My Super Secret Life-26.

My Super Secret Life-26.

Chapter 26


I wake up and the first things that register in the deep sensation of having had sex. Then the realisation of all this stuff, tension and stress and something else that had been knotted up inside of me was gone and that I felt good, really good in fact better than I had ever remembered feeling in my life.

Sore too but not really bad and not in a bad way either. Then warm, this really great soaking in warmth that is from sleeping with another person. That’s different for me because in my life as Shane that was never a factor. Now here like this being this tiny little Japanese girl I’m usually chilly unless it’s really hot out. The day time’s usually good but nights are cold as hell.

I like this snuggling into Kyle’s body heat. I really should have expected it, but it did surprise me when he rolls over and snuggles into me and one of his hands covers and cups a small breast and then I felt it.

Guy’s telltale morning hard on.

It’s such a twist of fate really that. I kind of smile and I roll over to face him and he’s so not awake…hair in his face and his mouth slightly open and sleeping soundly.

And it’s the blended me that is a little more the modern me that rolls him onto his back and slips into place to take his dark hard cock into my hand and them my mouth. I’m not overly turned on either…it’s not the sex but the fun of it.

God I had woken up with a boner so many times back then…and as much as I loved Mai she had never taken the initiative to give me a morning hummer.

It’s such a guy’s fantasy really. The Kai side of me really doesn’t get it and she has or rather never had the fantasy of having someone wake her up orally. Though that side of me is very interested in the idea of it.

Honestly I never thought that I’d enjoy doing this but it’s actually kind of a rush and I/we now find it erotic as hell now. I love the sounds that Kyle is making and when he wakes up and he’s staring down at me I smile around his cock and look him in the eyes and I honestly think it was that which had him release his morning load into my mouth and I happily swallow it.

He doesn’t taste like men that we’ve known, that helps a lot and despite the fact I’m swallowing what I’m swallowing I’m a girl now so it’s okay…and I also know that it means a lot too when a girl does that.

I keep going until he’s hard again and panting “Shane…Shane…oh holy fuck Shane…”

The stunned, shocked, breathy surprised and reverent way that he’s saying my name means I did good. And there’s some girlish pride there and it also really helps me feel beautiful. I’m sort of experience with that but not enough that it’s a real part of my psyche.

Does something like that mean more when it’s not something that you’re used to?

He reaches for me as I crawl up his body and he sits up and kisses me and takes a nipple into his lips and I cry out. How can that feel so good? I move myself and hold him by his manhood until I guide him to the right spot and I can sink down on Kyle’s hot hard length.

“Oh Kyle…Kyle…oh…Hai…hai, hai…hai…”

His manhood reaches up into me filling me with heat and hard/softness…oh it’s so hard to describe just how good and how unique this feels. I’m very surprised at myself and how much I love sex…love being the girl having sex.

I love being small, tiny and that he can literally manhandle me. O love that Kyle at on point has his hands around my waist and he’s lifting me up and down his manhood and that he bottoms out inside of me and it’s like this super pleasure filled little thump, thump, thump repeatedly into my brainstem.

Is it messed up that I get excited by the sounds that I make?

We make love again and I’m more than sure that we still have an audience but…it doesn’t matter…I just care about him that much that I just want to have our time together be as good as it can possibly be before something happens. Before the people here decide what they’re going to do with us.

Yes I’m scared and a bit paranoid…One their cops, Super Cops, Two they’re in power here and Kai distrusts the powerful for about a thousand good reasons so…

Live life and love while we can?

………………………………………….They leave us alone all that day and after we clean up we just spend most of the day in the whole post sex dozing off and sleeping cuddled together.

Actually the first visit we get comes the next morning when Mrs. Champion comes to visit. She rang our doorbell and Kyle went to open the door and let her in.

“Good Morning Kyle, Shane I trust things are okay?”

“Hai, we are…”

“We’re good Ma’am considering where we’re at.” Kyle says.

“Hai, this is a comfortable jail.”

“It’s not a jail it’s a powers secure set of quarters.” She says coming in with coffee, a tea for me and a box of pastries. She shares them out. I sip my tea this being a lot better than the machine stuff but I still am not too crazy over the modern day cups they use.

“Hai, if this is what you say than it must be so even with all of the cameras.”

“Well they are a security feature as well as a way of recording Kyle’s powers….and your own.” She takes a drink of her coffee.

“I have no powers.”

“Well according to the tests that were run on you before but with your admission of origin…and the things that you’ve done.”

“It’ is training.”

“And magic.”

“Ma’am I’m going to have to ask you to back off of Shane, she hasn’t done anything to anyone.”

“Sorry Kyle but Shane had injured a few police officers when she had first arrived and she had done a very effective job in stopping an armed robbery.”

He looks at me. I shrug at them both. “I wasn’t sure what had happened or where I was and I saw and smell Bacon so I tried to run.”

Kyle says. “I’ve seen you move and you didn’t get away?”

“No…damned kimono.”

He smiles at me. “I’d love to see you in a kimono.”

