by shalimar


A coven of witches in college has convicted and sentenced John of raping Alisa, a member of the coven. Now the sentence is over, but John is still protesting his innocence. Can the coven find out the truth? Do they want to?

WARNING: contains graphic description of a rape and a murder. They can be avoided without losing the idea of story.

Please forgive the abuse of my poetic license.

Idea for story came from 2 of Elrod W’s stories.


“There, it is done. You are back to being a man again. Now go.” The thin 5’4” girl wearing a white ruffled top and black skirt 2” above her knees turned to leave.

“Wait!” The force of his voice made Maria turned around, her wavy brown hair swirling.

“Why did you do it? Shit! Where you having fun? Just because you have that damn power?”

“We turned you into a woman so you could experience what it was like for Alisa when you raped her.” she replied stonily her hazel eyes cold as ice. “She was a virgin.”

“As far as I know she still is.”

“What do you mean you think she still is?”

“We never had sex.”

“Is that what you call rape?”

“Nor did I rape her.” He was quiet now.

“She showed us the bruises.”

“Not from me! Damn it!”

“Then, who?”

“I don’t know. I was with her about a month. The last time I saw her she was all over me, needing sex and smelling of it. It took all my willpower not to drop my pants.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I told her I had no condom, I was not ready to be a father and I was also waiting for the right woman. She asked me if she was the right woman and I told her she might be.”

“Then, what?”

“I held her face rubbing my thumbs on the back of her cheeks, moved my forefingers to her chin, kissed her, dried her tears with my thumbs then told her, 'You’re very tempting, but not now,' and left. It was one of the hardest things I ever done. I left. I heard something crash immediately after I closed the door. I admit my manhood was ready, but we never had sex. That night I jerked off. In my dorm!” Then he whispered, “Besides, I couldn’t.”

“You are impotent?”

“I have four sisters.”

“You have four sisters,” she slowly repeated, mulling that fact.

“And two brothers. My family will be devastated.”

“You wouldn’t lie to get our sympathy.”

“I could get what I need at the rape crisis center. Your coven violated me by having me raped.”

“If what you say is true we made a really big mistake.”

No fucking shit! Have a nice life.” He started to walk away.

“You had me listen to you just now, so please listen to me. If she did this we also have a problem.

“Why should I care?” What could she do to me?”

“We tried you without you allowed a defense. That’s against our rules.”

“That is a problem.

“Alisa reported the rape.” Maria carefully smoothed the back of her short black skirt and sat on the low red brick wall. “The police are looking for you.”

“Good bye, medical school. Fuck! I’m going to pay for a rape I never did.”

“Are you willing to prove your innocence by being forced by magic to tell the truth to my coven so we can judge both of you?”


“You know if you’re guilty, we can do worse to you.”

“I won’t need a lily pad.”

She smiled. “You need a disguise until I speak to the sisters in the coven and set the trial.” Her smile became an evil grin. “It would protect you for the few days we need to get everybody together. Can you wait that long?”

He nodded. “I have the rest of my life.” John was 5’9”, has tight abs, broad shoulders, but wiry. He should fill out nicely when his 19 years eventually gains full manhood. He had light brown hair and a darker bead with a hit of red in it.

She pulled out a key with a hot pink ribbon looped through it. It was long enough to go around the neck “The only place I can protect you is in my dorm room.” He watched as the key and ribbon separated into an identical pair.

“Mr. Happy might like it, but I don’t think many of the girls would appreciate a male in a girl’s dorm.”

“I’ll use a duck spell.” He questioned with his eyes. “If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, waddles like a duck, swims like a duck, and flies like a duck it is a duck. That is, if you are willing.”

“Will I be female?”

“No, you will only look to others as a normal female member of this dorm. They will treat you like any other woman in the dorm. To them you will walk, dress and act like one, too. It is only a projection. You will still act male, except I must suppress your sex drive for the duration and in the dorm you will respond to a girl’s name. The other girls will perceive your actions as female and the suppressed sex drive will prevent a hard on such as when we’re wearing just panties and a bra, or even less. Besides, if you’re lying it will protect the girls.”

“You don’t believe me,” he said softly.

“I’m not sure.”

“At least you are open. I need to stay abreast with my classes. I’m trying to go to med school.”

“During this time when you leave the dorm you will just be a blank face, more like a shadow most of the time. This is the best I can do, John.”

“Then I accept. Let’s get some sleep.” They walked to the dorm. “When I became male again I had the sense you were all in black.”

“You are right. When it was formed, this coven wanted the dress of the public’s perceived idea of a witch. It is now tradition. I changed my clothes just after you became male again.”


