My Office Gift - 1 - A Gift Given

My Office Gift
Chapter 1
A Gift Given

by Jessica C

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Chapter 1 - A Gift Given
It was my third year of accounting and business administration at Upper Valley College and for over a year I've been working at Beason one of the larger community businesses. Depending on the amount of work they had, I work anywhere from 12-20 hours per week. It was both good employment as well as great job experience.

So far today, however, had not been a good day. My alarm clock went off late in the morning making me late for my first class and missing breakfast. I tore some clothes while getting dressed and spilled coffee down the front of my second shirt. I had an exam during which I missed a section of questions and misread another section. I missed lunch at college so I could get a ride to work. Unfortunately, my ride was delayed with a flat tire, not a great start.

I moaned, "Thankfully it has to get better."

I was greeted at work with an unusual amount of attention. The office I worked has a bunch of cubicles in a larger open space. Most everyone else was a secretary or something like it. The women actually applauded my arrival. Various greetings reached my ear, but one, “Who’s your admirer?” caused me to look up. I saw a package on my desk. While there were other items in the “In Basket”. This was an extra large size clothing box on top of my desk, with a ribbon and bow that was receiving the attention.

It reminded me of the size large enough for winter coats, or something whole outfits came in. There was a ribbon around the gift with a nice yellow bow with a small card. On the outside of the card envelope, it said, “Wait until you are home to open this gift.” Someone suggested I open it now, and others affirmed the idea and my own ego wanted something to celebrate. Yes, there were others who suggested I should wait as the note said.


Someone suggested how I could tape the ribbon and bow in place to keep the appearance of an unopened gift. It was like an answer to prayer, decorated packages and sneaking into them. I only intended to open it enough for a peek, but I was surprised by what I saw.

The delicate paper that often was around nice gifts had lifted as the top was removed and gently fell back over the items. This helped me to believe my mind had played a trick. It looked like a light yellow pant or skirt with something else white and shiny. Two of the office women saw it too, and another person pulled back the thin paper. It revealed even more; The white shiny fabric was a satin top, there was also a white slip, light peach bra and panty set, and pantyhose. There was also a card inside.

I looked around the office in earnest, feeling I was the butt of an office joke. This was a large office area of about 10 women and me with other offices around us and down the hall. The offices for my department were just off from where my desk was. I let it be known I didn’t think it was funny. Several quickly said, "It couldn’t be a gag joke as the items were way too nice."

I thought it might be some guys trying to rub it in that I work in an ocean of women. Two women shared, "If it were guys, they would have gotten items that were sexier, like a 38 D/E cup bra, a mini-skirt with plunging neckline for the blouse." I wasn’t sure that they weren’t but the women assured me they were not.

Maybe it was one of the women wanting to put me down? “If that were the case there would have been no warning.”

I heard someone ask, “Does she know something about you, others in the office do not?” I quickly denied that possibility."

The head secretary acknowledged it struck my nerve. She asked, “Do you think you are above the rest of us?”

“No, but I’m not just office help, I am an accountant.”

I was challenged for saying, “Not just office help, what did you mean by that? Some of us balance books, proofread documents, and create what others take the credit for and do a lot more than you probably realize.” Finally, someone suggested maybe with the coming ‘crossover day’ at college that the person wanted me to identify with the women in the office or thought I might be socially minded.

“Whoever it is, is probably right, you could look good dressed as one of us.” I quickly looked around, but no one was taking credit for what was just said.


Some male workers from surrounding offices were trying to put in their two cents suggesting among other things I was one of 'them'. But all of their stuff were put-downs and sick thoughts. Evelyn, the head administrative secretary, quickly quieted them and cleared them from our office area.

When I put down the notion that anyone would consider putting forth the notion of affirming a TG person in the office. Evelyn and someone else suggested that this was actually the company where that might be accepted. I didn’t know it but the director of accounting, the corporate VP and another official all had children who were known or believed to be in LGBT community. While the company did not push affirming the various lifestyles, neither did they ignore it nor did they put up with harassment.

Finally, Ms. Evelyn suggested, "It is time to put things away and get on with work."


I got several inquiries about what I would do with my office gift. I decided to do as the original note suggested and wait until I got back to my place to consider it further. Just after mid-afternoon, I was called to the Accounting Office, Mr. Briggs had heard of my office gift and wanted to talk to me.

He said, “I guess in the future it would be good to heed a message to wait. …I don’t know what will come of the office gift that is up to you. But let me tell you, it better be handled with taste whatever you do.”

I asked, “Mr. Briggs, you're not suggesting I take this gift seriously; don’t you agree with me that it probably got to the wrong person or it’s a gag.”

He wasn’t suggesting anything other than I handle it in taste. “If someone is suggesting I wear it on crossover day, you don’t want to see me coming in and wearing that gift, do you?”

He said, “If you did, it better not be done as a joke and you better not make TG people look like clowns or drag queens.” I couldn’t believe my ears, but I knew enough to just accept the information and keep it in mind.


When I got back to my place I took the time to check out the gift and the card. The light yellow skirt and white blouse were very nice and gave a classic look of femininity. The idea of wearing the soft peach bra underneath had its own charm. Yes, there was a slip to be worn in between.

