Come fishin'

Come fishin'
by Charlotte Dickles

fishwalk lodge.jpgWhen Kevin's boss, Rick, suggests a walking and fishing weekend, Kevin little realises he will have to act as a decoy for Rick's latest girlfriend.

"You know, Rick," Kevin said, a stupid grin on his face, "I can't tell you just how pleased I am you suggested this fishing and walking holiday over the Bank Holiday weekend. I simply never put you down as one of those guys who enjoyed those kinds of things."

Rick shrugged, noncommittally. "When Sarah said she was going away for a chamber music long weekend, it seemed a good idea. Just two mates from work, fishing, walking and maybe drinking a few beers."

"Great," Kevin enthusiastically agreed. "I've got a schedule all worked out to make the most of our time. There are some fantastic walks around here, but they're quite long so we'll need to devote a full day to each one. Maybe a bit of fishing in the evening, assuming we get back a reasonable time. They provide some brilliant fishing gear in this place."

"Well, er, Kevin, I was thinking of a rather more relaxing time. I'm not keen on walking all day long."

"Well, we don't want to get bored and waste our break, do we?"

"Of course we don't want to waste it, Kevin, but it doesn't mean we're joined at the hip. I did say I'd meet up with a few friends whilst I was down here. Maybe stay with them overnight."

"Stay overnight?" Kevin was puzzled. "But I thought we were going to have a holiday together."

"Sure, we're on holiday together, Kevin, but we've got to do our own thing. You do your walking and fishing, and I'll take some more leisurely pursuits."

"Male or female?"


"The friends you're going to stay with overnight. Are they male or female?"

"Does it matter?"

"It probably matters to your wife."

Rick shrugged again. "We have a fairly relaxed relationship."

"So that's why you told her you were going on a blokes' weekend with me, rather than spending the weekend shagging some bird you picked up."

"Hey!" Rick's tone abruptly changed. "Remember I'm your boss, so don't get uptight with me. You live life by your morals and I'll live mine by mine. Is that clear?"

Kevin pulled an apologetic face. "Sorry mate. It's none of my business. It was just a surprise to find out you had other plans, that's all."

"Maybe I should have told you before now, but I didn't want you to start chattering to the other guys in the office. Before I knew it, the story would have been all over the building. You know Sarah still has lots of friends working there."

"Sure mate. I understand." Kevin said. But he didn't! He'd met Sarah several times at office functions, and she was the most drop-dead-bloody-gorgeous wife a guy could have. He'd do anything just for one of her smiles; as for the thought of burying his head between those luscious tits and sucking on her... And there was Rick trying to get his end away with some slag he met in a pub! Stupid tosser!

But reluctantly, he had to admit the person most likely to be tossing that holiday was himself. He was interrupted in his thoughts by a knocking on the door of their fishing lodge.

"I guess that'll be my cousin, Miranda," he told Rick. "Did I tell you she was coming down to Seacombe for a course on local churches at the Grand Hotel?"

"You mentioned it," Rick said. "Now do you want to go and let her in or have I got to go?"

But it wasn't Miranda at the door.

"Sarah!" Kevin said, raising his voice a little so Rick would be warned.

"Hi Kevin," Sarah said, marching straight past him. "At least Rick wasn't lying about you."

"Sarah!" Somehow, Rick managed to sound delighted at the sight of his wife who, only seconds before, he'd been planning to betray. "What brings you here?"

"The musicians all went down with some nasty virus - the whole music weekend was cancelled. It seemed a shame to waste the break so I've booked for a course called 'Historic Churches in and around Seacombe,' at the Grand Hotel."

"That's a coincidence," Kevin said, "my cousin Miranda Slater is on the same course. We were expecting to see her here this afternoon."

"Were you really?" Sarah said, noticing the sudden look on Rick's face and adding, "I bet you call her Randy, don't you?"

Kevin grinned. "Actually, at school Miranda Slater became Randy Slut. She is, as well - although don't tell her I said so."

Sarah turned to Rick and said, "Have you met Randy?"

Rick changed the fierce grimace he'd been directing at Kevin into a look of total innocence. "Of course not. As far as I know, Kevin's never brought her to any of the office functions. How would I have met her?" He turned to Kevin for support. "That's right, isn't it, Kevin?"

