Belle of the ball

Hi everybody! Please don't blame this one on me I swear I didn't want to write yet another possible theme but it sorta landed there last night when I went to bed and well...

I can't believe that I'm gonna do this.

Yesterday I was my usual self. I may be scrawny looking. Okay I was a wimp and everyone knew it but this is ... well.

I suppose if I were to write about this years from now I would have to start at the beginning. My name is Bill Thorn. I belong to a family of obsessive vegetarians. My older sister looks great so does my mom and dad was raised on a much different diet. Me well apparently all those missing vitamins that we take pills for have stunted my growth a bit. I'm short and well smallish. My arms are no bigger than most girls. Usually I can hide this with my baggy lumberjack shirts. Today they will be on display for the world to see.

I shave regularly, like once a week, and usually have a beard of some sort. Mustache area I seem to be lacking through. I'm not hairless far from it. I enjoy the hair nobody would mistake me for a girl. I'm not all that smart so I'm not part of geek crowd. My lack of muscle development means I'm not part of jock crowd either. Usually I just hide out in the background playing chess.

I do have one natural talent of a sort. I can mimic voices. My normal speaking voice is not all that deep, male but not overly so like my dads super deep bass voice. He doesn't need a microphone to be heard. I used to do it to be cool with the other kids. I can do most women's voices. I sometimes mimic them without thinking about it though. It has caused friction. My sister's voice is one of them. When we fight I often mimic her. To the outside observer it sounds like my sister is screaming at herself. She isn't that's just me.

Which is how I got into this mess. Well that and her idiot boyfriend that thought he could do a Dukes of Hazzard with his civic. The car is totaled, he is in jail and my sister is in the hospital with a broken arm and leg. She also looks like hell with lots of bruises. However since her understudy is away from school, I'm not sure why, I got picked since I know all her lines. I should I helped her practice them enough.

That wasn't all of it though. I don't look like her at all. Even now after what was done to me in the past 4 days. I didn't have a clue I would look like this at all. This will cause problems.

I am ahead of myself though. 4 days ago my sister's group came to visit her in the hospital. I was there of course. They were outside of the room when I was comforting my sister I was stupidly singing her part to her. She was smiling as I sang to her which seemed to help her. The bad part was I was singing it way better than she had, we both knew it. I kinda stopped dead when her theater troupe made a noise at the door. Some of the girls from the troupe had tears in their eyes. Girls seem to cry for no reason at all. I just don't get that.

If they had asked me in any other place away from my sister I would not be here right now. Those begging eyes and pout of hers ruined any chance of me saying no. Mom, of course, overheard so I couldn't get out of it if I tried. 4 days ago I was fitted with a corset to help bring my waist down from its 29 inches to a svelte 24. The added bonus of helping to put my some cleavage was a bonus to them. I'm flat don't kid yourself. It's just that the corset pushed up some flesh to give me some flesh that was shape able into believable cleavage,which in my costume is a good thing.

Corsets are not the most fun thing in the world to wear. I did so for the last 4 days only because I agreed to this. Yesterday things changed though. Kim's mother runs a salon. Kim is the drama department's makeup and costume person. Yesterday mom took me to their place where her mom put me through a regiment that I never, ever want to repeat. Waxing all over, including my beard is painful. My eyebrows got a similar treatment. I screamed but she did make me hairless, well except for my head. And I would stay that way for at least a month.

She next put me in a salon chair and proceeded to put extensions into my normally unruly main. Okay I'm lazy and hadn't had a haircut in months. While I was laying back in the chair Kim glued some forms onto my chest, where they came from I have no clue. They are disturbingly realistic. Thanks to the corset I also got a very realistic looking figure. When I was finished they asked if they could put a bit of makeup on my face. I agreed since I knew I would look like a girl anyways for the next day or so. The ear piercings I'm told will heal up if I let them.

When I was done yesterday I got up from the chair and went to put on my old clothes when Mom stopped me. She begged me to put on some of my sisters clothes instead. I gave in after a bit. It was why I left Kim's place in a pair of my sister's panties, bra, her shoes, a tight red top and denim skirt. I thought I looked stupid but apparently I was wrong. When we got home dad's face was priceless.

"Wow" was all he said. Mom took to calling me Belle since we left the salon. I got a few lessons last night it how to behave as a girl. Mostly at the dinner table. No arms on table, smaller bites, no shoveling food, legs together back straight. It was annoying. She even made me sleep in a girls sleep shirt. The fluffy pink bunny on the front a dead giveaway.

When I got to the theater today the girls were totally blown away by my appearance. I got hugged to death, which I kinda like. I am male you know despite how I currently look. Eight excited and attractive girls hugging you is a great experience. I even asked one of them out. I got shot down as she had a boyfriend. She even warned me to not steal him. Not that I swing that way at all.

The girls took to calling me Belle immediately, which is okay since I have to answer to that anyways for the next 2 hours. I suppose I should mention my sister was supposed to be Bell for the production of our local highschools musical. Its beauty and the beast. She looked okay for it however, apparently, I look way more like the cartoon character come to life. I even sorta sound like her.

From the time I walked on stage in the first costume, which is styled after the cartoon anyways. That blue dress, white blouse and apron almost tripped me more than once. The lead and the other guys who had not seen me done up were a bit shocked. I think the audience may have heard the "holy fuck" from one of the guys. It was kinda loud. I believe I held the audience enthralled with my real life portrayal of Belle. Usually during these things the theater is not quite quiet. This time is was as silent as a tomb, well except for us on stage making the noise.

Our production manager/ director /school teacher from drama department has had his mouth open for the last 4 acts. The girls backstage have missed a few cues and have wide open eyes everytime I come back for Kim to do adjustments, fixup my makeup or I am just not needed on stage.

If you have ever watched the Disney movie you would know that the big ballroom scene has Belle in a golden yellow gown that is huge. Many a little girl has worn costumes that are very much like it. My sister sure did when she was little. I was a pirate.

Guess what I am wearing right now waiting for my cue to enter. It is made of satin. It's heavy and hot. My fake boobs blend into my cleavage from the corset with the help of some makeup and hairspray. The gloves make my already small hands look dainty. Satin gloves can't hold squat I try to hold the dress but most of it slips out as soon as I try. The umpteen petticoats and crinolines are itchy as hell too. Two of the girls have just fallen flat on their butts one displaying her panties to me. I am enjoying the view and am probably smiling like an idiot.

The curtain goes up and it's time to make my way down the cardboard and plywood stairs. Hope I don't trip over myself. From the speakers you can hear Angela Langsbury "Tale as old as time.." when there is a loud pop. Silence. This scene requires music so our school band, who I should add has tried to play along as an orchestra is doing a pretty good equivalent of the song. Just no lyrics..

"Song as old as rhyme.." Who is singing that? Oh no stop it you idiot! Yep my mouth is off and running. I'm singing it instead so not in the script. This causes the previously dead quiet audience to stand up and applaud. I should mention I also hate cellphones. Just about every one of them is either flashing or recording me now for sure. I'm toast come Monday!

Comments please

To maybe be continued...

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