The Apprentice

The Apprentice

When Chase's Aunt Lori offers him anything that he wants for his 16th birthday, he asks for her to teach him magic. However, he has no idea what that really means...

This story was originally written and posted in 2003.

Part 1 of 5

Happy birthday to me... Or at least, that's the way that it should have been. It was my 16th birthday, but so far, it hadn't been anything other than a normal day. In fact, the only thing that I'd even gotten was a birthday card in the mail from my mom. At least she'd put a few bucks in it this time.

With that, I glanced down at the card that was still in my hand, having just pulled it from the mail box less than a minute earlier. It was addressed to Chase me.

"Thanks mom," I muttered with a trace of bitterness.

Then I shrugged and started back inside the house. It was a rather large house, not being a mansion, though it was a lot bigger than any other place I'd ever lived. The house was 3 stories tall, with 5 bedrooms, and lots of space. And of course, it belonged to my aunt.

At the moment, I was living with my Aunt Lorellei, having been dumped on her by my mom when she remarried a few months ago and decided that they didn't need a teenager around complicating their lives. Of course, at the time my mom had told me that it was only temporary, but I wasn't holding out any hope for that. My new stepdad didn't particularly like me, and the feeling was mutual.

"Aunt Lori," I called out, using my usual nickname for her once I was inside, "I'm back..."

"Glad to hear it," I heard her voice respond from around the corner, "I was about to send the police out to look for you."

"I was just at the mall," I sighed, absently wondering if there was anything better to spend my summer vacation doing.

However, Aunt Lori just laughed as she stepped into view, "I was only joking."

Aunt Lori was a gorgeous woman, and I mean drop dead. She was a tall brunette with a figure that a stripper might envy. In fact, I'd more than once suspected that she used to do just that. Sometimes I had a hard time believing that she and my mom were actually sisters, and my mom certainly wasn't bad looking either.

As I looked at Aunt Lori, I couldn't help trying to guess her age. I mean, I knew that she was my mom's sister, but I'd never heard either her or my mom say whether or not she was the older or younger sister. Of course, a single glance at her was enough to convince me that she had to be the younger sister. She was probably in her mid-thirties, though she looked to be in her mid to late twenties instead.

There was one thing though that always made me guess about Aunt Lori, and that was the fact that she was...different. For my whole life, I had always heard the family rumors about her, about her being a witch or something. Aunt Lori had never denied it, and after coming to live with her, I'd seen a few things that convinced me that that she did know magic. Such as when I broke my ankle falling down the stairs, and she had actually fixed it right there. If she could heal a broken ankle a matter of seconds, who knew what else she could do.

"Bad day?" Aunt Lori asked, looking concerned. I always thought that it was ironic how my aunt seemed more concerned for me than my own mom.

I just shrugged at that, "Not really." It just wasn't a good day either.

After that, headed upstairs to my room, checked my e-mail and goofed around online until it was time for dinner. Then I headed back down to the kitchen, still amazed, even after several months, that someone who looked like Aunt Lori could actually cook.

When we had finished eating, Aunt Lori leaned back in her chair, giving me a thoughtful look for a moment. Finally, she said, "Happy birthday Chase..."

"Thanks," I responded, feeling a little relieved that she hadn't completely forgotten about it.

However, she continued in a serious tone, "A sixteenth birthday is a very important one, and I've been trying hard to think of what to give you." Aunt Lori paused for a moment, looking me straight in the eyes. Her expression was definitely serious. "I have decided to let you choose. You can have anything that is within my ability to give you."

For a moment, I just stared at her in disbelief. "Really?"

"Really," she nodded, smiling a little. "Anything that you ask for."

I was stunned at that, especially since there was so much that I could ask for. Aunt Lori couldn't live in a house like that without having a bit of money tucked away, though I didn't really know where she got it all since she didn't seem to really have a job. But she could probably afford something expensive.

After several seconds though, I realized what it was that I did want. "Can...can you teach me how to do magic like you?"

I was suddenly quite sure of it. I wanted to learn how to do magic...real magic, just like what I had seen Aunt Lori do. Now that I knew that magic really existed, I couldn't help wanting to know more about it, to be a part of it. In fact, a part of me had even been dreaming about that ever since I had first become convinced that it was real.

Aunt Lori looked surprised, then paled slightly at that. "Please ask for something else... Anything else..."

Now that I knew what I wanted, I wasn't about to be dissuaded quite that easily, "I want you to teach me magic."

"You don't know what you are asking..." Aunt Lori started.

But I shook my head, then insisted, "But that's what I want. I want to learn how to do magic..."

Aunt Lori went silent at this, staring at me for a moment before muttering almost to herself, "Twice I asked you to choose something else, but you stated your wish three times. Now I am bound to it." She let out a long sigh, suddenly looking tired, "I should have known better..."

Then she stood up from the table and told me, "You don't know what you've asked for...and you may regret it. But it is too late now..."

And with that, Aunt Lori turned and left the kitchen. She must have gone to her bedroom or something, because I didn't see her again for the rest of the night. I was disappointed at that, but a little relieved too since she seemed angry.


It was late at night, or very early in the morning when I awoke to the feeling of someone touching my body. At least I thought that I had woken up...until I opened my eyes. Then I knew that I was only dreaming.

The small lamp beside my bed was turned on, revealing a sight that could only have come from a dream. A wet dream to be precise. Standing beside my bed was a completely naked, and extremely gorgeous blonde girl about my own age. Though I had never seen her naked before, other than in my imagination, I immediately recognized Janna Thompson, one of the hottest girls in school. She was the object of none only mine, but many other boy's fantasies.

"What?" I gasped in surprise, sitting up, "Janna...?"

"Shhhh," she whispered, putting one of her fingers onto my lips to keep me quiet. Then she smiled, bending closer, "Happy birthday cutie..." And with that, she pressed her lips right into mine.

To say I was startled would have been an understatement. I was shocked as hell, never having expected to have something like this happening to me, even if it was only a dream. But damn, it felt so real...more real than any dream I'd ever had before. Suddenly, though I knew logically that it had to be a dream, emotionally I wasn't so sure.

"Oh God," I gasped once I was able to, feeling hornier than I'd ever been in my life.

Janna smiled and gently pulled my sheets back, bending forward to give me another kiss, while at the same time slipping one of her hands into my underwear to massage my raging hard-on. God, it felt unbelievable... Then to my embarrassment, I almost immediately came right there in my shorts.

"A little eager," Janna purred, then added, "But that's all right..."

A moment later, she slowly pulled my underwear down, then paused for a moment before absently tossing them behind her. This time, both of her hands went to my cock, which was still ready and roaring to go.

As I tried to sit up, Janna shook her head, whispering, "Just sit back and enjoy..."

With that, she went down on me, giving me a blow-job. Though I'd never had one in my life, I had little doubt that she was good at it. Real good. At least I couldn't even imagine it getting any better. And when I came in her mouth, I started to apologize, but she just sat up and smiled, swallowing it down and licking her lips.

Then Janna changed positions, getting on top of me and straddling me, making me realize that exactly what she intended next.

"I..." I gulped, my heart racing. I couldn't believe what was actually happening to me. And though I was extremely excited about it, I was just as nervous if not more so. "I've never done this before..."

"I know," Janna responded with a gentle smile, grabbing my hands and placing them on her breasts. My eyes went wide at that and I was half sure that I was going to feint. But not needing any prompting, I started to squeeze them a bit. "No...gently," Janna told me. I tried being a little more gentle at that and she nodded slightly in approval.

Janna didn't say another word before she slowly lowered herself right on top of me. I let out a gasp as I felt her warm vagina and her own muscles tightening around me. She sank down until my cock was completely inside her, then she began moving up and down.

"I can't believe this," I gasped out.

We continued having sex this way for a little longer, until I eventually came again. Then Janna suggested that we trade positions. She laid down flat on the bed and let me get on top of her. I was still a bit nervous, afraid that I'd do a bad job or something. However, that didn't stop me from slowly going into her, with her using her hands to help guide me.

Though my attention was what I was doing, a part of me was surprised that I'd already come several times and I was still hard. It had to be the benefits of youth, or maybe just because she was so hot. Either way, I certainly wasn't about to complain because otherwise it would have been over before we'd even started.

After we were finished some time later, I collapsed onto my bed, vaguely aware that I was lying in the middle of a stick wet spot. However, I was too exhausted to really care much and quickly started to go back to sleep.

The last thing that I remembered was Janna giving me a kiss on the cheek and whispering, "Sweet dreams..."


When I awoke in the morning, I remained where I was for a minute, smiling pleasantly at the memory of the previous nights dream. In spite of how realistic it had seemed, I knew that it had to be a dream. There was no way that Janna Thompson would sneak into my bedroom in the middle of the night and do something like that with me. No way. She barely even knew I existed.

However, I was suddenly filled with doubts as I sat up and noticed that I was covered with something dry and crusty, as well as just a tiny bit sticky. There was even a crusted spot all over the middle of the bed, which I was laying right in the middle of. And to top it off, my dick felt a bit tender.

"No way," I gasped, my eyes going wide in surprise. "That was just a dream...wasn't it?" I was no longer quite so sure.

Several minutes later, I shook my head and hurried to take a shower, not sure how I was going to explain those sheets to Aunt Lori. I blushed with embarrassment just thinking about it, wondering if maybe I should just wash them up myself when she wasn't watching.

After I was down showering and getting dressed, I hurried downstairs, drawn to the kitchen by the alluring scent of fresh bacon. Aunt Lori cooked breakfast about once a week, and I was thankful that she'd chosen that morning to do it since I was feeling pretty hungry.

But once I got to the kitchen, I froze in my tracks...staring in shock. Standing in front of the stove was Janna, exactly as I remembered her from the night before, though this time wearing Aunt Lori's bathrobe.

"What…what are...?" I stammered, feeling extremely confused and embarrassed. How could she be there? And then I remembered Aunt Lori and looked around almost frantically, afraid at what she would say to finding Janna cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

Janna looked at me with a sexy smile, then her expression turned serious. "Have a seat," she told me, gesturing to the breakfast niche.

Just then, Janna started to change. She grew a little taller, her hair started to darken and her very face started to look different. And in just a matter of seconds later, where Janna had been stood...Aunt Lori.

"What the?" I gasped out in shock and confusion. I had no idea what was going on, but if Janna was Aunt Lori... Then the night before... "Oh God..." I paled, suddenly feeling weak.

"We'll talk...," Aunt Lori stated grimly, "AFTER breakfast Chase." And with that, she set down a plate in front of me.

We both ate in silence, though I could barely manage to eat. However, that was easier to do than looking her in the face. I was bursting with emotions, being filled with confusion and horror, not to mention several other things. My own aunt...

Once we had both finished eating, Aunt Lori remained sitting, staring at me silently, a slightly apologetic expression on her face. "I think that an explanation is in order..."

"You think?" I blurted out, then blushed horribly, unable to look at her.

However, Aunt Lori touched my hand to get my attention back. "Against my advisement, you chose to learn become my apprentice. Well...last night was your first lesson."

I gulped nervously, "But..."

She continued, "I warned you that you didn't know what you were getting into." Then she paused before adding a little more gently, "But now it's time to tell you..."

"Oh man...," I whispered, unable to stop thinking that it was my aunt. That the night before had been the best thing to have ever happened to me...and it was my aunt... And even worse, I was getting hard again just thinking about it.

"I can wait a few minutes if you like," Aunt Lori told me gently, picking up our plates and moving them to the sink while giving me time to calm down. However, she only gave me a minute before sitting back down across from me again.

"I am a sorceress," Aunt Lori stated, giving me an intense look. "Sorcery comes from raw emotions...from certain states of being. From certain raw, primal forces..." She paused for a moment, as if making sure that I understood, then continued, "The magic comes from tapping into these powerful feeding and giving ourselves over to them."

"That sounds a bit...extreme," I responded slowly, suddenly wondering just what I'd gotten myself into.

Aunt Lori just shrugged at that, "By our very nature, sorcerers tend to be somewhat extreme as well... I don't know how many of us there are in the world," she continued, "but I doubt that it is more than two hundred. There are also several different schools of sorcery, each taking its power from a different source...a different force."

"There are the imagineers," Aunt Lori lectured on, "though I call them child mages. They draw their powers from the imagination, and usually a child's sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. They increase their powers by encouraging these things in children because they are the strongest source. By their nature, child mages are very imaginative and tend to be children at heart. However, they also tend towards overactive imaginations and irresponsibility."

"That doesn't sound too bad," I commented.

"Perhaps, but they can get reckless," Aunt Lori told me, "and let normal people find out about them. Fortunately most people don't believe that they are real and think them only stories. You've even heard of some of them. Mary Poppins, Peter Pan and Santa Clause..."

I started to laugh, then stopped as I saw the serious expression on her face. "Santa Clause is real?" I gasped out in surprise.

Aunt Lori nodded, "Yes. He's the most powerful child mage alive...and probably the most powerful ever. He gains enormous power each year around Christmas. However," she smiled a bit, "the stories about him have been greatly exaggerated."

While I was still stunned over the Santa revelation, she continued, "Necromancers gain their powers from death. And in order to become necromancers, they must not only lose their fear of death...but actually cross over themselves for a brief period. Or so I have heard."

"They've got to die...," I whispered, again thinking that this was a bit extreme.