"Absolutely," Kevin agreed, having been far too entranced with the way Sarah's tits joggled as she moved to have noticed Rick's glare. "It would be so embarrassing if I brought her to an office party. She'd probably be having sex in the stationery cupboard with..." he'd been about to say Rick, but he quickly changed it to "...half the office."

"Huh!" Sarah sounded singularly unimpressed, but couldn't believe Kevin would pull off a double-bluff like that with such a straight face. "Well remember, Rick, I shall be just up the road in Seacombe, and I'll be keeping a close eye on you. So don't stray from the straight and narrow. Right?"

"I don't know what you mean," Rick said.


"Phew! That was close," Rick said as soon as she'd left. "But I think your being so open about Miranda put her off the scent. I don't think she suspected anything, do you?"

It seemed to Kevin that Sarah had been full of suspicion, but knew it was little use in saying so. "I guess not," he concurred. "But it's just occurred to me that Miranda did come into the office a few weeks ago to return a book I'd lent to my aunt. You could have met her then."

"No," Rick corrected. "That was the day I was coming back from Manchester and got delayed. Remember?"

"How do you know?"


"How do you know," Kevin repeated, "which day Miranda came into the office if you weren't there?"

"You must have mentioned it."

"No reason why I should. I got back from lunch and the book was on my desk. I did wonder how she knew which was my desk, as the office had been deserted over lunchtime."

"She must have found someone to ask."

"Like maybe your train wasn't delayed after all, and you were able to assist her?"

After a moment's pause, Rick shrugged. "I guess I'd better come clean. You're right; I got back to find her looking for you. I hadn't had lunch and neither had she, so we went to the pub."

"And you never got back to the office that day," Kevin said.

Rick simply shrugged again.

"And the reason we are all down here is not for fishing, walking and historic churches?"

Rick nodded, but any further debate on the issue was cut short by a knock on the door.


Long, blonde hair, huge juggs delightfully exposed by her low-necked white dress, and long legs with only the top few inches concealed by the shortest skirt Kevin had ever seen. Kevin often thought Miranda dressed like a tart, but never before had she been quite so brazen about it.

"Hi, sexy," she said to Rick, after marching past Kevin in just the same way as Sarah had done. "I've come to take you away from all this."

"There's a problem," Rick said. "Sarah's been here. She's staying at the Grand on the same course as you."

"Sarah! I thought she was going to Harrogate or somewhere?"

"She says it was cancelled due to illness although I'm not certain I believe her. I think she's here just to spy on us."

He sounded so indignant, Kevin thought, but surely Rick could see his behaviour demanded such treatment.

Miranda looked suddenly suspicious. "What's Sarah look like?"

Rick looked vague. "Nice boobs, but of course, nothing like yours. Brown hair, sort of shoulder length."

"What was she wearing?"

Rick looked even vaguer.

"Pastel blue blouse," Kevin said, "with a dark blue, pleated skirt, and matching pumps."

"Drives a blue Audi?"

A nod from Rick.

"She was in the car park when I arrived," Miranda said. "As soon as I parked, I noticed her in my mirror, sitting in the car behind. She was staring daggers at me, but I had the top down on the Mazda and I thought it was just normal female jealousy."

With the top of her sports car down and Miranda's long blonde hair flying behind her, she would look dazzling, Kevin thought. She'd be used to catty looks from women.

"Shit!" Rick said. "She'll have watched you come in here and she'll be waiting to see you leave. You'd better go straightaway. I'm afraid it looks as though we're not going to be able to get together this weekend after all..."

"No!" Miranda snapped. "I've got a better idea."

She fumbled in her handbag and produced a set of keys. "It will look suspicious if you stay inside here with me, so Rick, there are a few carrier bags in the boot of my car. Go and bring them back here. I noticed an outside seating area by the clubhouse, so afterwards you can go and get yourself a beer and sit there, facing into the sun. It will mean Sarah will be able to keep an eye on you, without you making eye contact with her."

It wasn't the first time that Kevin had been surprised that such an apparent bimbo should actually have a very keen mind. Without demur, Rick took the keys and made to leave.

"And don't even glance around when you hear me driving off, do you hear," Miranda added.

Rick shrugged and did as Miranda had commanded. After taking the carrier bags back to the lodge and buying a beer at the clubhouse, he sat outside in the sun and contemplated his position. Personally, he wouldn't be too upset to cancel the whole arrangement. Miranda was excellent in bed, and had promised him something different this weekend which would drive him wild with lust, but she was looking decidedly more tarty than when he had met her that day at work. And a guy did want to be able to go into a restaurant and gain some respect. He didn't know what crazy scheme she was hatching up, but at least he was sitting here in full view of Sarah who could see he was totally innocent of any involvement in it. He could feel his eyes starting to close.


