Avatar - Beachhead Ch5

Avatar Beachhead
Chapter Five: What was lost and what is found.

Fanfiction concept by Elizabeth Jean, Written by Elizabeth Jean in conjunction with Sleethr.

Thanks go to Djkauf for assistance in proofing and editing.

Speech in Na’vi “Italics.”
Speech in English “English.”

Riding Bakteyo could only be described as exhilarating. In reality it was much more. Feeling his muscles as if they are my own is an extremely strange feeling, but nowhere near as strange as I would have thought. I lost track of which direction we were travelling at first, but we were moving at a fast pace. The ride felt smooth even though Bakteyo was bounding along.

Approximately half an hour later, we were deep into unknown territory. All of the territory was unknown to me, but not even Alyara could tell me where we were at. However, she used the position of the sun and Polyphemus to determine that we were heading northwest. After an hour of bounding through the tropical forest, Bakteyo began to slow. Through the flora, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a tree with white branches.

Alyara gasped and whispered in my ear.

It is an Ultral Aymokriyᤠor as humans call them a Tree of Voices, the one near the Omaticaya was destroyed, a new one has begun to grow there but it will take many years to reach its full growth.”

Alyara peered over my shoulder, her breath caressing my cheek “I don’t understand though, this isn’t a tree used by the Omaticaya, in fact no one has ever mentioned a tree of voices in this area. ”

As we entered the grove it was clear that Alyara was right, though I’d never seen one for real, I had read about them in notes Doctor Augustine wrote before the uprising. I had no idea why we were here. Bakteyo stopped about one metre from the tree, it was clear we were to dismount, I helped Alyara down before breaking the bond with Bakteyo and dismounting myself.

I watched as Alyara reverently touched the branches, “Come sit, Ey’wa wants you hear to hear the ancestors residing here. ”

I felt a nervous fluttering in my stomach. I wasn’t sure, but suspected that what was to happen here was both important and maybe even essential to Pandora. I’m not a religious person, I really don’t believe in god, but I couldn’t help the feeling that this place is sacred, almost holy. If I had hairs on the back of my neck I’m pretty sure they’d be standing, it was unnerving. I am afraid too, I suspect my world view is about to change.

I sit down and watch as Alyara takes her queue and allows it to wrap around the tree’s branches, I copy her and let my queue attach to the branch. My eyes go
wide, I can hear Na’vi singing and praying. No wait! Not just Na’vi but the ancestors of Anurai clan itself, I feel overwhelmed at the feelings I was getting. I can feel tears rolling down my cheeks, my emotions are in turmoil.

I can see Alyara is overwhelmed too, I’m not sure how long we sit listening to the Anurai as their spirits relay their history through songs and stories. I can sense that when I bonded to Bakteyo the Anurai ancestors recognized and accepted me as a member of the Anurai clan. I can only feel humbled as I sit and listen, the ancestors want me to restore the balance.

I can also sense that the ancestors want me to find several Anurai clan artifacts including a bow, a spear and armor for myself and Bakteyo. Alyara was right there with me, tears streaming from her eyes as the Anurai ancestors sing to us, they tell us of their Hometree located to the northwest and I hear them telling Alyara that the Omaticaya is welcome to live there, their only request is that they are not forgotten.

It feels like we are here for several hours but in reality it’s probably only been about an hour or two. The sheer amount of information given is immense yet I know there is more. Eventually, we get a sense that the ancestors have finished telling us what we need to know. I know I will be back here, there is too much more to learn, but for now we must begin to organize. The Omaticaya need to know of the Anurai ancestor’s offer of their Hometree, and we need to plan what to do about the RDA.

I disconnect my queue and begin to stand, only to fall back down, looking at Alyara I can see she’s struggling too. Guess sitting for a few hours coupled with an information overload will do that. Grinning, we help each other up and walk over to Bakteyo. I still can’t get over being bonded to one of Pandora’s most deadly predators. I mean how more badass can you get.

I rub my hand affectionately over Bakteyo’s snout, he makes a sound I can only describe as pleased. I link our queues and mount, before helping Alyara up.