“Actually I prefer Chinese dresses.”


“Hai the long one’s with the sleeves.”

Mrs. Champion coughs. “Fashion aside Shane we’d like to really retest you. You’re not a baseline.”

“Hai, I am not. A baseline would not have my training.”

“Exactly and you have potential experience that honestly we could use.”

“In what way?”

“Us…the Champions, the Ark Angels all of us that are trying to help people and trying to keep the peace we’re outnumbered and we’re outgunned and we honestly could use the help.”

“And Kyle?”

“Kyle doesn’t have a lock on his powers yet. He needs training and testing and honestly supervision.”

Kyle’s looking at his hands again. “I can remember how I shot those black energy blasts…it scares me when I think about the damage that I could have done Shane…I hurt people here.”

I move over and slip my arm under his and across his back to hold him. “We will find a way, we will make this better, I promise.”

“Hai…I will stay, on one condition.”

“That being?”

“I stay with Kyle.”

“I thought that you’d say that. Quite honestly I’d rather not, you are both quite young.”

“I’m over a thousand years old.”

“But not in life experience. Really we should have stopped the two of you from being as physical as you’ve gotten.”

“I love Shane.” Kyle says tightening his arm around me.

?!!! He loves me?


“God Shane its true there’s never been anyone like you in my life before.”

“Which is why you two shouldn’t be together Kyle, you’re both too young to get this deep.”

“You can’t hold us apart…I won’t let that happen…” Kyle’s glaring at he fist clenched and there’s a black nimbus of energy around his hands.

“Kyle…” I say.

“What no…Shane I love you, I want to be with you…you’re not like other people…”

“No Kyle your hands.”

He looks and stares, and he looks at me with this guilty oh god I might have hurt her look. And he actually backs away from me and Mrs. Champion. She is actually sipping her coffee she’s that unruffled. Then she says.

“Emotions, it seems that your powers are linked to your feelings or right now those are your triggers. This is why the two of you should not be living together. Accidents happen, even in the heat of the moment things happen. Shane you could get hurt no matter the training that you have and he needs to learn and to focus.”

Kyle’s hands are flaring with his feelings I can see it all over his face and the energy thrums a bit bigger and a bit smaller in time with his pulse.

“Okay…okay we’ll stop…”

“No…You don’t have to stop seeing each other just it’s a good idea to have separate quarters.”

“Oh…” We both say at the same time.

“Here…this is an in house DVD about a new training initiative it’s something that we’ve all been working towards. They aren’t ready yet to be fully opened and up and running but along with learning how to use your powers and learning control there will be real life applications to what you can do with your powers.”

“Like?” Kyle asks.

“Off the top of my head? With your enhanced strength even on the low end and flight? High altitude construction, policing, search and rescue…real jobs.”

“And me?” I ask.

“As long as I can tell other than the magic that transformed you. You are a genetically normal person Shane and we can use people like you to show that normal people with enough training can be just as effective as a Meta or any one else who’s Othernormal.”

“Oh and for a job?”

“Teaching maybe, you do have very advanced martial skills as far as we know.”

“We can think about this?”


“Uhm…anyone? What do I do about this?” Kyle’s hands are still charged.

“Can you feel it?” I ask.

“Yeah it’s like this heat bur like there’s something coming out of my skin that’s doing this.”

Mrs. Champion asks. “Can you pull it back in?”

“I’ve tried that, nada.”

“Try to take that heat and to think of the glass scars on your arms as like solar panels.” She says.

He closes his eyes and he looks like he’s concentrating and the black nimbus around his hands starts to break up and flow into the scar things like smoke or fog until they’re gone.

He opens his eyes… “Wow…how’d you know?”

“I didn’t but it was a highly educated guess, experience Kyle.”

“Hai…I’d...I would not have thought of that.”

“Okay, we’ll work on this later? I’ll leave you two to think about things and mull it all over.”

“Hai, thank you very much.”

She leaves and I walk over and snuggle up to him and I’m not even sure how I know but I know so maybe it’s a girl thing but I know.



“I Love you too.”

He kisses me and I kiss him back then break it and point my finger at him.

“She’s right…we’re really young for this…I’m not even still sure who and what Shane is really and you’re not in any better of a position. I’m telling you now…I’m scared, both halves are scared Kyle…I’ve been in love before and lost it and it nearly destroyed me and I…I love you as much as I did her already…”

“Okay…Shane it’s okay…we can take it slow…I like slow…”

(Sniffle.) “Hai…okay…just so you know.”

“I know, I sort of feel the same way but I wanted you to know…I had to let you know just in case something was going to happen and I wouldn’t see you anymore.”


I hug him and I put my head on his chest and just sit there in his arms for awhile. We actually get back to dozing until he’s called away for power’s testing lab. I was going to go with until I see two women come over carrying things and some of them are mine.

One…one I recognize from online. Matt or rather right now Alexis? The other one is…Okay my eyes widen at well the size of an incredible bosom but also at the color of her hair…actually more her hair which is like if you kissed blue and silver into virgin silk…it’s the color of a cloud dragon’s mane. No it’s not a sexual thing just my Japanese side just…fan girl, I want to touch it.