It was the roar of the Mazda's engine which jerked him awake. He turned round, startled, and saw Miranda accelerating quickly away, her long blonde hair blowing in the wind. Rick kept his glance firmly away from Sarah, as she started up her car and drove off after Miranda.

It was time, Rick thought to get back to the fishing lodge, and try to modify Kevin's horrendous walking plans.

After coming in from the bright sunlight, it was difficult seeing anything in the shade inside the fishing lodge. But Kevin was standing there before him in his scruffy tee shirt, his hands on the waist of his dirty jeans. But then he did a really weird thing. He quickly pulled his tee shirt up and over his head. As he did so, his jeans dropped down to his ankles.

"Bloody hell!" Rick said.


"Do you remember when we were kids and you used to dress up in my clothes?" Miranda had asked Kevin.

"What?" Kevin replied, trying to make sense of her question, before the truth hit him. "Whoa! No way! On yer bike!"

"I think I still have some photographs at home. If I have to abandon this holiday, I can look them up when I get home and let Rick have some copies. I'm sure it would brighten up your office notice-board."

"That's blackmail!" Kevin shouted.

Miranda gave her sweetest smile. "Absolutely."

"You wouldn't."

"Try me."

"It'll never work. Just compare the two of us." He dragged her into the bathroom, in front of the only mirror in the lodge. They stood side by side and stared at themselves.

"Same height," Miranda said. "Our faces have a family likeness. Your shoulders are a bit wider, but nothing too noticeable."

"Except for your long, blonde hair and..."

Before Kevin could include her most noticeable assets, Miranda reached up and removed her wig exposing her own short hair, and placed the wig on Kevin.

Kevin blinked at his image in the mirror - his face had completely changed, although the unshaven look he'd been trying to cultivate for the last two weeks clearly spoilt the image.

"I have some wax in the stuff Rick's getting from the car," she said. "I think that underneath that hair, your face will be as soft as a baby's."

"But I still haven't got your huge tits. There's no way I can imitate those with some rolled up socks in my bra. Remember, I'd have to be wearing your clothes as I leave, and your top leaves nothing to the imagination."

"OK," Miranda said, "I give you that, but if we ignore the tits for a moment, don't you think we're quite similar

"But she's seen both you and me. She'll notice the difference."

"She's only seen me from the rear, getting out of my car. If you were masquerading as me, she'd recognise the family likeness and simply think I was a rather ugly cow."

"But I still don't have any bloody tits!" Kevin was almost shouting now.

Further conversation was halted by the front door opening and Rick calling through in a loud voice, just in case Sarah could hear from her car. "I've left your bags by the door, Miranda. Kevin, I'm going off to get a beer now. Come and join me when Miranda leaves."

"Thanks," they both shouted back, and the front door slammed shut.

"It's time for a girl to reveal herself," Miranda said. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress, and then pulled it over her head, and Kevin could only gasp at the sight of her huge, firm tits supported by a miniscule red bra. A second later, the bra joined the dress on the floor, and Kevin was going goggle-eyed.

"So how would you like a pair like these?" Miranda gave a little shake of her shoulders which made them quiver delightfully.

"They are fucking fantastic," Kevin said. It was, he realised, quite frankly impossible for him to replicate those with rolled up socks. He should have felt relieved, but instead he felt envy that girls had all the fun. "So, get me a pair of tits like those and I'll do it," he added in a show of bravado, knowing he was on safe ground there.

Miranda grinned at him. "Thanks Kevin, I knew I could count on you. You're a super cousin."

"Hang on," he said. "I said I can only do it with tits like those. There's no..."

"Why you can have these," Miranda said. She crossed her arms across her boobs and seemed to hook her fingernails into her skin at the side and pulled upwards, lifting her breasts higher and higher, until they were above her head. "Here you are," she said, handing them across to Kevin.

"What the... How did you do that?" He stared down at the heavy garment in his hands, uncomprehending what had happened.

"It's called a Bustlet," Miranda said. "Made especially for girls like me who want to change from being an A-cup into an E-cup. Are you ready to try it on?"


