Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

This story was originally written and posted in 1999.


The wind was blowing hard as Marcus Reed glanced over the edge of the bridge and towards the raging river below, though that was all right with him. It was with a faint smile that Marcus double checked the anchor for his bungee cord then once again looked down to where he was about to drop, his heart already racing from the anticipation of the thrill he was about to receive, and from the adrenaline.

Standing next to Marcus were two other 20 year old boys. His best friends and fellow thrill seekers. Stu Conner was the taller of the two, being somewhat thin and having blonde hair and a goatee. He seemed relaxed though his eyes were watching Marcus intently, and even nervously. The other boy was Timothy ‘Buzz’ Radcliff, holding his usual cup of espresso in hand as he also watched Marcus make his preparations.

"Man," Marcus said, "this is going to be extreme." He grinned to himself, anticipating the adrenaline rush. Of all the so called extreme sports that he loved to do, bungee jumping was probably his favorite. The long drop towards the ground, then just before impact, that sudden snap that throws him back up. And most importantly, the rush that came with it. The feeling that always reminded him just how alive he was. That made him feel more alive than anything else. God, Marcus thought to himself, It couldn't get any better than that.

Buzz sipped from the espresso that was in his hand, his eyes darting around rapidly in his typical hyperactive fashion as he watched Marcus. "You know man," he said, "I don't know about this wind."

At that comment, Stu nodded agreement. "Yeah, it could throw us into one of the bridge supports and that would be a major bummer. We should wait until the wind dies down."

Marcus snorted as he looked over his friends. "What? Are you two chickening out?"

"No way man." Buzz tried to assure him. "It just looks a little too risky. I mean, remember how that guy was jumping off here last year when the wind threw him into the pylon?" Buzz gave an exaggerated shudder, "I hear that it took him a couple days before he finally croaked."

Stu nodded. "All we're saying is that we should hold off for a few minutes. I mean, I'm just as eager to jump as you but don't wanna get splattered." Stu grinned at that.

Without looking at his friends, Marcus made the final adjustments to the straps on his legs then said, "We've planned this jump for weeks, but if you two wanna wuss out now, it's your loss." Then with that, Marcus gave them both a look of disgust then jumped off the bridge.

"Wait!" Stu and Buzz both called out, but it was too late.

Marcus didn't hear them as he rushed towards the rock filled river below. It came closer and closer, each foot closer bringing the level of excitement that Marcus felt even higher. In spite of his confidence that he would be all right and the knowledge that the bungee would save him, Marcus knew that there was always a chance. That there was always a risk that he'd hit and get splattered on the rocks below. Marcus felt a stab of fear as he came towards the water and an even greater thrill as he was suddenly yanked back up.

However, just as Marcus was safe from impact, the wind caught hold of him and he shot up and sideways, going straight for one of the bridges support pylons. Marcus's eyes went wide, knowing that there was no time and nothing that he could do. "Oh God." he whispered, suddenly fearing that this time he'd pushed the boundaries too far. Then almost to his surprise, Marcus somehow missed the bridge support, coming less than a foot away from impact. Less than a foot away from almost sure death. After Marcus had swung back, he still continued to be bounced around until the bungee cord finally came to a stop, though he didn't come close to impact again.

Once Stu and Buzz had pulled Marcus back up, he leaned against the bridge railing, breathing deeply and savoring the adrenaline rush. "Oh man what a rush." he whispered to himself. "My God that was awesome."

Stu and Buzz both looked a little concerned as they stared at him, though excited at the same time. Finally it was Stu who spoke. "Man, that was extreme the way you almost got splattered. You my friend are one crazy son of a bitch."

"Definitely." Buzz echoed.

Marcus nodded, wiping the sweat soaked dark blonde hair from his forehead. "You guys missed out on a killer rush." He smiled faintly, keeping his eyes closed and letting his heart beat slowly calm back down. The other two shook their heads, continuing to look at him in disbelief and admiration.


That night, Marcus was back at the campus dorm room, tired from his days activities but still feeling good from his adrenaline ‘fix’. He smiled faintly, knowing very well that others called him an adrenaline junkie though he didn't think of it that way. Marcus just believed that life required risk and excitement to make it worth living. That it reminded him that he was really alive. If that made him a junkie, then so be it.

Marcus glanced out the window and up at the star lit sky. He smiled as he thought about what a nice night it was, deciding that it was a shame to waste it all by just going to bed. After a moment, Marcus grabbed his jacket and ran out the door, not exactly sure where he was going yet, but he knew that he'd know when he got there.

