Bad Boy To Good Girl

Bad Boy To Good Girl
By Stanman63
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Synopsis: I am now who I should have been, thanks to a punishment that let me know that I am a girl .

I have always been a shrimp when compared to the other boys in my age group, so that I developed an attitude about myself that tended to get me into fights that I usually won. My parents are both on the small side, since we have a family history of small stature going back to my great grandparents. Worst of all, most of my cousins are girls, and I get mistaken for a girl when I am with them.

It's not that I minded playing dress up and going out in public as a girl, it's just that at school, I get called names and have to defend myself from older kids who see me as easy prey. This continued until my freshman year at Jefferson High School where I pulled a prank that got me into a unique punishment that humbled me and brought out the best in me.

I had the bright idea to set up the Independence Day fireworks so that they fizzled and shorted out, but unfortunately, the Head Cheerleader Debbie Childress and her cousin Dance Team Captain Becky Childress caught me red-handed as I was heading away. How was I to know that the girl's porta-potty and dressing room was next to the fireworks?

My parents were called, and they were not happy having to once again deal with me and my shenanigans. I had pulled other pranks over the years, but this was far worse than replacing the video of Lady and The Tramp with Fright Night at the Jefferson Community Center. My punishment could have been suspension and being barred from any clubs or plays, but Principal Connors came up with a punishment that avoided any black marks on my school record.
I would be dressing as a girl and attend school as a girl. I would be treated as a girl and wear their school uniform and be eligible to enter into any girl's activities. I would be wearing a girl's suit from Bodysuits "R" Us that would let me experience everything that a girl does. If by Christmas Vacation, it was felt that I had learned my lesson, I was free to attend school as myself, if I so choose.
I had just put on the girl's suit from Bodysuits "R" Us, marveling at how the suit actually had fingers and toes the adhered to my body as I pulled it up my body. I had a few scars from where I'd gotten a bad sunburn as well as a bit of hair on my legs that went away, just as my knobby knees became knees that any girl would want. When it reached my groin, I felt a bit of warmth as I went from boy to girl and gained for myself a set of size "A" cup breast and a tiny waist, ending in my face being feminized as I lost my whiskers and my eyebrows were thinned out.

I looked like Momma when she was my age, except that I have naturally wavy strawberry blond hair while she is a curly blond. I pulled on the tan pantyhose, then lilac bra and panty and lilac sundress with baby blue flowers before stepping into a pair of white ballet flats and grabbing a lilac hued purse before heading out to meet my parents for dinner out.

"Well, Princess. How do you like being a Princess?" asked Daddy.

"Feels great! Now I am at peace, as if I am now who I should have been born as instead of as a yucky boy."

"Well, as Andrew Grant Lester, you were quite the rascal. But according to the instructions on the girl suit that you are wearing, you are now free from any testosterone and are in all reality a eunuch with a girl's body," offered Momma.

"So, that's why I feel so great! but I am also sad that it took me having to be sentenced to being a girl in order to feel so good," I sighed.

"Princess, as a boy, you were always the smallest in your age group, even smaller than the girls. But when you went out as a girl every Halloween, you were reluctant to go back to being a boy," replied Daddy as he led the way to the car.

"So, I was a disappointment as a boy?"

"Honey, even when you pulled your pranks, we were proud of you for showing some initiative because you were standing up for yourself. We couldn't get it through your thick skull that we were there for you. So, we prayed that something would happen to break you away from the path of destruction that you were on," admitted Momma with a sad smile as she shut the car door, preventing Daddy, or any other boy from catching a glimpse of my panty as I had as of yet to learn the
etiquette and manners of a girl my age.

"What if I want to stay a girl?"

"Then I will have the fun of spoiling you as my Princess, and you will learn how to be a Princess from your mother," replied Daddy with a smile.
From the beginning of my punishment, I embraced being a girl and joined the the cheer squad, and was selected as the "B-Team" Head Cheerleader. Wearing the uniforms, I chose to wear pantyhose or tights as I loved how they made me legs look and feel. I was also the youngest Homecoming Queen and won the heart of my best friend Chad as he knew who I was and liked me as a girl.

I learned all about being a girl from Momma and being a Princess from Daddy as he made sure that Chad and I were never alone long enough to get into trouble. Best of all, when Principal Connors learned that I wanted to stay a girl, and Varsity Head Cheerleader Debbie Childress and her cousin Dance Team Captain Becky Childress both gave me their support, she arranged for my girl's suit to become a part of me and changed my school records to show my new gender.

After graduation, Chad and I married and had a family, and I couldn't be any happier.
Going from Bad Boy To Good Girl was a True Blessing for me. What about you?
The End

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