"Except that before you do so, I need to spread some gel on you to stop perspiration forming beneath. Fortunately, I've just bought a new tub of it as my old one had run out, and I have been getting quite sweaty underneath. It's in the stuff Rick just brought in from the car. I'll go and get it."

She was back in a few seconds, by which time Kevin had chance to comprehend the garment was like a skin-coloured crop top, with boobs and nipples built in.

"We'll use the red gel," Miranda said. "It's much more effective than the green. Now, off with your tee shirt."

Without even thinking, he slipped off his tee shirt and Miranda covered his chest, back and shoulders with a red gel.

"Now let's slip on the Bustlet," she said, taking it from him and holding it so he could slip his arms through the armholes. She pulled it down over his head and as far down his body as it would go, smoothed it down and then turned him to face the mirror again. "What do you think?"

"They're fucking fantastic," he said, reaching his hands up to cup them, then he jerked a little. "It's as though I can feel them," he said.

"They're touch sensitive," she said. "The feel is transmitted to your own skin by tiny electrodes. It's quite safe and you can even adjust the sensitivity."

"Bugger me!"

"You'll do it then?"

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to see how I look. How long will it take?"

Of course, the answer was absolutely ages. It takes long enough for a woman to prepare herself to go out. For a woman to make a man look in her image takes far longer.

"What on earth are they doing in there?" Sarah kept asking herself. If Rick had still been inside the fishing lodge, she'd have known exactly what they were up to, but Kevin... Clearly, when he'd spoken about his cousin to Sarah, he'd had no sexual intentions - and when Sarah had seen Miranda get out of the car, she'd have given Kevin absolutely no chance of succeeding, but all the same...

She gave another quick glance over to where Rick was seated, but he had fallen asleep, and she knew him well enough to know that was something he never did with sex on his mind! Perhaps she had been wrong about this whole trip - maybe she shouldn't have cancelled her concert weekend after all.

She shook her head. No, she had been convinced over the last week that he was going to be having an affair this holiday - it was still early days, and there could be a dozen women turning up later.

The door to the fishing lodge opened and the tart came out, a smile on her face. Had she and Kevin...

Miranda's smile broadened as she walked back towards her car, and Sarah sensed it came not from recent sex but from the confidence of brimming over with her own beauty. Not that her face was even pretty! She was not dissimilar to Kevin, Sarah realised, but had that look of inner happiness that Kevin clearly never had.

Watching Miranda walk towards her, Sarah felt a sudden stab of excitement shoot through her, the like of which she hadn't felt since she'd first seen Head Girl, Gemma Yates, at school. A flush crept to her cheeks as she remembered the things she and Gemma had got up to whilst ostensibly doing homework together in their bedrooms. Surely, after all these years of heterosexual relationships she wasn't still interested in other women. Was she?

As Miranda opened the door of her car and made to get in, she briefly glanced towards Sarah's car and their eyes met. Sarah saw Miranda's eyes suddenly widen with excitement, combined with a look of terrible guilt, as though she recognised her own lesbian desires and had to suppress them!

Miranda hurriedly got into the car and made a terrible mess of reversing out of the space, showing none of the skill and confidence at driving she'd had earlier. As Sarah started her car and followed, her mind also was in a state of complete confusion and excitement.


It would never do, Kevin knew, to admit he was incredibly turned on by the very thought of having those magnificent tits pushing out the top of his dress, his skirt so short it almost exposed his bulging panties, and shoes with heels that went "Clack-Clack-Clack," as he walked along the path towards Miranda's car. But as he walked, his tits joggled inside his bra, and as they joggled, his excitement swelled to the point where he knew he was going to have a bloody great orgasm.

It wouldn't be the first in the last hour. When it had come to the point where Kevin's huge erection had to be squeezed inside Miranda's impossibly tiny panties, Miranda knew that matters would have to be taken in hand - and in hand, she took them.

She was not inexperienced in giving a good hand job. And although she took pride in knowing every delaying tactic possible to make the experience last forever, she also knew that time was of the essence. The speed at which she wanked off Kevin surprised even him. Yes, it was extremely nice for a sexy woman to do the work, and certainly, he desperately needed to be relieved, and yes, it had the effect of reducing his erection so that his genitals could be pushed back between his legs and then the panties pulled up firmly, keeping everything in place.