I was a bit surprised as I didn’t know how much women still wore slips. I suspect the giver knew the outfit would be better with the slip. Others were right the clothing was good fashion wise and was a much better quality than would be used in a gag gift. I was glad no one was around as I checked out the sizes and held them in front of me. I was considering whether they would fit and how they might look on me.

Then I saw there was the card inside; the giver was willing to help me achieve a nice look and give support in my stepping out. “Please call *** **** and let’s talk.” I didn’t want to acknowledge anything but I was wondering big time about who sent the gift and what spurred her/him to do it. What did they know or think they knew to cause them to act on such an idea.


I waited till 7:00 and called. Not wanting to appear too anxious yet the waiting drove me crazy. A woman answered but did not offer her name or any identifying information. “I am glad you called Bob, how can I help you?”

“You can tell me who you are. I was hoping I got the package by mistake, but you know my name. Why would you send such a gift to me?”

She said, “Do you like what I sent? Have you tried any of it on yet?” I was quiet as she wasn’t answering my questions. Something about the voice made me think she was disguising her voice with something over the receiver.

Finally, she said, “Remember when Brenda brought her baby and you helped her take care of it? That was the second time I noticed for sure you were wearing women’s panties. …I have also noticed how you take good care of your complexion and have even taken care of your eyebrows.”

I say, “I don’t want to get into a debate, but you're grasping at straws. You know who I am and you speculate about me. What does it say about you.”

She says, “It says, I cared enough to do something. I would be offended if you make it out that I was something less than I say.”

I said, “Well, aren’t you trying to make me out to be someone others look down on?”

“I don’t see it that way. What about my gift would says I discounted who you are? Have you put any of the clothes on yet? I suspect the peach panties are not only nice but much better than the ones I’ve seen you wearing, wouldn't you agree?”

I asked, "Are you going to tell me who this is?”

She said, “If you invite me over to help you, you will then know who I am. I assure you I am neither scary nor a threat to you.”

I said, “What are you hoping to achieve?”

I heard a break in her voice, “I had a chance to help a neat guy before. I didn’t, and I regret that.”

“But what does your friend have to do with me? Do you think he is going to see me as a pretty girl.”

She said, “No, I think it is you who possibly wants to see the girl in you.”

“What do you think you know about me or a girl in me?” My voice broke and now I noticed I was close to crying.

She asks, “What is your name, young woman? If I come over and help you then you would know whom you are talking to. Just give me your girl name?”

I was planning to say no about taking her help or changing into the clothes. But found myself saying, “Yes, you can come and my name is Anne.” She kept talking to me but somehow it felt like she was traveling and getting closer. Finally, the doorbell rang downstairs. Someone unbeknownst to me let someone in and told where she could find me.


She was here; downstairs and someone let her in and gave her directions to my upstairs apartment. I had the three rooms in the attic. Five of us lived in a large old house and were just two blocks from the main campus. I shared the apartment house with two women and two other guys. We shared some areas in common such as the kitchen

Darla knocked and introduced herself as she came into my apartment. I thought she was about 29-30, so I was surprised that she was interested in me. “Hi Anne, thanks for letting me come over. I wonder as we talk if it would be okay to help you to get dressed up?”

Susan, another student, a good friend who shares part of this large house, knocked and came in. She said “I thought you might want to use a shower and bathroom with some privacy. I thought I would like to offer mine just off my bedroom. I don’t mean to pry, but a friend works in your office. I thought if this is about the office gift, my room might be better suited to your needs.”

“Anne, I’m Darla. I know you have seen me as I have dropped stuff off to your cubicle. Your back was to me when you stooped to help Brenda’s baby Bridgette. You have a sweet way with children.”

I acknowledge in a quiet voice, “I am glad you came and glad to know who you are. You got things all wrong, thinking I would like to become a woman. I am not ready or wanting to do what you are thinking of. I don’t think that it is in my interest.”

“Anne, Susan has said we can use her room. We’re going to go down there to start but I am not going to force you. I am just here to help you. …Susan, could you please carry that gift box, I want to see if he has anything else Anne can use.”


We went down two flights; Susan led the way into her room. I had moved in, in June. I had been to Susan’s apartment before but it felt enchanted tonight. “Susan, do you have a new razor Anne could use?” “Bob I want you to take a shower and use Susan’s shampoo and conditioner; make sure you keep the shampoo in for a few minutes before you rinse and use the conditioner. Leave the conditioner on a few minutes before you rinse it out. Anne please shave your legs and underarms but let me know when you think you are done.”

I was interested in the idea but emphatically denied it. “Didn’t you hear what I just said upstairs? I think you got things wrong!”

“You called me up to come over and you just came downstairs with us to get you ready. And it was you who said your girl name is Anne. …Please pretend you are a good frat boy and go do as I asked.”


Without much hesitation I am sorry to say, I did what she asked. I thought I did a very good job, but Darla took the razor and went over me getting a fair number of spots I missed. She also used a bathing sponge to wash me a bit better. Touching my skin to make sure it was squeaky clean.

