Lesser Known Universes at Big Closet

Lesser Known Universes in the Big Closet

We've been treated to wonders upon wonders in magical worlds and fanciful places that transport us from our own cares to locations that thrill and amuse and make us feel better. The following might do something similar, but the places are a bit more hum-drum; even nondescript?

See if you've visited any of the places herein:


In this Universe, Whyley Academy is an educational institution for transgendered teens who are frustrated at the prolonged wait for NHS approval for their real life test


The Changing Rheum Universe takes place at a makeover salon that specializes in the care and help for Mid-Century Classic T-Girls who require extra assistance when rising from the makeup chair.


The Gweat Shift Universe dwells entirely in Bertnel Green, where college-age transvestites learn to enjoy wearing pin-tucked chemises.

miller02 (1).jpg

MAAU (Multi-Disciplinary Athletic Adaptation Universe) A team of benefactors travels the globe, seeking to provide financial help for transwomen who wish to continue participation in sports post op.

black-jeans-womens-front-big (1).jpg

TWIBD - Transwomen in this Universe know that they're girls, but still prefer to wear black dungarees and Doc Martens.

woman-holding-clock_article_new (1).jpg

TOCK is a Universe populated entirely by pre, post, and non-operative transwomen who are fascinated with clocks.

13 O Conformista Il Conformista Bernardo Bertolucci Filme Movie Film 1970 Dominique Sanda (1).jpg

The Off-Center resides in a Universe where transwomen remember to take their meds in a timely fashion.


Bikini Peach is a Universe where a kindly grandmother convinces pre-operative teenage transwomen about the benefit of eating fruit from the family Rosaceae.


In the JulesVernse, transvestites and genetic girls alike reenact scenes from lesser known novels and short stories by Jules Verne.


In the Altered Pets Universe, post-operative MtF veterinarians help dogs discover the bitch within. Cats, rabbits, raccoons, and even badgers find help for their GPD (Gender Pet Dysphoria)as well.


The AVID Universe is run entirely by a benevolent woman judge who sentences 'reluctant' men to change, knowing that they wanted 'the operation' all along but were afraid to ask.

and finally....


This Universe is one where many of us might reside; where a kindly, well-regarded surgeon from Colorado or Montreal or Bang Kok provides gender recognition surgery for girls all around the world.

Across The Universe
words and music by
John Lennon
Instrumental Version
performed by
Jason Falkner

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