The Ghost of the Summer of 85

The Ghost of the Summer of 85

Its a trip back the 1980s as Tony and Jeannie make new waves as new romantics in the summer of 1985.

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The Ghost of the Summer of 85 By Kozmik Alaska

The summer of 1985 will always be to the generation of college students of the 80s what the summer of love was to college students in the 60s. To Tony and Jeannie, it was their first taste of freedom from the controls of both their parents and school. Their freshman year was just about to draw to a close with the last of the final exams on the horizon.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

It was a Thursday, and the last day of exams at Crystal State University. Tony and Jeannie sat at the table in the kitchen of their small one bedroom off-campus flat eating lunch. The sound of the Eurythmics singing 'Sweet dreams are made of this....' came from the radio.

'Whew! McCarthy's calc final promises to be a real ball-buster. I'll be glad when in just a few hours that is over' said Tony.

'I know what you mean. My poli-sci final promises to be a pain. I can't wait to get it over with and then relax.' said Jeannie echoing Tony's sentiments.

Tony gave Jeannie that special look that made her fall in love with him back in high school. She felt her defenses melting inside as she said, 'I know a special way for us both to relax when this is over.'

Tony smiled at her as he felt a stirring in crotch. He knew exactly what she meant.

Without warning his watch beeped to signal the top of the hour, bringing them both back to the real world.

'Shit! One o'clock. I gotta hustle! I wanna get this over with!' Tony exclaimed.

Tony washed down his last bite of sandwich with some diet Coke. He got up from the table and leaned over to kiss Jeannie.

As he ran his fingers through her short red hair, he said, 'Good luck in poli-sci!'

'Thanks, I need it!' Jeanie replied and then paused. 'Say, Tony, have you given any thought as to what you want to do this summer for fun?'

'I dunno.' He answered. 'I'll tell you what ... anything as long as you do it with me. You come up with it and I'll do it!'

He kissed her again and turned to leave. 'I love you. See ya'

Jeannie blew him a kiss as closed the door behind him.

The hours in the exam hall passed by in slow motion. When it was all over, Jeannie stopped at Alexander's Pasta Express for a take-away dinner of spaghetti a la putanesca and Tony popped into the local wine shoppe for a bottle of celebratory wine. Jeannie often ordered spaghetti with sauce a la putanesca for them. Legend had it that brothels in Italy used to make this aromatic sauce and use its siren song to entice clients. All Jeannie knew was that it certainly got Tony in the mood.

And so that night over a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and wine, they celebrated the end of classes.

Red Red Wine

'Red Red Wine...goes to my head' .... UB40 was singing in their latest video on MTV. After they had eaten their fill, they collapsed in each other's arms on the couch to watch a movie. Tony turned out the lamp on the end table, and soon to the flicker of the TV screen, their clothes where off and the spaghetti sauce worked its magic.

They slowly and tenderly kissed each other - everywhere. Tony loved everything about Jeannie, from her red hair to her small A-cup breasts to that special place between her legs. There, he kissed in an extra special way. Jeannie later returned his passion. She loved Tony because he was so faithful and total devoted to her. Thinking of the George Michael song, she knew that she would never hear a careless whisper from him.

Night Tracks

The video ended as Tony and Jeannie had almost fallen into a light dreamy sleep. When the noise of a loud tone began blaring and a test pattern at the end of the videotape appeared on the TV screen, Tony reached over and flipped the TV to Night Tracks on WTBS to catch some music videos.

'Thought anymore about what you want to do for fun, this summer, Jeannie?' Tony asked.

'A little. My philosophy prof says that we should use this summer to experience something totally different and wild, because soon we'll have to think about serious things -- like jobs and careers!' Jeannie answered.

'Yuk Phoo-ee!' Tony exclaimed. 'I don't think I wanna grow up!'

Jeannie laughed, "Me neither. So, let me think. Something totally different......'

In the background the TV could be heard. 'Now on Night Tracks, videos from a bunch of gender benders. To start us off, here's Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics and Who's That Girl'

Annie Lennox

Tony looked over at the TV. 'This is a really cool song, and Annie is really hot looking!' he said as he sat up.