She first gave me a towel to dry my hair dry a bit then to wrap it. Next, we patted dry most of my body and then wrapped the towel around me. It was not wrapped around my waist as I usually did it. She reminded Anne to think as a woman, so the long towel went around my upper chest and underarms. I didn’t see how Darla tucked it to stay in place, but it did.

My testicles were pushed up into my body and then my penis was pushed back to hide things and wrapped with my scrotum it was glued in place. She reminded me I would need to sit to pee as long as I was Anne or the glue held, whichever was longer. Darla gave me the option and freedom to say “No”. But here I was going along and even helping what she suggested or did.

Susan shared, "We had made love once in my bed but he acted more like another woman. Anne has a nice touch as long as she remembers who she is. Darla found that experience to be as amusing as I found it embarrassing. Though, I really did enjoy our time together.

Darla asked, “How come you only did it once?”

"That was when we were alone in the house. When others were around it was hard for him to stay in touch with his gentler, more romantic side. It was not as enjoyable.

My chest was marked and breast forms were attached. Susan remarked, “They are a very nice shape and look to be a good B cup along with having real looking nipples.”


With that done I put on the peach panty and bra set. The panty was a very nice satin and had enough body and stretch to pull my front in a little and making it flatter. I leaned forward a little helping the breast forms fit into the bra cups nicely. Susan was getting a bit turned on as I was looking more as an attractive woman unfolding before her.

I put on the slip as Darla took a brush and hair blower to my hair. She was not being fancy but it was taking a nice shape in improving my feminine look. She had a tool that made curls and with a little spray and drying, they held their curl, even when brushed.

Putting on the blouse and skirt I thought completed the look. Then again I am a guy trying to think girl; Darla did ask what I liked in the way of jewelry and what I thought I looked good in with makeup. I like makeup to have a clean look with light pastels makeup but I didn't want to say it. So it became a bit of drama 101 to act like I didn’t like it. Darla got a bit firm, asking again what I liked.

“I like silver and subtle tones over heavy gold and glitter and diamonds look. I like the off pinks and the dark reds, subtle and enhancing more than loud and bright.” Susan and Darla smiled. “I like yellows, gold, and earth tones but I don’t know how to use them. I don’t know how to use things in my hair, but I like other people who do.” I said, “I like how some women look very nice as well as have an air of being smart. Many have good taste and are fashion conscious but seemed to be relaxed with their own style. I don't know if that makes sense.”

Darla said, “Remember the day Brenda was there with Bridgette and you went to lunch with us. You had taken Bridgette while we were talking and looking at different outfits.” After I acknowledged remembering, “Do you remember us sharing one of the brochures with you to pick out an outfit? The outfit you’re wearing is that outfit with your second choice of skirt color”

I said, “I didn’t mean for me!”

“That wasn’t my impression and it is what you chose; I think some of the other office gals recognized it.”

“So are they behind this too?”

“Some are hoping you will wear this Wednesday when you come to work. So I thought stepping out tonight would be a good dress rehearsal.”

“Susan, would you be willing to go out with us to get something to nibble and a drink?”


Within 15 minutes of my being done, we left the apartment. Paul one of the guys sharing our apartment saw me but did not recognize me. I was happy as the pub had softer lighting, and my appearance passed easily enough as a woman much better there. I relaxed. Upon finishing the appetizer, we used the ladies’ room. Then we moved closer to the music as we got our second round of drinks. We were invited to join some men for a drink and conversation. Needless to say, I was reluctant and kept my conversation to a minimum.

Jeff asked if I danced more than I talked, as he offered me his hand to go to the dance floor. Darla suggested a little tug would get me up. It was a slow song so it was hard to say I was not sure what to do. I was just over 5’ 10” with heels and Jeff was just over 6’.

He commented on my having a nice outfit and being dressed up just a bit more than my friends. I shared that I just got it and they helped me to figure how to wear it and got me out. We had a second dance before sitting back down. It was 10:30 when we called it an evening. When we got back to the apartment house Susan suggested I spend the night with her and get back to my rooms before the others got up.

Darla offered for me to go with her, saying that Anne could even go to work with her in my place. I took Susan up on her offer. She not only helped me out of my outfit and to hang it up properly, but she helped me learn to take off my makeup and treat my skin. When I got out of the shower, Susan had a baby-doll pajama set out for me. I had it on by the time she came back to her apartment with my computer.


We spent another hour doing class work and visiting. Susan had fun making out with me as a girl again. She had gotten me excited and was bringing me to an orgasm when I tried to get free and rush to the toilet. Susan held me in place, just throwing a light cloth over me. “After I do my laundry, I will get the pajamas to you. I won’t be wearing them again.” She said laughing.

She did have me go wash my bottom and change into a nightshirt. The rest of the night we just slept together very peacefully. “Anne, would you be willing to go out with me on a date?” It took me a moment to realize it was not for me to go out and dance like a guy. I was willing but so was Bob.

I said, “I think after Wednesday I will have had my fill of being a girl.”