"Then," Aunt Lori said in a low, cold voice, "there are the forbidden ones. The school that even the necromancers hate. Their powers come from suffering...both physical and mental. They spread pain, fear and hatred. And order to get their full powers, they have to lose their actually become sadists." She gave a slight shudder at that and I had to agree that they certainly didn't sound very nice at all. I made a mental not to keep away from anyone from that school.

"What kind are you?" I asked hesitantly, knowing at least that from her reactions as she talked about that forbidden school that it wasn't that kind.

"A tantric," she immediately responded, with more than at trace of pride in her voice. However, at my blank look, she explained, "Sex magics. I draw my power from sex, lust and desire." There wasn't even a hint of embarrassment either in her voice or her expression.

"Sex...," I started, then paused, blushing brightly. Aunt Lori might not be embarrassed to be talking to me about sex, but I couldn't say the same. However, that just reminded me of the night before and made me even more uncomfortable.

"I told you that you didn't know what you were asking," Aunt Lori stated firmly, "But you made your decision and we must both deal with it. That means that I am going to teach you tantric magic, and the first step is to get into the right frame of mind." She paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. "You will have to get over all of your inhibitions and hang-ups. You will have to completely embrace sex. It will have to become as normal to you as eating and breathing."

I was silent for a few seconds as I tried to absorb what she had said, realizing that she was right. I hadn't known what I was getting myself into. And now...I wasn't completely sure whether to regret my decision to have her teach me magic or not. It was all so intense...but then again, sex was so exciting.

"Last night...," I started, forcing myself to look her in the eyes, "Why...? Why did you do that?" I was shaking a bit as I asked...almost begged for an answer.

Aunt Lori was silent for a moment before answering, "As I said, the magics I will teach you are drawn from sexual energy, and you certainly can't be a virgin for that." She gave me a somewhat amused expression and then added in a softer, more gentle tone, "I didn't just want to break you in. I wanted your first time to be special, so I tried to make your fantasies come true. I know much you wanted that girl..."

I couldn't help blushing at that, then I blurted out in a mixture of embarrassment and anger, "But you're my AUNT!"

However, she didn't flinch, or even look the least bit uncomfortable with that fact. Instead, she looked me straight in the eyes and asked, "What does that have to do with it?" I was surprised at that, but she continued, "The taboo against incest is one of the inhibitions that you will have to overcome. And the first. It is meaningless...originally formed to prevent the deformities caused by inbreeding. But as tantrics, that is not an issue. We do not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases."

"But..." I started hesitantly, unsure of what I could possibly say to something like that.

"If it helps," Aunt Lori told me as she stood up, "don't think of me as your aunt. Just think of me as Lori, your teacher and lover."

That statement was strange, and not just for the obvious reasons. I had always thought that Aunt Lorellei didn't like it when I called her Aunt Lori, but refused to give me the satisfaction of actually saying anything about it. But now she was actually asking me to call her Lori. Then again, she was almost acting like another person too.

Then she surprised me yet again by leaning over, gently putting one hand on my cheeks and almost purring into my ear, "Don't you find me attractive?"

Of course I did. Aunt Lori was one of the most beautiful women I knew...hell, she was the most beautiful woman that I knew personally. But she was also my aunt, and I'd always tried to ignore that. It had been pretty easy until now. Now I was ready to come right there in my pants.

I was almost frozen in surprise...and I had to admit, desire. I was horny as hell. Then Aunt Lori kissed me on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I was so excited that I even started to respond a little bit before I realized what I was doing.

When she pulled back, Aunt Lori sighed, running a long fingernail along my cheek, "You have to relax..." She paused, then gave me a smile, "But you'll learn."

And with that, Aunt Lori stood back, dropped her bathrobe to the ground and stood there for a moment, completely naked. She remained just long enough to let me get a good clear look, then she slowly turned around and walked out of the room, her every movement seeming scream 'sex'.

All that I could do was gasp, "Oh man," before shaking my head and running to my room to jack off and get some relief.


Eventually I came back down from my room, still having a bit of a hard-on, even after I'd masturbated to the thought of Janna. I was still uncomfortable with the whole idea, especially with the way Aunt Lori had come onto me. However, I couldn't just run away and hide.

"Aunt Lori?" I called out nervously when I got to the living room, wondering where she was at.

"Your aunt isn't here right now," a sexy voice responded from behind me. I snapped around to see Janna...or at least what looked like Janna, dressed in sexy high heels, short miniskirt and tight shirt.

"Aunt Lori?" I gulped at the sight of her, fully aware that I had a raging hard-on. God she was gorgeous. I knew that she was my aunt...but my cock didn't seem to want to listen.

"Just Lori," she told me gently as she came closer. "I thought that this might be easier to start with..." Then she purred, "How do I look?"

I gulped, "Nice..." That was definitely an understatement and she smiled in amusement at that.

"Last night was nice," she continued, slowly moving closer to me, "But I think that we can do better..."

And with that, her lips were suddenly pressed into mine, while her hand slipped down the front of my pants. I was too stunned to do anything, not sure what to think about the fact that my own aunt was seducing me...or that she happened to look like a high school girl at the same time.

My heart raced wildly, as did my thoughts. I had no idea of what to think about what was happening. I was simultaneously excited and horrified. She was so sexy. But she was my aunt.

Then I suddenly remember what she had said about needing sex to use magic. And I wanted to learn magic. I wanted to learn it a lot. However, in the end it wasn't my mind that made my decision. Like many decisions that men make, this one was made by my dick.

I was hardly aware of any conscious decision as I started kissing her back, and then started stripping our clothes. Without any words, she guided me in getting her clothes off, though I felt like I couldn't wait. I wanted it and I wanted it now. However, the apparent Janna had other ideas.

Once we were both naked, she lowered herself and said, "Watch what I do," before going down on me and giving me another blow job. I paid attention, or at least as much as I was able to since I was pretty distracted by it. And when she was finished, she sat down on the couch and spread her legs, gesturing for me to come over as she said, "Now it's your turn." Her meaning was pretty obvious.

Though I was uncomfortable, inexperienced and clumsy, Aunt Lori was patient, gently giving me advice and instructions on how to eat her out. It was absolutely the strangest thing, but I was so lost in my lust and need that I didn't question it too much. I just did my best, which seemed to please her a bit.

After this, we shifted position so that we could get down to the real stuff. I was actually going to screw her. Strangely enough, I'd already come twice by this point, but every time I was about finished, I quickly got hard and ready to go again.

"Magic," was her grinning response when I asked if this was normal, "Think of it as a super Viagra spell that I cast on the house last night. You'll be affected by it as long as you're inside..." She gave me a smug expression at that, then told me to get to using it.

For the next hour or two, we continued having sex in a number of different positions, with me even getting to do her doggy style and anal. And the whole time we were screwing, she continued to give me advice about it. It was definitely strange, though also the best lecture that I'd ever had in my life.

Somewhere in the middle of having all this sex, I had ceased thinking of her as Aunt Lori. It was far too strange to do so considering the circumstances. Instead, as she had suggested, I had started to think of her as just Lori, though it hadn't really been a conscious decision on my part.

Eventually, Lori and I had finished for the moment and were both sitting on the couch, soaked with sticky body fluids. I was exhausted, though filled with mixed emotions, including a strange sense of euphoria and pride.

"Not bad," Lori commented, absently wiping a large spatter of sperm off of her cheek and then licking it off of her finger. "But this is only the beginning of your training." She smiled at me with Janna's face, "You still have a great deal to learn about sex and desire before you're ready to learn the full tantric arts."

"This is weird," I responded, thinking that I should probably feel more guilty. I'd just had sex with my aunt, but she looked like Janna...and it had felt SO good. After several hours of that intense experience, I was feeling far too good for guild.

"All sex and desire releases the energy that we use," Lori lectured me, "especially the buildup and the orgasm. Eventually you will learn to tap into and use those energies. But for now, you should know that none of them are wasted. I already have spells in place that collect most of those dispersed energies within this house for later use."

"Like a giant battery?" I asked.

"Very good," Lori seemed pleased at that. Then she ran a hand over her wet and sticky breasts before abruptly announcing, "I think that we both need a shower." And as she stood up and started to head to the bathroom, she paused to give me a sexy smile and ask, " want to wash my back?"

As I slowly got up to follow her, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that things would never be the same again.

The Apprentice
part 2 of 5
By Morpheus

In the week since my birthday, things had changed quite drastically around the house, as well as with my relationship to Lori. And though I never would have even imagined this before my birthday, I was even getting used to it.

The first night after Lori and I had started our new relationship, we were sitting down to watch a movie that she had rented. To my surprise, what she put into the VCR was a porno. A porno that we watched together, and that she said would help me learn. After that, we watched porno movies every night and I found a collection of dirty magazines and sex books in my bedroom. I'd never imagined using the Kama Sutra and Joy of Sex as school textbooks.

Of course, Lori did more than show me porn to teach me about sex. A hell of a lot more. We were having sex about 4 times a day, in nearly every position imaginable. Lori frequently played little fantasy games as well, dressing up in costumes and using her powers to alter her body into a number of different women. In that way, I was able to have sex with Brittany Spears, Jenna Jamison and even Ms. Arbuckle, my gorgeous math teacher, as well as a number of other women.

Every time we had sex, and a lot of the time when we weren't, Lori lectured me on sex, giving me advice and telling me how to improve my technique among other things. I had even learned to hold myself for a lot longer without coming immediately, and she had told me that eventually I could make myself hard at will and as many times as I wanted without having to use that spell she had on the house. But for now, I relied on it quite heavily.

At the moment though, I was walking through the mall, having a major boner as I looked at the women nearby. Though I hadn't realized it immediately, I was giving them a lot more attention than I used to. Then again, I'd been horny a lot more than normal too, and that was without being inside of Lori's house and under the effects of the spell. Perhaps I was just getting used to being horny. I mean, I was even having wet dreams every night.

"Nice," I grinned as I watched a girl about my age walking by and absently decided to ask Lori to try turning into her that night.

Just then, Lori came up beside me and asked, "See something interesting?" From the look on her face, I knew that she had been watching me watch the girl. And oddly enough, I didn't really feel nearly as embarrassed as I once would have.

"Yeah," I responded, then gestured to the bag in her hand, "Get anything good?"

"You'll see," Lori laughed, "You'll see..."

I just shrugged at that, feeling curious but deciding not to press it. Besides, knowing Lori, it was probably something that would be rather embarrassing to pull out there in the middle of all those people. Then again, lately she didn't seem to have any sense of embarrassment or modestly, at least not concerning her body or anything related to sex.

A short while later, we were back at the house and Lori was putting away whatever it was that she bought. She still hadn't been ready to show me, and I still hadn't pushed for an answer. I figured that she'd show me sooner or later. She just couldn't resist a surprise.

I wasn't the least bit surprised when Lori came back out looking like a petite Asian woman, dressed in sexy clothes. "Buy me drinkie?" she asked in an exaggerated accent. "Me love you long time..."

"Sounds like fun," I grinned, moving over to her and being surprised at just how small she was. She was maybe four and a half feet tall, which was nearly a foot shorter than I'd ever seen her before.

Though I was half afraid that I'd break her, she told me, "Don't worry about it big boy...I'm not that fragile." Then she looked up at me and grinned, "Just remember not to get too rough either..."

After we made our way up to her bedroom, we had sex for just under an hour, which was fairly short compared to our normal sessions. It was also somewhat strange having sex with someone so much smaller than me, but rather fun as well. There was a strange sense of power because of it.

Once we were done though, Lori licked wiped a wad of my jizm off her tits, then licked it. "Don't go away yet," she told me with a grin, "I'll be right back."

"I'm not going anywhere," I responded from the middle of her rather large bed as she stepped into her personal bathroom and closed the door.

Just then, I felt something strange. I couldn't quite explain what it was, even to myself, though the closest that I could tell was that it was like a tiny faint tickling along my skin. In fact, I barely noticed it at all.

But before I could give it much thought, the bathroom door opened and Lori stepped out...though she looked absolutely nothing like the tiny Asian who had gone inside. Instead, she was almost the exact opposite. She was HUGE. A gorgeous blonde amazon. She had to be 7 feet tall and was rippled with muscle.

"What do you think?" Lori asked with a slight smirk, gesturing down at her powerful looking body. Then she held up on of her arms and flexed her muscles, making her bicep bulge up like a softball. "I thought that this should be an interesting experience for you..."

All I could do was stare at her, not sure what to say. I couldn't believe how big she was... As she came closer, she actually towered over me.

"Come on little man," Lori announced, picking me up and then actually carrying me out of the bedroom. "I don't think I've ever been quite this big before," she commented absently, seeming to enjoy it.

A few minutes later, she set me back down, this time onto my own bed. I didn't think that she had any real reason for moving from her bedroom to mine other than to just show off her new strength. But she had managed to do a pretty good job of that.

"Now we're going to do this just a little bit differently," she stated, picking me up again and helping me to get into her before pressing me up against the wall and going at it.

There was absolutely no doubt that she was completely in control. And as big and strong as she currently was, I didn't think that I could do anything other than what she wanted, even if I tried. Fortunately for me, I was perfectly happy to go along with what she wanted. Having sex with an amazon was definitely different than anything else, and a bit intimidating. She tossed me around the bedroom as if I weighed almost nothing, though it was rather enjoyable in a strange way.