Jeannie pouted, 'As hot as me? Nobody weally wuvs me.'

'I guess not' Tony answered smiling at her.

He returned to intently watching the video. Jeannie snuggled up closely to him, trying to pull him back to the real world. She just about had him when the video ended and faded into Boy George and Culture Club's video for I'll Tumble for Ya.

Boy George and Nick Rhodes

It was Jeannie's turn. 'Now, he's hot. Between Boy George and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, I can't tell who'd make a prettier girl'

'Ah..... yeah, sure.' Tony answered.

'Well, to be honest, I think you'd make a really cute girl, Tony. Cuter than either of them" Jeannie observed.

Then Jeannie looked over to Tony. 'I gots me an idea!' she announced. 'Would you tumble for me?'

Tony looked at her and saw a mischievous gleam in her eyes. 'Are you thinking what I think you're thinking' he inquired.

'Nope! I'm going even better than that' she answered.

'Uh-oh', Tony gulped.

'I read that gender bending is the latest trend on England. Well, remember what my philosophy prof said about experiencing something completely different. Let's start our own trend' Jeannie explained.

'Jeannie, guys have been dressing girl's clothes since Shakespeare's day and before! And girls wear guy's stuff all the time. Nothing new.....'

Jeannie cut him off, 'Oh I'm not thinking about going that way. While what I'm thinking is that we swap clothes, what I'm not thinking is that we swap genders. You know, you still look like you and don't look all girlie but wear a skirt. And I'll wear pants.'

'I dunno. Doesn't sound fair to me. You wear my shirts all the time.' Tony observed.

They both sat and thought for a minute. Finally Jeannie snapped her fingers. 'I got it, I got it!'

By this time the sprite in her eyes danced even brighter. 'We don't wear each other's clothes, but I buy girl's clothes for you, and you buy boy's clothes for me.'

Tony popped right in not realising what he was about to say, 'Yeah everything right down to boy's white Fruit of the Loom briefs for you.'

Jeannie looked at him in surprise, then smiled in revenge, 'and a bra and panties for you! Sized just to fit you with no padding or anything as if you always wore one.'

'Ooops!' Tony just realised the consequence of his remark. ' You know, I think you'd make a really handsome boy, though.'

'It is settled then! We are going to turn fashion on its ear. This will be so cool. I'll buy girls stuff for you just as if it were totally normal for a guy to wear girl's stuff and you can do the same for me with boy's stuff. Then we can be the hit a tomorrow night's end of semester party at Terri Bishop's place' Jeannie schemed.

'You never said anything about going out!' Tony exclaimed.

'Hey! We're going to start a trend. Besides, everyone's cool!' she answered.

She glanced at her watch. 'We better hit the sack, we have some shopping to do tomorrow'.

The Blue Frog

After a quick breakfast the next morning, the pair hopped into the Blue Frog. That was the nickname that Tony had given to his blue Renault Le Car. They headed down the hill and off to Hill's Department Store at Northside Mall. A tape of the Thompson Twins was playing in the cassette player. 'We are detective....we are select….we are detective…come to collect'

We Are Detective

'Okay...Agent 36 double A, here is your job... and you cannot choose to NOT accept it. Remember you promised you'd do anything as long as you could do it with me.', Jeannie instructed.

Tony smiled at the thought that she had already done her homework and had figured out his bra size already. He spent most of the night convincing himself that this just might be fun.

'I accept it. With relish.... and a pickle and onions on the side' he answered.

'Let's see ... a bra and panties for you. A nice denim miniskirt, since you have great legs, and Express has these great oversized camp shirts on sale' Jeannie explained. ''So, what are you going to buy for me?'

'I was thinking about a pastel shirt and skinny tie and black pants like Martin Fry in ABC wears. And of course jockey shorts and a jockstrap.' Tony answered.

'A jockstrap? Hmmm..... ' Jeannie now saw a sprite in Tony's eyes. Perhaps she had bitten off more than she could chew.

'Hey, every girl needs support!' Tony answered.

'Done deal then! See ya back here at 2 PM sharp' Jeannie said as she gave Tony a peck on the cheek and got out of the car.

