Avatar - Beachhead Ch3

Avatar Beachhead
Chapter Three: Ey’wa’s Dream hunt.

Fanfiction concept by Elizabeth Jean, Written by Elizabeth Jean in conjunction with Sleethr.

Thanks go to Djkauf for assistance in proofing and editing.

Speech in Na’vi “Italics.”
Speech in English “English.”

After scaling the fence, I was pleased to find that, although the site was unkempt it was still habitable. Plants had begun to take root but hadn’t yet reached the buildings. The outpost looked like it had just been abandoned a few months ago rather than fifteen years. I found myself surprised; I would have expected a lot more growth to have occurred.

Entering the first hanger I discovered a couple GAV Swan’s parked side by side. Beside them were several dirt bikes, surprisingly one was large enough for an Avatar. I had no idea that the RDA had built vehicles for the Avatar’s size, I figure they probably had them for the researchers to use. I wasn’t about to jump on it and go tearing through the jungle, sometimes being covert sucked.

A Buggy IV also stood in the hangar with its left front wheel missing. I wondered how much had been left unfinished in the RDA’s haste to get the hell out of dodge, the RDA had been adamant the Na’vi’s attack was unprovoked. Personally, I didn’t buy into their official story, too many rumors said otherwise. I’m not sure the UN believed the official story either. Problem is, Earth isn’t close enough for the UN to really monitor everything the RDA get up to.

Moving on I discover a second larger hangar, containing an Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson, I guess it was down for maintenance, since reports had indicated that many were destroyed by the Na’vi riding Banshee’s during the final conflict. I also note several different Drones stored here, I could activate them to add to the site’s security, but they would be just as likely to kill a friendly as they would a foe.

I decided to consider it later, moving on. I entered another hangar structure that contained not only several AMP suits, but the main armory for the site. Inside was like an Aladdin’s cave of weaponry. Everything from AG-MFM 332 Missiles to the GS-221 30-Caliber Light Machine Guns, most of the weapons stored are useless to me due to my current size, most human weapons were just too small for an Avatar to use effectively.

I had been issued an AVR M30 Machine gun for this mission. It, along with my handgun had been specifically made for Avatar use. The good thing about this is, the M30 is actually based off the M60, Avatar’s can use the M60’s and both weapons use the same 7.62 caliber rounds, so ammunition can be gathered from any RDA site on Pandora.

I grab a kit bag and pack a couple of M60’s as backup weapons, I pack an Avatar Machete, I already have one but it’s good to be prepared. I also gather together plenty of ammo, grenades and several stun and proximity mines; we were not issued grenades or mines due to space limitations and some safety BS. I had considered taking a few MBS-22A Automated Sentry Guns. They would have been useful to keep wildlife from anyplace I bunk down. However, there’s just no way to carry one let alone several, for that I’d have to figure how to adapt a GAV for my current size.

On my way from the weapon stores, I remove an AMP suit knife and sheath from an AMP suit that is partially stripped down, I guess it is in for maintenance that got disrupted. Shrugging, I attach it to the belt I’d picked up with my weapons. While I had two machetes an Amp suit knife is designed more for combat and would be quite useful.

Exiting the hanger I again get the feeling I’m being watched, it’s unnerving that I can find no sign of anyone or anything around me. I dropped my kit bag and I decided to do another check around the compound; the only part I haven’t explored yet is the living quarters and mess hall. Half an hour of frustration later I gave up; collecting my ammo supplies I head over to the site’s Avatar barracks; it’s easily big enough to accommodate my size.

Surprisingly, I’d discovered the compound still had some power, I could see solar panels on several surrounding buildings. I figured that must be the source, it was doubtful generators would survive without maintenance. Thankfully the Avatar barracks, while secure, weren’t sealed in like the human barracks were, there were also space heaters to keep any cold at bay. Fortunately, from my briefing on Earth I found the climate tended to be fairly moderate during the night.

Human barracks have Atmospheric filtration systems installed, this is technically a scaled up version of the Exopack system. The AF system is used inside any hermetically sealed building; the system is also fitted to AMP suits so once inside personnel don’t have to wear bulky Exopacks to breathe. I guess being in an Avatar body is good for something after all, even if it is female. I shudder, as positive as that thought was I’m still struggling with this whole stupid plan. I can understand corporate’s reasoning, but it still sucks, this mission is crazy enough without, the added complication of being in an Avatar body of the wrong sex.