Of course, I realized why she had chosen to turn into an amazon. Just like when she'd turned into a petite Asian earlier, she was trying to give me as wide a variety of sexual experiences as possible. Apparently that was supposed to help me get ready to learn tantric magic somehow.

After the sex, Lori stayed in her new amazon body for awhile, apparently liking the new size and strength a bit. Of course, she also said that changing her body again so soon put a bit of stress on it, and that it required a bit of energy to change. However, she didn't seem completely used to her new size and kept bumping into things around the house. And after hitting her head while going through a doorway, she let off a stream of curses and soon returned to her normal self.

Later that night, Lori gave me yet another surprise. I was sitting down and watching TV when I felt her hands on my shoulders. That was followed by a gentle nibbling on my ear and a kiss on my neck. But when I turned around, I was somewhat startled to see her looking like herself.

"I thought that you might be ready for this," Lori purred as she came around and started to undo my belt buckle. She paused for a moment, looking me in the eyes. "This is no different than the dozens of times that we've already done it."

I stared at her, feeling uncomfortable for a moment, but only for a moment. She was right...we had already had sex dozens of times before. What did it matter that she just happened to look like herself now rather than someone else?

"You still look nice," I grinned and then sat forward to kiss her.

Lori seemed pleased at that, though didn't say a thing as we began to fuck right there on the couch, as we had a number of times before. I felt a little strange about screwing her while she looked like that, though I quickly got over it. I guess that she had been right when she'd once told me that almost any inhibition could be overcome with enough lust. Eventually, we moved the action to her bedroom, where it often ended up moving to her extra large bed.

Once we had finished and were laying tangled in exhaustion, Lori whispered into my ear, "The next step of your training starts tomorrow..." At the moment though, I didn't much care and quickly fell asleep.


The next morning, I awoke to a strange sensation coming from my crotch. It was ticklish, yet also sort of pleasurable. In fact, my whole groin felt strangely warm and wet, which completely confused me. Especially as the pleasant feelings seemed to be spreading through my body, particularly my chest.

"Huh...?" I gasped as I opened my eyes and started to sit up.

"Good morning," a sexy woman's voice greeted me. Specifically, Lori's voice.

As I sat the rest of the way up, I was immediately struck by the realization that my entire body felt wrong. Very wrong. Of course, at the moment it was feeling pretty damn good too.

Suddenly, something else dawned on me as well. My eyes shot wide as I glanced down at myself, seeing a pair of tits on my chest. A pair of honest to God...TITS. I stared at them for just a few seconds, then quickly looked at the rest of my body. There was absolutely no doubt that the rest of it was just as feminine as my chest.

"Surprise," Lori grinned at me.

"I've got a...," I stared at my crotch where she has been rubbing me.

"A vagina?" Lori asked, "A pussy? A clit? A hot little wet slit...? Yes, you do. And a nice rack to go along with it if I do say so myself."

Of course, it didn't take a genius to figure out how I'd been changed into a chick, or even why. Lori had used the same magic that she used to change herself, for what I assumed was to be further training in sex. Still, that didn't make this little surprise a whole lot easier to swallow.

"But...," I started. However, before I could get another word out, Lori slipped one of her fingers right up inside of me, causing me to gasp.

"Ooops," she gave me a wicked grin, then proceeded to start finger fucking me. I gasped at the sensation of something actually being inside of me, though it seemed that I was already wet enough that there was no friction at all. "Trust'll enjoy this."

All that I could do was gasp at that as she slipped a second finger inside of me as well, then bent forward to kiss my nipples. A shiver shot through me, followed by another gasp as I realized just how sensitive my nipples now were. It was as though they were wired directly into my crotch. Hell, they even felt sort of like tiny erections.

After a few more seconds, I told her, "I think I already am..."

Lori just smiled at that, continuing to lick at my nipples while fingering me. Then she moved to gently biting my nipples before moving her head down to actually start licking my cunt. That was the tickling sensation that I'd felt down there before. And God it felt nice.

While Lori was eating me out, I felt the sexual tension building more and more inside of me. I was beginning to moan and squirm under Lori's influence, simultaneously hoping that it would continue forever...and that this torturous pleasure would end.

Then I finally came, exploding in a blast of pleasure that nearly shook my entire body. I started to let out a scream, then bit my lip and finished it in a long moan. And the orgasm still hadn't completely ceased. It was still washing through my body.

The experience had definitely been incredible, though I couldn't help wondering if it was always that intense for women, or if Lori had somehow increased things for me. Either way, I was ready and eager for more...and Lori seemed quite willing to help me reach that goal.

Once I'd had my second orgasm, Lori shifted positions and stated, "Now it's time for you to return the favor..."

I nodded at that and quickly went to work eating her out. Fortunately, she'd already given me lessons on that over the past week, though I was seeing the practical effects from those lessons from a whole new perspective new. And I had to say, as strange as it was, I rather liked being on the receiving end.

Sometime later, we had finished up our lesbian love session, and I got up to go relieve myself...and clean up a bit. I was a real mess, smeared with lots of pussy juice, both hers and mine.

However, when I got to the bathroom, I suddenly ignored the pressure on my bladder to turn to the mirror instead. My mouth literally dropped open at the sight of a hot looking girl staring back at me from the mirror, though it was about what I'd expected.

"Wow," I whispered in my new girly voice. "This is freaky."

The teenage girl in the mirror was definitely pretty, possibly even as pretty as Janna, though in a somewhat different way. hair was a long, sort of light golden brown, though currently a bit messed up and tangled due to my earlier activities. My face was definitely attractive, in a sort of hot girl next door sort of way, made even more so by the silvery gray eyes which drew attention to them.

"Wow," I repeated, slowly running my feminine fingers with the longer nails over my face in disbelief.

Then I realized that she looked sort of familiar. She...I looked a little bit like I normally did. Well, my hair was a shade lighter and my eyes just a tiny bit more striking, but I looked like what my twin sister might have looked like if I'd had one. Or maybe just a bit hotter.

Taking my attention from my face, I gave a good looking over at the rest of my body, though I'd already gotten a pretty good examination of it while having sex. It was definitely nice a shapely, a match for any of the cheerleaders at school. And my tits...though I wasn't any kind of expert, I figured that they had to be maybe a C cup or so.

I admired myself for another minute before the pressure from my bladder reminded me exactly why I'd come in there in the first place. So with that, I sat down on the toilet, reminding myself that I'd have to wipe off when done. Fortunately, that was quick and easy, if just a bit odd. But then again, just about everything in my life had been a bit odd since I'd made my birthday request.

A short while later, I was filling up the tub for a bath, when Lori came in, still just as naked as I was. She took one look at the tub, then announced, "Not like that dear." She squeezed some bubble bath into it and smiled with satisfaction. "Now we can both have fun."

"We?" I asked, keeping a straight face as I'd already guessed what she had in mind.

"Of course," she told me, gesturing down at herself, "I need a bath too, so why waste water?"

I didn't bother arguing, nor did I really want to. Fortunately, Lori believed in having a large bathtub with room for two. We both took our time, having more than our fair share of pleasure as we washed each other.

And when we were done, I went back to my room to get dressed, but found a small pile of clothes waiting for me. Girl clothes. And apparently the surprise purchase that Lori had bought at the mall the day before. There went any doubt that she hadn't been planning this in advance.

"Aren't you going to change me back now?" I asked Lori, feeling a little unsure.

"No," she responded calmly, her expression pleasant but serious. "This is the next part of your training." Lori put a hand on my shoulder, "To become a tantric, you have to embrace sex...not only from the male perspective but the female. Only that way can you gain the full experience."

"Oh," I squeaked out, suddenly feeling as though a knot had formed in my stomach.

Seeing my nervousness, Lori continued, "You can't truly understand a woman's body until you've worn one for awhile. This way, you'll learn to experience things from a whole new perspective...and this is very important."

"But...," I gasped, staring at her, "You never said that I'd have to be turned into a girl."

Lori's expression was serious as she told me, "I told you that you didn't know what you were asking. Just remember...this was your decision."

"But can't you just change me back into a guy?" I whined. Sure, I'd loved the lesbian sex, but the thought of being stuck as a girl was beginning to freak me out.

"Not until this part of your training is over," Lori stated, her voice being more firm than I'd heard in some time. Then she softened some and said, "Trust me...this isn't permanent and you will enjoy it. It's also necessary to prepare to learn tantric sorcery."

For a moment, I just stood there in silence, feeling more than a little unsure. Of course I didn't want to be stuck as a girl, but she had said that I wouldn't be stuck and I believed her. And I'd really enjoyed the brief experience that I did have as a girl. I figured that I could definitely stand to do that again.

Then there was the final reason to go ahead with it. The magic. Ever since I'd said that was what I wanted for my birthday, I had grown more and more determined to learn it. It was becoming very important to me. I didn't really know why, perhaps because it was such an amazing opportunity...and it was right there in front of me.

Finally, I just nodded, "Okay." I felt a bit nervous as I asked, "What do I do?"

"For now," Lori told me with a bit of a smirk, "Get dressed. We'll work on getting those clothes off of you soon enough though."

With that, I went and started getting dressed in the clothes that Lori had provided. They were a, but I didn't argue against them. In fact, the thought of putting them on was not only a little embarrassing, but also rather exciting. I was getting a bit horny just thinking about it. Then again, I was almost always horny nowadays.

The clothes consisted of nylons, a black mini-skirt and a halter top shirt that left a bit of my cleavage visible. There was even a set of frilly black bra and panties to go along with them. Fortunately, Lori helped me get everything on as I wasn't completely sure about it.

Once I was fully dressed, even wearing makeup and a pair of fairly low high heels, all with Lori's help, I stood in front of the mirror and admired myself. I was pretty damn hot if I did say so myself. In fact, I looked like I could have been the school slut or something, which was a bit embarrassing, but gave me something of a thrill as well.

"Very nice," Lori commented with a smile, giving me a kiss on my neck and adding, "But the dressing so obvious isn't the only way to be sexy. A sophisticated look works wonders, as does casual innocence. There are countless ways for a woman to be sexy and elicit desire. I'm going to start showing some of them to you."

"But I thought that you were just going to show me about sex?" I was a little confused, "What does dressing have to do with that?"

"Tantric sorcery doesn't deal with just sex," she explained to me, "but desire as well. The more you can encourage lust and desire, the more power that you can draw from. In fact, women not only get more out of the act of sex, but are much more capable of eliciting this desire in others. Both of which increase our magic. Those are the main reasons that most tantrics are women."

All that I could say to that was, "Oh..."

Lori continued, "Not everyone reacts to the same things. Everyone had different desires...different things which excite them. Some require just a sexy pout, others have slightly odder fetishes. You will eventually have to learn to recognize and use those desires."

"Just peachy," I commented with a sigh, wondering yet again what I had gotten myself into, then firming up my determination to finish it.

"Just don't tell your mother about your apprenticeship or these lessons," Lori commented with a wry grin, "Somehow I don't think that my sister would understand." And somehow, I had no doubt that she was correct.

After this, we went into the kitchen and had our normal breakfast, or at least as normal as it could be considering that I was now a girl. The new weight from my chest was somewhat distracting, but nowhere near as much as the fact that I was nipping out and somewhat wet down below as well.

A short time after we were done eating, Lori looked at me thoughtfully, then abruptly announced, "Come on. I have something to show you..."

With a shrug, I followed Lori back upstairs, but to my surprise, she started up the flight of stairs to the third floor. It wasn't until that very moment that I suddenly realized that I'd never actually been up them before. Sure, I'd seen the stairs, but I guess I'd never really noticed them. Hell, I don't remember ever even being curious about what was on the third floor.

Later on, I found out that the stairs had been protected by a spell that prevented anyone from paying much attention to them...or what was up them. It was Lori's way of keeping people who shouldn't be going up there from doing so. And until then, it appeared that I had been on that list.

Even as I stepped onto the floor and took my first look around, I found it hard to believe that I'd just overlooked the existence of an entire floor of the house. And the new floor was definitely something of a surprise, though after the events of the past week, it probably shouldn't have been.

The first room that Lori showed me was a bedroom of sorts, though everything seemed to be covered with silks and soft fabrics, even the walls. There was no sight of a bed or any other furniture though...just a floor that was covered with countless soft looking pillows. There were enough pillows that there seemed to be absolutely no need for any sort of mattress or bed.

"I probably should have showed you this floor earlier," Lori commented, moving to the next room. "It's my...sanctuary. A place to work my sorcery in private. will be seeing a lot of it in the future."

The second room nearly made me gasp in surprise. The walls and floor were all done in stone, making the whole room look just like a dungeon. Then again, I realized that it was a dungeon. There were chains on the walls, as well as several racks and strange looking frames that were obviously made for holding people.

At my incredulous look, Lori shrugged, apparently not embarrassed in the least. "Sometimes bondage games can be quite enjoyable, though personally I don't have anything to do with S&M aspects. Far too much like the forbidden magics for my taste."

All that I could say to that was, "Kinky." But then again, that word seemed to describe my aunt perfectly, as well as my whole life as of late.

We moved on again, this time to the bathroom. It was huge...the largest bathroom in the house, and without a doubt, the largest tub. was more like a jacuzzi, which suddenly brought thoughts of how fun it might be to have sex in it to mind.