Once Marcus was outside and enjoying the night air, he started walking in the direction of the woods and rocky hills behind the campus. He'd gone back there quite frequently, finding that some of the rocky outcroppings had been good practice for mountain climbing. It was also an area that relatively few people went at night, except for the occasional couple to make out, and the nearly full moon would provide him with all the light that he needed.

It didn't take Marcus long to get to his destination once he had an idea of where he was going. Soon he was in the back woods, standing at the base of a 35 foot tall rock face. One which he'd climbed several times, but as he looked at it, Marcus smiled. He'd climbed it plenty of times during the day, but never at night. The thought of that extra challenge made Marcus smile even more. Then with a brief glance towards the moon, he started climbing.

Climbing the rock face with less light than normal was even more challenging than Marcus would have guessed. Each hand hold or foot rest that was visible during the daylight hours was hidden by the shadows. Every foot that he went up was with great effort, and Marcus realized, greater risk. But that didn't deter him from slowly making his way up towards the top. Not even the fact that his foot slipped out from underneath him halfway up almost causing him to fall slowed him down. Eventually though Marcus made it to the top, and after looking around, feeling smug in his triumph did he realize that now he had to go back down.

"Damn." he muttered as he looked all the way down, "I feel almost like a cat caught up in a tree." Marcus grinned at that, knowing that if he ever had to get a fireman to get him down he'd never hear the end of it. Of course he knew that he could wait until morning when there was more light and then climb down, but that certainly didn't appeal to Marcus either. "Piece of cake." he told himself as he slowly started his climb back down, this time discovering that it was even more difficult to find the footholds he needed.

After managing to descend several feet, Marcus suddenly felt the edge that his foot was resting on crumble and drop from underneath him. With a loud scream, Marcus fell fast towards the ground. His only thought was the realization that he was in deep shit now, when just as suddenly as he'd started falling, Marcus stopped. He laid where he was, staring up at the sky in confusion. He didn't feel the impact. He didn't even feel any pain. Instead, it was almost as if he'd landed in a pile of feathers or like he'd been caught and gently set on the ground.

Finally Marcus sat up, his eyes wide as he glanced down at himself, seeing that he was indeed unhurt. "Holy shit." he whispered to himself, his heart racing even faster than it had been earlier that day. Marcus let out a low whistle, not sure exactly had saved him but glad that it had. Then realizing that he'd survived two close calls in one day, Marcus smiled and joked, "Someone must really be looking out for me. That one could have done me in."

Suddenly Marcus heard a voice echoing from around him. "It would have if it hadn't been for me." It sounded angry as well.

"Who's there?" Marcus demanded as he snapped around, looking for the source of the voice. However he saw no sign of another person, though that didn't mean anything. A whole football team could have been hiding behind the trees around him and Marcus wouldn't have been able to see them.

After a moment without any answer, Marcus was about to ask again when he saw the air in front of him beginning to glow. The pale yellow glow was faint at first, then it began to increase and the light began to take a shape. A human shape. Marcus just stared at the shape in amazement as it began to look like a woman. A woman with wings.

"Holy shit." Marcus whispered, blinking at the image in front of him. The woman looked to be about the same age as him, but utterly and completely gorgeous. The most beautiful woman that he'd ever seen, and she was floating several feet above the ground and glowing to boot.

The woman glared at him, looking rather angry. "You have the first part right at least." She said, her appearance seeming to become more and more solid until she looked just like a real woman instead of a hologram. Real at least except for the wings and the faint glow that still surrounded her. "You would have been killed if it hadn't been for me." She snapped, "AGAIN."

"Wwwwhat....?" Marcus stuttered, his mind swirling in confusion. The woman in front of him was a vision of loveliness. She was tall and athletic looking, dressed in a white dress that seemed practical and simple but very sexy. She had long flowing brown hair and a large pair of birdlike wings from her back. She looked like an angel in more ways than one. But that couldn't be. Someone had to be playing a prank on him. Or maybe he'd hit his head when he fell. That at least made sense. "Who are you?" He asked anyway, "What are you?"

The image floated closer to Marcus, scowling at him. "I'm an angel." She said shortly. "Specifically, I'm your guardian angel. Not a delusion, not a hallucination and not some practical joke." She floated even closer, looking down on Marcus and making him want to step back. Somehow though he managed to keep from backing away. "I am a guardian angel." Then she poked Marcus in the chest, adding "Do I make myself clear."