But his willy started going hard again almost straightaway, trying to force their way out of his tiny, sexy panties, so when Miranda pushed him out of the door and he commenced his walk towards the car, his breasts joggling and his nipples rubbing inside the bra, he knew another orgasm was inevitable. As he reached the car, he had to hold onto the door handle to stop himself dropping to the ground, and his eyes met Sarah's just at that moment when he came.

For a second, they held each other's gaze, and then he managed to open the car door and pull himself inside. Fearing she would come over and ask if he was all right, he fumbled for the keys, and then reversed out of the spot, stalling the engine in the process.


"Miranda. It's me"

"Oh God, Rick! Oh God!" Miranda's voice changed. "Yes, I thought it would be. Oh G-O-D!"

Kevin had telephoned her from the car as soon as he'd got going. Clearly, Rick had returned to the fishing lodge.

"It's not going to work."

"More! Oh please, more. Why not?"

"I shot my load into my panties before I reached the car. It's going to be impossible to walk into the hotel with semen dribbling down my legs and my prick bulging through my panties."

"Oh Rick! Please! Fuck me hard! You're going to have to manage as best you can. I'll get something delivered to the hotel for you that will cover up your prick. Smear on more red gel before putting it on. OK? Harder! HARDER!"

"But Miranda, I don't care what..."

He stopped speaking as he discovered the call was disconnected.


It wasn't as though he had anywhere else to go, he realised. Looking like this, he could hardly go home, and in any case, he was extremely exposed driving in this open-topped car - far better to park at The Grand and then quickly walk through the foyer and up to Miranda's room.

Driving into Seacombe was a nightmare. The lights were against him at every junction, and then dozens of pedestrians would cross the road, surging all around his car.

Of course, most of them stared down at the blonde girl with the big boobs, and the short skirt with a hint of panty visible. Again and again, Kevin frantically pulled down the hem of his skirt, only to find it had ridden up again next time he stopped.

At last, he pulled into The Grand's car park and breathed a sigh of relief. All he had to do now was get quickly up to Miranda's room.


"Oh, Miss Slater," the male receptionist called across to him.

Kevin turned and looked at him. He hadn't thought he might have to talk to someone. He'd give the game away as soon as he opened his mouth. So he gave a kind of smile and walked towards the reception desk.

He needn't have worried. The receptionist almost had his tongue hanging out, staring at Kevin's tits bouncing as he walked up to him. Kevin should have been shocked but instead felt even sexier than he had done earlier. He desperately hoped he wasn't going to have another orgasm.

"I'm sorry," the man blustered as Kevin gave him such a strange look. "I didn't mean to stare. A parcel arrived for you a few minutes ago."

He picked up the fairly large box and placed it on the counter. "I'll carry it up to your room, for you."

"No!" The last thing Kevin wanted was for this man to go up to his room with him - conversation would be almost inevitable, but his gasped rejection had been emitted without thought. Fortunately, the man had not proclaimed that the big boobed woman in front of him was clearly a man.

"Can you manage it?"

Kevin smiled and the man reluctantly handed over the parcel.

It was bulky and difficult to carry, and as he walked away, he knew the man was just dying to come to his assistance. He carried on walking to his room.


The parcel was from a company called Big Busts, as though Kevin's weren't already big enough. Their latest design, the packaging said, which would allow a man to completely feel like a woman. Inside was something called a Hiplet, which was like a control brief made of skin-like material, except that it added inches to the hips and bum, rather than removing them. He spread it on the bed and carefully examined it. There was a pocket on the inside of the gusset for his willy to slide into, and then the gusset could be pulled back between the legs so that it would look for all the world as though he had a pussy.

In fact, there really was a vagina in the garment which would presumably accept someone's penis, only Kevin couldn't quite work out where that was going to sit - after all, when the gusset was tightly fastened, there'd be no space inside for a vaginal cavity. He shrugged. It would probably all work out when he put it in place. In the meantime, he needed a shower to get rid of the dried bodily fluids around his prick.

Afterwards, as he dried himself, he marvelled again at the difference to his legs that waxing had made. They were really sexy legs, and once he had on the Hiplet, it would be difficult to tell that he was really a man, even when he was naked.

He spread the gel over his buttocks, upper legs and lower torso, and then pulled the Hiplet up his legs. His prick went into the pocket all right, with just the knob pushing through a slot into the area between the lips of his labia, and as he pulled the gusset between his legs, the head looked, for all the world, like a rather large clitoris.