"I'm turning into a pervert," I muttered to myself, realizing at the same time that 'turning into' might be an understatement. That seemed to be the whole point of Lori's training.

The next room we went to was something of an office and small library mixed. A computer desk sat in the corner, though all of the walls were covered with book laden shelves. Books...that as I got closer, all seemed to be about sex. I realized exactly where the reading material that had appeared in my bedroom had come from. There were how to books, scientific books, physiological books...and just pure porn. And as far as I could see, every one of them somehow had to do with sex.

Then I noticed one section of the bookshelf...a single shelf which was somewhat different from their others. Perhaps because it almost seemed to be separated, and perhaps because there were fewer books on it...and some that looked older.

As I reached for one of these books, Lori put her hand out, "You aren't ready for these books yet." She gave me a serious look, "These are for working with sorcery and you are NOT to touch them until I say that you are ready."

"Okay," I responded, staring at the books with the sudden temptation to do just that as soon as I had the opportunity. There was nothing like being forbidden to do something to make you actually want to do it. However, after taking another look at Lori's expression, I decided that I'd better not touch them. She wasn't the type to put up limitations without good reason.

Lori nodded slightly, then led me to what appeared to be the last room on the third floor. This was another one that made me gasp at the first look. It was as if the room was split into two, with one half being covered with clothes racks and all sorts of sexy clothes and costumes. However, the other side...

"Wow," I gasped in surprise.

There were a number of shelves, each loaded up with vibrators, dildos, and sex toys of every sort and size. Some of them, I could only imagine at their uses, but for others, I couldn't even do that.

"I got them from one of my stores," Lori commented with a casual shrug. At my curious expression, she looked slightly amused. "I guess I should tell you that I own a small chain of adult book and toy stores."

That was certainly something of a surprise for me, but I responded, "I guess that's kinda useful for your magic and all..."

She nodded, seeming pleased at that. "Yes, it is. A lot of tantrics work in the adult entertainment industry in one form or another since that actually helps us gain our power. In fact, the star of a movie we watched several nights ago was a tantric sorceress."

Again, all I could say to that was, "Wow." However, that was quickly followed by, "Which one?"

Lori smiled mysteriously, then abruptly pulled a vibrator off of one shelf, turning it on and then back off in front of me before handing it to me. "A present for you," she said with almost the same expression as if she'd been handing me an apple.

I blushed a little but accepted it, squirming slightly as I stood there and wondering what it would feel like to use. I was still kind of in the mood, even after our morning lesbian session.

A moment later, Lori picked up another item from the shelf and held it up for me to see. "Do you know what this is used for?" As soon as I shook my head 'no', she started to tell me.

It was rather strange to stand there while Lori went through the sex toys one by one, giving me a lecture on them and their uses. However, it was undoubtedly one of the most unique...and interesting classes that I'd ever been in.

"I feel like I'm in summer school," I said when Lori gave a break in her lecture.

Lori just grinned at me, one of her hands absently reaching over to rub at my sensitive new breasts, causing me to gasp slightly. "I guess you are honey," she smirked, then bent down to give me a kiss, "But school has only just begun..."

The Apprentice
part 3 of 5
By Morpheus

It was the morning of my second day as a girl, and I was sitting back on the couch, playing with myself as I watched porn on TV. Lori and I had already had one session of sex that morning, but it wasn't quite enough. I was still horny and not getting much better.

"I'm becoming a fucking nympho," I growled to myself as I played with my nipples, thinking about going up to my room to pick up my vibrator.

Strangely, I didn't even feel embarrassed about playing with myself in the living room, with my aunt right there in the house. Why should I? We'd done a hell of a lot more than that together and I guess that this just proved how much my inhibitions had been breaking down. Just several weeks earlier, I would have been embarrassed to jack off in the privacy of my own room if Lori was around.

In the last day, Lori had been continuing her lessons, though adding a few new aspects to it. She'd been teaching me about women's clothes, how to walk in high heels and put on makeup. Though I'd made some progress with all of those, I still had a lot to learn before she would be satisfied.

Of course, we'd still been doing the sex part too, with her teaching me all sorts of interesting lesbian stuff. It was definitely quite interesting. And though she'd used her normal appearance a couple times, she was still changing her face at other times too. I suspected that she just liked being able to play the role of other people.

"Maybe I can help you with that," Lori commented as she came into the room, distracting me both from my thoughts and the movie.

"Would you?" I asked, batting my eyes at her in what I hoped was a sexy manner. I wasn't sure of the success though Lori did seem somewhat amused.

"You know," she commented absently as she stood beside me, "Eventually you'll learn to control your desires so you won't have to do this kind of thing in public."

I just looked at her and gave my best pouty look, "But we're not even in public."

"Good point," she chuckled, bending over to give me a kiss.

Then Lori stepped back, looking serious all of a sudden. "I want you to relax and try opening your senses up. I want to know if you can feel this..."

A moment later, Lori muttered something under her breath while having a look of concentration on her face. And then...I felt it. A faint tickling along my skin, almost as though I was having goose bumps. It was the same thing that I'd felt several days before while she'd been changing into an amazon in the bathroom.

"Yeah," I gasped, "like goosebumps..."

Lori smiled at that, "Good. You're become more sensitive to sexual magics. That is very important for your training."

"But what did you do?" I asked, feeling a little confused since she looked the same as normal.

Giving me a smile, Lori came over and gave me another kiss, massaging my breasts at the same time. I was already pretty turned on and so wet that I felt like I was sitting in a puddle, so I didn't particularly need this extra stimulation...though I definitely enjoyed it.

Then she smirked as she started getting undressed again, surprising me when she dropped her skirt and revealed that she now had a cock. One that was bigger than mine had been...and was already hard.

Though I was slightly startled by this new development, I had already known that it was going to come. Perhaps not when, or even in what fashion, but it was only a matter of time before she decided to introduce my new girl body to a dick.

After hesitating only long enough to let me get a good look her new 9 incher, Lori moved up to me and started again with the kissing and fondling. My body was definitely primed and ready to go. However, even though I'd had a bit of experience with the vibrator, I wasn't exactly comfortable with having her stick a dick inside of me. It just seemed....wrong.

Just then, Lori muttered something under her breath and I felt the tickling along my skin again. And as horny as I had been at that point, I suddenly grew even more so. I was squirmy almost uncontrollably, thinking that I just had to have it. God I wanted to get fucked, and fucked good.

"Do it," I told her, though she just stood in front of me with a smirk. "DO IT!"

"Do what?" Lori asked with mock innocence.

God, I was so horny...and so frustrated. "Fuck me," I cried out, "I want you to fuck me..."

Lori smiled at that and then helped move me to the floor. And before I'd even realized what was going on, she'd actually stuck her cock right inside of me. I gasped at the alien sensation of something so big entering me...filling me up. I gasped at the suddenly influx of sensations, incredibly powerful sensations.

"Oh God," I moaned in delight she slowly started to pump in and out. Without any conscious thought, my legs started to wrap around her, to try holding her tightly to me.

"A little lust can overcome almost any inhibition," Lori said as she continued screwing me. And if my mind hadn't been so fogged with lust that I'd been able to think straight, I probably would have agreed.

I orgasmed several times from what Lori was doing to me with her new cock before she finally came herself. She came right inside of me, filling me with her warm sticky juices before slowly pulling out.

"Remember what I did while giving you a blow job?" Lori asked me gently, changing her position and gesturing for me to change mine. "I want you to do the same thing to me. Just be careful with your teeth."

I got to my knees, staring at her cock which was still hard and soaked with my pussy juices. And though I hesitated for a few seconds, I was so horny that I decided to go ahead and try it. It wasn't really too much of a conscious decision though as I was running mostly on emotion and hormones at the moment.

With that, I gave Lori my first blow job, doing the best that I could while she gently gave me pointers on how to do better. It wasn't as easy as I would have imagined as I kept wanting to chock and gag from her cock in my throat, but I did my best. I'd never really thought that it was something that would require actually skills and practice to learn them, but according to Lori it was.

After awhile, Lori finally came, filling my mouth and throat with her cum before pulling out. I gagged at that, and from the strange salty taste. But as I started to retch and spit it out, Lori told me not to.

"Go ahead and swallow it," she told me calmly, "It's just extra protein..." I grimaced and did my best to do just that, though I didn't particularly like it. "It is something of an acquired taste," she admitted with a smile.

Since I'd done my part in getting her off, Lori ate me out for awhile before we changed positions and she did me doggy style. Of course, even then we weren't finished. Next, she decided to give me anal. At first, it hurt when she stuck her cock up my ass, but I was so horny that it was quickly blurred with the pleasure. It was definitely a strange sensation having a cock shoved up my ass, but really no stranger than being a chick or being fucked by my shemale aunt.

When we had eventually finished, I lay motionless on the floor for some time, feeling utterly exhausted, hurting in places that I'd barely even known that I'd possessed and yet...and feeling absolutely incredible. But most of all, I felt extremely satisfied.


Sometime later, I was at the mall, once again watching people walk by. This time, unlike my previous visits, men were staring at me...appraising me and what I had to be like in bed. It was just a tiny bit embarrassing, but at the same time, rather exciting. Every look sent a faint shiver of excitement up my groin and through my spine.

"Nice," I mused absently as I watched one hot girl walk past, giving me a slightly jealous look while trying not to.

At the moment, I was still in my girl body, and dressed up in a rather hot looking outfit that Lori had gotten for me. In fact, I probably looked a little bit slutty, but it showed my new body off rather well. And though I normally would have been somewhat embarrassed to say the least about my current clothes, at the moment they weren't bothering me very much.

"I must be getting used to this faster than I thought," I muttered to myself, realizing that Lori's regiment of heavy sex and lust were definitely pushing me in directions that I never would have gone...or even imagined before. Obviously, that was exactly what she'd had planned.

Then I paused, suddenly feeling nervous about where exactly it was that I might eventually go. After all, though I was supposed to be Lori's apprentice, it seemed less like I was taking lessons in learning to do magic and more like I was taking lessons in learning to be a slut. Where was it all going to end? Would I still recognize myself at all when I got there? I really didn't know.

After a minute, I decided not to worry about it. I trusted Lori. I knew that all this was part of what I had to go through to learn magic. She was right when she'd said I didn't know what I was asking for, but it was too late now. However, I didn't regret that either. I was learning things that I never would have before, experiencing things that I never would have imagined. And there was no doubt more to come.

"Hey, nice shoes," a girl's voice said from beside me, breaking me out of my thoughts.

I looked at her, seeing a pretty blonde least mostly blonde since there were several locks of hair that were dyed a dark purple mixed in. She looked about my age and was dressed in fairly sexy clothes as well, though not quite as much as mine were. And then I recognized her. She was Dana Shultz, a girl from my new school. And though I'd never met her personally, I definitely remembered her reputation as the school slut.

"Um...thanks," I told her, a little startled at her coming up to me like that. However, she obviously wasn't really coming on to me. Then I realized that she thought I was just one of the girls. "My aunt got them for me."

"Sweet," Dana nodded, then introduced herself to me, "I'm Dana..."

"Chase," I responded automatically, then immediately realized that I probably shouldn't have given out my real name.

"Name or occupation?" Dana grinned, then quickly added, "It's cool."

"Thanks," I responded, absently wondering if she thought it was a nickname. Lots of people had thought so in the past when I'd introduced myself to them.

We talked for a few minutes longer, which was somewhat strange to me because she was a girl and talking to me just like I was too. And unlike Lori, she didn't know that I was really a guy underneath and thinking about what it would be like to have sex with her.

I felt a little uncomfortable standing there talking with the school slut. It was one of those things that you just didn't do. But then, I felt guilty, reminding myself that at that at the moment, I wasn't any better. Hell, after my recent lessons, I might even have done things that she'd never even imagined. Who was I to judge her?

"So," I abruptly asked her, "You want to go get a coffee or something?" I gestured to the Starbucks just across from where we were standing.

Dana hesitated for only a moment before responding, "Sure."

I normally wasn't into coffee, but I could handle the mocha with all the chocolate in it. Dana however went for a latte while we sat there talking. She opened up to me surprisingly quickly, almost treating me like I was her best friend. Though whether that was because she saw me as some kind of kindred soul or if it was just a girl thing, I didn't know.

Eventually though, I said good-bye to Dana as we each had to go. However, before doing so, Dana gave me her phone number and suggested that we get together to 'hang out' some time. I was beginning to think that she just liked hanging out with a girl who wasn't as judgmental or vicious as some of the girls at school had been to her. That just made me feel guilty about how I'd been thinking of her at first too. Dana was actually a pretty nice girl.

As I walked back through the mall to meet Lori by the entrance, I was particularly aware of the guys who were watching me. Even when I didn't see them, I could still feel them looking at me. Then it dawned on me, it was a little bit like when I felt Lori working her magic. I was actually feeling their least when it was directed at me and I thought about it.

"Wow," I muttered, "I really am becoming more sensitive..." I guess that meant that I was yet another step closer to actually learning how to do tantric magic.


I knew that it had to come sometime soon, though I hadn't expected it quite that soon. It was only the day after Lori had first shoved a dick inside of me, and she was now standing in front of me, looking from head to toe...male.