All Marcus could do was nod his head, relieved when the woman....the supposed angel backed away slightly. "Wwwwhat....." Marcus took a deep breath, forcing himself to remain calm. "What do you want?"

"A vacation." The angel snapped almost sarcastically. "Do you realize that I haven't had a moment's peace since you were five? I haven't been able to take a single break with you constantly throwing yourself at danger. Every moment of every day..... Do you realize just how many times I have had to save your life from your own stupid actions?"

Marcus gasped. "But why?" He shook his head, amazed at himself for accepting this as real. That he actually had a guardian angel chewing him out.

She sneered, making her look just a little less attractive. "Because it's my job. The big guy..." She gestured upward, "doesn't want you to die just yet. It's not your time yet and he wants you around for awhile longer, so I'm stuck babysitting you." The angel shook her head, taking a deep breath herself. "I'm tired of constantly bailing you out. Don't you ever think things through?"

For a moment all Marcus could do was stare at her. After all, what could he say? "I'm sorry." he said hesitantly. "But all what's the harm in having a little fun? A little excitement?"

"What's the harm?" she repeated in surprise. The angel stared at Marcus for a moment, then sighed, lowering herself to the ground so that she was standing face to face with Marcus, though maybe two inches shorter. "The harm is that you would have died many times by your own actions if I hadn't intervened. You keep throwing yourself at greater and greater dangers, forgetting your own mortality and I have to work harder and harder to keep you alive. Do you realize what HE would do to me if I let you die?" Then with that, the angel suddenly got a very nervous look in her eyes and looked upwards. "Uh oh."

"What do you mean uh oh?" Marcus asked, getting nervous himself. The angel didn't answer. "Um...lady? Miss angel?"

"Sorry." She said quietly, no longer looking angry but nervous instead.

Marcus wasn't comfortable at all with this himself. Then on a sudden impulse, Marcus asked "What's your name?"

The angel looked surprised at this. "My name?"

"Yeah, your name." Marcus smiled, feeling a lot more confident than moments before. Now the angel actually seemed to be the one feeling somewhat intimidated.

She sighed. "My name isn't something that a mortal could possibly comprehend. Why don't you just call me Angel?" She smiled faintly, looking very angelic indeed.

"All right...Angel." Marcus held out his hand. "Nice to meet you." She hesitated for a moment, then stuck out her own hand. When Marcus shook it, it was like a burst of static electricity shot through his body. He gasped and pulled his hand back. It had felt unlike anything he'd ever felt before. But very, very good. Startled at that for a moment, Marcus shook his head and tried to regain some composure. "So you've actually been watching over me my whole life?"

Angel nodded faintly. "Yes. And honestly, I usually don't mind it, but I'm exhausted." She sighed and smiled faintly at Marcus. "I do like you Marcus, but you haven't given me a moments rest in years. I wish that just for once I could relax without having to worry about you jumping off a cliff or something."

"I'm really sorry." Marcus said, actually feeling rather bad for the girl in front of him. She almost seemed like a real person instead of an angel.

She just smiled faintly, looking somewhat nervous. Then suddenly a flash of lightning shot across the sky, in spite of the fact that there wasn't a cloud in sight. Angel's eyes widened and she stepped back, a look of fear on her face. "Uh oh." She said again.

"What uh oh?" Marcus demanded nervously. If this angel was getting scared, he wasn't at all sure that he liked it.

Angel gulped, looking Marcus in the eyes. The glow around her fluctuated for a moment, getting stronger then fading away before returning. "In words you'd understand, the big guy is royally pissed."

"Big guy?" Then Marcus's eyes widened in understanding. "Holy shit. Why? Because I fell?"

"No." Angel shook her head. "I broke the rules." She looked guilty. "I wasn't supposed to show myself to you. We're not supposed to reveal ourselves to mortals at all. But I was so angry that I just reacted." Angel gulped, then looked apologetically towards Marcus. "I was supposed to be protecting you but I obviously didn't do a very good job. Now you might be in trouble because of my mistake."

Marcus just shook his head. "Oh boy." He gulped, glancing from the worried looking Angel to the sky then back again. "What's going to happen?"

Angel shrugged, still looking rather nervous. "I haven't got a clue."