As I set up a bunk and stow my gear, I wondered idly if, after a couple of months, I’d end up so freaked I’d choose to eat a bullet rather than continue, maybe I wouldn’t even last that long with the way I was feeling. Shaking my head I stood up and left the barracks to check out supplies in the mess hall, with any luck the freezers would be working, I could murder a steak right about now.

Leaving the barracks I got that damned feeling again, maybe I’m going crazy, I rub my temples. I consider the situation and laugh when a stray thought comes to mind, maybe the Na’vi goddess was playing with my head, Yeah like that’s real, damn stupid superstitions, I’ve never believed in a God or goddess. I’m not comfortable with the idea of an all knowing benevolent being, or is that malevolent being?

I believe in what I can see with my own eyes, feel with my own hands and kill with a bullet or knife. I laugh as I remember what Jake Sully said while we were stationed in Venezuela ‘I joined up to see the world, meet new and interesting people, then shoot them.’ I’m still wondering what made him betray us as I walk to the mess hall. Just my luck, it seems the powers off, I’m definitely not getting that steak.

Actually thinking about it, the power being off is a good thing considering that like the human barracks the mess hall is hermetically sealed too, if it still functioned I’d have to find a way to kill the AFS. Looking in the storeroom I find a wealth of tinned and dried foods, soups, corned beef, pasta, and so much more, I feel like I just won the jackpot. Most canned foods will last decades before being inedible; the can itself would probably rot first.

I quickly find an opener and grab a can of corned beef. I practically moan from the taste, this tastes way better than an MRE any day. After finishing it I look some more and find nuts, dates and figs. I also locate some instant coffee; I get an empty bottle and use the hand pump by the tap to fill it with water. Every RDA site has a well sunk to draw water, it’s usually pumped up by machine but in case power is lost hand pumps are always installed.

Both pump systems go through a filtration system but to be safe I add iodine anyway, no sense in risking my health, although it’ll be boiled as well. Grabbing the coffee, I head back to the barracks to set up a fire trying desperately to ignore the damned ‘being watched’feeling. I’ve checked this site enough to know no one is here. It doesn't take long till I’m eating my dried fruits and nuts while enjoying a coffee, granted it’s only instant but it’s better than water.

While sitting around the fire I begin to plan my next move, first I need to gather food supplies, including coffee, then find a way to transport it back to my pod. Hmmm, I wonder if I could disarm a Drone and program it to follow carrying my heavy gear and food. Something to consider further, then again maybe I could risk the dirt bike.

As the night draws in, my fire dwindles, I once again find myself in awe at seeing the plants as they begin to glow with bioluminescence, bright purple, pinks, greens and blues, literally surrounding the outpost. Again I feel the need to question why, with such a wealth of life on Pandora, we need to destroy it for a rock. I sat for what seemed like hours taking in the beauty and in the end my only conclusion was greed and ignorance.

Is that why Jake turned on us, did he come to the same conclusion as me? I wanted to see a new world, observe interesting people, but do I want, or for that matter do I have the right to kill them so corporate can make a profit?

I put the pack of dates down on the ground, so I can add wood and stoke the fire, there are too many unanswered questions surrounding Jake. RDA command has painted a picture of him as a mass murderer, a traitor to humanity. Problem is that picture is the complete opposite of the man I knew, the Jake Sully I knew was a good Marine, a good friend and loyal to his country.

His being locked in his Avatar body might be the reason. However, I suspect there is more I don't know, what I do know is if we cross paths I’ll definitely ask questions first. The Colonel can go screw his orders for all I care, I want answers, and only Jake can give them. Picking up my pack of dates, I began eating again not noticing the glow worm that had found it way inside a date.

----------------------------------------Scene break------------------------------------------

As the Dreamwalker entered the human settlement, I am in two minds of what to do. A part of me thinks I should head back to warn the others, the other part of me, the part Ey’wa speaks through tells me to stay. I do not know why Ey’wa wants me to stay, but she has never led me down the wrong path before. Others of the Omaticaya believe I am Ey’wa’s Alaksi Nari, I’m not sure if this is true but when Ey’wa speaks I listen. My choice made I make my way to the fence, making sure to keep hidden.

