Like Brothers, Like Sisters – Part 2

Like Brothers, Like Sisters — Part 2
By Amy Lynn

'Jeff? Can I ask you a question?' Timmy said as if he was testing the waters of a cool, but inviting lake.

'Sure, I suppose.' Jeff answered slowly.

Timmy held out his hand. 'Would you do my fingernails too? I kinda like that pink nail-polish.'

Jeff smiled and took Timmy's hand.

'Well, sure, I guess I can do that' Jeff said as he turned and retrieved the bottle of the nail polish. In silence he began painting his brother's fingernails. When he reached the last nail he finally spoke.

'Now blow on them and then shake them in the air like this so they dry. Blow on them like you do to get the glue on model airplane parts to dry' Jeff instructed him as waved his hands in the air.

Timmy did as he was told and then held his hands out in front of him to admire the look.

'Do you like it?' his brother asked as he sat there still dressed in his slip, bra and panties.

Timmy smiled. 'Yeah. Its not creepy at all.'

'Look at me,' Jeff laughed, 'Still in my undies.' He got up and reached for his dress.

As Jeff pulled it on, Timmy sat silently and watched as Jeff took the dress of the hanger. It was a yellow raglan-sleeved dress with elastic at neck and sleeves and high elastic below Jeff's padded bust, the skirt flowing out and down to his right above his knees.

Jeff looked in the mirror, smiled and then toward his brother and said, 'That's better. Here, take off your socks and let me do your toenails too.'

Timmy pulled off his socks and then placed a foot on the edge of Jeff's chair. The nail polish felt cool as his brother brushed it on his toenails. As Timmy watched his brother, he noticed a calm peacefulness grow in him. It was as if he had a glow about him.

'There, all done. Be careful it doesn't smear. Its icky when that happens.' Jeff offered.

Jeff then sat down in front of his brother. A serious look came over his face. "Are you sure you don't think I'm all weird cause I like to wear girls clothes?' he asked.

Timmy scrunched up his nose, 'Nah. I think its kinda cool. Ya know, like when Bruce Banner changes into the Incredible Hulk.'

Jeff looked at his brother with a puzzled expression as he took a sip from a glass of pop he had been drinking, his lipstick leaving an imprint on the rim of the glass.

Timmy then quickly added, 'Well, maybe a lot prettier tough'

With that Jeff, howled with laughter, and pop squirted out his nostrils, leaving both boys giggling. It was the first time that Timmy had heard him laugh in weeks.

Jeff quickly jumped to his feet. 'I think your toenails are dry. C'mon, I Was a Teenage Werewolf is on Horror Theater on channel 53.'

The boys dashed downstairs and turned on the old Philco color TV in the living room. They got so wrapped up in the movie that as they sat there and watched, Timmy absentmindedly placed his feet up on the coffee table. This was something he would never do if his parents where there. Just as he was about to pull them off the table, he caught sight of his pink toenails. A jolt of defiance coursed thorough his body and he decided to leave his toenails in plain sight, so that he could admire the pretty pink nail polish on them.

During a commercial break, Jeff got up to retrieve a bag of pretzels from the kitchen. He turned the corner into the hallway and the skirt of his dress flowed behind him. Timmy couldn't recall when he ever seen Jeff quite this happy. In fact the whole house felt like an incredible dark cloud has drifted away from it. The rooms seemed to be filled with a golden sunshine.

As Timmy munched on a pretzel, with every dip in the bag, he was in awe of the fact that the pretty pink fingernails of every finger holding a pretzel belonged to him.

The afternoon faded into evening and the werewolf faded in Archie Bunker, the brother ate macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it. At 8.30 they sat and watched Sandy Duncan in her new series 'Funny Face'.

'She's really cute', Jeff observed. 'I like her short pixie hair cut. Make's her kinda look like a boy.'

Timmy replied, 'Yeah, she's pretty. Isn't it funny how girls can have short hair like boys, but boys get hassled for having long hair?'

Jeff's gaze broke away from the TV and he looked at the picture of his dad on the wall. 'Dad says that guys with long hair are worthless and weak.'

'I don't think you're weak, Jeff. Jeepers, I bet none of the toughest guys in school would ever be brave enough to wear a dress.' Timmy pointed out.

As the brothers continued watching the show, Timmy thought about how it felt when his brother was painting his nails. As Jeff was painting the polish on his fingernails, Timmy felt an air of someone caring for him. It felt like Jeff wanted him to feel special in some way. It was a feeling unlike any he had ever gotten from his mother or father.

When the Sandy Duncan show ended, the flipped to Alias Smith and Jones on the ABC Movie of the Weekend. It got a bit boring after awhile and Timmy looked over at his brother, still in his yellow dress.

