My name is Sherri-Dawn Milstone(pronounced millstun)or at least that is how I always thought of myself. I was mistakenly given the name of Thomas Donald Milstone when I was born by some blind doctors.

I spent most of my childhood somewhat happy, not really happy as I was not wearing the pretty dresses I craved so much. I would play with my sister with her dolls or my older brother with his legos as the mood hit me. Playing tea with my cousins or dress up was a regular occurrence for me.

I grew up in the rural community of the town, and I use the term loosely, of Ritcher(pronouced Rishay its french). The town proper had a general store whose shelves had stuff that was seriously out of date. The gas station had one pump, A small till beside a very dirty garage that you could not even get into it was so full of junk. Beside the gas station was the restaurant where daddy would go for his morning bull session. And they think we women gossip!

The rest of the town was rather spread out. There was two houses with actual white picket fences in good shape but the rest were large yards that took a small drive up a long driveway to get to. Ours was no exception as our closest neighboor was a 1/4 mile down a hardly graded gravel road. When the grader did come by our phone would usually be out as the grader took out someones telephone box. With no phone until someone got to another area to phone the repair place it was offline for hours sometimes days if it was a long weekend.

Mom had like 2 skirts and 3 good blouses to go with them. A good church dress she hardly ever wore and one good skirt suit. My sister had one good dress for christmas and like maybe 2 skirts. Rest of the time, which was most of the time we all worn jeans because they were practical. I never really noticed until I think back on it. In our community a girl was a girl because of how she acted not how she dressed.

I was confused as a child as to how I should act. I tried to copy my brother as much as possible to fit in. I truly believed I was doing such a good job doing so that it never once dawned on my that I wasn't.

One very hard day where all the girls had talked about all of them getting dressed up in dresses for picture day I came home upset and in tears that I could not join them. My sister was staying late at a friends, where daddy would pick her up on the way home and my brother was outside somewhere in the back bush probably hunting, or trying to as he never did catch anything. Mom was busy in the kitchen doing whatever she did when she got home before making supper.

Like I said I was upset and when I was upset the one thing I would do, when I wouldn't get caught, was to get pretty. I took out my sister christmas dress from the closet being careful to not mess up the dry cleaning plastic. Some of her panties and a training bra. In a few minutes I was struggling to do up the back button since it had a zip for the most part but a button at the top. The slip felt great as usual.

I had not heard, or if I did hear didn't care, mom come into the room.

"Here let me help you with that. You know a girl should wear white stockings with this dress and good shoes but none of your sister's shoes will fit your feet and I am sure she would not like you wearing her tights either." She said. It was the way she said it. Not like she was talking to a boy dressing in his sister's clothes but as if I was just another daughter. There is a huge difference.

I told mom I was upset and just wanted to dress up like the other girls could at school for picture day, crying the whole time while she held me. When I finished crying myself out, which didn't seem to take all that long, she said that she came to get me to help her peel some potatoes and get the veggies ready for supper. I told her I would change but she stopped me and asked me truthfully if I really wanted to. I told her no and she just took my hand and off we went into the kitchen. Mom pulled out a frilly apron for me to wear so I wouldn't damage the dress and we made supper. I was happy and gushed and chatted with mom as we worked.

Daddy and sis came home into the house which spooked me. But before I could run to the bathroom they just looked at me. My sister stated that this was her dress which I apologized for but daddy didn't even blink and thanked me for helping mom with supper. No threats, no bad looks, no nothing really it was all normal. My brother came in a bit later trailing dirt before mom admonished him to go clean up. Even he didn't think or say anything about how I was dressed.

Soon after we all sat for supper, which I had set the plates for and got thanked for it, I still had not had a chance to change out of my sister's dress for the whole meal. I was nervous expecting a storm of words or taunts but nobody said a thing about how I was dressed. Mom and dad talked about their jobs. Sis about the needlework she and her friend were doing and my brother pestered daddy to teach him how to hunt again.

After supper my sister and I helped do dishes while daddy and Rick, my brother, went to the living room where they sorta watched the news and talked in low tones about hunting. When the dishes where done and put away I followed Missy, my sister, to her room to take off the dress but she pushed me away saying she had homework to do. This again was not unusual and I went to my room still wearing her dress. I did my homework then played with my dolls.

Much later mom came into my room followed by dad and we sat down to talk. They asked me if I preferred to dress like this. I started to cry and told them I wouldn't do it again if they told me not to. Mom and then later daddy just held me and told me they love me very much. They did tell me I should ask before using my sisters clothes as it was wrong for me to do so. My brother Rick was old enough to babysit so he got to stay home alone.

Mom, dad, my sister and me all got into the car and drove an hour to the city where we went shopping for a nice dress for me to wear to picture day. In some ways it all felt like a fairy tail. I was happy and giggling as we shopped for a dress, slip, panties and bra, tights, and finally shoes that matched the pink with white lace dress we found. I even got a purse to go with it!

Dad spent most of the time looking at hunting supplies in another store for my brother. In case your wondering our car only seated 4 people comfortably. Sometimes we would take the truck or if it was a family thing I would get stuck on the hump in the front as I was the smallest or in my moms lap if we passed the police.

We didn't spend too much time shopping as it was a school night. The drive home my sister and I talked and giggled about some of the nicer dresses we saw with mom telling us to tone it down girls, her words not mine. Daddy would back up mom from time to time. We got home to find Rick has spent the entire time playing on his ps3 some sports game. We were set to get changed for bed and as usual we each put on our bed clothes. My brother his pjs while my sister and I wore sleepshirts. I knocked on my sisters door and went in when she said I could. Together we put away her dress carefully in its wrap and then went to my room to put away my new purchases.

We spent the rest of the night cuddled up to mom watching the movie that was on tv. Dad and Rick did their usual melt into the chair cushions and were asleep in minutes. I do not remember what time or point in the movie I fell asleep but I woke up the next morning in my room wondering if it had all been a dream. The dress hanging on my door confirmed it really happened.

I took care that morning getting dressed after my bath taking time to get my hair brushed out and as close to girly as possible before Missy came in to give me a hand. When we were done we both had breakfast with the family before mom drove us to school. Rick sat in the front while Missy and I giggled in the back as she had decided to wear a skirt and nice top for picture day.

I was scared at first going into school but it turns out it was needless as the girls all complemented me on my dress and how pretty I was. Even my girlfriends were gushing at how I had ended my tomboy phase with a bang.

I was accepted and really nobody made a big deal about it that day or any other. The next day it was back to jeans and a top as usual. The only thing that changed was my name.

The end

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