"I don't know," I protested, backing up nervously. I really didn't think that I was ready for this yet. I wasn't gay...though I didn't think of the irony in that since at the moment I was technically a girl.

Lori rolled her eyes, "Trust me," she told me, looking like a handsome man. But still a man. I wasn't ready to have sex with a man. A woman with a cock was one thing, but this....

"But...," I started.

"Already," Lori sighed, "If you don't want to, I certainly can't make you. I just thought that you might be ready for this..."

I let out a sigh of relief at that, until I realized that Lori was muttering something under her breath. Almost immediately afterwards, I was feeling even hornier than before. My nipples felt as though they were going to pop right out of my shirt and I could swear that my vaginal juice was dripping down my thighs. She'd done it to me again, hit me with an extra dose of lust.

Of course, intellectually, I knew what she had done this for. The lust was just a boost to get me through my inhibitions. And once I had done it with that little boost and seen what it was really like, It would be much easier and more comfortable for me to do it again later...on my own. But at the moment, I was no longer thinking intellectually. I was thinking with my hormones again.

Now when I looked at Lori in front of me, I no longer even cared that she was currently male. It didn't really matter. All that mattered was that I was horny as hell and this handsome man could help me fix that.

We had sex for some time, with Lori repeating many of the same things that we'd done the day before. There was really nothing different about how we had sex, only in the fact that the rest of her body now matched the dick that she'd possessed the other times. Both the first time with the lust boost...and the other several times without.

And by the time we had finished well over an hour later, I was tired but feeling great. Lori had also done what she'd intended...pushed me past one of my biggest inhibitions. Yet again, she had proven that a little lust could crumble nearly any inhibition.


It was several hours later when the phone started ringing. I glanced up from the book I was reading, though had no intention of getting up. Instead, I just flipped the page and pretended that I hadn't heard it, which made Lori roll her eyes and get it herself. I was tempted to tell her that I wasn't her maid to be answering the phone, but something told me that it might not be a great idea. Knowing her, she'd probably find some way of making me into her maid if I'd tried something like that.

After a few seconds, Lori called over to me, "It's for you..."

"Me?" I frowned, not knowing who would possibly call me except for my mom and she didn't do that very often.

"Unless there's some other Chase living here?" Lori responded with a smile.

I blinked, "Is it my mom?" Then I looked down at myself, grabbing my tits and gasping, "My voice... I can't talk to her like this..."

"It's not your mom," Lori told me in an almost teasing tone. "It's that girl you met at the mall yesterday."

For a moment, I just stared at Lori in surprise. "But I never gave her this number..."

"No, but I did," was my aunt's surprising reply. Then she quickly explained, "After you told me about this Dana girl yesterday, I tracked her down and slipped the number into her pocket." I still didn't understand why, but Lori continued, "You need some friends your own age...and talking with her might help you understand women better."

"As if these won't?" I grabbed my boobs again, rolling my eyes.

However, Lori didn't take the bait. Instead, she looked almost serious as she quietly added, "Being a school slut might get a lot of sex and attention...but it doesn't earn many real friends. I think that she could use one..." And with that, Lori handed the phone to me and walked away.

I continued staring at Lori as she walked away, feeling a little stunned at that last. Had she been the school slut when she was my age? Was it really that hard for her? However, I didn't have time to think about it much then and turned my attention to the phone.

"Hey, I found your number," Dana exclaimed from the phone after I'd said 'hi'. "I didn't see you putting it in my pocked. Pretty sneaky..." It was obvious that she was more amused by that than offended.

"Um...yeah," I responded, "I guess I probably should have just given it to you..."

"Yeah," Dana laughed, "but it was fun finding it like that." Then she abruptly asked, " doing anything today?"

After we'd talked for a few minutes, I hung up the phone then called out to Lori, "I've got to get going. Dana wants to hang out for awhile..."

Considering the trouble that Lori had gone through to give Dana our number, I really didn't think that she'd mind. And I was soon proven correct as she even offered to drop me off at the mall again where I'd agreed to meet up with Dana.

"I need my own car," I grumbled the whole way there, though Lori quickly reminded me that first I needed to get my license. All I could say in response to that was, "Details, details..."

When I met up with Dana a short while later, she gave me a broad grin, seeming pretty pleased to see me. I guess that made me feel pretty happy as well. Until then, I think that the only person who'd ever really been happy to see me like that had been Lori. Strange how a girl I'd only just met was happier to see me than my own mom.

For the next hour or so, Dana and I just wandered around the mall, going from shop to shop while looking around and talking. She was actually pretty witty, though a bit sarcastic. I liked her almost immediately and suspected that Lori would as well. Eventually, we ended up at the food court, sitting at one of the tables eating a quick bite...and to my embarrassment, giggling like a couple of teenage girls.

"Those boobs have GOT to be fake," Dana exclaimed, gesturing towards one rather large chested woman.

I looked where she was pointing and absently licked my lips, thinking that I wouldn't mind screwing that girl...fake tits or not. She was a hot piece ass. However, I nodded sympathetically with Dana, "Absolutely..."

Then Dana abruptly exclaimed, "Ooooh, that guy is so hot..."

Again, I looked to where she was gesturing, seeing a guy in his early twenties. Though I wasn't into guys, I had to admit that he was kind of cute. And he had such a nice ass... That thought didn't seem all that odd to me, at least not at first. Not until I realized that I was staring a little longer than I should have.

"Damn," I whispered to myself, tearing my eyes from that guy and looking around. My eyes locked onto another guy whom I found rather attractive as well. A faint chill went up my spine in realization.

However, before I could dwell on that latest surprise, except to wonder if it was something Lori had done to me...or a side effect from my girl's body or new experiences, Dana asked, "So, ya wanna go hang at my place for awhile? It's like, only a block away."

With a shrug, I responded, "Sure, why not..."

"Cool," Dana grinned, getting up and leading the way.

Dana's house was fairly small compared to what I had gotten used to, being only a single story and with two bedrooms. However, it was no rat's nest either. Just not big or expensive like Lori's.

"Here's home," Dana announced once we were inside and she started showing me around, "My mom's at work..."

"What about your dad?" I asked as I looked around.

The look that Dana gave at that should have answered my question, but she gave voice to it anyway. "That asshole ditched us when I was five..."

I didn't know what to say to that, so told her, "My dad died when I was pretty young. Car crash..." Actually, it had been a hit and run from a drunk driver, though they caught the guy a few hours later. At least that was what my mom told me since I barely remembered back that far.

"Oh...," Dana responded sympathetically, "so you were raised by your mom too."

"Yeah," I shrugged, "For the most part, though I live with my aunt now."

Dana nodded at that, not asking me why, which was something of a relief. I didn't feel like explaining that my mom didn't particularly want me around. In fact, most of the time I preferred not to bother thinking about it. I was a whole lot better off with Lori anyway.

We continued talking for some time, with the topic of conversation bouncing from everything to the latest movies, to boys...though Dana was a bit more enthusiastic about that last one than I was, even if I was beginning to find boys a little more...interesting. However, that did end up in a long talk about sex.

I was a little surprised though. Dana had the reputation as being the biggest slut in school...though after she half bragged about how experienced she was, I realized that...she wasn't. At least not compared to Lori...or even me. Dana may have slept with a few more people than me, not difficult since Lori was the only one I'd ever been with, regardless of her different forms, but she had apparently only fucked in missionary position and done oral. I'd done a hell of a lot more than that...but of course I couldn't tell Dana that.

As I sat there talking about sex, I had a very difficult time not letting Dana see how uncomfortable I was feeling. Not because we were talking about sex since that had become pretty normal for me, but because I was getting horny as hell. I was sure that my panties were soaked and thought that my nipples felt like they were going to poke a hole right through my bra. It was hard sitting still when I had to fight back the urge to finger myself right there on Dana's couch. Nor did it make it any easier when she was so hot looking...

Finally, I couldn't resist. I quickly leaned towards Dana, locking my lips into hers and kissing with all of the lust that I felt.

Dana was obviously stunned, and when I pulled back, she just stared at me in surprise for a few seconds. "Holy shit," she gasped out, "I didn't know you were gay..."

I gulped, realizing that since I was in the body of a girl at the moment, technically I was gay. "Yeah," I responded quietly. However, then I remembered my sessions with Lori and the new interest that I'd been noticing at the mall and reluctantly, "I'm bi..."

"And you like me?" Dana asked in surprise, looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Yeah," I told her honestly, "I think you're hot..." At the same time though, I silently cursed myself. Sure, I wanted her right then and there, but I realized that I'd probably just messed up what was starting to be a nice friendship.

Dana and I sat in silence for a few seconds before she slowly told me, "I've never done it with a girl before..." The look that she gave me was a good indication that she was actually considering it too.

"Do you want to?" I found myself asking, more in a purr than anything else. "You don't have to... If you're not into this, I understand..." However, I was desperately hoping that she wouldn't say no.

"No...," Dana answered with a little more certainty, "I wanna try it." She gave me a grin, "I've just never done it with another girl so I'm not sure what to do..."

I just smiled at that, feeling strange at finding myself as the experienced one for a change. "Just do what you'd like done to you," I told her, remembering some of what Lori had told me, then adding, "And I'll show you..."

With that, I went closer to Dana, giving her another kiss while slowly fingering her breasts through her shirt. And though she didn't say anything, I could feel the lust beginning to rise in her body. Then I moved on to the clothes removal so that we could get down to the real fun.

A few minutes later, we were spread out over Dana's more roomie bed, with me carefully manipulating her nipples and running my tongue over her body, smiling at how much she was enjoying it. I knew that I liked it when Lori had done that to me. Of course, I went on from there, going down at eating her out until she started orgasming like crazy and screaming.

"You like?" I purred to Dana, smirking a little as I did so.

"Oh yeah," she gasped out, "Hell yeah..."

That just made me grin more, "Then you'll really like this..."

I went back to playing with Dana's body, doing a number of things that Lori had taught me, making her scream with delight as her body shook and shuddered. I silently wished that I had a few of Lori's toys to play with...not to mention my own dick to use, but I knew very well from experience that neither of those things were necessary.

After awhile, Dana tried her best to return the favor, though it was very obvious that she didn't have anywhere near the skill that Lori possessed...or even that of my own. However, I did orgasm few times, which was definitely nice, though strangely enough, I was also enjoying the strange feelings that were radiating right out of Dana.

When we finished, Dana lay spread out over her now soaked bed, gasping, "Oh my God... I never knew..." Then she giggled, "I may never go back to guys again..."

"No need to get drastic," I laughed, wondering if I might ever be able to go after her as a guy myself. I was sure that I could certainly show her a good time that way as well. "You just need to find the right guy..."

"Where'd you learn all that?" Dana asked with a dreamy grin.

I certainly couldn't tell her the truth, so I just shrugged and changed the subject. "Oh shit...I've got to get going..."'

"Do you have to?" Dana asked me with a disappointed look.

I nodded, "Yeah. I've got to get back for my lessons..."

Dana looked blank, "Lessons?"

Realizing that I probably shouldn't have said that much, I told her, "Sort of a summer school thing that my aunt's making me take." That was the truth, but it was certainly one hell of a unique summer school.

After getting somewhat cleaned up and dressed, I said my good-byes to Dana and promised that we'd do it again before leaving. I hurried back home, hoping that Lori wouldn't be wondering where I was. She was pretty good about that kind of thing, but I didn't want to push it at the moment.

When I got home, Lori greeted me with a smile, asking, "I hope you had fun with your new friend..."

"Yeah," I told her with a smile, "A lot of fun."

Lori just smiled at that, and from her expression, I suddenly had no doubts that she actually knew what Dana and I had done. However, instead of giving me a look of disappointment or a lecture which I might have expected from anyone else, Lori didn't say a word. In fact, she seemed quite pleased, even as she turned away without a word to head upstairs.

The Apprentice
part 4 of 5
By Morpheus

I lay in my bed, resting in that comfortable zone between sleeping and waking, not quite feeling the need to actually get up just yet. Nor was I quite able to go back to the sweet...wet dreams that I'd been savoring such a short time earlier.

As I slipped a little more into the waking world, I smiled at the memory of my time with Dana the night before. She hadn't been anywhere near as experienced as Lori when it came to sex, but I had definitely enjoyed playing with her anyway. And I looked forward to doing so again.

After a little longer, I decided that I had better get up. I slowly sat up in my bed, then froze, realizing that something had changed. My tits felt heavier than before, and when I looked down in surprise, they were noticeably bigger as well.

"What did she do now?" I demanded, pausing yet again at the realization that my voice sounded different to my ears. "Might as well get this over with..."

With that, I climbed out of my bed, my balance feeling just a little more off, though I wasn't surprised. It had been off right after Lori had first turned me into a girl too, though I had managed to get used to it with surprising speed.

I took my time as I moved to the mirror, pausing for a moment before facing my reflection. Though I was not in the least surprised that it had changed again, how it had changed was just a little startling.

"Wow," I whispered, running a hand over my rather large tits.

The other time that Lori had changed me, she'd made me look like my own twin sister. This time however, I no longer looked remotely like myself. I didn't even look like a girl anymore. Instead, I looked like a woman. And a very sexy woman at that.

I now looked like a woman in her twenties. I had a gorgeous face, framed by the long blonde hair that I now possessed. My body was very curvy, especially my very generous tits. They made me look like I was a stripper or something, though overall, I also looked extremely hot.