Chapter 2

In the morning, John got up did his ablutions, and ate breakfast in that girls dorm. Later he realized that neither he nor the girls though there was anything odd. At the end of the day, he trudged back to the girls’ dorm. The lounge and cafeteria areas were filled with about 100 girls in various stages and types of dress. Some were sitting in chairs and some were standing. Some were eating dinner, while others were talking, reading, writing, typing or a combination of these activities. Most of the conversations were about understanding the material, classes, boys, dates and what to wear. Some were fixing up their makeup.

As John went through the throng, Karen Collins, a sophomore, known as KC, noticed his tiredness, walked up to him and asked, “Tough day, Ruth?” She was dressed in a maroon 3/4 sleeve crew top and pink cropped jeans. She was 5’ 2” with black curly hair and dark blue eyes.

“It’s my six hour day with no break. This time, by the fourth hour I couldn’t concentrate, which is unusual for me. Even a late lunch didn’t help revive me. All I want to do is flop for a while and then do some studying. Fortunately, I didn’t have any labs and recorded the lectures, so can review them later.”

He walked to the elevator. She followed him, grabbed the backpack and carried it for him, “I’ll go with you to your room, get you into your undies and pull the cover over you.”

“You are a Godsend.”

“Besides, I have to go up. I have a date tonight and need to get ready, anyway.”

As she helped him into bed, he realized she was a sweet girl, someone who he would like to get to know better. But, he would have to wait until after he will be found innocent.

“Are you awake enough to help me decide between the two outfits?” the 19-year-old girl asked.

“Sure, bring them in.”

She returned in hot pink panties and matching bra, and held a dress in front of her then a skirt outfit. “Well?”

He didn’t know which to choose, “What effect do you want?”

“I want Brian to make love to me.”

“Brian Jones, the tight end?”

“Yes, isn’t he gorgeous?”

He smiled. He knew Brian too well. The other jocks called him, “Love them and leave them Brian.” Startled out of his stupor by his fears for her he sat on the edge of the bed but away from the door, looked at her, and hemmed and hawed between the two outfits to give him time to think. He decided to start neutral, “Do you have protection?”

She blushed and looked towards her toes, “I’m a virgin.”

Oh, boy, this is a tough nut to crack,’ he thought. “What kind of commitment did he give you?”


Worser and worser.’ He was becoming more and more afraid for her. “Put the outfits down and sit by me.” She did what he asked and he put an arm around her shoulder, rubbing it slightly. “KC, you can not make love to him without either strong protection or a firm commitment, like a wedding date.”

“But, it will be my first time.”

Lamb ignores the wolf.’ “I wonder how many students, faculty and staff on this campus are the result of mothers, grandmothers or great grandmothers who claimed it was their first time. You could become an unwed mother from this.”

“I can get pregnant from this one time?”

This lamb still needs its mother’s milk.’ “Yes. You have to tell him, ‘no’.” He pulled her into a little squeeze. “Promise me.”

“But he wants to make love to me.”

And every other girl on campus.’ “Make him wait.”

“And if he won’t wait?”

“Then he is not the one for you. I suspect, though, things will work out. If he really wants it, the longer he waits the more he’ll want it with you. The more he wants it with you the more he’ll make a commitment.” He rubbed her arm again. “Make him chase you until you catch him. So, promise me you won’t.”

“Promise.” She gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“A promise is a promise,” Maria said behind them.

“Maria! You’re back! Neither of us could decide what she should wear on her date tonight. Perhaps you could help?” His eyes pleaded.

“The skirt and top,” Maria suggested. “Now, go get ready, KC. Ruthie and I need to talk.”

After Karen closed the door behind her, Maria explained, “The skirt and top gives him more to work on, if he tries to seduce her.”

“I don’t know if she’ll hold out.”

Maria sat down beside him. “I gave her some resistance strength and another protection spell.”

“Thank you. How much did you hear?”

“Almost all of it. This Brian Jones…”

“…has a nickname, ‘Love them and leave them.’ That’s why I’m afraid for her.”

“She’s a very bright girl, but with men she’s such a ditz. I’m surprised you know so much about the interaction between men and women.”

“I told you, I have four sisters. They talk to each other. Being in a house that crowded, I sometimes overheard parts of conversations. Sometimes they invited me in and I listened and commented as best a brother can do. Sometimes it was one on one. Same with my brothers. I love all of them, and would protect them even to my dying breath.”

Maria began crying.

“So, you realize now you made a mistake,” he consoled as he put his arm around her. She nodded. “I forgive you. Also, thank you. Not having met her before I noticed she is helpful. When she came in wearing only her panties and bra I saw she was pretty. Then when we talked, I wanted to lock her in her room and keep the key like an overprotecting parent, but that would only make her want him more. For the first time other than my sisters, I treated a girl like a person.”

He smiled, “Not seeing her as a potential sex partner. I liked that. I wish I could treat men and women like the true people they each are instead of fighting guys for dominance and treating girls as sex objects.”