When he'd pulled the gusset back as far as it would go, it suddenly became very obvious just where the cunt was going to fit. Ooh! He couldn't do that. Could he? He had to make a decision quickly, as the gel was beginning to dry. He grimaced, and then slipped a thumb into the vagina and worked it into the only cavity available in his body.

Incredibly, after fastening it, his new vagina didn't look too much out of place. Perhaps it was a bit further towards the rear than those he'd seen on the few women he'd had experience with, but certainly not so extreme as to be beyond belief. It did feel strange, and he also wondered how he was going to shit whilst still wearing it.

It was time, he guessed, to telephone Miranda again and see how long he had to stay in his hotel room before he could respectably leave. He gave her another call.

"Ooh, is Ricky upset that he has his hands tied with fishing line?"

Kevin heard Rick say, "This isn't fucking funny, now release me."

"Oh, what a naughty man, swearing like that," Miranda said. "I think I'm going to have to stuff Kevin's underpants in your mouth to stop you swearing some more."

Kevin pulled a nasty face.

"You fucking won't, you bitch... Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

"Now then Kevin. What's the problem?"

"Has Rick really got my underpants in his mouth?"

"It's all right, Kevin," Miranda reassured him. "I'll thoroughly wash them before I return them to you. Now, how's everything going there? Did you get the Hiplet?"

"It was waiting for me when I arrived at the hotel," Kevin said. "They were very quick."

"The shop's only around the corner from the hotel," Miranda said. "They said they'd run it round. Are you wearing it?"

"Yes. It feels a bit strange."

"Never mind. Did you use the red gel to stop the sweat?"

"Yes. It's actually very comfortable, apart from the... Well, you know."

"I have one all the time, Kevin, so I certainly do know. They said they'd put some voice-changer capsules in with it. Have you taken one?"

"I saw them but didn't know what they do."

"They make your voice go quite high in pitch, so that you sound nothing like a man. Take one of those and the transformation will be complete."

"OK, but isn't this all a bit over the top. How much longer do you want me to carry on standing in for you? I was looking forward to having a pub meal with Rick quite soon."

"Are you kidding? You're going to have a slap up meal at The Grand, tonight. It's all inclusive so you needn't worry about the cost."

"Yes but," Kevin thought Miranda was being particularly obtuse, "that meal will be for Miranda Slater, not me."

"Kevin, you are Miranda Slater until Tuesday morning."

"Until Tuesday morning!" Kevin was aghast. "But I can't do that. I'd have to meet other people in the hotel and..."

"Of course you will, Kevin. You're standing in for me for the whole of my course, whilst Rick and I have fun. That means that Sarah won't suspect that Randy Slut - as you called me, thank you very much - is actually shagging her husband. So she'll be happy; we're happy; and you'll have to be happy."

"I can't do it," Kevin said. "I'll go out now and buy some men's clothes, come back here and change and then I'm getting the train home."

"Kevin, you may buy men's clothes, but I doubt they'll fit you with those enormous boobs sticking out the front."

"They're coming off. I'll leave them at the hotel with the rest of your things."

"Sorry, Kevin. They're stuck on you. You won't be able to remove them without stripping off your skin. Why not give it a try." The line went dead.


Twenty minutes later, he had to admit she was right. He had tried everything to try to remove his Bustlet and Hiplet. Nothing worked. He was stuck in them for the rest of the holiday.

It was even worse when he read the instructions which came with the Hiplet. The red gel permanently bonded the Hiplet and Bustlet to his skin until the top layer of skin was shed - probably in 10 - 14 days.

"Miranda, I'm stuck with these tits for two fucking weeks."

"Just a minute, Kevin. Ricky, if you wave that horrible thing around much more, I'm going to get one of those fishing rods and tan your bottom with it until it's raw. Do you understand? Now Kevin, what were you moaning about?"

"But they're Sharpe's Gordon rods," Kevin said. "You can't do that with them."

"Do you want to bet?" Miranda asked. "Rick, Kevin has bet me I can't whip you with one of these rods." There was a swishing sound followed by what sounded like a heavily-attenuated cry of pain. Kevin's underpants were clearly still in use.

"I win the bet," Miranda said to Kevin. "That means you owe me. Oh, I know; you can stand in for me for the next few days."

"But I'm stuck in this stuff for two weeks," Kevin repeated.