Susan said, “That means if Anne continues, you will be going out with me?” With that, we shared a tender kiss. We were both up at 5:30 and like Bob, I snuck back to my apartment. It was a bit of a letdown to go to class and work as Bob. I was going to be all male, but I felt a need to change out of my underpants and wear a more comfortable panty. Susan said she did not have the solution to undo the adhesive for the breast forms. So I needed to wrap my breasts and wear a bulky sweater. I felt a bit uncomfortable but did not take Susan’s suggestion to change back and dress as Anne. I did make sure my shirt was more than long enough to help hide the panty.

I again went to eat with the office women and was strongly encouraged to observe the crossover day. Evelyn told me she knew the outfit I received would be appropriate and I was not to alter much from it. Even Mr. Briggs gave his approval for me to observe crossover day at work. He wanted to know the name I would be using beforehand. I told him he could use “Anne”.

He said, “I thought you would probably have to think about that. I am a bit surprised you already have a name. It looks like someone might have been right in getting the outfit.


I got through my work and was complimented by Mr. Briggs for being a bit more industrious and creative. I had dared to indicate two red flags that Mr. Briggs or someone should check further. One was an area of concern with a customer who was to be in the office the coming week.
I got through the weekend and into the coming week. I was approached to participate in the crossover day at college; Susan was offering me a slacks outfit to use in the morning. When I hesitated about being involved, Susan threatened to tell them I was participating later in the day at work. I agreed to do it both times, but not because of the threat.


One of my professors for Wednesday was stated to be opposed to the observance in his class and warned against it becoming a distraction. After our class he complimented me on my way out of class; “I was impressed you had the nerve to do it but had the taste not to challenge me with anything questionable.” I thanked him for his respect of the situation. He was stated to be a born-again Christian, but he showed more openness and sensitivity than some.


I was changed and to work by 12:45. Janet, Mr. Brigg’s assistant called me in and introduced me to Heather, an assistant with our customer in question. Heather smiled as she asked me to run her through the concern that came up. She shared it was an important issue as it affected a new product line they were working on. I suggested that while it was important to determine if the irregularity was intentional or not. But I underscored it need not derail the product being made or its success.

I explained, "One of our products could be made an effective substitute if the other part was or became cost prohibitive." We shared the concern with their director. She and I were asked to check the alternative the following day and for me to be ready to help Heather make a case for the alternate on Friday if needed.

This was getting out of control; I didn’t want to come back to work dressed again as a woman, but it was Anne not Bob who Heather would expect for the presentation. Even though I suggested Bob, not Anne, was scheduled to be working that day.

Heather had approached both Evelyn and Mr. Briggs about my ability to effectively help her on Friday. I resisted but Mr. Briggs took me aside and he shared, "Do you understand how important this contract would be; especially in today’s economy. You could either take some responsibility in people being laid off or help keep a customer and land additional work.”

Heather and Mr. Briggs suggested it would take another good presentation by Anne. I stated, "I only have one outfit; I hope it would be okay to repeat it."

Mr, Brigs said, “As well as you did today and what the alternative means for our company in catching a problem and your idea bringing in additional business; I suspect the cost another outfit or two, even a salon visit should be manageable.”

I whispered to Mr. Briggs, “But this is just crossover day; your company needs to appreciate that.”

Heather smiled and said, “I understand you are a college student, and to you, this might be an academic exercise of right or wrong, but my employer may not be as sensitive as yours. This affects hundreds of workers for us, especially if we need to shut down that production line. I spoke to a friend of yours, Darla, and she is willing to help you.”

I looked to Mr. Briggs and knew what I needed to do and gave my approval. Then Heather spoke up “I would like to have a dinner meeting tomorrow night with you. Can we do that?”

Mr. Briggs shared they would pay the overtime rate, cover my expenses and there would be a bonus if it meant added a business to our company. I began to tear a bit, and Heather asked Mr. Briggs to excuse us.

She said, “I appreciate all you are doing. Can I ask if your tears are fear or excitement?”

I said, “Excitement? You've got to be kidding?”

“I am sorry to offend you, but you were enjoying yourself at times. I thought privately you might acknowledge that… Why don’t you go to the women’s room, collect your composure and then we can line up tomorrow and Friday? You should be very proud of yourself; you did well as an accountant and as a woman.”

“Thanks on both counts, I think.”


It was just after 4:30 when Darla showed up with her purse and coat. “Let’s get going, I am not sure how long this will take, and I suspect you have some studying to do as well.”

“It’s too early; I have to work until 5:00.”

Darla said, “You will be on company time. New York Express’s manager is holding herself and another sales person to help us. We need to get going. Susan has agreed to meet us there.”

“Why Susan?”

“She has good taste in fashion and she already knows you.”

The dresses we started looking at were nice but plain and didn’t please me. I appreciated Darla speaking up and sharing “Isn't there something a bit more feminine and attractive without being overboard?”

The saleswoman said, “Your accountant isn't afraid of spending too much?”

