but I couldn't help myself and after awhile I bought a kit off of ebay. It started with just one or two hairs a day. Just a clean up I told myself then I would get rid of the kit. I have to tell you that it wasn't all that long before I would rush home from work and start zapping hairs that I just couldn't seem to stand to have anymore.

I did this for about 3 months by which time the only hair I had on my body anywheres was my eyebrows and top of head. Even my eyebrows got zapped a bit. Gone was my bushy wide thick uni-brow. In its place was two almost delicate arched brows. I knew that I could not remove any more hairs but I kept at it for another 2 months looking for any stray hairs everyday.

Thanksgiving passed as usual so did christmas with nothing out of the ordinary happening. Mom bought me a tie and dress shirt. My sisters bough various cards for stores like Home Depot and the like. I went, I ate and came home. I was surprised they didn't seem to notice my lack of manly hair. But they didn't comment on it nor on my longish hair. About the only comment I got was a compliment on my losing weight and to maybe get some new clothes as I was swimming in my old ones.

It was true I had lost weight and most of my clothing was baggy on me.I just pulled in the belt and wore the same old stuff anyways. That January a new compulsion came over me and I started to clean my apartment. Before I was well a slob. Piles of dishes and alot of takeaway type food covered my meager kitchen counter. I didn't have any plants of any type nor even curtains. My floor was only noticeable as being there and not very clean.

Over the course of about a month or two I transformed my apartment from a pigsty into well an apartment. I had curtains flower pots with plants on lace doilys counter and fridge were sparkling clean as was the rest of my house. I even replaced my old ratty couch and mismatched chair with a set I got at a garage sale. Another garage sale yielded some tables that just gave my apartment that homey feel to it. My walls had forest pictures and all that.

I still looked and felt that dress everyday but it was probably april that I actually felt like I should try it on. Which I did I was still much to big to fit into it but the feel of the dress on my skin was like heaven. I stripped it off and threw it across my apartment. I was a guy and guys don't wear dresses.

The people at work however were starting to comment on my less than professional look and with some hints was told to change my wardrobe if I wanted to keep my job. I went looking after work for suitable clothing for work. I found a pair of dress pants that actually fit my frame in a thrift store men's section. Since they were in the men's section I assumed they were for men. Shoes were a bit of a problem though I had been wearing double and triple socks to keep my shoes on but They were still very loose and the only shoes I could find were women's shoes. I was totally embarrassed buying them. I could have gone to a retail store for shoes but with my lack of money after redecorating my apartment I couldn't afford any.

Underwear started to give me rashes. The men's normal boxers or y fronts seemed to become way to rough. After a bad day at work where I spent maybe half of it scratching myself down below I stopped off and got a very plain pair of panties. These I didn't have a reaction to at all. I wore them out within two weeks. I bought more and that was that.

In June after one of my runs outside I got home and noticed my nipples were enlarged and puffy. A search on the internet said it was called jogger's itch. The dress felt like heaven on them but it wasn't like I could wear a dress outside. The cheapest solution was to wear a women's sport bra while I ran. I got one on sale at a good price and started to wear it. It worked and my nipples although sensitive were not bothering me as much. I bought a few more so I could wash one and have another ready to go.

Bit by bit over the next few months my regular clothing changed without me really noticing. I also didn't notice my once 6 foot frame was now under 5' 8" either. People just don't change that much that fast. I also found it hard to use the bathroom standing up so I started to sit down instead. Not a big deal.

About 3 months ago the girls at work started to complain that about what I was wearing and how I looked. I took it was ribbing at first but it continued day after day until one day the manager of my department and about 3 other girls from work decided to correct it for me. After work I was strong armed into a salon where my hair was trimmed and styled into a more professional look, for a woman. I protested but they would have none of it. I even got a manicure and ear piercing. They next dragged me off to a department store that catered to women only. I said I couldn't shop here but again I was overruled. Even though I couldn't afford anything they purchased some new bras for my now B cup breasts, I really hadn't noticed at all, slips pantyhose and dress shoes.

I also received a few blouses, skirts, skirt suits, dresses, and a fair amount of costume jewelry. The purses that went with each outfit was embarrassing. They all told me to wear these things for work as I was not allowed to wear my trashing old clothes anymore. To keep my job I did as they asked. It was weird going to work in a skirt or dress everyday but I just told myself it was to pay for the rent. Whenever I got way to anxious or upset I would put on my dress zip it up and prance around infront of my mirror. It always made be feel much better.

A 2 months ago I noticed some redness in my panties while I was in the washroom at work. I figured some sore had opened like it had before and to save my panties I used one of the pads in the women's washroom to pad my panties. It was there for a few days and I ended up buying a box of the things. It went away of course. I just wasn't paying attention to everything I was so worried about work and how the girls were determined to continually update my wardrobe and look. They shared many tricks with me on how to do makeup for this or that look. This or that accessories or earrings. We did alot of shopping in thrift stores and my wardrobe continued to expand more and more.

I was perfectly happy but apparently my employers were not. I was told that due to accounting errors I had to either look for work elsewhere or change my information on file. I didn't understand what the deal was as until this time every paycheck just said Al Anderson same as always. I got a bit of a shock when I was told that unless I was willing to bring in updated identification with my full name that they would have to let me go.

I had to call my mother for the information since it was sent to my mothers address instead of my own. She was delighted to here from me, which was my first clue something was wrong, really wrong. When she came to my door and hugged me I was a bit surprised, but I let her in and proceeded to show how I had redone my apartment. She was very happy that I had learned my lessons well she said. I didn't know what lessons she referred too but let it slide. She gave me my envelope of my new information for work that I had requested and it was then that I got the full shock. My new information stated I was a girl by the name of Allison Anderson. Female me! Get serious. I even showed my mom laughing at the mistake.

"Ok Allison enough of this fiction. You are a girl and have always been a girl."

"But mom I was.."

"Allison Margrette Anderson!"its the full name thing what can I do but shut up.

"Doctor Angela I do not know what has gotten into my youngest daughter. As you can see she has this disillusion that she was a boy before when she was most definitely not. Maybe its from the stress at work I don't know but please help my baby." my mother pleaded to the doctor.

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