'Jeff?', he asked.

Jeff looked over at him and tilted his head.

'When did you first start wearing girls clothes?' he inquired.

Jeff got up and turned off the TV and sat snuggled into the corner of the couch.

'Well,' Jeff began, 'I was your age. 13. I don't know if you remember back when dad tried to get me to play pee wee football.'

'Yep, I remember' Timmy answered.

Jeff then began to relate the events of that fall day. 'Well, I was so bad; that he said I should I have been a girl cause I was worthless as a boy. On the way home from the field he took me into Kress' department store'.

'I though dad wasn't allowed to go into Kress' store' Timmy remarked.

'You're right. Here's why. He started grabbing dresses and asking me which dress I wanted because I was no more than a good for nothing girl. I started crying and store security came by and threw us out of the store.' Jeff explained.

Timmy's mouth dropped open in disbelief.

Jeff then grinned a big grin, 'But, ya know what, I showed him. I got to thinking that wearing a dress wouldn't really be all that awful, so week later I stole some of his beer money and went to Kress' store. Next thing you know I had a dress, a training bra, and a pair of panties all my own!'

'Wow Jeff. That took a lot of guts. I don't know if I could ever be as brave as you.' Timmy

'Sure you can.' Jeff observed. 'Its easy. Hey, c'mon, we should get ready for bed and I have to my makeup off. Come on upstairs with me.

The boy went upstairs and entered Jeff's bedroom. As Timmy watched, Jeff took off his dress and folded it neatly on his bed.

'C'mon into the bathroom with me while I wash off my makeup.' Jeff requested.

Timmy followed him into the bathroom and observed as his brother wiped off his eye shadow and lipstick.

Jeff sighed. 'Good-night Jessica.'

'Jessica? Who's Jessica' Timmy asked.

'Oh, Jessica is my girl name. I like it' Jeff replied.

Feeling a bit bold inside, Timmy then commented 'Well, if I had a girl's name I'd like it to be Rebecca'

Jeff grinned a big smile, 'Does someone have a crush on Rebecca Chilton at school?' he teased.

Timmy's face got all red, 'Yeah, I 'spose'

'You are so cool!', Jeff answered. 'C'mon. Time to put on my nightie and get under the covers. I'll come into your room and tuck you in.'

'What about my fingernails' Timmy said as he held up his hands.

'We can take care of them in the morning before we go to Mass' Jeff answered.

Once in his bedroom Timmy began slowly undressing. He was down to his undershirt and briefs when Jeff appeared in his doorway. Jeff was wearing a girl's nightgown that resembled a long dress. It was white with clouds and unicorns all over it. He was carrying his knapsack in one hand.

Timmy looked at him and spoke 'I guess I should put on my pajamas.'

Smiling, Jeff held out the knapsack for his brother. 'Or you could wear these'

Timmy opened the knapsack and pulled out a girl's sleeveless shorty nightie. It was cream color with little cornflowers on it and lace around the bottom of the skirt. A matching pair of panties completed the outfit.

'Do you think it would be okay' Timmy stammered.

'Hey — I think that you are every bit as brave as me, so I can't see why not. I'll leave you here and you can wear it if you want to' Jeff said as stood up and went to the door.

'You know, this was a nightie I had when I was your age. I saved it in knapsack in the cave all these years. I can't think of any one I'd much rather give my old girls clothes to than my brother.'

Timmy jumped up and hugged his brother. 'Jeff, do you think it would be okay if I wore dresses and other girls clothes like you do'

Jeff sat down beside him. 'Do you really want to? You know it'll be hell if mom and dad find out.'

'I do and I don't care about mom and dad. We're still brothers, even if we both wear dresses' Timmy responded.

Jeff felt a lump in his throat. 'Hey, you better get to bed. I'll see you in the morning.' Then as he closed the door he turned and looked at his brother. 'Good night, Rebecca' he whispered.

'Good night, Jessica' Timmy replied back smiling.

In his dimly lit room, Timmy unfolded the girls' nightie and set it on his bed. He stripped off his boy's undies and nervously pulled the nightgown over his head and then pulled on the panties. Timmy looked in the mirror and caught his breathe at the happy sight that greeted him. Once again he felt special, like someone really cared for him. That night his sleep was peaceful and calm.

The next morning the boys sat at the kitchen table eating Rice Crispies. There was nothing unusual about their conversation; in fact it could have been that of any two boys, or any two girls for that matter as they read the Sunday comics.

After breakfast they both took care to remove the nail polish from their fingernails.

'Its okay to leave it on tour toenails, mom will never know,' he observed.