Tony gulped as he watched her enter the mall.

At 2PM they both showed up back at car, packages in hand. Tony opened the hatch to the Blue Frog, and they tossed in their packages. Before slamming the hatch shut, Tony tried to peek into the bags of goodies that Jeannie had bought.

'Uh uh uh! No fair peaking until we get home' she cautioned.

'Just a little peek … you show me mine, I'll show you yours' Tony joked twisting around the old saying.

'No way! What do you think we're doing, playing doctor?' she retorted sticking her tongue out at him as she slammed the hatch shut. 'Besides, I'll make it worth your while when we get home, cutie?'

'With an offer like that, I can't refuse.' Tony smiled.

Following the short drive back to Tower's Terrace, Tony and Jeannie transported their goodies into the bedroom.

'Flip you to see who goes first' Jeannie said excitedly as she pulled a coin out of her pocket.

'Deal - I call heads!' Tony shouted.

Jeannie flipped the coin in the air. It looped, landed on the floor, rolled toward the dresser, and came to rest on it's side leaning against the side of the chest of drawers.

'It looks like a draw! I guess we'll have to do this together' Jeannie giggled.

Tony smiled and said, 'All right! Let's get started, shall we'

Jeannie reached over and turned on the cassette player. 'A little music to set the mood.'

You Spin Me Round

Pete Burns of Dead or Alive was singing 'You spin me right round baby like a record round round round....'

Jeannie began singing along 'I ... I got my eye on you .. and no one else will do...' as she reached over and began unbuttoning Tony's shirt.

'Well, what are waiting for. Watch out here I come!' she said.

Tony shed his shirt and then helped Jeannie out of her top. She turned around so that he could undo her bra. Gently he slipped it off as Jeannie said, 'That's the last of them for me!'

Then in unison they began undoing each other's jeans. Jeannie and Tony let their jeans slowly fall to the floor. They stood before each other clad only in their underwear. Jeannie ran her hand along the front of Tony's white Fruit of the Loom briefs.

'All mine' she said, 'And now these are mine, too.'

She then reached over and placed his hand, first inside her panties. 'And this is all yours, always and forever.' Then she placed his hand on the lace trim on the front of the panties, 'And now these are all yours.'

Tony leaned forward and kissed Jeannie and caressed her. As, their breathing began to get heavy, and Jeannie said, 'We had better get dressed if we want to get to Terri's party on time.'

Tony sighed, 'Only if that was a promise of things to come.'

Jeannie chuckled as she gave him one last soft caress, 'It is, and I'm sure we will!' Jeannie began to pull down Tony's white briefs. He responded in kind, and moved to pull down her panties. They both let there underwear slide slowly to the floor and then they stepped out of them. Tony then slowly removed Jeannie's bra and tossed it on the bed.

'I guess we're ready to start anew' he said.

'Yes' Jeannie answered. 'And I have your starting point right here.'

She walked over to the bed and picked up a small package and removed its contents. Jeannie twirled a pair of lacy french cut bikini panties on her index finger. 'You'll look good enough to eat in these' she observed as she handed the panties to him. 'What have you got for me?'

Tony reached into one of the department store bags. 'No peeking!' he exclaimed as he turned around. Jeannie could hear him tearing at the plastic of a package. When he turned around he had a pair boy's white Fruit of the Loom briefs in his hand. Tony held them up in front of Jeannie's mid section to size them.

'Yes, I think these will do quite nicely.' Tony stated.

Tony noticed that Jeannie's nipples had gotten hard when he held the boy's briefs up to her. He leaned forward and kissed them, and then said, 'Time to get dressed.'

Tony set the boy's briefs on the bed and then pulled on his panties. Jeannie stuck out her leg and pouted, 'What about me?'

Tony picked up the boy's underwear and held then out for Jeannie to step into. He then pulled them up her legs. Carefully he adjusted them on her. Jeannie sighed in ecstasy as when he adjusted the fly and gently caressed her pussy.

'Thanks, that feels great' she said. She then handed him an A-cup bra. Jeannie had Tony turn around as she slipped the bra on him and fastened it in the back. He turned around so she could adjust the cups in the front.