“You are a good person, John Mayer.”

The next night John had another nightmare of his rape, shouting in his sleep, “Help, help.”

Blearily, Maria jumped up and woke him. She held him and soothed him saying, “It’s alright; it’s alright.” He was crying as he awoke. “Want to talk about it?”

“I relived the rape again.”

“What happened?”

Haltingly he said quietly, “G-d, I was raped. It was awful. He broke down the door as if it was cardboard, grabbed me, held a knife to my throat and told me to lie down on my bed. I was scared. To make sure he meant business he cut me on the neck just enough to draw a little blood. He pushed me on the bed then grabbed my wrists and tied me to the bed. While he was doing that, I resisted and he punched me in the mouth. I think some teeth became loose. He cut me on the cheek. Then he tore my clothes off. He punched me in the ribs, then for good measure the stomach. I had difficulty breathing. When he clawed my breasts it was like…he was going to scratch them off.

“Th..then he entered me. I was still closed and I felt my insides rip apart. He left laughing.” Maria winced a few times while he said that. “I felt used, humiliated, helpless and dirty. The pain from the beating was excruciating, but nothing compared to when he entered me.” His tears were flowing. So were Maria’s. “I still feel dirty.” Then he laughed, “I could do Lady Macbeth’s ‘out damn spot’ with meaning.”

“Talking about it, getting the pain out and joking afterward is helpful. Eventually it’ll get better.”

“But how long will I take? Will it ever go away?”


Chapter 3

Maria found out early the next day that the coven would meet at ten o’clock that night.

When they left, Maria was dressed in a crew top having full sleeves and a buttons. She added a billowing skirt that went down to the floor and a cloak just as long. They were all black including her panties and bra. “This outfit that shows I am second in command of the coven. I earned it by my ability to lead and end conflicts, not because I am a very powerful mage.”

“Who is your head?”


“Figures.” John wore the same jeans and green t-shirt that he wore on the night he allegedly raped Alisa. He wanted to use them for courage.



“Do you want to still do this? You can always back out, no foul.”

“I must go through with it.”

It was dark out when Maria took John to her car, and asked again, “Are you still willing to do this?”

He responded, “I am innocent and will prove it.”

She told him, “I must put a blindfold on you and tie it with a scarf. This will cover your eyes and prevent you from seeing. While I am driving, I will make a number of extra left and right turns to further confuse your sense of direction. We cannot afford for you to know where we meet when the coven must unite.”

He accepted the blindfold and Maria helped him into the car. The trip took about an hour. True to her word, she made so many turns that in the end he couldn’t tell what direction he was going.

Maria asked during the drive, “Why are you trying to be a doctor, besides why not?

“When I was twelve my sister, Elizabeth, got very sick. She’s two years younger than me. I was told she had cancer. When she came home from the hospital, she was tired. At the beginning, she slept and she needed help even to use a bedpan. When I was allowed I came and visited her in her room. I helped feed her and read to her. Eventually she got better, but she lost so much time from school that they didn’t promote her that year. She told me constantly how much my feeding and reading had meant to her. I began to realize that I made a difference in Beth’s life. Now I want to make a difference in other peoples’ lives in a positive way. Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t perfect. But, I want to do more good than harm.”

She finally parked on a quiet street and helped him out. She told him, Hold out your hand and I will take it.” When he did she said, “Walk this way.”

“How can I walk that way when I can’t see how you’re walking?” he joked.

They had walked him about 100 steps when she told him, “We are going on a ramp. Please hold me tight.”

“Yes, dear,” he teased. She looked angry but being blindfolded he couldn’t tell.

On top of the ramp she said, “You may still back out. Once we’re inside you are committed.”

“I can’t wait. Let’s go in.”

She opened the door and helped John to the center of an inlaid brass circle on the floor. Outside the circle was a five pointed inlaid brass star.

Inside the circle, she removed the blindfolds, and he was blinded by the bright lights, like the previous time he was there. He didn’t know who was talking, except he could recognize Maria’s voice.

Maria left the circle, went behind the bright lights to her spot and said in a formal tone, “Madam Chair and those present, three times I asked if he was willing to be here and three times he agreed, although he did not actually say ‘yes.’”

One girl spoke, “John Mayer, are you aware that we will have the truth tonight and we could do worse to you if you have wasted our time?”


Another asked, “Are you willing for us to bind you to the truth on matters of the incident in question and accept the consequences?”


A third asked, “Will your words be true and will you accept your part in the incident?”

“This I swear. ‘If a man takes a vow to G-d or swears an oath to establish a prohibition upon himself, he shall not desecrate his word; according to whatever comes out of his mouth shall he do,’’ he quoted. “To use your formula, ‘yes.’”