"You can come and stay at my place afterwards," she said, "and we'll do girlie things together. Now, is there anything else you want to ask me before I get back to tanning Ricky's hide - like what to wear for dinner tonight, for example?"


Thanks heavens that Miranda had told him how to reduce his enormous breasts to her normal size - a rather pleasant D cup. The Bustlet was inflatable with water, and that afternoon she'd inflated her breasts to gi-normous especially for Rick's benefit. So Kevin put on one of Miranda's normal bras and deflated the breasts until they comfortably fitted inside. Then he found the dress Miranda had told him to wear - a low-cut (of course), pretty red dress.

He spent quite a long time first of all messing up his make up, removing it several times and then finally making a presentable job of it. Then he went downstairs to the first session of the Historic Church group.


"Hello, aren't you Kevin's cousin?"

Kevin had noticed Sarah as soon as he'd entered the bar where the group were to meet, but deliberately had not looked in her direction. So he now made a great play of being startled that someone appeared to know him.

"Yes that's right," he admitted, his modified voice rather trill, "although I don't think I know you, do I?"

"I just caught a glimpse of you as you arrived at the fishing lodge this afternoon. I'm Rick's wife, Sarah."

"Miranda Slater," Kevin said, and smiled.

"You look a little different now to how you did this afternoon."

Sarah was definitely probing, Kevin decided, wondering whether Miranda had gone there this afternoon to shag Rick.

"It was a sort of a joke," Kevin said. "When we were at school together, Kevin always used to call me Randy Slut, so I dressed like one in order to embarrass him with his friend - your husband.

"Did you say his name was Rick?" He added, thinking that was an excellent touch, pretending he couldn't quite remember Rick's name.

"I have to confess I had evil thoughts about you and my husband when I saw the way you were dressed. Sorry about that."

"I'm not surprised," Kevin said. "I could tell the moment I walked through the door he was giving me the eye over. I didn't realise he was married then, but Kevin put me straight about that, and told Rick to clear off if he couldn't behave properly in front of his cousin. He's very protective about you, you know? The way he spoke about you, I think he probably fancies you."

"Kevin fancies me?"

She looked pleased, rather than upset, Kevin realised, his heart lifting.

"You're joking," she continued. "Why would he?"

"Because you are absolutely gorgeous and I can tell straightaway you're a really nice person." Kevin could say that straight from his heart.

"But I'm married," Sarah said. "I could never betray my marriage oaths."

"Even though Rick clearly does," Kevin said, his heart sinking to his feet. "That was obvious the moment I met him."

"Just because he does, it doesn't mean to say it's alright for me to the same. Whilst I'm married to Rick, I could never have sex with another man." Had she emphasised the 'man' a little too much, Sarah wondered.

When she said 'man', Kevin wondered, did that mean she might contemplate a relationship with a woman? His heart leapt upwards, doing a little gambol as it did so. Perhaps he could get used to being a woman.

There was a brief pause before they both started talking at once.

"It looks like the class is starting now." "That must be our lecturer who has just come in."

They both nervously grinned at each other, wondering where the relationship between them was going, and then Sarah decided to take the initiative.

"I bought something this afternoon I'd like your opinion about."


It was turned midnight when Miranda finally dropped off to a well-sated sleep, and Rick was able to go into the tiny kitchen, wedge a knife into a drawer, and use it to saw through the fishing line securing his hands behind his back.

He should have had the guts to awake her and throw her naked out of the fishing lodge. But he had been devastated by the masochistic pleasure he got from being Miranda's slave. She had tanned his hide raw, and each time she whipped him with the fishing rod, his cock had got harder and harder. She had used and abused him, but not once, since their initial frolic all those hours ago, had she permitted him to orgasm. And she'd been absolutely right - he had loved it!

So he knew that if he did wake Miranda up, she would simply order him to bend over a chair, and he would obey. He silently dressed and left the fishing lodge, his trousers painfully rubbing against his raw buttocks, and got into his car. He was in desperate need of sexual relief, and he knew exactly where it would be available.

Rather than trying to convince the officious-looking night porter at The Grand Hotel to telephone his wife's room in the middle of the night, he simply booked into another room, carefully watching as the porter logged into the computer system to register him. It was then a simple matter to order a hot drink, and whilst the porter went off to get it, log back into the system using the porter's password, find out the number of his wife's room, and then program up another key card, all before the porter returned with his drink.


After the fishing lodge, Sarah's room in The Grand was absolute luxury.

