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By Morpheus

A mild mannered man transforms into a somewhat unusual superheroine in order to stop a bank robbery.

This story is not part of my Legacy Universe.


I leaned back in my chair, taking a good long look at my computer monitor before announcing, "Work sucks and the company stinks." Of course I paid little attention to the fact that I was telecommuting as always and that the only person around was myself.

Sometimes I did miss the old water cooler conversations, though certainly not enough to give up being able to work at home. There were so many advantages to it that I couldn't count them all. Being able to simultaneously listen to the radio and watch TV for one.

My name is John Bastion, a rather mild manner software engineer of 28 years old. At the moment, I lacked a girlfriend or even any real potentials. Being able to work at home did have the drawback of limiting some of my possible social contacts.

Just then an announcement came over the police radio, making me bolt upright.

"Bank robbery in progress..." the report went on, revealing the location to be just several blocks from my apartment.

"Good God," I exclaimed, excitedly jumping to my feet and running to the kitchen. "The cops need help."

And with that, I threw open my cupboard and tossed aside the box of Shredded Wheat, revealing the much smaller square box that was hidden behind it. I smiled as I pulled the square box out of its hiding place and carefully set it on the counter, staring at it for a moment with a faint smile.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly opened the small square box, revealing the contents in all of its glory. A single chocolate donut with sprinkles on it. A magic donut, and a delicious one at that.

I hesitated for only a moment before taking the donut out, holding it in my hand and remembering the day that it had been given to me by a retiring circus fat lady, who'd told me that it had been given to her many years earlier by a strange gypsy man.

"This looks like a job for..." I gave a dramatic pause, "Dum dum dum...." Then I took a large bite from the pastry, "Yum..."

Suddenly a large shudder shot through my entire body, centering on my gut. However, it wasn't painful at all, but sort of warm and pleasant instead. And just then, I felt my belt beginning to pinch badly.

"Oh shit," I muttered, realizing that I'd forgotten to get undressed...again. I quickly struggled to get my belt buckle undone in time.

With another shudder, my stomach expanded, beginning to hang over my belt. My pants and shirt were both getting rather tight on me and I knew that it would only get worse. A single glance at my arms revealed that they too were starting to get fatter. Still, I took another bite from the donut, then wolfed the rest of the thing down.

"Oh SHIT," I gasped as my pants and shirt both simultaneously tore open, revealing twice as much flesh as I possessed mere minutes earlier.

However, it did not stop. With another shudder, my body expanded again, this time my chest did so very noticeably. At the moment, I was definitely very overweight and getting even more so with every passing second. However, my getting fatter was not the only change that was occurring in my body, as I well knew. I could already feel my crotch beginning to change, to pull inward as the rest of my body pushed outward.

I let out a moan of pleasure as I suddenly expanded again, tearing out of what had been left of my clothes, leaving me standing there completely naked. My whole body was already huge, with my chest pushing out into two fleshy lumps the size of volley balls. They were already a pair of massive mammaries...woman's breasts.

I cupped my boobs with a pair of large and fat hands, gasping as another wave ran through me and I expanded yet more. Then one of my hands reached between my legs, feeling what had been male genitals just a minute earlier but no longer fit that description at all. I was physically now a woman. A very massive woman, but a woman nonetheless.

Just then, a final wave of expansion hit me, ending with a tingle all over my skin. As I watched, my whole body was suddenly covered with a single piece red and white spandex suit, looking ghastly upon my extremely oversized body.

With a smile, I turned to the mirror that I kept in the kitchen, seeing the huge woman that looked back. I was the same height as I was before, but had at least 4 times the mass. I had shoulder length brown hair and an extremely chubby face. I didn't just have a double chin, I had a full six pack.

"This looks like a job for..." I repeated again, this time in a low rumbling woman's voice, "Heavyweight."

I gave a dramatic pose that looked less than impressive coming from my massive and unheroic body. Then I went and squeezed out of the large back door that I'd installed, into the alley behind my apartment. And a moment later, I was running down the alley with a speed and grace that would normally be completely impossible for someone of my size.