Then Maria chanted a poem, “John,

By the right thumb on your right cheek;
You ability to lie is weak.
You are bound thee by four;
Your ability to lie no more.
The truth you can only tell;
We seek the one who created hell.”

Then two others repeated Maria’s chant. The next three began, “By the right thumb on the left cheek.” Otherwise, it was the same. The next three had left thumb on left cheek, and the last group had left thumb on right cheek, thus making the three by four mentioned in the poem.

Then, one woman spoke, “This was to insure you don’t have a forked tongue and lie out of each half.”

After she spoke, Maria began again, “John,

You may move within the circle bound;
In it, the truth will be found.
While there, you cannot fight;
Violence is not your right.
Until we hear this tale of woe
We will not let you go.”

The chant was repeated by the other eleven.

He turned around in a circle as he spoke, “What do we do now?”

“We wait.”

“For Alisa?”


“May I talk?”

“Not about anything remotely connected to the incident until she is as bound as you. She was the original accuser. Now you accuse her of creating a lie. We need the truth for us to do justice. There will be no revenge.”

“Fair enough. If I need it, may I have a chair?” A chair was brought just inside the circle by one of the girls. He took it to the middle and asked, “How are you getting Alisa here?”

“We’re telling her there is an emergency meeting.”

“Very clever and simple,” he remarked, “If I had known there would be this delay I would have brought a book to study. Just one question for now, do you need to have a certain social or ethnic background to belong to your coven?”

“No, for example in religion, one of us here is Muslim, another Jewish, a third is Buddhist, two are Catholic, three are Protestant, and two are Wicca. The others sometimes go somewhere, but usually not. Except the exact religious and ethnic and social makeup of the groups, it is true with all the covens.”

“To answer your implied question, full abilities seem to be a recessive gene, only manifested in females during their late teenage years. Having one gene is, commonly called, women’s intuition. Men with one or both genes are often called 'lucky.' As we told you, there are other covens on campus. We were once larger, and another time, smaller. We are considered a junior coven because we are on this university campus. We are world wide and fairly common.”

While this was being said, one woman walked to the door, opened and closed it. The other eleven women moved around and talked in hushed tones. He sat quietly. An hour later, the woman who had left returned with Alisa, who preceded the chauffer as if Alisa was royalty. At 5’5,” Alisa walked straight as if she had a ramrod down her back. She had an angelic heart shaped face with blue grey piercing eyes that seemed to be looking through to one’s soul and seeing the evil in it. She was dressed in black with a black on black embroidered cloak and had a tiara fixed in her hair. John stood up when he saw Alisa and offered her the seat. She stopped, frowned and sneered when she saw him, “What is he doing here?”

“We’re here to know the truth about the events surrounding the incident that you claimed was rape,” Maria responded. By then it sounded like the other girls had returned to their positions.

“It was rape.” Alisa was already inside the star.

“Get in the circle and we’ll see.” There must have been magic previously set because she seemed to be fighting to keep her feet from entering the circle. They each repeated the “circle bound” chant, adding Alisa’s name before saying it. When that was finished, they did the “thumb on cheek” chant the same way it had been done to John. All the time Alisa growled at John.

“As you, John Mayer, say you were unjustly accused and accuse Alisa of creating a lie,” Maria stated, “We will ask the questions of you first. When did you meet Alisa?”

John replied, “It was two months ago when, as I was studying in the library she sat down at the table I was working at and began studying. Maria, when I told you what happened I thought it was just a month. I’m sorry. During the hour, we struck up a conversation and she gave me her number. She left me immediately. She passed me and touched the middle of my forehead with her left forefinger.”

“Who started the conversation?” another voice asked.

“Sheeee…did.” He was surprised.

“Why did you hesitate?” came a third voice.

“I originally thought I had started the conversation. There is a difference between my memory before I came here and what actually happened. I thank you for letting me see the truth.”

That third voice asked, “Do you wish to let the sentence stand, or do you wish to continue?”

“I must know the truth.”

“Are you sure it was the left forefinger?” asked a fourth.

“Yes. Is that important?”

“Maybe,” she responded.

“You took her on a date?” asked a fifth.

“About two weeks later, not the next weekend, like I thought. It was more her taking me. There was a dance at the school that Saturday night, and she invited me to it. I danced with her, then with the crowd. She seemed to disappear. Damn. My implanted memory was that I took her and told her I had a good time and kissed her. Yet, I understand now, she wasn’t around at the end of the night. Each question you ask clears my memory. I don’t know how close to the truth my implanted memory is.”

“Did you or anybody else do anything unusual?”