'I think that fits you quite nicely!' she observed.

'I like it!' he answered. 'Now for you, an undershirt'

Tony removed a ribbed tank-top style undershirt from the pile of department store bags. He pulled it over Jeannie's head and down over her breasts, lightly brushing her nipples. He then handed her a guy's dress shirt. Jeannie took it and reached into her stash and handed Tony a striped sweater in various colours of blue.

'I think blue is your best colour' she said.

They pulled on the tops, and then stood back to review their handiwork. 'I think I like this' Jeannie said.

Tony reached into another back and presented Jeannie with a pair of guy's dress pants. 'I can't have you running around in your briefs!'

Jeannie gave his lace-covered penis a gentle squeeze and said, 'And I can't have this on display for all to see, but I want easy access to it.' She took a denim skirt out of a bag for Tony.

Tony put on his skirt as Jeannie pulled on her pants. Tony handed her a tie, a belt and pair of socks to finish the look. Jeannie gave him a pair of pantyhose.

When the pair had finished dressing they stood in front of the mirror. 'Very nice, very nice indeed' Jeannie said. Tony smiled in agreement. They kissed deeply and Jeannie's hands made their way up the back of Tony's skirt to his panties. Tony ran his hand along the seam of the leg opening of Jeannie boy's briefs, which he could feel through the cloth of her pants.

Jeannie, reluctantly broke away. 'I think we better head to Terri's'

Tony and Jeannie made their way out to the Blue Frog. Their neighbour Mrs Obermeir almost dropped her grocery bags when she saw Tony dressed in girl's clothes, and Jeannie dressed in boy's. She watched them with her mouth wide open in disbelief. Forgetting her own college years in the 60, she muttered something about 'kid's today'.

Tony and Jeannie howled with laughter when they got into the car.

Lets Dance

That night they were the hit of the party. Tony couldn't keep his hands off Jeannie and mentally kept undressing her, down to just her boy's briefs. This was quite all right by Jeannie, as the other girls seemed overly interested in what Tony had on under his skirt. Terri came over to the couch where they were sitting and ran her hand along the front of Tony's sweater. Somebody put on David Bowie's Let Dance and Jeannie pulled Tony to his feet. 'Saved ya!' she said.

Then looking at Terri she said 'All mine!'

When the record ended Jeannie whispered 'I'll be right back -- stay out of trouble' and made her way to the kitchen.

Terri was there. 'Hey hand's off, Terri' Jeannie told her.

'I know. I was just curious .. and I was right' Terri replied. 'Tony's wearing a bra too. How'd you ever get him to do it?'

'It's a mutual agreement' Jeannie said.

'Duh! Yeah, I can see your wearing a shirt and tie.' Terri answered.

'But that's not all ... I'm wearing boy's underwear too. We've swapping for the summer.' Jeannie said proudly.

'No shit?' Terri said in astonishment.

'Yep. And you ought to see how randy it gets Tony.' Jeannie stated. 'Give it a try with Bill. You won't be disappointed.'

When they returned to their flat that evening they barely made it through the door as they began fondling each other. They tumbled onto the couch and continued making out.

Moments in Love

'Wait!' Tony put a tape of Moments in Love by the Art of Noise into the cassette machine. 'Now' he said.

Jeannie slowly pulled the sweater over Tony's head and then undid his skirt. As he removed his pantyhose she loosened her tie. Tony, wearing only his bra and panties began to unbutton Jeannie's shirt and unbuckle her belt. When she was down to just her boy's white briefs, the collapsed onto the couch.

Jeannie lay on her back and Tony began kissing her, first her ears, then her lips, and then her neck. As he did this hand made its way into Jeannie boy's underwear. 'You are so wonderful' he breathed.

She fondled his panty-clad cock in response.

He made his way down to her crotch and kissed the front of her boy's briefs right at the fly. He then spread open the fly opening and gained access to her moistening pussy. He thrust his tongue deep inside as he buried his face in her boy's underwear.

After they had made out for several minutes, Jeannie pushed Tony back on the couch and went to climb on top off him. 'I'm on top tonight' she announced.