Aly, did I just dream all of that? ”

No Mara, the ancestor’s of the Anurai really did accept you into their clan, I got the sense that you, or more importantly we, are to help keep their history alive. What I don’t understand is how that can be the tree of voices for the Anurai, their homeland is much further to the northwest. ”

Yeah I got that impression too. I would have thought being an Avatar driver that they would hate me. As for the tree could it be that all the trees are interconnected and that’s the reason we could hear them here? ”

Na’vi are not a hateful people Mara, and after everything that’s happened do you really want to go back to your human body? As for the tree you might be right, the Tsahá¬k might know. ”

I shuddered “No, I’m not sure I could ever return to being male, the problem is my human body only has enough resources for six months. ” I was still confused about many things but being female wasn’t one of them.

There is a way for you to become Na’vi more permanently. ” The hopeful tone of her voice was unmistakable.

I was seriously considering that option. However, I was nowhere near ready to take a more permanent step. “I will think about it, for now we better get back to your friend, I’m sure he’ll think we aren’t returning if we are much longer. ” It was going to be tough enough to convince Drewan of my change of allegiance as it is.

You are right, Mara. ”

As Bakteyo began heading back towards the outpost I considered all I’d learnt from my connection to the Anurai, I was a little awed by the experience. I still wasn’t convinced of a god like being, but the Na’vi definitely were more connected to their world than humans are. Maybe Ey’wa isn’t so much a god as a manifestation of the Na’vi’s combined consciousness. Like a hive mind, only worldwide.

The fact that on some level their ancestors still exist is amazing; add the clarity of communication available with those ancestors, and it becomes mind boggling. The songs, while I don’t remember them all, were clear enough for me to build a picture of who they were. I feel immense loss at knowing all but two are gone. Well three if I include myself.

Maybe there are others from the drops who would consider joining the Anurai, maybe the balance can be restored by creating a new Anurai clan of those who feel as I do. Then again there are plenty who won’t see things as I do. Still it’s worth considering, making sure of loyalties will be difficult, but I’m sure Bakteyo can help there.

As we travel back towards the RDA outpost I look up in time to see a pod being dropped somewhere to the east of our position. Bakteyo hears my thoughts and begins running in the direction I’d seen it coming down.

Half an hour later we reach the Omaticaya’s tree of souls only to pull up short at the sight that lay before us.

----------------------------------------Scene break-----------------------------------------------

Two hours earlier...

Private Ferdinand Magellan shook his head as he made his way from the galley. He had joined the RDA straight out of school. There hadn’t been much choice of career on Earth. His family, while reasonably well off, weren’t able to cover the cost of further education. He spent over a year training, to eventually take up a position maintaining security at RDA sites across the globe.

He hoped to eventually gain access to information that might help expose the RDA to the world, but it was a long shot. He, along with others in Anonymous, hoped to one day bring about a revolution, rid the world of mega corporations and maybe, begin to repair the damage they had caused to the Ecosystem. It was a monumental task, but it had to begin somewhere.

Then out of the blue, he received orders to report to RDA headquarters. Initially, he worried himself into a panic wondering if they had discovered his activities in Anonymous. When he arrived, he expected to be confronted and dismissed, possibly even arrested. Never, in a million years, did he expect to be assigned to Pandora. Nor had he expected to be told he’d be there as an Avatar driver.

The sudden assignment stunk to high heaven. There was no way he would survive Pandora. Firstly, he hadn’t been trained anywhere near enough to be of any real use. Secondly, he’d never expressed an interest in off world assignments. He suspected he was being used as cannon fodder, meat for the grinder, maybe even sent to be silenced before he could become a threat. Either way, he felt fairly certain that he would never make it off Pandora alive.

Ferdinand was no combat trained professional, but even he could see that the RDA's plan to drop him, along with a few hundred others, into the middle of Pandora was a disaster waiting to happen. Worse, their Avatars were supposed to be of the opposite sex. His contract was for ten years, there was no way to break the contract without facing huge financial repercussions. There was no chance either he or his family could survive financial destitution.

During the briefing, he along with others some of whom were combat seasoned men and women were finally told what their mission entailed. They were to find a way to take back Hell’s gate. The mission was sheer lunacy, well maybe not to those with years of combat experience and brass balls the size of small moons. The briefing was apparently the third briefing that had been given.

Already the first two groups had been dropped. He couldn’t help but wonder how many of them were still alive. He shuddered, he really didn’t want to go through with this mission, if for no other reason than he wasn’t a soldier, he wasn’t trained to kill people.

As he entered the flight deck he could see Colonel Hackworth giving Johnson and Parker last minute instructions, he idly wondered what was about as he watched them head off to locate their coffins…erm pods he amended mentally. God this mission sucked.