He hesitated then said, “I danced with a guy acting like I was his female partner and I kind of liked him and we talked in a quiet place. I did not remember that until now. I am embarrassed. I believe that I am a normal heterosexual male. I do accept the gay, lesbian or transsexual situation could be right for someone. Except for this one incident, it was never my thing. Oh my G-d! I was female. I remember the hot red dress I was wearing, ending three inches above the knee, the slight constriction of the bra on my breasts, the butterflies in my stomach and much more. I remember rubbing my leg against his and I gave him my number. But, the horror was not me being female. The horror was that I was changed without my knowledge or permission.”

“Maria stated, “I forgive you, for your memories that seem to have been altered. Why we’ll find out.”

“Two weeks later, she took me to a movie,” he continued. “I am drawing a blank as to what the movie was, the characters or anything about the movie. I sense that I was in a daze and stared in front of me. My memory before this truth spell was that I took her to dinner and a movie. With the true memories we had no food. My new memories sense a blue vase barely in my vision off to my right. We made out but it was only heavy petting. Again, I was female. She was a balding, thirtyish male.

“When it was time to leave, I kissed him, that is her, on the mouth by the door of the location we were at and walked back to my dorm. Yes, it was a very strong kiss. Some of you might consider it sensual or even hot. I heard my older sister, Sarah, call that a claiming kiss. I believe the guy, that is Alisa, did the claiming.

“The next time we met on a date was the incident. She again initiated the date, although my previous memory said otherwise. We were to see a play. When I knocked, she opened the door and invited me in. She wore a very revealing dress. My body made a slight reaction to her looks.

“She said we have time and offered me a drink. An alcoholic drink. I’m under age and only refused because I thought I was going to drive. I’m being honest here, otherwise I would have taken that drink.

“She suggested I sit on the couch. I did and she attacked me, wanting and smelling of sex. I gently pushed her off me and got up. I told her that because of my goal, I couldn’t risk being a father now. I rubbed the back of her jaw with my thumbs to sooth her and told her I would do it with the right woman when the time came. She asked if she was the right women. I told her maybe she was. She was crying and I moved my thumbs to her cheeks and dried her tears with them.

“I then gave her a light kiss and said goodbye. I opened the front door and as I was closing it, I heard her say, ‘You won’t get away with this.’ After I closed the door I heard something crash and break, probably at the door. I walked back to the dorm under a very large full moon. I saw the beginnings of a lunar eclipse. I’m not sure if that was important other than to mark the date and time. In the dorm, I jerked off, as I was still stiff and knew I would have blue balls in the morning. I was already beginning to hurt. After I cleaned up, I showered, studied for an hour and went to sleep.

“The next thing I knew, Maria was returning me back to being a man after the rape done to me.”

“You say you pushed her off you, gently,” came a voice he wasn’t sure if he had heard before. “Where was she when you stopped pushing?”

“On the couch. She had fallen back with her back on the other armrest.”

“Then what?” she continued.

“I got up off the couch and she awkwardly got up trying to grab me. The rest, the kiss and leaving, I’ve already told you.”

“Did you punch her in the ribs?”


“Could she have been injured by falling on the armrest?”

“It is well cushioned. I doubt it. I’m not sure.”

“When we saw her she had cuts all over her body.”

“I could only speculate. Perhaps from what broke. Besides, I had scrapes on my back.”

“She had a tear at her vulva and semen in her vaginal cavity. The DNA test showed it was yours.”

“I don’t know how. We never copulated.” Then he whispered, “Nor did I rape her.”

“This movie that you supposedly saw, what were you doing during the picture?” asked a difference voice.

“I was sitting on a soft chair or maybe a couch. I was staring ahead and seeing virtually nothing, except that blue vase in my peripheral vision, off to my right.”

Another voice asked, “Did you expect to have sex?”

“No, I considered our relationship casual dating, at least until she invited me in the last time. I didn’t even have a condom.”

There was about ten seconds of silence.

Then Maria spoke, “Are there any more questions?” Her request was followed by silence.

After a pause she asked, “Is there anyone trying to figure out a point?”

“Yes,” replied a new voice. “You say that the moon was full and a lunar eclipse began. How do you know?”

“The moon was turning red and darkening. It looked like it was about a tenth in the Earth’s shadow. I would have watched it if I didn’t need to take care of my hard on.”

“You also say the moon looked extremely large.”

“It looked twice the diameter we normally see it.”

“Thank you,” she replied.

“Anyone else? We have all night, but the morning might interfere with classes.”

“John, you told Maria there were four dates. We only heard three. Why?”

“I never meant to deceive. The four was my implanted memory. The three is the truth, like everything else we discovered. I still apologize.”

“I’m clear,” replied a voice. Ten more times the women declared they heard enough from John.

“Let us now question Alisa,” Maria began.

“You have no right,” replied Alisa. “I am your leader.”

“We are determining if you purposely hurt John and possibly us. All of us are subject to our laws, even you. Was what John said true?”

Alisa kept her mouth shut.