Darla said, “We are not looking to break the bank, but what we are seeking shouldn’t do that.” With that said out came half a dozen outfits. A grey-pink skirt suit fits the bill. The skirt was nicely shaped and had a buttoned slit up the left side. The jacket was trimmed in pink and I liked a shimmering light yellow blouse to be worn with it. Darla and the Manager quickly said no to the blouse, but Susan and Trish suggested I try it before they ruled it out.

Everyone agreed it was me and would work for my Friday presentation. I thought I was done, but Darla disagreed and won out. I needed an outfit for work tomorrow and another for dinner. Dinner ended up being every girl’s need of a little black dress and a nice classic work outfit was to be a pleaser for the office women. Summed up it was feminine, nice looking and wearer friendly.

Luckily it would only require two pairs of shoes. Good news/bad news, Darla was not sitting through three makeovers; I was buying a full line of makeup. Darla said I was moving in with her through Friday. That was unless I would be ready to tell Paul and friends about my new identity.

I had no such plans to do so, and no plans to be cross-dressing on into the future past Friday.


We were done buying stuff and were making our way out the mall when Darla spotted a simple blue dress with a mock turtleneck collar. It was a very cute smoky blue. I thought we were shopping for Darla but I was wrong again. It fit like a nice glove. After the tags were off, I was wearing it out the door and to dinner. We had just ordered dinner when my phone rang and my mother was calling me.

I handed the phone over to Susan who knew my parents. “Hi Ms. G, yes he’s afraid there would be trouble if he talked to you. Our waitress is here and he’s not free to be himself. …Our College, as well as his employer, observed crossover day today.”

Susan asked my mother, “Did Bob do anything like that as he grew up? ...He didn’t share that with us.”

“Well, it would be harder to explain than to show you if I can get his phone camera to work and send while we are talking… I won’t argue that may not be your son, but trust me it is your daughter by Bob. Crossover day might have been his idea, but being dressed and out like this, no it wasn’t her idea. She was at work dressed in a nice yellow skirt and white blouse when she was pulled into to explain problems she found in a project with a client as well a possible solution if required.”

“Luckily she dealt with a sharp young woman today from the other company and Anne really impressed her. She’s requesting Anne’s help for a presentation with their company on Friday. She decided it was needed to bring Anne to the meeting and Heather and Mr. Briggs decided Bob had to show up as Anne. It’s way too sensitive of a business opportunity to introduce Bob to Anne’s place.”

“Yes, you are more than welcome to come tomorrow to see and visit Anne. Anne does have a working dinner meeting tomorrow night with Heather. Tomorrow morning Bob has two classes but he's done by 11 and should be dressed for work by noon. Why don’t you just plan to talk to Anne then and go to lunch together.”

The phone was handed back to me, “Hi Mom, it’s easier using this voice than to change back and forth, I would worry about people looking for where the male voice was coming from.”

“No, I didn’t plan on this happening. I didn’t even plan to do crossover day at work, but it happened and now it’s snowballing on me. You know I'm socially minded that is not news. I am not being forced, but there is kind of a pressure to follow it through.

Yea, I’ve learned to talk more and get into conversations as a woman. Guys don’t know how to relate to me, but the women at the office have been nice. All see the humor of it, but they also sincerely try to help me be the best woman possible.”


Susan went back to college and I was taken home with Darla. I was surprised to find out that Darla was married and that Rick her husband had picked up and fed their girls Cheryl, 4, and Patti, 1 ½. I got to play a game with the girls as Darla and Rick took some time to talk together.

Rick was warm to me and I was told later by Darla he knew about me. I was impressed with their trusting the girls in my care. I helped both girls after they were ready for bed.

I did not know Patti’s going to potty was on her own was a great breakthrough. Darla and I put the girls to bed as Rick went back to watching a basketball game on TV. Darla presented me with a nightgown and robe. She helped me in taking off my makeup and caring for my skin.

The three of us watched the news before going to bed. Rick complimented me for doing so much for the company; “I hate to tell you; I am not surprised she got you to wear your outfit today or that you looked so good in doing so. She said, she found quite a remarkable person in you, I hope you know that.”

I asked, “Do you have any idea why she did this? And why are you accepting of me to be here?”

He said, “A classmate of hers in high school was hurt terribly because he was different and Darla holds herself partially to blame for not being a more supportive friend. Darla says you have shown a lot of courage in coming forward and presenting yourself as a caring person.”

I asked, “Darla, why did you think I would dress up today and do what you wanted?”

Darla said, “I thought if you did it, it would because it was right for you. That it spoke to something in your heart. I don’t know if Anne is more you than Bob, but I think you have done yourself proud in being Anne.”

“I hope you enjoyed today and the next two days. I hope who Anne is staying quiet for a while.”


I got up early with Darla on Thursday and she was surprised I was wearing Anne’s outfit for work. “I thought you had some classes this morning.”

“I have one, I need to attend for sure, but I can sign in as Bob but attend as Anne. I am more worried about changing mindsets than outfits.” I also thought it would be neat to be on campus as a woman and not be recognized.

Being on my computer is what betrayed me at college when a friend recognized Bob’s computer, something I had not thought of. “Would you like to tell me how you got my friend’s computer; before I invite that security person to nab you?”

“Stace, it is not what you think; it is my computer.”

