Patrick's First Training Bra

Patrick's First Training Bra

By Amy Lynn

Their mother always treated the twins, Patrick and Susan, equally. But when she felt that Patrick felt left out when his sister Susan got her first training bra, Ms Knowlton knew that she had to find a way to make it up to him.

Patrick Knowlton and his sister, Susan were twins. Their Dad had served in the Vietnam War and was killed in action there. So that left the twin's Mum to raise them on her own. In retrospect, some might say, that she did a pretty good job. Patrick and Susan's Mum was a child of the 60s, so she was pretty open to letting them experiencing life and all its diverse paths.

It was toward the end of May, and the school year was drawing to a close. One Saturday afternoon Ms. Knowlton bundled the kids into her Volkswagen bus and headed to the mall for a bit of shopping. Actually, it was mostly shopping for Susan, for in fact, Patrick's sister was about to get her first training bra.

They walked into the teen girl's lingerie department of a department store. It was really the first time that Patrick ever actually been in the girl's lingerie department. He was a bit amazed. It was also the first time that he had really ever paid particular attention to girl's underwear. Before then he had just thought that girls wore boring white underwear like his, or at least maybe Underoos with cartoon characters on them. And of course, Patrick had never really heard of a bra. He just figured that girls wore undershirts like he did.

Ms. Knowlton explained to the clerk that my Susan needed to be fitted for her first training bra. The clerk started talking about how very special this was for her, and started making a big fuss over her. The clerk kept going on about stuff like, "Oh, you're growing up to be such a big girl."

Patrick looked on in awe, actually feeling a bit hurt. His Mum had always paid equal attention to the both of them, and always made sure that my they were treated alike. But now, for the first time, his sister was being treated differently.

Patrick plopped down on a small bench and started pouting. Little tears welled up in his eyes. But still his Mum didn't pay any attention to him. She and the clerk were too busy picking out little training bras and new panties for his sister.

When they where done shopping Ms. Knowlton took them to McDonalds and ordered hamburgers for the kids. However, Patrick hardly touched his. He was too hurt inside and just sat around moping.

Finally when they got home, Patrick went up to his bedroom to be alone.
From down the hall he heard his sister put away her new bras and panties, and then call one of her friends from school and tell them about it.

Eventually Patrick's Mum noticed that I was in a really blue mood and came into his room to ask him what was wrong.

Patrick just hemmed and hawed and said, "Nothing." But his Mum saw through it and asked, "Are you upset because I paid so much attention to your sister?"

Patrick kind of pouted and answered, "Yes."

She hugged him and said, "Well, honey, girls get training bras about your age. Boys don't."

Patrick started sobbing and said, "But Mum, you always treated us alike."

Ms Knowlton smiled and said, "Well, I guess at your age most boys get jockstraps since they start playing sports."

With that, really big tears rolled down Patrick's cheeks. His Mum had never made him play sports, and never ever let him watch sports on TV, saying that they were bad and promoted aggressive competition. Plus
Patrick was a kind of skinny kid, anyway, and nothing like those bully kids at school that played baseball and football.

Patrick's Mum shook her head, and said, "I guess that will never do, eh?"

Then she said something that really surprised Patrick. "Have you ever wondered what its like being a girl?"

Patrick face got beet red, and he stammered out a, "N-n-no, er well, Y-y-y-es."

His Mum then said, "Well, if you do good on your final tests, and get a good report card, maybe, just maybe, you can find out."

Patrick's eyes got as big as saucers and he said, "I can?"

"I'm not promising anything, but maybe if you do good in school."

Patrick smiled and said, "Oh, I will Mum, I promise!" and gave her a big hug back.

"Now, why don't you read one of your books? That always cheers you up," she said as she kissed away the tears on his cheek.

Patrick grabbed one of his books and curled up in the sunbeam that was streaming through his window.

His Mum went to leave his room, and then turned around and said, "I love you very much, Patrick."

The weeks passed by and Patrick studied hard for his tests. To tell to you the truth, Patrick was so involved in doing his homework and studying that he pretty much forgot all about Mum's promise.