“We have put a required response spell on you. Don’t make us make it stronger. It will be very painful. It might even kill you.”

She gritted her teeth, “Yes, as far as we were together. What he did without me I don’t know.”

“Did you choose him?”



“He was always at classes or studying. He also had the aura that he could do magic if he was female. I considered him the best candidate.”

“Candidate or victim?” asked another.


“Was he the only one?”

“I considered a number of men on campus. I thought he was a nerd.”

“Candidate for what?” again, a different voice.

“To…take…his…male…essence…and…his…unused…abilities.” She was still fighting giving any answers.


“It would have enhanced my magic powers and gives me the abilities he would have had.”

“Was a large full moon important?”


“How?” Getting answers from Alisa was like pulling teeth.

“The moon was very near its perigee. It greatly enhances my receiving his male essence and increasing it.”

“And the eclipse?”

“An added bonus, like the perigee.”

“Was there a rape?”

She hesitated, “No.” John released the breath he didn’t know he held.

“Then why did you tell us there was?”

“To get even.”

“What did he do?”

“Not have sex with me. That prevented me from getting his essence and male power.”

“Why did you put your left finger on his forehead?”

“I was claiming him for my task.”

John asked the group, “May I ask a question?”

“Of course,” Maria said.

“Why the false memories similar to, but not the truth?”

“To make you think we were falling in love.”


“It would be easier to conquer you. You’re just someone who could be used. You could not understand.”

“Enlighten me, anyway.”

“I need power. First, I had to gain leadership of this coven. That I have. You spoiled my next immediate goal, controlling this coven. My next goal would have been controlling other covens until they were all under my power. Then I would control the world. That is what you did to me.”

“I did nothing, except not fall for your tricks. Are there other victims?”


“How many?”

“Nine, not counting the one I killed.”

“You killed someone?”



“She had the essence and was about to gain her ability because of her age.”

“So, you planned the killing?”


“That makes it murder,” said a voice.

“Murder.” He put his head in his hands and requested, “Someone, please, take over. My anger is so strong it might overcome our peace bond. I want to wring her neck. I need to calm myself.”

“What did you do to these nine?” came a voice.

“I took their male essence and their sleeping abilities by changing their male parts to female ones while having sex with them.”

“Were they female afterwards?”

“That was the best part. They still looked male, but when we had sex, I entered them with my penis in their new pussy. After I took them, they acted female and had female sex drives. In three months, they would have their first period. However, if they got pregnant they would quickly turn into women. Their probable gay male partners would become heterosexual, enabling a normal marriage. I did that for the children.”

“You have a penis?”

“Only when I take these men. The sex is more enjoyable that way. I enjoyed busting their cherry.” Some of the girls gasped. “You don’t like my crudeness?”

“I am ashamed,” John told her. “Why did you choose them?”

“They would have had the magic if they were female.”

“What are their names and where do they live?” asked a girl.

Reluctantly, Alisa gave them the information.

“And the one you murdered?”

“It was not murder.”

“Humor me.”

“I became Alisa, a sixteen-year-old girl.”

“What happened to the original Alisa’s body?”

“I buried it in a forest about ten miles from my new home.”

“How long ago?”

“Twooo and a half years.”

“You just murdered her and took over her life?”

“I killed her.”

“Did you kill her and just bury her, or did you do some other things?”

“I cut out her heart, cooked it and ate it. I also drank a cup of her blood.”

“Why did you do these things?”

“The book described these things. I needed to be female with some abilities.”


“A book of magic I found after years of research.”

“Where is this book?”

She hesitated, trying not to answer, “Under my bed between my box spring and mattress.”

“How did you get the semen from John?”

“I used the DNA from my scrapes on his back and his fingers.”

“The cuts and bruises?”

“I created them before the cops arrived. I didn’t know they would hurt.”

“Do you have any regrets?” asked Maria.

“I didn’t succeed with John.”

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive,” quoted John.

After some silence, Maria asked, “Are there any other questions?”


“If not, we have decisions to make.”

“I move,” said one voice that had not previously spoken. “We extract the magic essence from Alisa, immediately.”

Alisa, shouted, “NO!”

Then came the second to the motion.

Maria asked, “Discussion?”

You can’t do this to me!” came a protest from Alisa.

After nearly a minute of silence, a voice he had heard before said, “I move for a vote.” It was seconded.

A voice requested, “All in favor of the resolution to strip Alisa of her magic immediately signify by saying, ‘Aye’.”

There was a chorus of feminine sounding “Ayes.”


Just Alisa.



“Not voting?”


“Recording secretary, please note which girls had made the resolution, seconded, the move to vote and it was twelve to one.”

“What woman will take Alisa’s magic from her? She must be strong enough to resist the lure of power.”

There was silence for about fifteen seconds. Then slowly and hesitantly, John began to raise his hand. The last half he raised it quickly.