“Nice prank but where’s Bob and what is this all about?”

I told her, “Stace, I need to be dressed like this for work today, so I thought I could come to class unnoticed.”

“Are you the warped grin on Susan’s face that she is not talking about? So how long have you been doing this and don’t tell me yesterday.”

“Susan and a friend from work did it last Friday, then yesterday.”

“And you’re telling me you look and act this good already. So are you a transvestite or a transsexual?”

“I did this for crossover day and circumstances require I continue today and tomorrow.”

Stace asked, “What is your girl name and can Susan and I go out with you sometime? Do you have a boyfriend?” We carried on our conversation as we went to the next class together. We stopped by the Student Union where Stace bought me a track phone, sharing it was needed if I was to keep Bob and Anne’s lives from screwing up one another.

Stace even gave me a ride back to the apartment and onto work, but she stated I needed to confess up about how long I had been dressing up. Stace gave me two pills saying I needed them for my breath. But when I chewed them they tasted awful. After I swallowed them and complained she just laughed.

She handed me a Certs as I got out of the car. She touched my cheek and I realized she had shared her perfume in doing so. It was a pleasant fragrance as well as a nice light scent. I realized as I was getting out I did not have the jewelry I wanted to wear to work.


I was going through the main doors when I recognized my Mom and said hello as I tried to give her a hug. The receptionist, “Mrs. Greene, they said neither Bob nor Anne are yet in today. They said only one of them was likely to come into work today, but they were not sure which one.” I told the receptionist I was Anne and it was okay I was to meet Mrs. Greene for Bob.

My Mom stepped back and shared she needed to sit down. I suggested I knew an office that would be better for meeting in. Mom checked me up and down, telling me, "You make one remarkable young lady. I have waited a long time to have a daughter, and I can truly say you are a beautiful sight for sore eyes.”

“Thanks, Mom, if nothing else happened that would make it all worthwhile.” I needed to get a tissue and my composure before I ruined my makeup. We walked past my desk into the office Darla shared. Darla introduced herself to my mother saying, “Susan was right you two do have a resemblance, and it is actually stronger for Anne than Bob.”

Mom thanked her for the compliment. Darla said, “Anne, I hate to break your moment but I am told you have a message or two from Heather and she would like you to look at her information get back to her before 2:00 if you can. I will visit with your Mom and show her a good time if that would be helpful.”

Heather had verified the problem was real and that I needed to gather the needed information concerning the solution.

I had some of the information the day before and I requested Mr. Briggs help in getting more solid information together today. He stated the parts and possible assembly at our plant could be up and running mid-March. I stated I wanted to know when a more durable part with their specs could be provided. I thought the stress of their end product might require more durable parts. I stated the weakness of one of our parts was already known as a liability and we needed this information if it was challenged on Friday, that their part would meet or exceed needed specs.

I checked on my Mom and Darla, to find Mom was receiving VIP treatment from the Vice President. I went back and communicated with Heather that she could rely on Darla and me for support. Heather and Darla got in a discussion on how my feminine mode was continuing to function. Heather shared she had an appointment for me at Kay’s Salon at 2:30.

Darla told her she had promised to give me time alone with my mother. She stated the salon appointment would be for both of them; “It will be a nice bonding moment for mother and daughter.” They were amused that I laughed with them.

We were to the salon a bit early, but Kay said early was better than late. Kay was insistent that I use hair extensions. I balked but Mom agreed with Kay that it would give her more options to work with and a more feminine, yet professional look in the end. It wasn’t a full perm, but they did want to use some rollers and setting gel to put some waves and body into my hair.

It was quite amusing to be under a dryer next to my mom, something I never expected to happen. Mom asked if I ever hoped to have my hair done when I went to the salon with her as a little kid. I confessed I did and she confessed she was tempted to have it done. She suspected I had a strong feminine side but never knew how to start a conversation about it.

Mom told me about a girl I dated in high school, who stated to my mom that “Bob would actually make a better girlfriend, than a boyfriend. I knew what she meant was a compliment and not a putdown. The girlfriend wouldn’t tell you because you wouldn’t understand.” I guessed on the first try which date had told her that. It hurt our friendship for a long time and was over a year before we became friends again.


We were back to the office by 4:30 and Evelyn gave the office an extended coffee break. Between their wanting to talk and joke with me and meeting my mother the time passed all too quickly. It was nice as I checked the information I needed for Heather and needed help from the other office women to get things together.

It dawned on me and shook me a bit that I was seeing myself as one of the office women. Darla saw that something moved me and asked what it was. When I told her, she just complimented me for acknowledging that. “I hope you do not take that idea as a negative.” I squeezed her hand, "A week ago that might have been the case.”

We assembled the information I needed to meet with Heather as well as the information I might need for Friday. I asked Darla if it was going to be possible to stay at her place again tonight. She stated, “It isn’t anything negative, but the company usually had a double room at the Lodge Inn reserved for me as their representative. She would deliver my clothes there while I was at dinner.

Darla said, "Your Mom is welcome to stay with you at the lodge, and she is invited over for dinner with them, but she could not go to the working dinner with Heather." I informed her, my mother already indicated she was starting home soon.


