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Broadway musicals in the fifties were very popular; so much so that they eclipsed some of the more esoteric yet creative musicals just a tad off Broadway... Here are but a few that we've included in our latest coffee table book, Special Girls: Musicals of the Fifties...Special Forward by Dame Susie Heywood

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1957’s top musical - Two girls from different walks of life…one born Alice Mayfield in Colton; the other born Aaron Goldstein in West Covina…whose worlds collide at a drug store on Sunset Boulevard

west hollywood.jpg


West Hollywood Story
* * *


1955 greeted the debut of a new musical. Set in Chicago, it’s the story of a Sergeant Major in the Salvation Army who wants to spend time with his girlfriend in the girl’s dormitory...



Dolls and Dolls
* * *

1957 also saw the opening of a story about a traveling saleswoman who wins the heart of a transvestite librarian.

music girl.jpg


The Music Girl
* * *

In 1956, an all time favorite made its debut. Set in Birmingham in 1947, it’s the story of a trans-man vocal coach who falls in love with a trans-woman singer from Wembley...

my fair ladyboy.jpg


My Fair Lady-boy
* * *

1956 saw the debut of the story of a girl who finds that her boyfriend is a boy with something less, and she likes it!



The Most Happy Trans-Fella
* * *

In 1953 Broadway greeted the story of Joe Hardy, a long suffering fan of the Fort Wayne Daisies of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. He makes a pact with Satan in order to see his Daisies win the league championship with hilarious results.

damn hankies.jpg


Damn Hankies
* * *

In 1953, eyebrows raised over the debut of this musical about a Domme and her Femme-boy servant.

Once upon a Maitresse.jpg


Once Upon a Maá®tresse
* * *

In 1957, this musical wowed them with the story of two transgirls forced to stay overnight in a town with no vacancies while the local garage replaced their master cylinder.

call me a mechanic.jpg


Call Me a Mechanic
* * *

And finally, who can forget this musical from 1955? Two diplomats seek safe passage, support and surgery and maybe even nice American husbands as trans-refugees.

Nylon Stockings.jpg 

Nylon Stockings
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