A New Life Part 1

A New Life

Part One
By Jacquimac

Chapter One Starts Here
It wasn't my fault as they eventually found out, for years I had come bottom in every school exam. They all though I wasn't interested but they were far from the truth, of course I was interested.
When they asked questions in class I knew all the answers but when I had to complete written work it was completely undecipherable, just a load of random numbers, letters and symbols.
Eventually in my last year at school they finally decided that I needed to be seen by shrink who referred me to a specialist in brain disorders. It was then they found that I had a brain disorder when it came to putting thing down on paper or even using a typewriter.
So my chances for employment were just about nil just on the education front, but I also had another problem, I didn't have gynocemastia as they first suspected. OH no I developed fully functional mammary glands and was a 34C when I left school despite my hormone levels being normal.
Because of my problems I had no friends, but the adults in the neighborhood being professional in various fields like law and medicine etc. understood my problems and kept the kids off my back.
After leaving school I tried for several months to find work but as every job required some form of paperwork to be filled in for whatever reason I was unsuccessful.
To help out the family my parents being Barristers and my brother at Law School I kept the house clean, did the laundry and the cooking, which helped everyone as my parents usually worked late on some cases they handled.

At first the stay at home wives thought it was strange that I would do what was called women’s work but after I explained my reasons they understood and would often as not invite to the coffee mornings they had a couple of times a week and usually passed on tips that I found useful.
As usual when a bunch of women got together the gossip started flying but I found I could zone it out and if I did hear something kept it to myself, I knew from my parents work that gossip started a lot of trouble at times and wanted no part of it, especially when it largely pure speculation.
My parents were happy to leave the all the household work to me and were pleased that the place was spotless, laundry washed, ironed and put away and that they could come home to find a meal ready for them, but at the same time I kept looking for work with no success.
It was on my eighteenth birthday that Mum and Dad held a family meeting as my brothers Tom and Bill had just graduated from Law School a few weeks previous and were now working in the family practice.
The five of us were sitting round the table having breakfast when Mum taking the lead as usual started.
"Jackie, we know and I think by now so do you that any prospects for employment are Nil, so I have talked things over with Dad and the Doctor and we want to put a suggestion forward that might be better for you in the long run" she started after a pause she continued. "You know your body has started to change and you'll never be able to satisfy a woman as a man, and don't say anything I'm not trying to insult or make fun of you. We’re all trying to help you, she sat down.
"Look son, we love you very much and wouldn't hurt you for the world but we want you to look at the life you have and after we put the suggestion to you we want you think very carefully about your future," said Dad.
"Before you hear what has been suggested answer me one question will you?” Dad asked.
I nodded
"Who are your friends these days?" he asked
"The stay at home Mums and Wives," I answered
"OK, so your friends are all women who stay at home at look after their families, just like you do, am I correct," Mum Asked
"Yes," I replied
"OK, now we have talked to all the adults in the community and they are willing to help and support you if you are willing to try our suggestion, and yes we talked to everyone and told them what we want you to try before asking you to get their reaction and everyone agrees it might be for the best" she continued.
"OK, I can see that but what are you going to suggest, let’s not beat around the bush," I replied.
"We would like you to start dressing and behaving like a woman for at least two years, no we're not asking you to change sex but after the time that has lapsed you might want to consider it," said Dad.
I looked at my brothers and they both nodded.
"Look, you're already looking after us like a mother," said Tom
"Think about it little brother, your friends are all homemakers and are grown women and you are doing the same as they do so why not try being one of them," said Bill.
"Oh one more thing and it's not a bribe conditional on acceptance, but we're going to pay you a proper wage of  £250 a week after deductions so you don't have to keep trying to find work," said Mum.
"Give me a couple of hours to think thing through then I'll let you know by lunch time," I replied.
With that I left the room and started my usual cleaning tasks.
To be continued…..
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