'I was hoping so!' Tony smiled. 'But first, I have something to make it just right. Wait right here.'

Tony got up from the couch and went into the bedroom. He then returned with a Bike jockstrap and sparkle in his eyes. 'Remember, I said you'd be needing this, too.'

Jeannie giggled, "I wondered what you intended when you mentioned a jockstrap. I guess I'll find out now.'

'Uh huh. Take off your briefs.' Tony requested.

Jeannie removed her boy's briefs, which were now quite moist with the results of their foreplay. Tony then held out the jockstrap for her to step into. He then adjusted the pouch on her pussy and pulled the straps down around her butt cheeks.

'There ... you are all ready.' He stated as he lay back on the couch and pulled his panties to one side. His cock sprung to attention and stood erect.

Jeannie reached down to the pouch of her jockstrap. She ran her fingers along the front of the ribbed fabric and reached the spot were the straps met the pouch. She noticed that if she pulled the pouch forward just a bit, that Tony would have access to her pussy. She climbed on top of him, and lowered herself straight down on his penis. She then began pumping up and down and flexed her vaginal muscles around his dick. She could feel it grow harder inside of her with every stroke. Tony could feel the tightness grow as the cloth where the pouch and straps of Jeannie's jockstrap met brushed the top of his dick. The pouch of her jockstrap rubbed against her clit, now hard and erect sending waves of orgasmic spasms through her body. Tony felt the build up in his balls release and together they collapsed into a sweaty climax.

Tony kissed Jeannie softly. 'I love you' he whispered.

'And I love you too' Jeannie replied as she returned his kisses. After enjoying the afterglow they headed off to bed and slept in each other's arms.

The next morning, Jeannie headed off to work at as a cashier at the local Giant Save grocery store. As Tony was still asleep, she quietly rummaged through the bags of clothes they had bought yesterday. She found a clean pair of boy's white Fruit of the Loom briefs to wear and put them on. Wearing only her boy's briefs, she looked at herself in the mirror.

'Yes, I think I like these' she said, before she dressed in her guy's pants and the dress shirt and tie again and headed off to work. She kissed Tony and whispered I love you.

That brought Tony about halfway back from the world of sleep and he drifted in and out of sweet dreams of making love with Jeannie clad only in her boy's briefs.

The warbling of the phone brought him back to life.

'Tony, its Mark. Is it true?'

'Huh? *yawn* Mark, uh, er, is what true.' Tony answered.

'You know! That you and Jeannie are swapping clothes for the summer?' Mark exclaimed.

'Yeah, its true. Man does that get her randy!' Tony replied.

'Cool! Everyone is talking about it. I think that you two have started a trend. Connie called me this morning and has already dropped a few hints.' Connie was Mark's girlfriend.

'Be sure you go the whole way' Tony advised. 'Do everything down to underwear. You haven't seen anything until you've seen a girl in boy's underwear'.

That afternoon Jeannie went down to Hill's department store one her break. She wanted to buy a few more pair of panties for Tony and get some more boy's briefs for herself. When she went to the lingerie department she ran into Terri.

'Hi! Doing some shopping I see, Terri' Jeannie said.

'Hey Jeannie! Which do you think Bill will look better in, the pink lace or the red silk?' she asked.

'Why don't you just ask him yourself. Here he comes.' Jeannie observed as Bill approached them holding a pair of pants and a package of white boy's briefs.

'Think these will fit you Terri?' he asked as he handed her a package of Jockey shorts.

The Ghost In You

By Monday, guys could be seen on the streets around Crystal State University wearing skirts. The boy's underwear tumbling in the dryers at the laundromat belonged to the girls. Yes, things changed back in 1985. And while many students returned to their regular clothes when school started up again, for Tony and Jeannie, their gender bending remained a part of the fun. Necessitated by the start of school it became a private pleasure shared in various degrees. Jeannie continued to wear boy's underwear all time and Tony continued in panties.

Ten years later they celebrated their wedding anniversary and made love to sound of a CD of the Psychedelic Furs. After making love they held each closely and the words surrounded them. 'Inside you the time flies and she don't fade. The ghost in you she don't fade.' The ghost of their love of the summer of 85 never faded.

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