A minute later, I stopped across from the bank, staring at the 7 heavily armed robbers wearing ski masks. They were firing at the single patrol car and 2 police who were clearly outgunned and outnumbered.

However, before I could do anything, I felt a rumble from my stomach and grimaced, feeling hungry enough to eat a horse. Eating the magic donut gave me incredible powers, but a side effect of that was that I was almost constantly hungry. Still, as hard as it was, I knew that food would have to wait.

"STOP!" I yelled out at the robbers, stomping towards them across the nearly empty street. "Put your guns down and I won't have to hurt you."

Suddenly one of the bank robbers called out in horror, "It's Fat Broad!"

I grimaced at hearing that nicknamed, the one that EVERYONE insisted on calling me. Even the cops. Of course I supposed that I might have been asking for it when I originally chose the super hero name of Broadside. But after the jokes had started, I'd changed my name to Anvil, but that only caused a few more jokes, this time about my being banged by the super villain called Hammer. So now I was Heavyweight, at least officially though everyone still kept calling me Fat Broad.

"She's the one that put Tommy in the hospital," one of the crooks yelled at the rest nervously, "She sat on him and broke half the bones in his body."

"Thank heavens," one of the cops yelled out, "It's Fat Broad." I just grimaced.

"I don't think so Broadass." one of the robbers yelled out before opening fire on me with a machine gun.

The bullets stung a little as they bounced off of my impervious skin, but did no damage. Instead, I just grinned and continued towards them, the ground shaking a little with each step I took.

Suddenly just about all the crooks opened fire on me, covering me in a rain of bullets that was beginning to sting like hell. But worse, all that ammo was hitting the buildings across from me and I knew that it wouldn't be too long before someone innocent got hurt.

With that, I jumped towards them in a manner that should have been completely impossible for my size, but was easy for me thanks to the powers I'd gained. Incredible strength and invulnerability, plus amazing maneuverability for one of my size.

A moment later, I had disarmed two of the criminals, knocking the gun out of one's hand and backhanding the other, sending him straight into a wall...then unconscious on the ground. I swatted at a few of the others for a minute before realizing that two of them seemed to be missing.

"Come out, come out wherever you are..." I chuckled.

"Eat shit you fucking lard ass," one guy yelled at me, stepping out from around the corner, a large weapon in his hand that was certainly no machine gun. I didn't recognize the type, but it looked like some sort of high tech ray gun. Then he yelled, "Bitch," as he fired.

There was a flash of light and a sudden burning in my chest, just as I was literally thrown back by the unimaginable force of it. Before I'd even realized it, I was slammed straight through a wall and into the building next to the bank.

"Oh shit," I gasped, hurting like hell. Whatever that was, it had burned my skin if nothing else.

From outside the hole in the building, I could hear the burglar screaming enthusiastically, "I got the fat bitch."

"Then let's finish her off," another growled.

Shaking my head, I sat up, suddenly noticing where I'd landed. My eyes went wide and my mouth started drooling. "I'm in heaven," I whispered. I was in the middle of a bakery, surrounded by thousands of donuts and pastries.

With a grin, I reached out for an eclair and shoved it into my mouth, barely even chewing at all before swallowing, already grabbing for more with both hands. I sat there for a minute, gorging myself with the rich donuts and pastries, feeling as if I'd died and gone to heaven.

Finally, I turned around, realizing that the robbers were at the hole, the one with the ray gun already prepared for another shot. I glanced around the donuts and sighed, knowing that I could have easily eaten every single one and still not have felt full. It was all part of what gave me my powers. I was always hungry, and if I went too long without eating, I'd quickly lose my strength. However, once I did eat...well, food only served to make my powers stronger.

"Gotcha now," I growled, barely dodging out of the way as the man fired a second shot. I glanced back at the destroyed bakery and yelled, "You bastard, I wasn't finished eating."

"How the hell could you miss someone that BIG?" one of the other bank robbers screamed, slapping at the one with the gun.

"B...b...but..." the guy with the gun stuttered, not being able to finish before I charged him, not even stopping as I ran straight through him.