When the Dreamwalker enters a hut of metal, I swiftly scale the fence and find a place to observe, it isn’t long before she comes back out, moments later she enters another hut. I’m not sure what she is doing but she’s in there for several minutes, eventually she returns carrying a bag, she’s looking around nervously, again I get the feeling she suspects I am here.

Dropping the bag she begins to check the whole village, I keep just out of her sight, I do not want to startle her while she holds a fire stick. Eventually, she has finished searching and returns to collect her bag, still unaware of my presence. I watch as she goes into another hut.

While she’s there I look more closely at my surroundings. Although it is easy to see all of the huts here since the time the sky people left, Ey’wa is already showing signs of taking back the land. It is clear to see where the humans had cleared the area of plants, now new life is growing here. I revel in the beauty of my world again, marveling at how Ey’wa is reclaiming the land and restoring the balance.

I watch the Dreamwalker exits her sleeping hut and enters another, this time she is there longer, eventually she returns outside carrying several objects including a see through water container. I watch as she sets about making a fire, I find myself enthralled by her actions; I am not sure what I am feeling, but it’s unlike anything I’ve felt before.

Eventually her fire begins to die, her face becomes awash with emotion as the forests natural bioluminescence becomes more visible. Her face appears beautiful as a look of wonder appears in her expression. Eventually, she puts her food down and starts to reignite the fire from its dwindling embers. I catch a glimpse of something glowing green near her food. Just as quickly the glow vanishes as the new wood ignites, bathing her area in light.

I shake my head, the humans and Dreamwalker’s are like babies, they come here and have no concept of how dangerous this world can be. If what I suspect is happening, the Dreamwalker might soon be dead. Eltungawng or glow worms are dangerous; we Na’vi use the worms for a variety of things, from medicine to lighting for bladder lanterns. However, they are also used as part of the Uniltaron or Dream hunt, the rite of passage begins with swallowing an Eltungawng, and then the warrior is bitten by a Kali'weya. (Arachnid)

This induces the Dream hunt where a Na’vi becomes an adult and full warrior, the ceremony is dangerous and sometimes a Na’vi dies during the rite. Swallowing a worm, while not lethal by itself, could cause the Dreamwalker to feel unwell. She may end up putting herself in danger, the toxins of the worm will cloud her mind.

Suddenly she stands, her eyes wide in fright, she looks around wildly struggling to focus, she abandons the fire and stumbles to her sleeping hut, moments later I hear her scream in pain. I feel the wind rush by me towards the hut, I know Ey’wa is telling me to go to the Dreamwalker, ignoring my need to hide; I rush across the settlement and into the hut.

The Dreamwalker is curled up crying, her eyes unfocussed. I catch sight of an Arachnid scuttling from where the Dreamwalker lies. I feel like laughing when I realize why Ey’wa wanted me to follow this Dreamwalker, the humans deny Ey’wa’s existence, and they cannot comprehend our bond with Ey’wa. Yet, I see Ey’wa’s hand clearly in this situation.

The chances of someone accidentally swallowing a glow worm, then being bitten by an Arachnid straight after is unheard of. My being here at this exact moment tells me Ey’wa arranged for the Dreamwalker to undergo Uniltaron. As if Ey’wa hears my thoughts, I watch stunned as many Atokirina or Woodsprite’s as the humans say, float in through the bars that cover the windows. They congregated on the Dreamwalker, resting for a moment before floating back out on the breeze, completely unnoticed by the Dreamwalker.

I shook my head, this was a mistake, the humans and Dreamwalker’s were dangerous. However, Ey’wa has given clear sign that this Dreamwalker is important somehow. That I, must help her survive the rite, with that in mind I cautiously approach the Dreamwalker.

----------------------------------------Scene break------------------------------------------

I was sitting enjoying my dried fruit when I felt something very wrong, I stood, with my eyes wide in shock. I’m not sure what was happening but everything felt off, my eyes were unfocused. I looked around in panic but saw nothing through the haze. I stumbled to my bunk, I have a bad feeling something had gotten into the fruit I’d been eating. I had an idea of what it was and figured lying down to sleep would help.

We’d been given fairly extensive briefings on Pandora, everything from language to plants and animals; I suspected I’d inadvertently swallowed a glow worm. While not poisonous itself, it was known to impair judgment, I felt lightheaded almost like I am tipsy. I make it to the bunk and try to lie down, but as put my hand down I feel a sharp pain, looking down I see an Arachnid fall off the bed.