I saw my Mom off by 4:40 and Darla came with my little black dress, handed me my makeup kit and had my overnight bag. “Come let’s get you into your hotel room and get you ready for tonight.” She showed me my car and said."It's yours for the weekend, but don’t get reckless.”


Darla addressed Peter at the desk by name and he responded with a warm smile. “He doesn’t know about me does he?”

“No, he doesn’t, but it does behoove them and us he sees you as an important guest.” One room was fixed as a lounge and the other as a bedroom. “If it would be in your interest to bring your work meeting back to someplace peaceful and quiet. You now know that you have that without being in your bedroom. And please do not misread her warmth and revert to being a male in her presence.”

Heather was both a very warm person and an attractive woman so I did not take offense to the warning. I checked the clothes Darla brought and one pair of panties was so thin and nice I figured it could not be very good. “You will be surprised how nice it feels and looks when you wear it,” Darla said, having read my mind.

“But there is nothing to it.”

She smiled, “You will feel different if you try it. I do have another pair if you are uncomfortable with it.” I thanked her. I asked her to be seated as I took my clothes to the bedroom and changed. We talked as I cleaned myself up.

She complimented on how well my hair turned out. I told her I was afraid it would get messed up. She gave a couple of pointers on how to care for it during the evening. I used some powder as Evelyn had suggested when I changed. I was surprised at how nice the panty felt when I put it on. I commented to Darla; and she responded, “You can show me after your dress is on.”


I got the dress on with no trouble but glad Darla was still there when I tried to zip up my dress. I stepped out of my room and asked her help, and she kindly zipped up the back. “You would have gotten it if you had to.” I turned around and smoothed out my dress as I looked into the mirror. She asked, “Did you notice anything?”

“No panty lines under the dress, so it looks as good as it feels.”

Darla snickered, “Are we sure you are not really a girl? You are way too observant and act so natural.” She handed me a small glass of seven up. “Sit and relax for a minute, I want you to think if there are any questions you need to ask me before I leave you on your own. …Do you want me to come around in the morning to help check your gaff and forms, as well as getting dressed?”

“I don’t want to take you away from your family, especially your kids, but I would like some help and someone to eat breakfast with.”

“If you wait at the entrance of the restaurant you could probably get company and a free meal real quick. Have you notice how you have been turning heads?”

“They were looking at you, not me.”

Darla smiled and lightly giggled, “Is that why you made eye contact and nodded at so many? You feel good about yourself as a woman, I think you are surprised how much you like the attention you are getting.” Darla’s words struck a chord and my eyes began to water. She touched my hand, “I know things are going way too fast. I suspect it's a bit overwhelming.”

I told her, “You read me so well, even your caring heart anticipates well. I hope we can be friends after this is all over.”

“If this goes well, I suspect Heather, I and many others are going to be your friends for a long time. However it goes, you should know I hope to be your friend way into the future.”

“I know this is vain, and I can do my lipstick okay, but could you help me so it looks really nice?” That was a good reminder as Darla helped me load my purse with the needed items. She found the lip gloss that went with my lipstick. When she was done my lips looked just as I hoped.

She asked, "Is it okay to take some pictures? Wait for Heather about 20 minutes after I leave and if she hasn’t come to your room then make your way downstairs. Remember your purse and your shoulder wrap. If you need to go to the bathroom, sooner than later is advised. If she goes to the ladies room before or after dinner, ask if you can come? But do not wait for an answer.”

“Do not check your meeting material with your wrap. They are to be treated as secured documents.”

Heather came for me five minutes early and she looked very beautiful as well as very tastefully professional. “Wow, you have a very nice taste. Did you realize you got a classic black dress? You could keep and wear this for years still feel special in it.” I was impressed as she took us to a very nice restaurant and got an ideal table for dinner and meeting.

We ordered drinks and our meals before Heather suggested we use the women’s room. I followed Darla’s cues in taking care of my make-up and hair. “Darla and I agree, you are doing extra well as if you're just another college girl doing things quite naturally. You have the poise of an experienced professional woman in knowing what she needs to do.”

We shared general information as we ate, to begin the meeting. When she saw the information and presentation I brought, she was open to going over it at the hotel. We ran over the information and decided on the presentation we would make and made sure we worked out the kinks and gave room for questions.

I had been going since I left for my first class, plus being a woman took plenty of energy. We were talking as I was falling asleep. Heather stayed until we completed our work.

Then helped me to get ready for bed and tucked me in. The only problem was I didn’t remember it.


Darla was over at 7:00 a.m. but I was just waking up. She smiled and pushed me into the shower with a hair cap on. I noticed my legs needed to be shaved as well as my underarms. Darla had left her purse in the bathroom. I knew I shouldn’t but I snooped, found her birth control pills and I took one. Darla poked back in as I snuck her pills back in her purse.

She helped me to brush out my hair but made me do my makeup. She did help me with my toner and choice of eye makeup. When I saw her cross necklace, I was reminded I needed faith to get through the day. Darla lent me her necklace, gave me a hug and sent me to work with a pat on my butt.