A moment later, I'd thrown the guy with the gun and the other guy to the side, smashing the ray gun beneath my feet with a satisfying crunch.

"Let's get outa here," one guy screamed, running along with the remaining robbers into what had to be their getaway car.

The getaway car started to peal rubber then shot off, but I was already in motion, charging towards it as fast as I could, thankful for the boost the donuts had given me. Then, with a grimace, I jumped into the air as high as I possibly could, managing to land just where I aimed, the hood of their car, causing them to lose control and slide to a stop.

"Gotcha," I growled, willing my weight to increase even further.

Though my body showed no signs of expanding further, my weight was increasing massively, and within seconds, the whole car started to creak and fold inward, unable to stand the incredible force I was putting on it. Still, I pushed it further.

"No way," one of the robbers screamed as they piled out of their car, just as the whole thing was smashed nearly flat under my weight.

"Better than a junkyard," I exclaimed cheerfully, letting my weight shift back to its normal massive amount as I climbed off the complete ruin of metal that had been a car.

The men all scrambled away, aiming their guns at me but knowing that it was useless. I just slowly took a few steps towards them, finally stopping and attempting to cross my arms, something that was impossible but still an old habit from my normal male body.

"Surrender now," I told them sternly, then with a grin, I added, "Or I'll sit on you."

Almost instantly all the guns dropped to the ground and the men raised their hands. They remained like that until the police rushed in and started handcuffing them.

"Thanks for the help, Fat Broad..." one of the cops said.

"Heavyweight," I told him in annoyance. "My name is Heavyweight."

He looked a little taken back at that, as well as a little afraid that I might actually sit on him. "Sorry...Heavyweight."

I nodded, glancing around and seeing that the cops had everything well in hand. It was definitely time for me to go.

However, before I left the place entirely, I reached in and grabbed a couple dozen donuts in the big boxes, dropping a twenty that I kept in a hidden pocket in my uniform. And with that, I hurried back home, being very careful to avoid being seen...which wasn't easy considering my girth.

As soon as I was home, I remained standing as I gulped down all of the donuts, knowing that there wasn't a chair in my house that could hold my weight. I moaned in delight, loving the pastries much more than I would in my normal body, thankful for the fact that I could eat as much as I wanted like that and never gain a pound in my normal form.

Then I stood back and looked at myself in the mirror, feeling an odd sense of pride. I loved being a super hero. Being able to help people and cut loose a little. Even if it meant that I not only had to be a woman to do it, but an extremely obese one at that.

"Not bad for a day's work," I said with a grin, patting my massive stomach.

And with that, I slowly reached for the one substance that was my greatest weakness as Heavyweight. The one thing that I had to avoid at all costs while fighting crime. Then with a grimace, I took a long drink.

"Ug," I shuddered, "I hate diet soda."

However, as I put the can of diet soda back down, I felt the first shudder already run through my body. It was quickly followed by another. As I stared down at myself, I watched in amazement as the spandex disappeared, as my flesh pulled inward, as my breasts deflated and my immense fat started to vanish.

"Talk about a weight loss plan," I muttered, smiling faintly when my crotch began to push back outward, returning my manhood to me. "Jenny Craig eat your heart out."

Less than a minute after taking the drink of diet soda, I stood there as myself once again. As the slender John Bastion rather than the unimaginably immense Heavyweight.

After examining myself for another minute, as I did virtually every time after becoming Heavyweight, I turned towards the counter, or specifically the small square cardboard box that was resting there. Peaking inside, I smiled at the chocolate donut that rested within, waiting for the next time Heavyweight was required. Like always, it had magically reappeared inside the box once I'd turned back to normal. And still smiling, I carefully closed the box and placed it back in its spot behind the Shredded Wheat.

"Yep," I muttered, glancing down at the shreds of clothing that were still on the floor and then starting towards my bedroom to get dressed again, "I have definitely got take my clothes off first."

But even though I nearly spent a fortune on replacing shredded clothes every month, not to mention food, I wouldn't have given it up for the world. I might not be the best looking, or even most heroic super hero, but there was always going to be need for a Heavyweight.


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