I crawl on the bunk knowing my mission is over, I will be dead soon. With the toxins from the glow worm impairing my thoughts, and with the stress of this damn stupid mission, coupled with my imminent death my emotions take over. I’d always been in control of my emotions; maybe it’s the hormones in this stupid body, or maybe just the intense stress of the mission finally breaking my control. I don’t know; I just find myself start weeping uncontrollably.

I hear noise nearby, my vision is hazy and the tears aren’t helping, I can however make out a blue figure standing before me, my weapons are not accessible, I have no idea how they had discovered me, I didn’t care, either the poison would kill me or the Na’vi would. What came next I didn’t expect.

“What’s your name?” The voice sounded female.

“Morgan.” I manage through gritted teeth, the pain from the poisonous bite was intense, like nothing I’d ever felt before.

“Morgan, you must relax, Ey’wa has decided you are to endure the Dream Hunt, usually only those ready to become warriors of the tribe, go through the Dream hunt.” Even though I was struggling I was just barely able to understand her.

“Aren’t you going to kill me?” I expected she would have killed me already, I don’t understand why she hasn’t.

The woman laughed lightly before continuing, “No, Ey’wa guided me to follow you, she wishes me to help you endure the Dream hunt. I do not know why, but when Ey’wa speaks I listen.”

I felt confused but nodded “What do I do?” F**k, the pain was getting unbearably worse.

“Relax, allow your mind to drift, Ey’wa will guide you to find your spirit animal, your animal will then guide you on the hunt. I will sing and pray to Ey’wa to give you the strength.”

I hear the woman begin to sing, I feel my muscles slowly begin to relax, her melody soothing something deep within me, it sounded like the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. I couldn’t focus on the words, but just the sounds were helping ease my pain. I absently wonder why she is doing this, but I come up blank. I can feel her touching me but I can’t focus on what she is doing except she has a gentle touch.

I uncurl myself and begin to relax, I find my mind drifting. The cloudiness of my vision begins to clear. I find myself deep in the jungle overlooking an immense waterfall. Looking down at myself I am surprised to find I’m female and wearing the native clothes of a huntress. A bead necklace adorns my neck, bearing a strange amulet depicting a Thanator rearing up, and there are bracers on my arms and legs made from some kind of leather. A pattern of leaves are etched into them.

I hear rustling behind me, I spin around, shocked to come face to face with a fully grown Thanator. I know this was a hallucination but I still have trouble trying not to soil myself. It stares at me with an intensity I’d never felt before, seeing pictures of the massive beasts was one thing, looking into its eyes was another matter entirely.

It felt like it is looking directly into my soul, like it is judging my worthiness for something. I hold my ground and stare back, I refuse to show fear. Then as if it has come to a conclusion, it turns to its side and looks at me over its massive shoulder. I’m getting the impression I am to climb on its back, but before I can it shakes its massive head. One of its paws points to the queue that has fallen over my shoulder. I remember reading about the use of the queue.

I hold my queue and find the Thanator’s. Linking them I feel a jolt, like I’ve been plugged into an electric main. I can feel the Thanator in my mind, I can feel his, yes his, I can feel his spirit is male. I can feel him breathing, his muscles flexing his readiness. I climb on his back behind his powerful shoulders. His eagerness to hunt increases, it feels like it is my own.

With barely a warning felt through the link we bound through the jungle at breakneck speed. I can feel the Thanator’s powerful muscles under me, at the same time it is me. It’s difficult to adequately describe the feeling of the bond; intense would be accurate but sorely lacking in depth. I feel awed by the feelings being fed back through my queue, every stride, jump and slide feel like it’s my body moving even though it’s his. I can literally feel the soil beneath my…his paws.

We come to a great tree, I watch in shock as RDA forces bombarded it with rockets. The magnitude of destruction and death has me in tears, “why?” There’s no answer, just the wailing of Na’vi as they search for dead and dying. This surely can’t be real, maybe this is what will happen. I can feel the Thanator’s thoughts, while alien to me, and I get a sense that this has already occurred.

The Thanator takes me much deeper into the jungle, eventually we come to another conflict taking place. RDA forces are slaughtering Na’vi indiscriminately. AMP suits formed in a line with foot troops between them are peppering the whole area with bullets. The Thanator has me positioned slap bang between the two forces. The scene is horrific, the blood, the carnage, the noise and smell of death hangs in the air.