“Magellan, get your whiny ass in gear,” barked Hackworth with a sneer, “You’re in pod 64 on Valkyrie three, get yourself stowed away and in your pod. We don't have all day, assholes and elbows, Private!”

“Sir, yes sir.” He quickly made his way to Valkyrie three, not wanting to face the Colonel’s wrath any more than he already had.

Colonel Hackworth had made his opinions of him crystal clear, from the moment he’d been woken from Cryo; he’d been on his ass. His attitude to him told he might have some idea that he wasn’t a follower of the party line. However, he couldn’t be sure as no one had actually brought up question of his allegiance.

As he entered his pod and found his breath hitch. He had been told his Avatar was female but he hadn’t expected to see a blue version of his mother from her youth. No, not his mother but maybe what his sister would have looked like had she lived long enough. He felt a tear roll down his face as he remembered how much it hurt to lose his sister. Even worse, his Avatar body did not look at all like the adult female version of himself. She appeared to be sixteen, if that.

He was five when his mother gave birth to his sister Elise. She was beautiful, so full of life. She was only five she became ill from a rare strain of Meningitis. Unfortunately, the doctors weren’t able to save her, he and his parents were devastated. Looking at his Avatar he could see she would have become very beautiful as she grew up. He considered asking why his Avatar looked like his kid sister but really didn’t want to piss off Hackworth; the guy was a complete ass and would probably blame him for it.

Sighing he decided to just ignore the problem and get ready. Stripping down he climbed into his link unit. He felt like the condemned as he lay there waiting for the Valkyrie to launch, he absently wondered how the others from his briefing were coping. Were they as scared as he was? He felt a jolt as the Valkyrie lifts off, seconds later he felt a surge as the shuttle left the ship. He lost track of time as he waited for his pod to be dropped.

Suddenly he it was like he’d been shot out of a gun, the sensation was unnerving as he realized his pod was hurtling downwards. Seconds later he was relieved to feel a jolt as the parachute of his pod had deployed. Those few seconds had increased his anxiety tenfold. He still felt sick. He thought if he was lucky he’d throw up and drown in his own vomit.

He couldn’t help but imagine the horrible ways he might die on Pandora. He had read enough about the plants and animals of Pandora to know he was greatly outmatched, no amount of bullets would keep him alive long enough to complete the mission. Just as he felt his pod touch dirt he got a sensation of being pulled from his own head.

He opened his eyes to find everything blurry he felt his panic rising, his vision cleared, and he found himself trapped. He raised his arms, blue arms, god everything felt weird. Calming himself he began to look around, He found himself in the Amnio tank. Looking down he could see he was in his Avatar. He was about to begin checking to see if all his limbs were working when he froze.

Suddenly everything started going haywire. His vision was blurred again, his thoughts became fuzzy. Distantly he could hear alarms going off, he felt panicked again. The Amnio tank hadn’t opened, he could just about make out tendrils of something touching the glass. The pressure increased and he could see cracks appearing as the tendrils started pushing through the glass.

He started trying to kick the hatch open, desperate to escape whatever this plant was, his efforts were fruitless. The tank was now full of tendrils, before long he noticed them against his skin, he didn’t feel them burrowing in but he knew they were. Within a minute he found he was covered from head to toe. Alarms around his link chamber were going wild.

His brain felt like it was being sucked back and forth through a tube, he felt sick. Any second now his human body would die from hypoxia, shortly followed by his Avatar when the connection to his brain was severed. God he felt terrified, he couldn’t even escape from his pod and he was going to die. He knew this mission was to be his death sentence, he just didn’t expect it to be this quick.

He felt something change, the back and forth of his mind slowed then stopped, he could hear a constant tone from his link chamber, this is it he thought, I’m about to die. He found himself crying hysterically, he couldn’t regain control. God, he was only nineteen, well excluding six years of Cryo. He could have almost laughed at that if it hadn’t been his last conscious thought.

His eyes fluttered open. He could hear the constant tone indicating his human body was dead. He shook his head wondering how he was still alive, maybe it’s all a dream he absently wondered. He could hear noises coming from outside his pod. He knew it was too good to be true, his pod had been discovered and now he’d die. Wait, wasn’t he already dead.

The noise was getting louder, he felt the pod roll. Suddenly the hatch opened, despite his fear he quickly crawled out and crashed onto the ground in a heap. He began weeping in relief at being out of his coffin. He hadn’t even noticed the two people around him. He tensed as someone gathered him up and began rocking him gently while singing.