“Do you realize what you are doing?”

“I hope so. I can’t let her get away with what she did. She is dangerous. It is not, just because of what she did to me, but also to the other ten. If someone doesn’t take her ability to do magic then others will suffer and eventually she will conquer the word. I can’t and won’t let that happen. Our freedom, and everyone else’s, wouldn’t exist if I let it go.”

“You realize that in addition to having the magic you will become female.”

“I know. I must take away her magic. She is too dangerous with it. I only ask that I have help from all of you in both being a woman and controlling the magic, especially if I get angry. As far as power is concerned, I seek no authority here, but will accept it if no one else will take it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Ask me three times or three thousand times; I will still accept the challenge. Yes, yes, and yes.”

“Is taking this novice acceptable to the rest?”

The answer was a chorus of “ayes.”

“Anyone objecting?”

Only Alisa said, “Nay”.

“Not voting?”


“We will accept you, John Mayer, upon completion of the transfer.”

Then mats suddenly appeared in the circle, giving the floor some cushion. Maria came forward, put her hands on top of Alisa’s head and said, “Alisa,

The magic in thee
Will go to this he.
The power that you seek
Will continue to make you weak.
Power is not a goal
No magic is the toll.”

Maria then went to John, put her hands on him and said, “John,

The magic you receive
Is stronger than you believe.
The magic that you bear
You should always make fair.
Use it only for good
As you always should.”

Eleven more times the hands were placed on their heads and those two poems were spoken. Each of the eleven apologized to John before chanting the poem on him. Alisa and John both collapsed into a trance when the last words were spoken. The recording secretary, Helen, noted they were out for 22 minutes and 17 seconds.

When they awoke Alisa was a 34-year-old balding man named Gary, wearing a crá¨me dress shirt and grey stripped pants. He had brown eyes and hair. He had long canine teeth, but we know there are no such things as vampires.

John became Ruth, 5’4” having dark brown hair with a hint of red, yet, otherwise a feminine version of John. She was dressed in the same black flowing gown surrounded by a magnificent cloak that Alisa came in with. She felt something in her hair. She sat up and moved her hands over her now shoulder length hair. She removed the tiara from her head and the cape from around her neck, held them in front of her and announced, “We need a new leader. I nominate Maria.”

“Yes,” came the chorus of women.

Helen asked, “Maria, do you willing take on the responsibilities and obligations of your office?”


“Will you be responsible to us as our leader?”


Not until after that last “yes” was the proposal seconded and quickly adopted.

“I believe these things belong to you, Maria.” Ruth offered the tiara and cloak to Maria who stepped forward, took off her cape, placed it on the chair and knelt before Ruth. Ruth placed the tiara on Maria’s head then fastened the cape around her neck. Maria rose, her mouth neutral.

Ruth put her hands in Maria’s and said, Maria, “You are now our leader. Please be humble. May your reign be for good.” She gave Maria a hug and kissed her on both cheeks. They were both in tears.

Ruth realized there was a small problem, “Maria, you apologized to me in private. Please, for your sake and the sake of the coven, do it again in front of the other girls. As our leader you must be willing to admit mistakes publicly within the coven. Also, we need to know that the apologies and my forgiveness are unanimous.”

“I apologize for what we did to you and not believing in your innocence. I hope soon we can eliminate the horrors of the rape you suffered.”

“As I told you in the dorm, you are forgiven. Maria, and the rest of you, my new coven sisters, I realize why I was originally found guilty.”

“This cape,” Ruth continued, holding it folded in front of her, “recognizes your second. Please choose one of the others. As you said when I accepted this challenge, I am a novice and therefore not qualified.”

“I choose, Khadisha.” Khadisha came forward and accepted the cape.”

“We must prevent Gary from finding us or using revenge,” Maria told the coven.

Thirteen women, beginning with Maria and ending with Ruth went to him and said, “Gary,

You know of us too much
We can’t allow you such.
You know we must erase
All memory of this place.
When you leave and go
No knowledge of us will you know.”

Maria told Gary, “You are now free to go.”

Wait!” Ruth exclaimed.

Gary stopped in his tracks and turned around. With venom he spat out, “What?”

“Everyone apologized but you. Is there no remorse?”

“You ruined everything.”

I ruined everything? What about the rape I suffered? What about the other nine you ruined? What about the girl you murdered? Their friends and families? What about these twelve sisters that I now claim a bond to that you violated the rules and deceived? You still show no remorse. I suspect you will try again to regain the power.”

“You did not forgive me.”

“And if I did, would you reform?” Gary was silent. Ruth’s voice was soft, “As I thought. Only I have the right to forgive the hurt another did to me. You have not apologized.”

“I’m sorry. Satisfied?”

“Mean it,” she replied softly. Gary gave no answer. “When you do I’ll consider it.”