They then put on shirts and pants and left for 11.30 Mass.

When Mass was over they walked home. A car was parked in their driveway. It belonged to their Aunt Margaret. She saw then and came running over to them, her eyes a red and watery.

'Boys, you have to come with me. There's been an accident. You mom and dad are badly hurt' she exclaimed.

The boys climbed into the back of her Dodge and they drove off into the city. The drive was silent and still. No one spoke.

When they arrived at the hospital the doctor greeted them and called them into a small room.

'I'm sorry, but the news is not good. Boys your father is dead.' The doctor said in quiet tone.

Jeff and Timmy felt a chill go through tem, but no tears seemed to come.

'He was driving and had consumed a lot of alcohol. They hit an overpass. Your father was killed instantly. You mother went through the windshield. She will probably lose her sight. She's in intensive care and in a coma.'

The brother's stared into space. No emotion seemed to fill them. As the doctor continued explaining the situation to Aunt Margaret, they tuned out. The droning of the doctor's voice was interrupted by a knock at the door. He called for the person to enter

Father Frawley from church walked in and closed the door. After saying a few word of comfort he offered to speak to the boys alone. They followed him down the hallway to the hospital chapel. As they sat in one of the pews, Jeff burst into tears.

'I didn't mean for this to happen. I'm so sorry' he sobbed.

"What Jeff, didn't mean for what to happen' Father Frawley asked.

'I didn't want them to die or get hurt. I just wanted them to be nicer to us. I prayed that they would just leave us alone' Jeff cried.

Timmy then spoke, 'Mom and dad always acted like we were always in trouble. We just wanted them to love us.'

Father Frawley leaned back. 'Boys, you didn't create the situation that hurt them, they did. God didn't punish them for you; they punished themselves. Your job is to be the best Jeff and Timmy you can be. I think you can do that.'

Jeff and Timmy both looked at him. 'So we should just be ourselves?'

'I think so. And even though your mom has been mean to you, now she is going to like a child, because she has lost her sight. Show her the love that you want you to feel yourselves. Now maybe your father, as well as your mother, will finally see you for who you are, not who they wanted you to be be.'

At this point Aunt Margaret walked into the chapel. 'C'mom boys. I'll take you home.' Then turning to the priest she said, 'Thank you Father, we'll be in touch about the Funeral Mass.'

"You're welcome' he answered, then added, 'Remember boys, be the best YOU, you can be.'

As they road back home, Aunt Margaret spoke. 'I'll need you boys to help me. Can you get your suits and ties ready to go to the funeral home tomorrow?'

'I suppose' Jeff answered.

'Yeah, I guess, Timmy echoed.

'Good. I'll drop you at you hose and then come back and stay with you overnight.' The boy's aunt offered.

They got home and slowly plodded up the stairs to their rooms to get the clothes ready. Jeff stood in his room staring into his closet. He picked out his blazer and a white shirt. The dour dark color of the jacket contrasted with the warm yellow of the dress hanging next to it. He closed his eyes and wished he could be wearing a dress to the funeral home. He took a deep breath and his eyes opened wide. The words that Father Frawley said about his dad seeing him as is his suddenly hit home. He dug out his knapsack again and removed a small brown paper bag.

'Timmy?' he called out. 'Can you come here?'

His brother made his way down the hallway. He felt like he was wading through jello. Jeff was sitting on his bed. Jeff motioned for Timmy to sit down next to him.

'Remember how Father Frawley said that maybe dad would finally see us as we are, not as he wanted us to be?' Jeff began.

'Yeah, I remember' Timmy said as he shook his head.

'Well, we maybe have to wear jacket and ties to his funeral, but at least we can both be wearing these.' Jeff said as he handed the bag to his brother.

Timmy opened the small brown paper sack, and pulled out a pair of girl's cotton bikini panties. They had a splashy print of flowers on them, the narrow waist and leg openings adorned with a simple lace.

'Go on. They're for you. They,' Jeff paused, 'were my first pair of panties. I kinda saved them as a fond memory.'

'Jeepers, Jeff, I guess this will mean that I am as brave as you.' Timmy pointed out.

Jeff smiled, 'Yep, and he can't hurt us anymore. We'll be strong together, cause we'll both be wearing girls' panties and standing up to him. Now go ahead, try them. They are softer and nicer than anything ever. I'll let you have some privacy.'

Jeff got up and left Timmy by himself. Timmy held the soft cotton panties in his hand and then rubbed then against his cheek. He stood up and quickly undressed. As he paused and looked at himself in the mirror he was wearing only his white BVDs. He pulled them off and picked up the panties as he whispered, 'Hi, Rebecca, I'm pleased to meet you.'

(to be continued)

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