He looked up through his tears to find a Na’vi woman standing nearby. Looking around he found another holding him gently, she was the one singing. Her voice was soothing to his ears. He felt panicked as he heard the woman standing speak.

Aly, I’m gonna check the pods link unit, keep her calm. ”

“No! Please I’ll die if you open the pod.”

She just looked at me like my mother used to “Kid, opening the pod won’t kill you, I just need to make sure your human body is alive.”

“How do you know?” He felt his panic rise from her words, if his human body was dead, how was he alive in his Avatar?

“Kid, Alyara informs me the tree your pod landed near is called a tree of souls; your pod is covered with roots from the tree. I just want to make sure there are no breaches in the unit’s seals. I promise we won’t hurt you.” He calmed slightly, he was already shaken from his experiences.

He watched as she pressed the correct combination to open the pod, he wondered how she knew how to open the pod. She was dressed as a Na’vi but spoke perfect English, could she be an Avatar driver too. As the hatch opened he could hear that constant tone again and shuddered. The woman crawled in the pod.

A few minutes later she came back out, her face set with a grim expression. She looked at Alyara and shook her head. He felt his stomach knot, his nausea rising. He pulled away from Alyara and ran to the hatch, not even aware of his nakedness. He crawled in and frantically checked the readouts.

“NO! It can’t be true, I’m alive. Maybe the readout is wrong.” He found himself dissolving into tears. How could he be alive if his human body was dead?

He felt himself being gently pulled from the hatch, he didn’t fight, he just hadn’t any strength left in him. He found himself being held tightly by Alyara, she was singing to him again. In between bouts of singing he could hear them talking.

Is this what happened to Jake? ”

Yes, but the Olo'eyktan chose to become one of the people. ”

Why would this have happened? ”

I do not know but it is obviously Ey’wa’s will, maybe this young one would know, maybe something about her is different. Ey’wa would not have done this without reason. ”

The other woman looked skeptical “Hey kid, what your name?”

He looked up through his tears “Private Ferdinand Magellan.”

The woman nodded “How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” he saw no reason to lie.

Alyara him pulled away slightly to look at him before turning to other woman. “Marali, why are they sending children? ”

Marali pondered “Maybe it’s not intentional. It could be that something went wrong with her development. The technicians may have kept it from the higher ups so they don’t have the Colonel on their ass over it. I doubt it was intentional. ”

Does she have any clothes? ”

Marali looked at him, guilt written on her face “Sorry kid, there should be some in storage.” Ferdinand watched as Marali opened the hatch where his gear was stowed.

She pulled out his personal kit bag then grabbed the one for his Avatar. Ferdinand watched her start pulling out clothes the techs had packed for his Avatar and holding them up.

Her size was definitely unplanned. ” Marali shook her head.

Why do you say that? ” Alyara looked confused at how Marali could know that with such certainty.

These clothes are for someone my size, Ferdinand is much too small for most of this, the underwear might fit but the top and trousers will swamp her frame. ”

Alyara looked at Ferdinand briefly before looking back at Marali “It’ll have to do for now, I can either alter it back in the human village or something of mine might be made to fit. ”

Marali nodded and brought over the clothes, Alyara watched as Marali helped Ferdinand to dress. Marali was right the top swamped her small frame and the trousers were useless.

“Ferdinand, do you understand what has happened?” Marali asked softly.

Ferdinand looked at them both with tears in his eyes “I’m dead,” his tone was flat and lifeless. Alyara looked shocked at Ferdinand’s declaration.

“No, you’re not dead, your life has taken a drastic change, but you’re not dead. The question is, do you intend to try to continue your mission?” Marali gazed at Ferdinand with concern.

Ferdinand looked at Marali sharply “I never wanted this stupid mission in the first place. I knew this mission would lead to my death. The RDA probably had the techs sabotage the Amnio process on purpose.”

“What makes you think that?”

“I had a feeling they had found out I was a member of Anonymous, I hadn’t even finished basic training as a security guard, I was definitely trained nowhere near enough as a soldier for a mission to Pandora.”

“Then why did you accept?”

“I was only a year into a ten year contract, if I breached contract they would have filed a lawsuit against me. Neither my family or I could survive financial ruin; it was either this or cause the death of my parents.”

Marali looked sick, Alyara looked at both confused, while well versed in English she didn’t the intricacies and knew very little of human society.