“I will get even with you, bitch. And these other twelve losers with you.” Everyone gasped.

“We were going to let you go, and watch over you. I see there is no alternative, though. Today, we have not gotten through that thick skull you have. I hope someday one of us will. Besides, that ‘b’ you used should have been a ‘w’.” Then Ruth asked, “Do I have the right to do this?”

“There was a chorus of, “Yes.”

“Are there any ‘nays’ or not voting?”


Ruth started to use her powers for the first time. She was amazed she knew what to do, as if she always had these powers, “Gary,

The rape you put on me,
Will strongly fall on thee.
Our safety is the best
Outside is your arrest.
After they convict
The judge will be quite strict.

Horny is your bane,
Stroking won’t ease the pain.
In fact, it is quite small.
An infant’s, that’s all.
But use it as evidence,
Sixteen inches, quite immense.

We know that you don’t toke
But in your car’s a pound of coke.
It’s not the drinking kind.
Pounds of sugar they will find.
When they inspect your house
A ton of heroin, you louse.”

Then she told his fate with the hint of redemption, “We will find the nine you have hurt and have them testify of your rape of them. It is not vengeance. I want you to go away for a very long time to make others safe. If I see you have reformed, then it is possible I will forgive you and reduce your sentence. Now get out. I need another hug from these women.”

He left. Outside they heard officers shouting, “Halt! You are under arrest!” then running, a scuffle, followed by other police activity. After the hug, the girls finally walked out and saw Gary handcuffed and being put into a police car. The red and blue lights from several cars were flashing.

The coven recovered the book that night before the police secured Gary’s, formally Alisa’s, house. On a beach the next day they had a barbecue, using the pages of the book to light the wood. Even the binding went up in smoke. That summer they took the ashes, traveled by boat to the Gulf Stream near Florida and dumped the contents overboard.



Ruth graduated college Phi Beta Kappa and salutatorian and went to a prestigious medical school. When she was an intern, she met and married William Salomon. Eventually, they went into research. With her skills, she tweaked their experiments towards the right path, so they had major results, several times. They shared the Noble Prize in Medicine. As of this writing, they have four children and ten grandchildren. Ruth still works for a rape crises center. Ruth and William also worked privately with some transsexuals. Bill knows about Ruth’s abilities.

Of the other nine who were “raped” by Gary two had recently given birth to children of their husbands and were happily married. One was showing signs of becoming female and being pregnant. She was engaged to be married. The other eight, Ruth and her coven sisters helped celebrate the nuptials. The other six were divided at their request: two became completely female and four completely male. The same gang was at each marriage of the six. They are happily married, are now all grandparents. Fortunately, none needed assistance, except a little help in coping. The six new females joined their local covens.

All twelve of the other women married and had interesting careers. They became more cautious about using their powers.

KC eventually married Brian, a love match. He played for the NFL and received a pension. So did one of their sons and a grandson.

Gary was convicted of Ruth’s rape, the drug charges and seven other rapes of the nine. He received harsh consecutive sentences. In prison, he was raped several times and died of AIDS, contacted from one of those rapes. He never repented. There was not enough evidence to convict on the murder charges, or even a lesser charge. Although she was willing before his death, Ruth could only forgive him at his grave.



This story was inspired by Elrod W’s:

“The Consequences of Date Rape”


“Date Rape Aftermath.”

They are found at Fictionmania.

“out damn spot” is spoken by Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,”Act V. Scene I.

The biblical quote is from Numbers 30:3. I used the Art Scroll translation, except I changed “Hashem” (means the Name) to “G-d.”

The forked tongue and lying is based on a quote by President Truman about Nixon:

see # 8.

Neither the above quote nor anything in this story should be assumed that I support any political, religious or social view other than noted in other parts of the notes.

The tangled web quote is from Marmion, 1808 by Sir Walter Scott

“Only I have the right to forgive the hurt another did to me.” is based on a concept that Eva Kor, a survivor of the Mengele medical experiments on twins at the Auschwitz Death Camp during WWII. She calls it a form of Tikon Olom (usually translated to “repairing the world,” but it more than that.) As of this writing, Mrs. Kor is still living and tells her story and message of forgiveness at the C.A.N.D.L.E.S. museum in Terre Haute, Indiana 47802. She forgave one of the doctors.

For a better understanding of Tikun Olom, see Hillel, If not Now, When by Joseph Telushkin pgs 47-58, especially second paragraph on p 47.

Note: the notes of the Mengele experiments were destroyed on orders of the Nuremberg Trials judges to help prevent future similar experiments.

This story is dedicated to Robert Mandresh, DPM, and the rest of the group that took care of me during my operation, hospital stay, and recovery that occurred while I wrote this story.

Holly Hart edited and proofed this story.

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