"Interesting," I mused with a bit of a smile, "I think I'm turning myself on." Of course, that wasn't the least surprising since I was not only extremely hot, but was turned on by almost anything nowadays.

Though I was curious about what Lori had in mind this time, I didn't bother hurrying as I went back to looking for something to wear. However, it was quickly obvious that my girl clothes wouldn't exactly fit my more recently altered body. So instead, I settled for just putting on a silk robe that Lori had given me a few days earlier, but even that was a little tight across the my chest.

When I got to the kitchen, Lori set breakfast at my spot at the table, giving me a sexy smile but not saying a word about my altered appearance. I decided to play along, not saying a word either as I gave her a kiss, fondling one of her tits slightly before sitting down to eat.

After we had finished eating, Lori leaned back and said, "I thought that you might be curious about your latest alterations..."

"Really?" I asked with mock innocence, "What alterations?"

Lori smiled at that, "This will help you learn to create lust in others..." Of course, by 'others', it was obvious that she meant men.

"Anything new for this morning?" I asked, wondering what new positions or tricks she was going to pull on me.

She just smiled, "You'll see..."

A short while later, Lori and I were standing upstairs, in her dressing room. She was pulling some clothes out, looking at me thoughtfully as she did so.

"Though most people associate nudity with sexy," Lori told me, "the right clothes can be much better at attracting desire. It's not just what is is also what is left to the imagination. Sometimes dressing obviously can work, while other times a much more subtle effect is called for. At the moment though, we'll start with the more obvious and work through to the more subtle..."

I wasn't completely sure what Lori was up to, though it soon became extremely obvious and we were in the middle of playing dress-up. Though Lori had already shown me quite a bit about wearing sexy clothes and putting on makeup, some of the things that she was having me try on now seemed to require my much sexier current body.

After awhile, I had to admit that it was actually kind of fun. The only problem was, that I was getting turned on by my own reflection and Lori seemed more interested in creating lust than in actually letting me deal with mine.

Of the various clothes that I tried on, I think that my favorite was a slinky dress that Lori had pulled out. I didn't know what it was, but with that and how she did my hair and makeup, it really made me look mature...sophisticated. I guess that just proved that she was right when she'd told me that I didn't need to show a lot of skin or be too obvious to still be extremely sexy.

However, soon Lori had me wearing something a little less sophisticated, and a bit more obvious. But she also had plans other than just having me wear the clothes, as I quickly found out. She brought me into another room, where I found a pole set up in the middle of the floor. It didn't take much to realize that it was supposed to be stripper pole.

"As many men know," Lori smirked, "a little dancing can draw forth an amazing amount of sexual energy. Perfect for tantric magics. And practicing some of these motions can also be rather useful in a number of other ways...such as making your movements more feminine." She paused for a moment, giving me a grin, "I'll show you what to do..."

"Just great," I sighed, "Stripper lessons..."

Lori just smiled at that, "Trust'll have fun."

For the next several hours, I worked at learning how to dance like a stripper, practicing movements that I knew would make me drool if done by an gorgeous woman, even moving around the pole. Lori was was kind of fun, if a bit more work than I would have thought. Still, I was rather enjoying how sexy the dancing made me feel, at least once I started getting more comfortable and past the clumsiness.

By the time we finally stopped, I was extremely horny, though complaining about that to Lori hadn't done much good. She just told me that learning to control my own lust was a part of learning tantric magics. I was frustrated, but Lori assured me that this just made my dancing much more erotic.

Finally though, we were finished with the stripping lessons and immediately went about solving my pent up sexual frustration, as well as giving me more sexual experience. After the first time, Lori shifted into male form and let me experience a titty fuck. I'd been able to do it with Lori while I was still a guy, but it was a different experience from the other end...and not nearly as satisfying.

The rest of the day was spent on various lessons, such as more stripping and erotic movements, practicing my ability to actually sense sexual energy around me and catching up on my reading. Strangely enough, the books that had seemed so titillating just such a short time earlier where beginning to actually seem just a tiny bit boring.

"I feel like I'm in school," I complained as I looked up from the most recent book that I'd been reading. "When am I gonna be able to start learning the magic part?"

Lori just looked at me and sighed, "I never said that learning sorcery would be easy...or all fun. It requires a lot of work and study as well. Learning magic is like building a house...and right now, we have to finish the foundation before we can move on to the rest You've already started with learning to feel the energy, and once you're proficient with that, then we can go the next steps..."

"Oh joy," I muttered, absently fondling one of my tits.

"Well, enough with the lecturing," Lori told me, closing my book and gesturing for me to get up, "C''s time to get dressed."

As I got up, I gave her a blank, "More playing dress-up?"

"No," she grinned, "We're going to have some fun..."

I didn't know exactly what Lori was up to as she had me change clothes yet again. My latest clothes consisted of tight black leather pants, red high heeled shoes and a red halter top that left not only my midriff visible, but a fairly decent amount of cleavage, though definitely not too much. Though this outfit was rather sexy, it was very tame compared to a lot of things that I'd already worn that day.

Of course, after the clothes were on, Lori provided me with a bit of jewelry to add to the look, which made me thankful that she'd even provided piercings for my ears when she'd changed me that morning. And then there were was the makeup as well, which I put on myself, with a few bits of advice from Lori, who seemed pleased with my efforts.

"Sexy," she told me with a satisfied smile, "but not slutty. Perfect for tonight."

Though I was curious about what she was up to, Lori wouldn't answer my questions. At least not with any sort of a straight answer. Instead, she just drove us both into the parking lot of some sort of club, which answered my question.

"What?" I gasped, "You want me to go in there?"

"That is the general idea," Lori commented wryly.

"But..," I gasped, "I can't go out in public like this..." I gestured down at my large tits. And besides," I added, "I'm underage. They'll never let me in..."

Lori rolled her eyes, "In case you haven't noticed, you still look old enough to get in. And as for the other, you need to appreciate the attention that body generates...not run from it. That's one of the reason's we're here..."

Without any further comments we went on inside, and though I knew that I looked like I was in my twenties, I was still a little surprised that no one stopped me at the door. And though I didn't say anything to Lori, I was actually feeling kind of excited about this. After all, how many 16 year olds can just walk right into a bar?

After we sat down at a table, Lori ordered a couple of beers, which surprised me yet again. However, she gave me a serious look and said, "Just the one...and don't gulp it down." I think that the beer was more for appearances than anything else, but I felt rather pleased with myself as I sat there sipping it anyway.

"Now I want you to open your senses and feel the sexual energy in here," Lori told me after a short while. "I want you to practice that...and creating more desire." She smirked slightly, "You certainly have the body for now use it."

And with those instructions, I was pushed out onto the dance floor. A man I didn't know quickly asked me to dance, and sensing the lust in him, I hesitated only a moment before agreeing. I danced close to him, knowing that I was doing it right when his desire level continued to increase. In a strange way, It was fun...knowing that I had so much power over that man just by shaking my body a little and pouting.

For quite some time, I moved across the dance floor, moving from one man to another, delighting in my newfound power over each of the men that I danced with. And I was not only increasing their desire for me, but those of the other men...and even a few women nearby. Of course, I couldn't claim it all as my own work as Lori was dancing as well, but I was feeling quite satisfied with myself.

Every once in awhile, Lori and I would return to the table, where I would sip at my beer and she would comment on my style, offering advice on how to do even better. I was grinning broadly at her, thinking that this was a lot more fun than I would have thought. And some of those guys were really getting me turned on as well.

"Now keep an eye on his desire level," Lori instructed as she gestured to a man at another table.

Then she did something that I'd never seen her do before. She lit up a cigarette, taking a deep drag and blowing the smoke out in a sexy manner. I quickly looked at the man she'd indicated and saw the he was watching her rather carefully and his desire level had increased.

"Just a demonstration," she told me as she took another drag, "Some men respond quite easily to various things. And unless I miss my guess, that man with the baseball cap responds especially well to the sight of high heels..."

A minute later, a man stood up on the stage in front of the club and announced, "The event you have all been waiting for will start in fifteen minutes." Then he grinned broadly and yelled out, "The wet T-shirt contest!" All of the men started cheering at that and a number of the women.

"Well," Lori told me, "let's go get some T-shirts for the contest..."

"Oh joy," I responded, realizing that she'd had this planned from the start.

Then while we were in the bathroom changing, I asked Lori, " going to use your magic to make them bigger?" I gestured to my tits, then hers, thinking that she could guarantee our winning.

"Afraid not," Lori told me, "There's enough lust in this place to do it, but it would take a bit of time to collect it..."

I was a little confused by that. "But you change a lot more at home without any trouble..."

"That's because the house is a battery for sexual energy," Lori explained, "Changing a human body that drastically," she gestured at me, "requires a large amount of energy. Fortunately, I've had years to build up a large enough reservoir for all of my magic lately."

I just nodded at that, beginning to understand. "So we just go in as is..."

This time it was Lori who nodded. "Forget any embarrassment or modesty," she reminded me, "Have fun and be aware of the audiences energy levels." Then she grinned, "And think of it as a warm up for next week." At my blank look, she continued, "A strip club is having an amateur night. And if you win, you can even keep the prize money..."

"I guess that's motivation to keep practicing," I laughed as we went out to the stage, standing beside the other women in 'uniform'.

The whole contest was a bit more fun than I would have expected, though to both my surprise and disappointment...I didn't win. I'd thought that I would be a guaranteed winner with the body that Lori had given me, but there was another woman there with even bigger boobs...and who was flirting a bit more with the judges.

When Lori and I finally got home, she transformed herself into a copy of one of the men whom I'd been dancing with, then helped me relieve the sexual tension and horniness that had been building up all night. It was the perfect end to such a stimulating night out.


When I awoke in the morning, I found that I was alone in bed, which wasn't unusual. But more importantly, I discovered that my body had been altered yet again during the night. It was much less of a surprise for me this time than the morning before...or especially the morning I'd first woken up as a girl.

"Not bad," I announced to my reflection, seeing that I'd turned into a petite Asian girl. It was strange, especially being so short. I didn't think that I was much taller than 5 feet tall.

But again, I had no clothes that would really fit my body, so had to make do with my robe. But where it had been too tight across my chest the morning before, now the whole thing was oversized. It hung on all over me as I went downstairs to for breakfast.

I was somewhat startled when I saw Lori. She was back to her normal self, but compared to me, she seemed huge. I couldn't believe just how tall she seemed in comparison to my new tiny size. However, neither of us said a word about the latest change until after we had finished eating.

"You look quite cute," Lori commented with a smile. I grunted at that, thinking that I actually preferred being gorgeous the day before. It seemed more dignified somehow.

"So why this," I gestured down at myself, "It was a bit of a surprise..."

"Because you're learning about women's bodies and what makes them tick," Lori told me with a shrug, "And not all women are the same."

With a shrug, I reached for my orange juice but found the glass empty. With a faint smirk, I looked to Lori and exclaimed in my best, though still bad accent, "You buy me drinkie...? I fuck you long time..."

Lori burst out laughing at that, then took me up on the offer. Sex like that reminded me somewhat of when she was an amazon and I was just myself, but with things somewhat reversed. The only problem was that her dick seemed so large that it felt like she was going to split me in half. Fortunately, Lori had remedies for that, which didn't surprise me in the least as that was her specialty.

For most of that afternoon however, I was returned to my 'normal' girl self and went over to see Dana. It was much like the last time I visited her, with us hanging around her house and talking, then eventually going into a bout of lesbian sex.

Later that night though, after I had returned from my rather pleasant visit with Dana, Lori had yet another surprise for me. However, getting these extreme surprises had almost started to become normal. But when she met me at the door and started muttering something, I couldn't help but feeling simultaneously nervous and curious.

"This feels weird," I gasped as my body started to change.

I'd only been awake and aware once before while my body had changed, and that was just that morning when she'd changed me from the petite Asian form to my 'normal' girl body. And this felt very much the same. I could feel my body stretching, beginning to grow. I just stared down at myself as my clothes started to rapidly get tight.

"You might want to take those off," Lori commented. I quickly started to do as she suggested until I was standing there naked.

"Holy shit," I exclaimed as I looked down at myself, seeing that I was continuing to change but still being able to get a good idea of what I was changing into this time.

I was taller than before, taller than I'd ever been before in my life. And my muscles were beginning to bulge almost like a bodybuilders. However, I was also undeniably still female, with still swelling breasts. It was rather clear that this time I was the one being changed into an amazon.

When the changes stopped, I looked down at Lori, who now seemed small in comparison. From the height difference, I suspected that I had to be around 7 feet tall. As I looked down at my impressive body, only one word could escape my lips. "Sweet..."

"I thought that you might like it," Lori grinned up at me. "Now let me change into something else and we can get started..."

I just nodded at that, moving to the nearest mirror and staring at what I had been turned into. To my amazement, I looked quite a bit like how Lori had the time she had turned into an amazon, though I now had long black hair. Overall, I looked quite impressive, being simultaneously powerful looking and sexy.

After Lori had turned into a fairly athletic, though still normal sized man, we went to the cushion room on the third floor and went about having sex. She was so small compared to me, so weak. It gave me an incredible sense of power to be able to life her up, to move her around as I climbed on top of her and screwed her brains out. However, at the same time I felt a little nervous, as if I might break her if I wasn't careful.