Then suddenly lighting flashed again. This time though it seemed to hit Marcus. His whole world exploded into light and confusion, then just as quickly shifted back to normal. Normal except for the fact that he was staring right at his own face.

"What the...?" Marcus started, then stopped when he heard his own voice. And more than that, he realized that he felt different. VERY different. Already knowing what he'd find, Marcus glanced down, only to see Angel's rather generous breasts pushing out from his chest. "Man," he whispered to himself in shock, "this is extreme."

"This is not good." Marcus heard his own voice say. He looked at himself, or Angel who he realized was in his body. She looked back at him, which made Marcus feel extremely odd to see himself that way. "Well, it could have been a lot worse."

Marcus gulped then looked down at himself. It felt so....strange. He turned and saw that he even had the wings sticking out of his shoulder blades. He wasn't sure what felt strangest, the weight on his chest, the void in his crotch or the wings on his back. Curious, he tried moving the wings, finding that he could do so rather easily. "Man this is freaky." Then looking back at Angel who looked rather uncomfortable but seemed to be handling her own change a little easier. "How long will we be like this?"

Angel shrugged. "I don't know. It was my job to protect you because he wanted you to stay alive for some specific reason though I never knew what that was. He might keep us this way for an hour, for a year, until whatever you're needed for happens or possibly even...." Angel shuddered visibly, "for the rest of your life." Then paling, she added, "Or my life."

"What do you mean?" Marcus demanded, "I thought you were immortal."

For a moment Angel just stood there, then she looked thoughtful. A look of concentration appeared on her face and slowly a faint glow formed around Marcus's real body. It lasted for a moment before fading. Angel looked up and frowned. "I'm afraid that at the moment I'm bonded to your mortal body. That means that my powers are severely diminished, almost nonexistent. If I die in your body I'll return to my former existence, but for now I am just as mortal as you are."

Marcus stared at her for a moment before grabbing at his chest with both hands. It felt so strange to have a pair of breasts. He gulped, forcing his attention back to Angel. The fact that he might have them for a long time was not something he was happy about, but he did need to find out more. "But if you're in my body and mortal now...." Marcus gulped again, "Does that mean he turned me into an angel?" That thought seemed extremely strange to Marcus. Not only had he been turned into a girl, but into an angel as well. An immortal.

Angel shook her head. "Not really." She gave a slight smile that Marcus took to be reassuring. "My body was a shell that I created to take form on Earth. Your mortal soul just occupies it at the moment." Then with a thoughtful look on her face, Angel continued, "However, my body was filled with my power and connected not only to my being but to Heaven itself. I believe that it will retain a small portion of my power, or at least access to it." Angel sighed while Marcus stared down at his hands with a renewed disbelief.

"This is totally unreal." he said to no one in particular. "I can't believe this."

At first Angel didn't say anything. She just watched Marcus for several minutes then said, "I can see that you're very curious about my body, and embarrassed. Don't be. You might be in it for a long while so you should explore it."

Marcus blushed furiously, wondering if she'd read his mind. Then he decided probably not. He was probably just too obvious with what he was thinking. But still, Marcus didn't feel at all comfortable about giving his borrowed body any kind of examination with its real owner standing right there. However Angel not only didn't mind, but actually encouraged him to.

So after awhile, Marcus found himself dropping out of the white dress he was wearing and examining his naked body. He could see immediately that he looked perfectly human, albeit an unbelievably beautiful one. All except for the wings on his back. Marcus smiled faintly as he gently touched his new wings, amazed at their softness. The feathers tickled his back where they touched, feeling very odd but sort of comforting at the same time. When he looked at his breasts, he gasped at how soft they were, and how sensitive. He gave them only a cursory going over though, the same with the new slit between his legs. Even if Angel didn't mind, he just didn't feel at all comfortable with examining himself in front of her.

After he'd finished examining himself, at least as much as he was willing to at the moment, Marcus put the dress back on, amazed at just how light and smooth it felt. The fabric obviously wasn't anything that could be found on Earth. Marcus smiled somewhat self-consciously to Angel, noticing that she hadn't even bothered to really look herself over much.

While Marcus was watching Angel, he realized that something else was odd. Something even more so than what he'd already noticed. Then he noticed that he was glowing. "What the...?" Angel just smiled.

"I see that I was right. As your soul and my body get used to each other, you will gain some of my powers." Her eyes twinkled slightly as she added, "But of course you will never gain a full angels powers or the ability to enter Heaven. Not until you die. Even the body will be effected by your soul and will start to age, though probably a little slower than a normal mortals."