“So in effect you were railroaded into service? Do you intend to try to complete your mission?”

“Honestly, no. I just wanted to survive long enough to go home, I guess that will never happen now. Are you going to kill me as a traitor?”

“Why would we kill you?” Alyara looked confusedly at Ferdinand.

“Marali is like me, I wasn’t sure before but you have eyebrows and four fingers on each hand.”

“You’re right Ferdinand, I am an Avatar driver. I was in the first drop, things have changed though. The RDA intend to wipe out the Na’vi, I’m not a murderer. I decided to help the Na’vi stop the RDA, how about you? Technically you are a Na’vi now, there’s no way to make you human again.”

Ferdinand looked at them both nervously; tears threatened to spill from his eyes “I don’t know. Everything’s changed, my whole life has changed. I can’t go home ever again, but I don’t know if I can live like this.” He moved his hands indicating her body.

“Alyara looked at Ferdinand and smiled sadly “You could come with us, we’ll look after you. It’ll give you time to decide what you want to do.”

“What about,” she moved her arms to indicate her human body.

Marali looked at Ferdinand with compassion “I’ll recover your human body from the pod; we can at least bury it properly. Maybe you can consider it an end to Ferdinand’s life but the beginning of your new life.”

“What will I call myself?” Ferdinand fidgeted uncomfortably.

Alyara looked deep in thought while Marali started recovering Ferdinand’s human body. “Is there a name you like?”

“I could use my sister’s name, Elise?”

Alyara considered the name before responding “How about Ney`ite? It’s a translation of Elise. Or you could choose Eyrina which is a translation of Ferdinand?”

Ferdinand sat considering the names for several minutes before nodding “I like Eyrina, it has a nice ring to it.”

“You realize as a Na’vi you are female for life? Many in the village don’t speak English.”

Eyrina nodded, while still uncomfortable she seemed to relax slightly, she watched as Marali gently wrapped her male human body in a blanket from the pod before carefully carrying it from the pod. She surprised Eyrina when she gently kissed her human body’s forehead, then lay it down nearby.

“Aly, is there a special place you bury the dead? ”

Not really, but we try to bury our dead away from our homes and rivers. ”

Marali nodded “We’ll have to walk back, I’m not sure Bakteyo can carry us all. ”

Eyrina looked at both women, her expression full of concern. “Someone else is here?” she looked around wildly.

Mara grinned “Not exactly, Eyrina, try to keep calm. Bakteyo won’t hurt you but you might find him a little frightening.”

Eyrina didn’t look convinced.

“Bakteyo,” Marali looked at Eyrina, “Remember keep calm, ok?”

Eyrina nodded nervously, as the adult Thanator walked from the forest Eyrina let out a squeak and practically teleported behind Alyara. Alyara grinned at Marali, both found her reaction funny, but managed not to laugh.

“Eyrina, come. This is Bakteyo, he will not harm you, look,” Marali began making a fuss of Bakteyo who strangely sounded as though he was purring.

Eyrina cautiously stepped around Alyara and approached Bakteyo, as she got closer the Thanator lay down. Tentatively Eyrina reached out her hand, Bakteyo stayed perfectly still so not to startle what it perceived as a child. Eyrina’s hand gently touched the Thanator’s massive head. A touch became a pat and Eyrina’s confidence grew until she was rubbing his snout.

Bakteyo for his part was happy to bask in Eyrina’s attention, despite being one of the most feared predators of Pandora. His bond with Marali tempered his killer instinct. Na’vi were for the most part safe from bonded predators, they were still fierce hunters but turned their attentions to other creatures.

“Eyrina, grab your gear, I’ll carry Ferdinand, you and Alyara can ride Bakteyo.”

Eyrina nodded; she avoided the body as she grabbed her kit bag of personal belongings, she hadn’t brought much but there were several photos and small mementos. She ignored the Avatar kit bag but collected her data pad; she figured it might be useful later on.

Marali bonded with Bakteyo briefly letting the Thanator know what was happening. After breaking the bond Alyara climbed on Bakteyo then helped Eyrina up. Marali gently picked up Ferdinand’s body and the group set off towards the RDA outpost. As they walked Marali decided to learn more about her companions, she hadn’t really had chance to learn much about Alyara.