Being a huge amazon was definitely quite different from being the petite girl that I had started out that morning, though in a way, neither better nor worse. Just different. But it was a difference that I thoroughly enjoyed until I went to sleep that night.


Over the next week, my lessons continued as usual. It almost became a pattern for Lori to transform me into a different woman every day to explore things from different perspectives. And then I would be transformed back to my 'normal' female self so that I could spend time with Dana, sometimes having sex, though often just hanging out and becoming closer friends.

During my continued lessons, Lori and I used nearly every toy that she had in her collection, and she started some even kinkier things, such as bondage games and even a little bit of dominance and submission. She seemed to enjoy the bondage a bit, but told me that she wasn't into the dominance and submission thing very much but still thought that it was important that I be at least familiar it. Personally, I didn't enjoy any of those things very much myself.

And of course, Lori started to teach me not only how to feel sexual energy and desire from people, but how to actually collect it. It took awhile for me to get the hang of it, but once I did it was almost surprising how easy the energy collection was. However, Lori told me that it would have to become second nature to me, so I continued to practice whenever we had sex or I was out in public.

Then one night, I was sitting back on the couch, wearing the same sexy body that I had worn to the wet T-shirt contest the week before. It was also the same body that I'd worn the night before as well, while winning the amateur night contest at the strip club. I was still feeling pretty good about winning, especially with the $500 that came as a prize.

"Very nice," I mused to myself as I looked down at my generous tits, which I now knew were E cup. And a very nice E cup at that. And at the moment, they were barely contained by the sexy lingerie that was the only thing I was wearing.

"Yes," Lori's voice came from the living room entrance, "It is." Then she abruptly told me, "I have a surprise for you." She hesitated just a moment, as if trying to decide how to say it when she continued, "This is something a little different, but I think that you'll enjoy it."

Feeling curious, I followed behind her as she led me upstairs, to the third floor. I was already wet and ready to go, eagerly wondering what was going to happen this time. It had been HOURS since our last fuck and I was feeling pretty horny.

When we got to what I had come to think of as the silk room, the one with all the walls lined with silk and the floor covered with silk pillows, I was more than ready to go. However, I froze as I stepped inside, shocked to see that there were already two people waiting. One was a gorgeous brunette woman, while the other was a hot looking guy. It had ceased bothering me that I now found guys attractive, though I did still prefer women to some degree.

"This is Rich and Terry," Lori told me as she gestured to them, trying to hold back something of a grin. Then she announced, "And this is my friend Chelsea..." I looked around quickly before realizing that she meant me. Obviously they didn't know who I really was, for which I was thankful.

"What...?" I started in confusion.

Lori whispered into my ear, "It's time for you to spread out in your experiences. Don't worry...they're old 'friends' and don't know anything about my sorcery."

I just nodded at that, unable to help but licking my lips slightly as I looked at them. I definitely wanted to play with that girl's tits and maybe lick her cooch a bit. Of course, I certainly wouldn't mind getting fucked by the guy either.

After Lori went to Rich, I moved over towards Terry, feeling just a little uncomfortable with a strange and nearly naked woman. However, I was also rather horny and she was obviously willing as well. Within a minute, we had already started to fondle and kiss each other, clumsily at first but then with more certainty as we started getting into it and more familiar with each other.

"Ooooh," Terry moaned out after I'd been licking her for awhile, "You're so goooood...."

I just smiled at that, giving her stomach a slow lick before I moved up to licking her nipples while simultaneously fingering her. She started moaning louder and louder, obviously getting a lot out of it. Hell, I could tell that, even without sensing the sexual energy that was radiating from her.

As Terry and I went at it right there on the pillows, I was having fun, thinking that she was pretty good, though nowhere near Lori's level. Then again, I was beginning to suspect that no one was. Still, Terry made me feel VERY good, especially with the help of a few 'toys'.

And while Terry and I were going at it in a lesbian fuck fest, Lori was straddling Rich just a short distance away. With all four of us screwing at once, the whole room was becoming filled with sexual energy. I could feel it all along my skin, driving me into even deeper depths of passion and lust.

After some time, we traded partners, with me moving over to Rich while Lori went to Terry. Again, I hesitated for just a moment since I didn't know him, but I was pretty horny so didn't hold back for long.

"Oh God," Rich grunted as he pounded into me, "For some reason, I never last nearly as long as when Lorellei's around..."

I just smirked at that, knowing that with all that I'd learned from her, I could probably give him quite a run for his money myself. And that was without even having to use any actual sorcery on him.

"Well," I purred as I shifted position and gave a lick along his shaft, "Let me show you just what I can do..."

Once I'd made that statement, I did absolutely everything that I could to try outdoing Lori, though I knew that I couldn't really succeed. She'd taught me everything that I knew, but not everything that she knew. At least not yet. But still, I was damn determined to try...much to Rich's obvious delight...and eventual exhaustion.

"Damn," I muttered in frustration once Rich was finally done. He'd been really good at fucking me, letting me get off more than a couple times. However, he still hadn't lasted nearly as long as what I knew Lori was capable of.

By the time that we all finally finished that night, all four of us were huddled up in the cushions, feeling exhausted but even more satisfied. As I rolled over and gave Lori a kiss...and a caress before going to sleep, I absently wondered if this was supposed to be some sort of new lesson...or a reward, but then realized that I really didn't care.

The Apprentice
part 5 of 5
By Morpheus

A month had passed since my 16th birthday...a month since I had become an apprentice to learn tantric sorcery. In a way, it seemed far longer than a mere month. In a way, it almost seemed a whole other lifetime.

It was one of those groggy mornings where I just wanted to stay in bed, wrapped in the comfortable cocoon of my bedding, caught in that pleasant area between wake and sleep. Somehow, it seemed like it would have been a real shame to actually get up and climb out of bed.

Eventually though, whether I wanted to or not, I had to wake up. However, when I did, I became aware that my body had changed yet again, though I wasn't exactly sure how. At least not until I noticed something and gasped in surprise at my morning hard-on.

"Oh man," I exclaimed as I tore the sheets off and stared at my fully erect cock. It was back. I was back to being a guy...back to my normal body. "I'm a guy..."

After climbing out of bed, I stood there for a minute, feeling rather odd. Strangely enough, I actually missed the comforting weight of tits. Though I hadn't really thought about it, I'd actually started thinking of them as part of me. And they were gone. However, my dick was back...and hungry for attention.

"Damn," I whispered as I stared down at it, suddenly realizing how inadequate it was. Sure, I was about average size for a guy my age, but after what I'd seen and experience, I couldn't help but thinking that I was too small.

Though I was strongly tempted to jack myself off right there, I held back from doing so, remembering that Lori would be around somewhere. And I doubted that she would have changed me back if she didn't plan to have a little fun with my now returned equipment. I grinned at that, thinking that it would definitely be fun.

Then I looked in the mirror, seeing my old face looking back. I smiled faintly, suddenly thinking about how I'd been staring at the same mirror the morning after I'd fucked Terry and Rich, two complete strangers.

I remembered announcing, "It's official...I'm a slut."

But strangely enough, I hadn't really been bothered by that. I probably should have, or at least I would have several weeks earlier, but after what I'd learned, the word 'slut' just didn't hold any real meaning for me anymore.

"Strange how things can change," I mused, once again drawn back to my own male face, thinking that from my reflection, you never could have told that I had.

A few seconds later, I threw on a pair of my old shorts and hurried downstairs where I once again found Lori in the kitchen cooking breakfast. It seemed that she usually only cooked when she was planning something. However, at the moment I wasn't exactly food that I was hungry for.

It was hard eating breakfast while I was so distracted, but I tried. Finally, I couldn't help asking, "This is great and all...but couldn't you like, turn down that lust spell you have on the house for just a little while? Maybe for one day..." Having all that sex was great, but I wasn't sure that I could remember the last time that I'd read a book or watched a move that wasn't about sex.

Lori finished chewing, then announced, "Oh that... That spell wore off almost two weeks ago..."

"What?" I was surprised, "But I've still been constantly horny..."

"That's because the libido is like a muscle," Lori explained with a grin, "The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets." Then she added, "And you have been exercising it quite a bit lately..."

We talked for only a few more minutes before we continued with our normal morning routine, which consisted of sex, lessons and more sex.

"Now that you've experienced things as a woman," Lori hold me, "It will help you become a much better lover as a man."

As we had sex, I realized that she was right. Being able to know exactly what she was feeling as I lucked her I played with her I fucked her in the ass, all helped to make me much better at doing it. At giving her the most of it all.

But at the same time, it seemed almost strange to be having sex as a guy again after several weeks as a woman...and just a little disappointing as well. Being back in my old body just pointed out how much more women got out of sex than guys, though Lori had already told me that a number of times.


Over the next week, my lessons and the sex that we had changed yet again. This time, I was frequently shifted between male and female forms, even once being a woman with a dick, which I thought was a rather interesting experience. I spent some time as my male self, and as various other men, just as I continued to spend time as various women...including my female self.

Lori also had me work on my self-control, teaching me how to keep myself erect for incredibly long times, and how to get hard again almost immediately. Those were definitely useful techniques, as was the ability to turn my own libido down a bit when I needed to work on something else.

And during this time, I was also learning how to actually gather the sexual energy that I had previously learned how to feel. All of that lust...the desire...everything that came from the pleasure and orgasms, all of it could be gathered. However, I still didn't know how to actually do anything with it.

At the moment, I was sitting back in the living room, having spent most of the morning in my 'normal' female form. I still hadn't put any normal clothes on, not seeing any urgency for it just yet. Instead, I was sitting around in my sexiest lingerie, which admittedly didn't do quite as much for my current form as it did for my standard and sexier adult woman form. However, it still made me look pretty damn hot.

"Are you about ready?" Lori asked as she came into the room, surprising me in that she was already dressed. She rolled her eyes at me, "You can't go like that..."

"Go?" I asked blankly.

Lori rolled her eyes again, "To the mall. To get you some new school clothes. You know that it's only a couple of weeks until it starts up again..."

I groaned at that, "Oh yeah." I had been so caught up in my 'summer school' that I'd almost completely forgotten. And I couldn't say that I was actually looking forward to it either.

Just then, Lori started mumbling under her breath. I braced myself for what I knew was coming and was quickly hit by the strange tingling sensation that ran through my body as it started to change. Without waiting, I pulled off the lingerie and stood there naked as I slowly transformed back into my normal male self.

"You know," I commented once I had finished transforming, "I don't see why you can't just magic up some new clothes for me..."

Lori laughed, "I'm afraid that sorcery just doesn't work that way. Sure, I can use it to conjure small things, but they aren't really...real." She looked thoughtful for a moment, as if trying to think how best to explain, then continued, "It takes a lot of energy to actually create anything that way. And anything that gets created, isn't...stable. It's sort of like solid illusion and can fade away after several days unless even more energy is constantly spent to maintain it."

All that I could do was nod at that, frowning at the same time. What good was having magic powers if it wouldn't even let you avoid having to go shopping? Lori might have taught me a lot of things about being female, but I sure as hell never picked up any kind of appreciation for that. Well, except perhaps for trying on sexy lingerie while I was in female form, but that was for a while different reason.

Just then, Lori gasped, "Shit! There's someone at the window..."

I snapped around, though didn't see anyone there. However, Lori was already rushing to the front door, so I slipped on a pair of sweat pants which had been sitting on the couch from the night before, then hurried after her.

When I got to the door a minute later, I saw that Lori already had it open and was looking outside angrily. I gulped, suddenly wondering if someone had seen us...and what they might have seen if they had been watching. It was not a pretty thought.

A moment later though, someone hesitantly moved towards the door, hesitating for a moment and looking as though she was ready to bolt. It was Dana. And she was looking both scared and confused. I could only imagine what she had to be feeling if she'd been watching.

"Dana," I exclaimed, only then remembering that she'd never met me in my real body.

"I didn't mean anything," Dana stammered, "I was just looking for Chase...." Then she gulped, nervously, "What... Who...?" She paused to take a deep breath, "Who are you...what's going on?" Her eyes were darting from Lori to me, lingering on me. "Who are you...?" That one was directed specifically at me.

"I'm Chase," I told her quietly, feeling a little hurt by the look on her face. I quickly looked to Lori for help.

"How long where you spying on us?" Lori demanded, glaring at Dana angrily. Then she sighed, "Obviously long enough."

"Lori," I started, suddenly afraid that she was going to do something extreme. I glanced over at Dana, then back to her. Dana might have been spying on us, but she was still my friend. I just hoped that after she saw this, that I was still hers.

Lori was silent for a moment before finally letting out a long sigh. "All right," she half sighed again, gesturing for us to follow, "We'll talk about this inside."

Though Dana looked reluctant, and as though she might turn and run, I said, "Please..." She stared at me for a moment before hesitantly going inside.

When we got to the living room, Dana still looked as if she half wanted to run. But the other half...the other half was looking at us as if ready to demand answers to what she'd seen. That half wanted answers.

"You obviously want to know what's going on," Lori stated.

Dana nodded, responding with a flippant, "Duh..."

I gave her a warning look, hoping that she wouldn't piss Lori off. Then I gave Lori a warning look as well, silently telling her that she'd better not do anything to Dana. Lori wasn't the violent time, or even the vengeful least as far as I knew, but at the moment she was pretty mad.