Marcus stared at Angel and then at his glowing hands. "Cool. But how do I stop looking like a night light?"

"Relax." Angel said calmly. "Feel the energy that is radiating from your body and then pull it back in." Marcus frowned, thinking that this didn't make much sense but he was willing to try. He closed his eyes and tried to relax. As he did so, he could feel his entire body in a totally new way. It was unbelievable and he felt incredibly alive. Just as much as he did after a good jump. He felt all charged up, and that was what was showing through the glow. It took Marcus a minute, but he told his body to stop letting the energy out, and it stopped. He stopped glowing just like that.

"Killer." Marcus whispered. Then he looked at Angel and asked, "And what exactly am I going to do about these?" he pointed at the wings.

Angel nodded then explained to Marcus that the wings were a permanent part of her body, which did not make him too happy. He felt enough like a freak as it was. The thought of having to be seen in public, not only as a chick but with wings.... Marcus shuddered at that. Angel just smiled at Marcus's panic then explained. "One of the abilities which I believe you now possess is that I can....." She looked thoughtful for a moment then continued, "I can shift out of phase with your world. I can become invisible and intangible, which is how I was able to watch you at all times. In fact, that is my natural state. You should be able to now as well."

Angel walked over to Marcus and gently set a hand on his shoulder. The electric shock that he felt earlier happened again. He was startled and turned, looking Angel in the eyes. They seemed so deep. So.....he didn't know what. Just that they were unlike anything he'd ever seen before, even if they were his. They stared in each other's eyes for several minutes before they finally broke away. Marcus gasped for breath, confuses. He couldn't believe how strong he was feeling towards Angel, and was almost as surprised that she seemed to be sharing the reaction. It wasn't really physical, but something much more. Something that linked their very souls. Was that love at first sight? Marcus wasn't sure but he knew that it had to be something like that. He felt drawn to Angel, more than he'd ever been to anyone before, even if she was in his body.

"Ahem." Angel coughed slight, trying to distract them both. She was blushing, just as Marcus realized he was. "We should get back to this." Marcus reluctantly nodded agreement and Angel went back to explaining what she planned.

It didn't take very long before Marcus was able to ‘shift’ as Angel had called it, turning both invisible and intangible. He'd become just like a ghost and was amazed that he could walk through the trees around him as if they weren't even there, though it felt extremely weird. "Now that is extreme." Marcus told Angel once he'd gained enough control to shift in and out. With just a little more work, Marcus found that he could shift out just his wings. That also felt strange for Marcus. He could feel the wings on his back. They were still there but he couldn't see them and when he reached back there with his hands they didn't seem to be there. However he was at least satisfied that he could hide them.

Once again standing next to Angel, this time without the wings, Marcus looked up into her eyes once again, gulping as he did so. It was with great effort that he pulled himself back away, feeling embarrassed as he did so. He felt so....close to Angel. Marcus wondered if that was because she'd been watching over him his entire life, because they'd traded bodies or because of some mix of the two. Maybe even something else. Whatever the cause, Marcus had never felt closer to anyone in his life.

"Oh my God." he whispered, then frowned as he realized just how appropriate his comment had been. "Will he change us back?" he asked Angel nervously.

Angel looked a little worried but shrugged. "I don't know. I've existed for far too long for me to be too bothered. After all, I know that I'll return to being the angel I was either when we are returned or when this body dies. As for you, I know that this is hard for you. You mortals place such emphasis on your bodies for your identity." Marcus nodded agreement. "However, I know that HE will take care of us, regardless of the reason he chose this particular punishment. HE always has more reason than the obvious for his actions."

With a faint and nervous nod, Marcus said "I guess you know him best." Marcus sighed, knowing that he'd never seriously believed in God or angels before that night, and now he'd never doubt the existence of either again.

In silent agreement, they both looked at each other and nodded, starting back towards the campus. Marcus worried about what he was going to do, how he was going to live. He certainly couldn't tell his friends or family. They'd all think he was bonkers. No, for the moment he couldn't do that. Angel just told him not to worry, that "God would provide". Marcus wasn't completely sure about that. After all, God had been the one to do that to them.