The final week of school arrived, and Patrick had his tests. They sure were tough. When the tests where finished the students had a few days to finish up school, while the teachers prepared their report cards and sent then to the student's homes. When the last day of school arrived Patrick merrily skipped home from school with his sister, having totally forgot about his Mum's promise.

When Patrick and sister arrived home, some Rice Krispie squares and milk awaited them. They sat in the kitchen, while their Mum praised them both for getting good report cards. They had arrived in the mail earlier that day. After Patrick finished his treat, he headed upstairs to his bedroom to get a book and his kite. Patrick was going to go sit along the banks of a small creek near the house, fly his kite, and read. A perfect ending to a tough school year, and perfect way to spend the halcyon days of summer.

Patrick walked into his room and noticed that on top of his dresser were two bottles of nail polish, and hairbrush, and a girl's mirror. His tummy had butterflies in it as he suddenly remembered his Mum's promise. He slowly opened his top dresser drawer. To his surprise, there he found 3 training bras, all neatly folded, 14 pair of cute cotton bikini panties, some knee socks, and 2 packages of pantyhose.

Patrick gulped, and then stood there blinking, not believing his eyes. He then heard his Mum ask, "Are you surprised?"

Patrick stammered out a, "Y-y-y-yes."

"Well, you did so good at school, that I had to keep my end of the bargain." she said as she entered his bedroom. "So do you want to try on your new clothes?"

Enthusiastically Patrick answered, "Yes, please, may I?"

"Of course you may, sweetheart. I'll leave you to your privacy." Ms
Knowlton answered.

Patrick began selecting a training bra and panties from out of his drawers as she closed the door to his room. It was then that he looked over at the closed door, and got yet another surprise, for there he saw a dark green dress hanging. "Wow!" he whispered, "Mum bought me a dress too!"

Patrick sat on his bed and pulled off his boy's clothes and tossed them in the corner. Then he pulled on his panties. The panties were a bikini cut, all cotton, and white with little bitty flowers all over them, and little scalloped trim along the legs and waistband.

'Gee, these feel neat,' he thought.

But the neatest thing was yet to be. Patrick picked up the training bra. It was all white, a Teencharm brand. After fussing with it for a few minutes, he figured out how to put it on. As he adjusted the straps, Patrick looked in the mirror.

"Pretty cool," he thought. "I still look like a boy, but it looks neat to see me in a training bra and panties."

The training bra felt different, but good, around his chest.

Just then there was a knock at Patrick's door. It was his Mum again.

"Can I come in, now?" she asked.

"I suppose so," Patrick replied.

She opened the door, and asked "Well, don't you look pretty! So what do you think? Do you like wearing a bra and panties? This is what we girls do everyday."

"Oh yes, Mum! It's so different," Patrick answered.

Then Patrick slowly asked. "But, Mum, is the dress for me too?"

"Of course it is," she replied. "You can try it on now if you like."

Patrick reached for it and took it off the hanger. His Mum helped him step into it and then buttoned it up the back. 'Wearing dresses felt so much better than wearing shorts or pants!' Patrick thought.

Patrick's Mum then handed him a pair of white knee socks to pull on.

"Now, sweetie, this is something very special. You can't wear your dress outside the house, though, because I don't want the neighborhood bullies to hurt you. But you can wear your training bras and panties whenever you want, even under boy's clothes," Ms Knowlton said.

"Okay Mum," Patrick answered.

"Now I have something really special to show you," his Mum said.

She went down the hallway, and got Patrick's twin sister Susan. Susan had on the exact same dress! She came up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Now we can really be twins," she said.

As the summer progressed, it became commonplace to see Patrick and his sister, both in the bathroom brushing their teeth wearing just our training bras and panties. It just became a normal site to see him, a boy, in a training bra and panties, just like his sister wore. For the twin's birthday, Susan got Patrick another training bra. Patrick was thrilled to receive a Teenform training bra with a gift tag on it that said, "For My Brother with love."

And so that is the story Patrick's first training bra, and a mother's promise of love!

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