On the Na’vi side I see women with children mowed down in a hail of bullets; on the RDA side I was sickened to see glee on the faces of my fellow soldiers. When I joined the Marines I swore an oath to my country, later after Venezuela, I made an oath with my unit to protect innocents, these weren’t my brother Marines. The RDA are the savages they claim the Na’vi are. I am clearly being given a choice; slaughter innocents or kill those who do.

I make my choice. I can almost feel pride from the Thanator as it responds to my decision and leaps into action.

----------------------------------------Scene break------------------------------------------

I have no idea how long I endured the Dream hunt. However, when I blinked my eyes open again it was morning. I was lying practically naked on my bunk, covered in paint. I had no idea where it came from. I wondered if the Na’vi woman I’d seen was real. Maybe she painted me, looking around I could see no sign of her. Shaking my head to clear it, I dismiss it as nothing more than a dream, I probably painted myself in my delirium. Shrugging, I get up and go about my routine of shit and shower. Shaving was out, the shower did nothing but remind me of my current predicament. I am lucky the Avatar quarters have power, so at least the water was clean and hot.

That doesn’t help much as the sensations while showering are completely alien, I wish more than ever I could kick Colonel Hackworth’s ass; his ‘disorientating’ was still haunting me. Then again, I’ve noticed it isn’t as much as before; while this body still feels alien to me it’s less irritating than during that first day. While showering I think back to the Dream hunt, it was strange to say the least. What was really odd was being a female Na’vi wearing the clothes of their warriors. I would have expected to be male and human in the Dream hunt and feel myself confused as to why I wasn’t.

I was also confused at what the Dream hunt was telling me, I was here to help take back Pandora so the RDA could mine Unobtainium. However, how can I live with myself, if I allow the RDA to exterminate the Na’vi like they are nothing but vermin? On the same token, to stop them, I’d have to betray my own people. Is any of what I saw during my Dream hunt real?

I don’t know, but I do know I’m going to find out. I finished my shower, dried and dressed; I made my way out of the Avatar quarters only to stop dead in my tracks. The sight of the huntress from near my pod, Alyara I think her name is, practically shuts down my brain. I consider going for my sidearm, Alyara does nothing threatening. In fact she’s just sitting there beside the roaring fire cooking some kind of meat. Judging by the nearby carcass, I can only assume she went hunting while I slept.

She looks up at me “I am glad to see you have woken, come sit, you must eat after your Dream hunt.” Her voice is soft, almost soothing.

I’m nervous about her presence and she seems to instinctively know.

“I am not here to fight you Morgan; I came to see what you were doing and just observe. Ey’wa guided me, telling me to follow, I do not understand why but it is the will of Ey’wa.”

“You are Alyara?” I asked as I took the offered seat.

She nodded and smiled brightly “Yes, I take it you were listening when the other hunters and I were looking for you.”

Her smile was beautiful “Yes, I heard Celan’s little speech too.”

She grinned “Celan is young, sadly his youth clouds his mind to the danger. He will one day see it, and I only hope it is before it’s too late.”

I nodded my agreement, before accepting some meat she offers.

“So tell me Dreamwalker, why have you come back to our home?” she eyed me with suspicion.

“And if I refuse to say?” I expected her to threaten to kill me there and then, I’m taken back when she just laughs, the laugh is very musical and I find I’m entranced by it.

“Sooner or later, others of my clan, maybe even other clans will learn of your presence here, I do not think they will ask nicely.”

I considered what to tell her, then I remembered the Dream hunt “Before I answer, tell me Alyara, how real are the visions from the Dream hunt?” My answer would depend greatly on hers.

“The Dream hunt can show many things, sometimes the hunter will see the past, sometimes the future. Then at times it may show what may or may not happen depending on the hunter and Ey’wa. Each Dream hunt is unique to the hunter, why do you ask?”

“Has one of the giant trees ever been destroyed, and if so how?” I wondered because although rumor back home was rife, the RDA told the story of an unprovoked uprising.

Alyara’s face took on a look of pure anger, despite my concern, I couldn’t help but marvel how even her anger made her beautiful “After what your people did to us, you act ignorant.”

I held up my hands trying to placate her anger “We were told that the Na’vi led by Jake Sully started an unprovoked uprising causing the RDA to flee. I’m not trying to offend. I just want to understand my Dream hunt, and what I saw.”

