MTV Star Trek Trans - Lesbian Music Videos



Star Trek Trans - Lesbian Music Videos

Disclaimer: The management wishes to apologize in advance for any and all offense given in the dissemination of the following presentation, including but not limited to; Trekkies ....Sorry ...Trekkers, excuse us; fans of Star Trek; non-fans of Star Trek; fans of Star Wars who consider Star Trek somewhat pedestrian; fans of Star Trek who consider Star Wars pedestrian; fans of Star Wars who actually like both franchises; any and all authors of actual science fiction; Steven Hawking; Steven Bishop; Stephen Baldwin; et alia.

  First up - a wonderful rendition of Don't You Know You're Ainama, performed by Ensign Charlene Louise T'Par, who serves aboard the U.S.S. Tanya Tucker...



* * * * *

Our next video has risen to the top of the charts on BBC-1, Billboard, and Sehlat Beat! From her hit CD, Maquis Mania, here's Ro Nerys singing Bajor Song...



* * * * *

A classic we retrieved from the vaults at VH-1; here's Verelan Ailhih singing Pon Farr....




* * * * *

and rounding out our program...
Here's Rodessa Dax on the Mataline II keyboard singing You're My Trill...



Coming up next ... Bajor Shore

You Know You're Beautiful
Words and Music by
Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo,
and Karyn Rochelle
as performed by
Miss Kelly Pickler

Your Song
Words and Music by
Bernie Taupin and
Elton John
as performed by
Miss Christina Grimmie

Words and Music by
Eddie Cooley and
Otis Blackwell
as performed by
The Incomparable
Miss Peggy Lee

You're My Thrill
Words and Music by
Sydney Clare and
Jay Gorney
as performed by
Miss Diana Krall

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