Aly, tell me about yourself. ”

There is not much to tell, I am the second hunter in Drewan’s hunting party. I was fifteen when the humans attacked; I was too young to join the battle. When Hometree was destroyed we moved to the tree of souls. Like other children we were looked after while the adults fought. After the humans were sent away our clan moved west where we set up a village. ”

Alyara smiled “I like flying with my Ikran, Mi`niri. As you know I like my clan enjoy singing. I enjoy good food and dancing. ”

Marali smiled back at her “What about love? Are you bonded? Sorry I shouldn’t ask, ” she looked away embarrassed.

It’s okay Marali. No, I’m not bonded. However I do have my eye on someone, ” Alyara grinned.

Marali felt her spirits fall “Oh. ”

Alyara continued “Yes, I have my eye on someone but I’d like to learn more about her, ” she emphasized the last word as she smiled at Marali.

Marali felt her spirits lift “Is this person close? ”

Alyara grinned again “Oh yes, very close. She’s a very interesting person, I don’t know her well but I’m hoping to. ”

Marali felt her cheeks burn “I’m sure she wants to know you better too. ”

Alyara looked thoughtful “Maybe we should discuss this later; I think Eyrina should tell us about herself. ”

Eyrina looked uncomfortable at suddenly being the centre of attention “Err well, I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, my parents are Emilio and Emily, I had a sister but she died when I was ten. My mother is a nurse; my father is a school headmaster.”

“My parents were not rich but we made do with what we had. I was lucky, some of my relatives were much worse off. I saw how they were forced to live in the slums, several actually died from malnutrition and disease. That’s when I joined Anonymous, I thought maybe I could one day make things better.”

“Instead, it got me a one way ticket here.” Eyrina slumped slightly.

“Hey, maybe it’s not ideal, but you’re still alive. You can make a new life for yourself.” Marali shook her head.

“I look like I’m sixteen for god’s sake!”

“That’s true, but you’re going to have to learn how to live this new life, being younger will be a good thing.”

Eyrina looked doubtful.

“Think about it this way, if you were older you’d be set in your ways. Adapting to your new life would be harder, trust me, it’s going to be much harder for me.”

Eyrina smirked “Yeah, I forgot you’re an old woman now.”

“Hey! Who are you calling an old woman? I’ll have you know I’m only thirty five.” Marali stuck her tongue out causing Eyrina to giggle before slapped a hand over her mouth.

She looked at Marali in horror “I did not just giggle.”

Marali grinned “I’m afraid you did kiddo.” Eyrina slapped a hand over her face and groaned.

The group heard a screech and looked up to see Drewan’s Ikran descending. His Ikran landed several feet away.

Marali smiled “Sorry Drewan, we got side tracked. ”

Drewan looked over the group “So I can see. I was getting concerned, so thought I’d see if I could spot you in case you needed help. ”

Alyara looked at Drewan then nodded to herself. “Actually, do you think you could take Eyrina back on your Ikran? We’ve had to take getting back slow because Bakteyo can’t carry us all. ”

Drewan looked at the girl strangely but nodded “Anything to finally get your story. Come over here Eyrina, I’ll introduce you to Swizav. ”

Eyrina looked at Alyara with indecision in her expression.

It’ll be okay, Drewan will look after you. We won’t be long. ”

Alyara’s right Eyrina, though I haven’t properly been introduced to Drewan, I know he’ll look after you. ”

Eyrina nodded, but felt her nervousness increase as she took a step towards to Drewan, his smile helped ease her worries.

Come meet Swizav, don’t look directly in his eyes though, ” he affectionately stroked the Banshee’s cheek.

Nodding Eyrina approached cautiously, they watched as she cautiously began petting the Ikran, while her attention was taken Marali looked at Drewan.

Drewan, before you go can you lend me a hand I can’t get on Bakteyo with my load, I need you to pass him to me. ”

Drewan regarded the body with confusion but nodded and gently accepted Ferdinand’s body, when Marali was settled he carefully handed her the body and stepped back.

Drewan made his way over to Eyrina, “You two become friends yet? ”

Eyrina grinned “Swizav is nice, will I ever be able to bond with a Banshee?”

Drewan smiled “We call them Ikran, more importantly though I’m sure when you grow a bit and have learned to hunt you will be able to bond with an Ikran. ”

Alyara and Marali watched as Drewan helped Eyrina climb on to Swizav, he then climbed on himself and took to the air. They both shook their heads and laughed as they heard Eyrina’s whoops for joy. Bakteyo swiftly began running towards the RDA outpost.

--------------------------------------------End Chapter 5-----------------------------------


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