It has to be a Meta trait with those eyes and I can’t help but to stare as she gets close and I can feel the sheer weight of he steps.

“Oh….you’d make a powerful Sumo.” It just pops out and she blinks…then she’s looking herself over and blushing…the look of someone very…self conscious?

“I…Uhm…” She sort of stammers.

“No! No sorry, very sorry!” I’m apology bowing over and over by reflex. And can you picture that I go all shy voiced and heavy accented when I feel this way. And ow that hurts too. I know what feeling bad about myself is like but to get it now as a girl about another girls issues. I’m felling really sorry.

I’m so messed up.

“No, it’s okay. Alexis says smiling at both of us. “It’s a Japanese thing really. Kinda like her saying you’re like an amazon.”

“Amazon? Me?”

“Hai…big yet very beautiful…I feel your footsteps very solid.” Yes Shane good girl solid is a much better term than heavy. I try a shy and apologetic smile and if my life was a cartoon then there’d be a funny little teardrop by my head right now.

“Oh…yeah I’m really heavy duty dense and stuff.” It’s no problem I guess I still kind of jump the gun a bit and stuff when it comes to me and my weight.”

“Hai…I and too skinny.”

“That’s a nice problem to have.”

“No, I am too small, too thin and my hips are too small. It would make having babies very hard.”

……………………………Okay…did I just say that? But inside somewhere it’s true…Kai was always too small. I was not suited well to bear babies. It’s still something that is a pain for me. And Even among Japanese I am tiny breasted.

Shake my head.

Alexis looks at me and I shake her hand or offer to and she returns the gesture. “You are Alexis? I have seen your journal things on the computer you are very brave to show who you are to the world.”

“Yeah…well kind of more stupid-brave than heroic brave but thanks.”

“Many people at our school have not been nice to you. Sunny-Kun would have been there to say good things but she has been busy.”

“I know. I’m here to see him.”


“Her, sorry I trip over pro-nouns all the time.”

“No, you do not? Ah…I see this is why Sunny-Kun is connected here she is one of us.”

“Of us?” The Terry girl asks.

“Hai, I have been recruited with Kyle.”

“Kyle’s joined up?”

“Hai he is in training now, we are together so we are as they say a package deal.”

“Oh…” Terry says the moves to set the armload of stuff down. “Uhm where do I set this?”

“On the bed is fine, Thank you very much.”

“Sure I figured that you’d be missing out on class work and thought I’d bring that and some of your clothes over.”

“You are very kind thank you very much. I wish to keep my grades up especially if I may be transferring to this Halo place.”

“Hey, I might be going there too.” Terry says and Alexis is looking at the DVD. “Is this it?”

“Hai I have not watched it yet.”

“Want to?”

“I was going to wait until Kyle had come home but if you want to that is fine.”

“Naw…you guys have the whole most boring movie date ever, Terry and I are going to go up and see if Sunny’s up and about yet or just how bad she is.”

“I have not heard but I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing in this place.”

“Could be both and there could be just a good reason for that.”

“Hai but trust does not come easy, I have not so fond memories of the police.”

“Oh…?” Came from both of them.

“Hai, long story some other time?”

“Deal, we’ll see you later?”

“Hai that would be good.”

…………………………………….Kyle comes in looking tired but also very….light grey sweats work very well with his tone especially with the hood up.

“Hey I brought supper.”

“This is take out.”

“Yeah I was able to get some delivered; it might be a bit cold but…”

“Mmmm…goood!” I have my mouthful of a really very good burrito. I like burritos especially now. Mexican spices but heavy on the rice which is just…and they have it stuffed with a lot of the things that I just love but also in all new ways.

“Okay…so you like Mexican.”

“Mexican is tha bomb cabrone.” I giggle at the look that he’s giving me and I dig through the fridge we have and take out the sauce packets from our other food. I tear open a packet of Hoi sin and put it on my burrito.


I giggle and take a bite and roll my eyes. “Mmmmmm goood! Twy!”


I use this weapon that I know that Kai hasn’t been taught. I look at Kyle with Sad-puppy face.


He looks at me and he looks at my burrito and he takes it saying. “Fuck…”

“Hai…” I beam a smile at him…oh my god I don’t know really why I did that except to maybe see his face but the fact that I did…and he did…oh wow.

We sit and not on the couch but in front of the sofa on the floor using the sofa as our back rest and we have a nice spread and we put in the DVD.

It’s actually interesting with air shots of the island and the place that’s in progress of being built and the town that will be around it mind you it’s projected to be like a small city maybe by the time it’s really up and running and there’s a lot of speeches most Victory and then the political types all flanked by a court of people that are contributing to the whole thing.

I’m eating a handful of chitarrones and I stop chewing when I see….

I rewind…

Five times to play back the scene.

John Blackthorne is in the crowd of rich supporters looking other than his clothes exactly like the last time that I seen him.


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