I was in the right spirit and focus as I met up with Heather. We set up the meeting room and then let the Board come together without us present. The VP of Operations began their presentation, sharing a major problem they found and the obstacle in overcoming it. Their decision was between taking on the cost increase; delaying or canceling the new production line; or consider another option.

That is where Heather and I were introduced. We dared to call the cost change a deception and criminal, with unknown concerns and costs for the corporation. The two who were behind the deception were present and served with legal charges against them as well as their being fired.

The Board was very angry and wondered if it was needed that they had to come here to be informed of the problem. Heather shared, “You need to decide if the deception is to rule the year, or if the two companies could decide to stand by their commitments.”

“I believe we will give you enough reason to move forward, but it is only the Board who could make such an important decision. ...Fear was set against a provider, but we have new information which improves the product and secures production well within your plans and spec requirements. We believe the product will not only achieve a profit, more importantly, but it will also fill many children in the world with hope.”

One concern is the new product be able to stand up to use and be good into the future, while improvements are likely, the sold product would not need to be replaced. We stated it would take thirty years to fill demand, as it could within fifteen years or less be a global product. We sold the idea and spoke of the belief they should set the plan in motion.

To commit to the production of this new product before the New Year qualified them for seed money through tax incentives and a government grant for creating new jobs. It alone would total a multi-million dollar boost. I was dismissed as the LitCo Board was called to approve a contract for the new product. Heather told me to rest a little but get ready for a night on the town. “Is there something we can do to express our gratitude?”

I said, “I could use a used car or a scholarship as I have another three semesters.”

With that I was gone, having felt we made a good presentation. I was not able to grasp fully how it would change things and what all it would mean. I went back to the hotel, and then called work just before 5:00. The office was a stir with good news and at least half a dozen women planned to go with Heather and me to celebrate.


I showered and lay down before getting ready for the evening. I put on my blue dress from Wednesday, and was happy to let down my hair and just enjoy myself as Anne. I picked up Susan and got to the nightspot the next community over just after 9:00 p.m. Three co-workers were already there, holding a couple of tables.

Heather and a co-worker were there shortly. Heather was amused that I came as Anne and that I had not considered being Bob. Evelyn and others had informed me that it would have been very understandable to change back. My excuse was I just wanted to relax and it was my last fling as Anne.

Anytime I suggested it was my last time, others snickered saying I was only fooling myself. I would swear it was the last time, as I did that night.


We were dancing on the floor when a group of guys cut into a dance with us and they did a good job in pairing down and switching over the next three dances. Jack, who I got to dance slowly with, was my favorite. My hands over his shoulder and on his back felt his body. Even after I caught myself I was intrigued with touching him. He came to our table after the last dance and we visited for a while.

Jack’s hands slid down on my butt as did mine on his. I was sure that I was the one who was most impressed by the other. Ginger, Heather’s co-worker was called concerning a four-year-old daughter. Heather and I went with her to the hospital.

Little Gwen was sick with cramps in her abdomen and would be in pain until she could relax or the medicine caught up with the pain. They wanted to massage a kink out of her bowel if possible, but she was against it.

Gwen was taken with me as she guessed I was the new friend her mommy talked about. “You are cute, and mommy said she enjoyed her time with you. I wish you could help my mommy to smile and look pretty like you.” Gwen commented that her mother did not have pretty clothes to make her pretty.

I asked, "Gwen if your Mommy had three outfits or dresses would that be good?" She even thought to ask for a makeover.

I took Gwen onto my lap and we laid back just a little. We snuggled as Gwen relaxed, “What if they could massage your tummy and get those knots out so you didn’t have the bad cramps?” Gwen was afraid but willing if I would allow her to continue to be in my lap.

The therapist shared we would need to lay back a bit more, and she warned me I could get tired or uncomfortable being Gwen’s bed. I asked if someone knew some songs we could quietly sing. One had to do with feeling like a woman and Carole King’s "You've got a Friend". It was the second time through the therapist started to sense improvement.


With Thanksgiving just a week away, I asked about the hospital-bound children being remembered at Christmas. Carol the therapist said, "The kids would get a toy, but it took more attention than people wanted to give to help them feel better." I looked at Heather as ideas were crossing my mind about Gwen, Ginger and the children at the hospital.

“Heather, would there be enough money coming to me that we could make a difference? What if we could get enough young women to dress as elves and to give the kids two parties one where we gathered holiday wishes and another where we had a Christmas party.

Heather said, "It would more likely happen if you were one of the elves. You would look cute in a green top and a small red tights outfit with a cap.”

I professed, “The first time would be my last time to dress like that.” Heather said, "Well to have such a great idea that would be good, but hopefully, it is just about time you accepted your new identity. The truth is you would be a beautiful Christmas angel.”

The therapist acknowledged success relieving Gwen's knotted bowel and thanked me for helping Gwen. She said, “You fit my thought of an angel.” It hit me that Carol heard all of our conversations. “You have the touch of an angel for sure, but I think like you it takes more than one. Her Mom and your friends fit the category very well.”


To Be Continued...

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