Alyara’s face softens slightly “Your people lied to you, many kunsip’s (gunships) came. They tried to smoke us out, then they began to attack Hometree with fire and metal, eventually Hometree was destroyed completely, many were killed from fire and the tree as it fell. Men, women and children were slaughtered by your people.”

Alyara’s face turned sad “Answer me this Dreamwalker, can killing people for rock you don’t own, be justified?”

I shook my head, I was brought here to do just that I realized, I was many things but I wasn’t a murderer of innocents, the RDA had lied, this whole mission was so they could continue to kill innocents to make a f**king profit. I felt my anger rising, but before it got too much, I noticed Alyara was reaching for her knife, it was enough to calm me.

“Alyara, for what it’s worth I’m sorry, I never knew that the RDA had done that, I also didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Alyara nervously laughed “Me, frightened of a Dreamwalker? I was just preparing in case you decided to attack.”

I looked her doubtfully but decided not to push my luck. I mulled over what Alyara had told me before continuing “Alyara, I need to know more, will you tell me everything that happened since the humans first came here?”

Alyara nodded and began to explain about the arrival of the sky people.

It was late when Alyara finished telling me all that had occurred on Pandora. I felt shocked to learn the Anurai clan had been wiped out for nothing more than a greedy man wanting to sell their artifacts. The destruction of the Omaticaya’s home was the turning point; it was also the moment Jake had turned his back on humans.

I felt sick at how I had been used; thank goodness I didn’t get a chance to fulfill my mission. I could have ended up helping to kill people like Alyara; I’m not sure how I’d live with myself if I did that. Problem was there were a few hundred others planning on doing just that, I wouldn’t let them kill Alyara, I froze at that thought.

“Oh man, I’m seriously pussy whipped.” I muttered under my breath.

----------------------------------------Scene break------------------------------------------

Hours later in the village where the Omaticaya now resided, Drewan was growing concerned. Alyara had not returned yet, he knew she was a capable hunter, his best in fact, she had worked hard to become his second, but if she had indeed come across humans she might have been killed.

He shook his head, he’d returned to the area where she had disappeared but found no sign of her. It was possible, if she had found humans, she could have followed them, that didn’t abate his concern though. Deciding to take action, he made his way to the Olo'eyktan’s home to discuss his concerns; he knocked and waited. Neytiri opened the door.

“I see you, Drewan,”

“I see you, Neyiri,”

“If you’re here to see Jake, I am afraid he’s away.”

“That’s okay; you might be able to advise me.”

“Come in and be seated,”

Drewan followed her in and took a seat.

“Tell me Drewan, what is bothering you, is it the thing you saw the other day?”

Drewan nodded “One of my hunters, Alyara, felt something, as you know she has always been sensitive to Ey’wa’s calling. I am fairly sure she is an Alaksi Nari. The day we saw something fall from the sky Alyara told me she could feel Ey’wa telling her something, she wanted to find what Ey’wa wanted. Against my better judgment, I allowed her to go.”

Drewan took a shaky breath “She said she would observe and return soon, yet she has still not come back. I went to where I last saw her but found no sign of her anywhere. I am growing concerned for her safety.”

Neytiri sat quietly for a minute, Mo’at was still Tsahá¬k for the clan but she was training to take over soon. Even though her duties hadn’t started, people still came for advice, but the problem was, she wasn’t sure she could help in this.

“Have you searched by Ikran or just Pa’li?”


“That may be something to consider, if she found something she may have followed to see what the human was up to. Jake is currently searching to the East, several clans have reported seeing objects dropped.”

“However, no one has actually found one yet, to determine what they are. Where you thought the object landed is not far from an old human settlement, if when Jake returns and Alyara has not, maybe we can go there and see if she’s around.”

Drewan nodded “I am probably worried for nothing, thank you Neytiri; I will see if I can see a sign of her from the air. The Olo'eyktan is busy enough without my adding to his worries. I will keep a look out for anything suspicious.”

Neytiri nodded “Stay safe, Drewan, don’t take chances, I have a feeling she is alright.” Neytiri smiled as she led him out.

Drewan walked back to his home, it was too late to try to search from the air now, he’d set out tomorrow morning, with luck he’d have his wayward hunter back by tomorrow nightfall.

------------------------------------End Chapter 3-------------------------------------

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