When they arrived at Marcus's dorm room, Angel was the one to pull out the key and unlock the door, much to Marcus's discomfort. He had tried reaching into a pocket for the key until he remembered that he didn't even have pockets anymore. Feeling rather downcast, Marcus went into the room after Angel. Once inside, Angel suddenly stopped and glanced around, a strange look on her face. Marcus frowned and wondered what was up, then he saw Angel walk over to the dresser and pick up a purse that was sitting on top of it.

"Where did that come from?" Marcus asked in surprise. It certainly hadn't been there when he'd left and he didn't have a roommate to leave things lying around.

Angel didn't say a word. Instead she opened up the purse as if looking for something specific. A moment later she seemed to have found what she was looking for as she pulled a wallet out and opened it up. She smiled faintly, then said "I believe that this is yours."

"Mine?" Marcus was confused as he accepted the wallet from Angel. His eyes went wide as he noticed the drivers license that was immediately evident. It had a picture of of him, with the name Angel Celeste underneath it. "Holy shit." Marcus groaned, knowing that if this was here then the big guy must be planning on leaving them like that for awhile.

"I suppose that we're both going to have to get used to this." Angel said. "And I guess that I'll have to get used to calling you Angel and you'll have to call me Marcus."

Marcus shuddered at the thought. He'd lost his body and wouldn't even be able to keep his name. But still, he stubbornly reminded himself that others may call him Angel but he'd always be Marcus inside. That was who he was, who he'd always be. At least he hoped so.

With a sigh, Marcus looked carefully at Angel and realized that this must be harder on her than she was showing. Having been turned from a gorgeous angel into an ordinary human, and a guy at that. But still, she wasn't complaining. Even though she'd lost all the power and freedom that she had along with her body, she didn't seem to be wallowing in self-pity. Marcus stared at her even more intently, his respect and love for her growing even stronger. He only hoped that he could follow her example. That he could handle what had happened without complaining or wallowing in the self-pity that part of him wanted.

Then without consciously realizing what he was doing, Marcus went over and surprised Angel with a kiss. After only a moments hesitation, she started kissing back. When they broke apart a moment later, Marcus thought about what he'd just done. He didn't feel at all guilty for kissing a guy like he would have expected. It just didn't feel like he was kissing a guy. Instead he'd been kissing someone that he realized he cared a great deal for. Someone who just happened to be in a guy’s body for the moment. "Wow." he said to himself, still a little surprised at his own action and reaction to it. But still, he had no intention of going any further with Angel. At least not anytime soon. But who knew what shape the future would take? Especially not with the speed it was changing.

Angel looked at Marcus with love in her eyes, and a little uncertainty. When she yawned a moment later, looking faintly embarrassed as she did so, they both knew that it was time for bed. They nodded to each other then with a silent agreement went their separate ways. Marcus to his bed and Angel to sleep on the couch.


The next day, Marcus discovered that the new drivers license wasn't the only thing to miraculously appear. New school records had also shown up and Angel Celeste was scheduled for all the same classes as Marcus Reed, which made it a little easier for Marcus to adapt.

It was when Marcus and Angel ran into Buzz and Stu that he felt the most uncomfortable. Angel thought quickly and introduced Marcus to his former friends, and they seemed quickly to accept him as ‘Marcus's girlfriend’. But once they started talking about some extreme sports his former jump buddies once again started to accept Marcus as one of them. Angel groaned at that, but Marcus knew that it wouldn't be long before he had her along with them.

Marcus decided that just because he wasn't in his own body anymore didn't mean that he was just going to give up on some of his favorite activities, though the change had made him decide to be a LOT more careful. He no longer had a guardian angel to swoop in and save him like before, but he decided that he kind of liked it better that way. Now they were looking out for each other, as if each had become the other's guardian angel, and that gave Marcus a strange feeling of accomplishment and purpose as well as brought him closer to Angel

Though he didn't know how long he'd be stuck in Angels body, Marcus had a feeling that it could be for life. Still, he refused to complain or feel much self-pity, trying hard to follow Angel's example. Of course her presence and the relationship they were beginning to develop helped.

While Marcus and Angel both adapted to their new lives, they realized that they'd gotten what they wanted in a strange way. Marcus had found some all new thrills and excitement that made him feel more alive then ever, especially with his new power of flight, but even more so with what he felt for Angel. As for Angel, she was very pleased that Marcus was behaving much more carefully, which along with his new abilities made things much easier for her. She no longer had to worry about him every moment, letting her have her first rest in years. Truly, Marcus realized, God does work in mysterious ways.

The End

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