"Hi, it's me," he whispered as he let himself into the darkened room.

There was no reply, so he let his clothes drop to the floor, and slipped into bed beside the warm body, his erection aroused all the more as the sheets slid across his sensitive bottom. As he always did when he wanted sex, he slipped a hand across to Sarah's tummy, and then let it slide down to her groin, a finger slipping between the lips of her vagina. He felt her obligingly spread her legs wide, and he moved his body in between them.

But then she did something he'd never known before; she pulled her knees up towards her tummy. Well, he was always game for a change and he fingered her even more to show how keen he was, at the same time getting his cock into position ready to impale her.

As he thrust inside, he realised this was not Sarah! This was one hell of a tight pussy! He hadn't had a pussy this tight since his days at school, and then only with the virgin first-formers he used to regularly deflower.

He knew he should withdraw and get out of the room fast. How could he have been so stupid as to take down the wrong number of Sarah's room? But he'd been in a hurry, knowing the porter might return at any minute. And after a day of absolute frustration, he was now fucking one fantastic pussy, and from the way she was grunting, she was up for it. Clearly, she might be pretty pissed when she discovered he was not who she thought he was, but if he could make it incredibly good for her, she probably would not complain. In any case, his cock ruled his brain, and he simply had no choice in the matter.

He started to use all those decades of experience to give her the ride of her life, and she rapidly went into a crashing orgasm which went on and on. Rick was well satisfied with her screams, and he kept her going for ages.

Finally, it was time for him to get to the point he'd wanted to reach all afternoon. He made his thrusts harder and longer, and could feel his semen starting to boil in his bollocks. He was about to fill her with so much semen, she'd...

The light was abruptly switched on and Sarah's voice came from behind him. "I see you're already acquainted with Miranda."

Rick turned his head to stare at her, and then her words became unscrambled in his brain. Surely, Miranda could not have got here before he did. He turned back to the woman on the bed, wearing the wig Mirada had been wearing earlier, which framed the well-fucked face of Kevin. Clearly, he was equally as shocked as Rick at the sight of his sexual partner.

"Your arse looks very tender," Sarah conversationally said, admiring the cross-hatched welts across Rick's bum. If only she'd had the courage to do that to the bastard. Well, why not? Things, she decided, were going to change.

"You're not stopping what you were doing, are you? Perhaps you need some encouragement." She bent over, and with both hands, grabbed the cheeks of his bum, digging in her finger nails as far as they would go.


But the intense pain had its effect upon Rick. His prick, which had been starting to falter, went rock hard, and as Sarah shoved him forward, and deeper inside Kevin, so he too took up the rhythm, fucking Kevin for all he could. He knew he wasn't gay; he didn't like men, for fuck's sake; but his cock had decided and poor old Rick had no alternative but to obey.

And as Rick rapidly approached his climax again, he could feel something nuzzling against his anus, and then forcing its way painfully inside. It was all too much for him; he exploded in an orgasm the like of which he'd never experienced before.


It had been quite clear to Sarah, as soon as they had their clothes off that afternoon, that Miranda hadn't a clue what was between her legs. As Sarah had strapped on her new double-ended dildo, and experimentally offered it to Miranda, she was like a baby who'd not even stuck a candle up that all too inviting passage.

Then it had hit her - no, not the double-ended dildo, but the fact that she was actually a he - that it was far more than a family resemblance which accounted for Miranda's similarity to Kevin. Perhaps, Sarah thought, she should have screamed the place down, although that might have been embarrassing as she hadn't worked out how to unfasten the double-ended monster. Instead, she decided to simply lie back and enjoy it - well, actually, not lie back, but be up and thrusting into Kevin's inner passage for all she was worth.

So when Rick arrived, having clearly been just as guilty as Sarah, she could hardly react as she might normally have done. For the rest of the weekend, she became the Mistress, ordering Rick to fuck Miranda for all he was worth, and taking her own pleasure from fucking Rick's tight little arse, like he once fucked the school's virgins, and digging her nails into the cheeks of his arse as she did so.

Of course, both Kevin and Rick knew that the other knew, but what could they do about it, except admit to Sarah they had tried to deceive her? On the other hand, they were both having fantastic sex like neither had had before.

And a good weekend was had by all (even including the real Miranda who met a couple of guys from the next fishing lodge who really enjoyed having their arses whipped by Sharpe's Gordon fishing rods!).


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