"I am a sorceress," Lori stated, seeming a little more tired than angry, "And Chase is my apprentice."

"Yeah right," Dana started, then froze, giving us each a look before gasping, "Oh fuck..."

"Yeah," I nodded, "I kinda thought the same thing when I found out magic was real."

"Holy shit," Dana whispered, staring at me in amazement. "You're really Chase...?" All I could do was nod at that, then she continued, "No fucking way..."

"Please don't tell anyone," I begged, thinking how embarrassing it might be if everyone knew what I'd been up to.

Lori quickly added, "People can't find out about us... Most people don't react well to real magic...or those who use it."

After nearly a minute of uncomfortable silence, Dana blurted out, "Who hell would believe me if I did? They'd lock me in the fucking loony bin..."

"Thank you," Lori sighed in relief.

Then Dana looked at me, her expression a bit strange as she scrutinized me, making me feel like a piece of meat or something. Strange that I didn't mind when it was complete strangers sizing me up, but when it was a friend like Dana doing it. It just made me feel a little uncomfortable.

"So," Dana finally asked, obviously trying to cover up her nervousness, "What's it like being a guy?"

I nearly choked at that, staring at her for a moment before slowly telling her, "You should probably ask what it's like being a girl." At her blank look, I admitted, "This is the real me. I was born a guy..."

"No fucking way," Dana blurted out, staring at me in amazement.

I just nodded in embarrassment. "Lori turned me into a girl for a couple weeks as part of my training."

"Man," Dana exclaimed, seeming impressed, "What's it like...?" She gave me another careful look.

We talked for another minute, though it was still a bit awkward. Then I noticed Dana squirming uncomfortably. A moment later, I could smell it...the scent of lust in the air. She was getting horny. Real horny. I could feel her desire levels going up.

"Lori," I looked at her, knowing that she was responsible for this.

However, Lori just bent over and whispered in my ear, "A little lust can make a lot of problems disappear..."

Then louder, Lori stated, "I suppose I had better go run some errands and leave you two here to talk." And with that, she left the house, leaving me and Lori alone.

As I looked at a very horny Dana, I had to admit that I was feeling pretty horny myself. Then again, that was nothing new. However, I felt just a little if doing something to her right now might be taking advantage of her.

Before I had to think it through though, Dana exclaimed, "You are pretty cute." And with that, she curled up against me and gave me a kiss. I felt one of her hands sliding down the front of my pants. "Let's see how you are as a guy..."

Though I'd had sex on the couch...and on the coffee table countless times before, I thought that Dana might prefer the comfort of a bed. So with that, I led her up to my room and slowly undressed her. And then I began the slow but powerful effort of driving her mad with pleasure.

Once we were done, Dana lay down gasping for breath on the bed beside me, her eyes watering. "I can't believe it," she gasped, "I've never felt anything like that..."

"Glad you liked it," I told her.

"I can't believe I let you do me in the ass," Dana gasped as she turned over, wincing slightly, "I've never done that before...but it was kina nice..."

"Glad you liked it," I repeated with a grin.

Dana laughed at that, "Yeah, but I don't think I'll be able to sit down for a week."

"Lori has some lotions that can help with that," I told her, thinking that a spell would fix the discomfort as well. It had sure worked wonders for me after my first time getting anal.

"So this is your room," Dana said as she slowly got up and started to look around. "I was too busy to notice it earlier..." We both grinned at that.

"Not much," I admitted, "but it's mine." She nodded knowingly at that.

Then Dana stopped at a picture that I had hanging on the wall, asking "Who's this?" Her tone was not only curious, but a bit jealous as well. I glanced at it, seeing that it was a picture of me winning the amateur night contest at the strip club. "She's gorgeous..."

"Thanks," I responded, smiling a little in embarrassment. As Dana gave me a blank look, I continued, "That's me from a couple weeks ago..."

"No shit," Dana gasped in surprise, then looking at me suspiciously, as if half sure that I was messing with her. "But she's like...twenty something...

"Yeah," I grinned, "Lori's changed me into a few different people as part of my training." Then I admitted, "But I think that this," I tapped the picture, "was definitely one of my favorites."

"I don't blame you," Dana nodded, "You look hot." I think that she was a bit envious as well.

We talked for a few more minutes before I kissed her again and asked, "So...are we still friends?"

"Always," Dana grinned back at me, giving me a return kiss. "Except now, instead of just being my best friend, you can be my boyfriend too."

"That sounds good to me," I told her with a grin, though we didn't have time to continue talking about that as I had already started making my move on her breasts to start up another long...and pleasurable round of sex.


After Dana had discovered our secret and I had explained everything, she had taken it rather well. Even the part about all of the kinky sex that we'd been having in order to help me learn tantric magic. In fact, she'd even hinted that she wouldn't mind being involved in some of that as well...and I think that Lori was giving that some serious thought.

Though the incident with Dana caused a slight delay in my training for a day or so, it sure didn't mean that I had any less sex. However, it was almost all with Dana, which I think both amused Lori and made her a little jealous at the same time.

The next night however, training resumed. This time however, it wasn't sex that Lori was teaching me, but more about seduction. That seemed to be a new direction that she was putting a bit more effort into teaching me.

That night, I we went out clubbing, with me once again being in my 'standard' adult woman body. But instead of just dancing with men and driving them wild with desire, my mission was to take it a step further. I had to choose a man, then seduce him into taking me home that night so that I could fuck his brains out. It was supposed to help me not only with my ability to seduce men, but also help me further break any inhibitions about having sex with strangers.

Of course, finding a guy to take me home and have sex with me was surprisingly easy. He was a fairly handsome guy with a lot of pent up lust. I couldn't say much for his performance though, even with the techniques I used to keep him going a bit longer than normal.

The night after that was something of a repeat, though this time I went to the club in the form of a handsome adult man. And unfortunately, it was a little more difficult finding a woman that I could take home for a one night stand. It was frustrating, reminding me yet again what Lori had said about women getting more out of sex. But in the end, I did find a woman to go home with me.

Over the next few days, having Dana know our secret proved to be a blessing. I could finally open up to her, let her see who I really was. It really helped us grow closer as friends. And of course, the benefits to our sex were pretty impressive too.

At that moment, I was sitting back in the living room, watching porn on TV and playing with my nipples. I had said good-bye to Dana several hours later but was still in the same form that I had been when she'd left the house. The same form that I had been in after my morning session with Lori. I was a sexy woman, but with tits that were ridiculously huge. Hell, each of them felt as though they were the size of beach balls, though I knew that was something of an exaggeration...but not much.

"How much longer do I have to have these?" I asked Lori, grunting from the weight as I moved around. I silently thanked whomever invented the bra that I had been wearing since the change.

"Don't you like them?" Lori asked with mock innocence.

"They're actually kind of fun," I admitted, looking down at my massive mounds and thinking about the sex with Lori, and the curious Dana, "But they're kinda hard to move around with..."

Lori grinned at that, "They are a bit much...but I thought that you should experience them."

I nodded at that, remembering how she'd fucked me with tits that big herself just a couple weeks earlier...during my first week of training. Damn that had been fun, and one hell of a titty fuck.

"We have something special going on tonight," Lori told me, her expression going serious. "Do you want to be a man or a woman for it?"

I was somewhat startled at that because it was the first time that she'd actually asked me what I wanted to be. Normally, she just decided and that was it. I hesitated for just a moment as I thought about it, thinking that there were definitely some good things about being a guy and doing the fucking, but women definitely got a hell of a lot more pleasure out of it really wasn't any choice.

In no time at all, the changes had started up again and I looked down at myself in amazement as I watched my tits getting smaller. I didn't think that I'd ever get used to the sight of my body actually changing like that, no matter how many times it was done to me.

When the changes had actually ended, I was still a woman but my tits were a lot smaller than before. They were still large, maybe a DD cup or so, but still a lot smaller than my formerly monstrous mounds. I cupped them in my hands, smiling in satisfaction, deciding that I liked how they felt.

I quickly looked over my new body, finding that I was now a redhead, and pretty hot looking one at that. And this time, I now had a number of tattoos on my body, which made me grin in delight. I even ran my hands over them, thankful that I didn't actually have to go through the painful process of getting the winding dragon that covered most of my back or the dragon's tail that was wrapped all the way down my right leg. There was even a band of thorns around one of my biceps, and a small devil on my stomach.

"Wow," I gasped as I looked myself over, "This is awesome..."

Lori just smiled at that, looking fairly pleased herself. "Better get dressed," she told me, "We're going out." And then as if just thinking about it, "And make it a bit slutty..."

It took me forever to get dressed, at least compared to how long it normally took me as a guy. But eventually, I was wearing a slutty outfit, with my tits looking as though they were going to burst from my skimpy shirt, a miniskirt, fishnet stockings, and a pair of 5 inch stiletto heeled 'fuck me' pumps.

While I had been getting dressed up like that, Lori had done herself up as well. She was currently a rather buxom blonde, wearing a skintight black latex thing that left almost nothing to the imagination, though she had a nice V slit down the front which gave a good glimpse of her generous cleavage.

"Damn hot," I groaned at the sight of her, fighting back the urge to finger myself right there, or even jump her. Hell, I had to fight back those urges whenever I looked into the mirror as well.

Once we were sure that everything was ready, we took off for whatever mysterious destination that Lori had planned. I had to admit, I was burning up with curiosity...not to mention lust, though she still wouldn't say anything about it.

Eventually, we arrived at a large hotel and took the elevator up before pausing in front of some doors. Even from out there I could feel the sexual energy that was radiating from within. I looked at Lori curiously, though she just opened the doors so we could get inside.

"Oh shit," I whispered at the sight.

We were in a suite, but we were definitely not alone. There had to be a dozen or so men and women standing around, in various states of undress and even sex. It was obvious that we had walked in on the middle of an orgy.

"Don't drink too much," Lori gestured to the well-stocked bar in the corner, "And enjoy yourself."

With that, Lori greeted a woman like she was an old friend, giving her a passionate kiss before they moved off into a corner. I stood there for a minute, looking around and feeling a surge of mixed emotions. I was a bit nervous with so many strangers there at once, and strangers I was obviously supposed to be having sex with. But on the other hand, I was horny as hell...and there were a lot of people there to have sex with...

"Yo gorgeous," an athletic man wearing nothing but boxers announced as he came towards me, "I ain't never seen you around one of these things before..."

"I ain't never been to one here," I told him, giving him my best seductive smile, which was obviously working wonders considering the spike in his sexual energy level.

"So," he asked, "You interested in fucking?"

I nodded at that, licking my lips in anticipation, "Sure, just let me get a drink first..."

Still smiling, I strolled to the bar and poured myself a drink, well aware of more than a couple pairs of eyes on me. It was pretty obvious that I had a few potential partners for the night, and I couldn't help wondering how many of them I'd be able to get to. I thought about that for a moment as I took a drink, remembering Lori's cautions about not drinking too much.

"Now about that fuck...," I turned to the man who'd approached me.

With that, we proceeded to find a place for ourselves, while I started removing my clothes at the same time. I was definitely eager, and obviously so was he. A minute later, I had him under me as I rode him for all I was worth, determined to wear him...and anyone else out.

The sex with my first partner wasn't that great, but the numbers and variety around me more than made up for that. I went from person to person, sometimes fucking several of them at once. And at one point, I was even fucking 4 men and a woman at the same time.

We all continued throughout the night, though slowly one person after another would drop out in exhaustion, helped a large deal by Lori and myself. Eventually, only the two of us were left to continue with each other until even we reached our limits.

By the time morning came and all of the nameless men and women went their separate ways, I half felt as though I would never have the energy for sex again. But at the same time, I strongly suspected that I'd be ready again before dinner. In the end though, I didn't even make it till lunch...


It was two days since we had gone to the orgy and I still smiled as I thought about it, even while sitting at the dinner table. I had been done eating for a few minutes, but at the moment, I was flipping through the latest issue of Playboy, admiring the models and wondering both what it would be like to fuck them...and to be them.

Then I leaned back and finished off the wine that I'd had with my dinner. I paused and stared at the glass for a moment, smiling as I did so. It was still rather amazing just how much Lori had been treating me like an adult lately, even serving me alcohol though I was only 16. But then again, after the sex, how could she say I was too young for wine?

Of course, I no longer really felt like a kid either. After all of the sex that I'd had...after all that I'd experienced, how was that even possible? I'd spent more time with adults, being treated like an adult...actually BEING an adult to really be comfortable thinking of myself as a kid anymore...or even a teen. But at the same time, I knew that I wasn't really an adult yet. I hadn't even graduated high school. That left me trapped between both worlds....both teen and adult, yet neither.

"That's life," I muttered to myself.

Then I looked down at myself, frowning just slightly. At the moment, I was in my normal form...or at least my old male body. For some reason, I just didn't feel quite right without the comforting weight of a nice rack. I guess that I'd just gotten so used to being a chick that I just felt like something was missing when I was back to being a guy.

There were of course a number of benefits to being a guy again as well. For one, with my training, I could bring any woman to ecstasy. Like how I'd done with Dana a few hours earlier, after we'd spent the day at the park and had ended up going at it like rabbits in the bushes. Of course, she was pretty embarrassed to be doing it where we could be caught like that, but excited at the same time.

"Poor Dana," I mused with a smirk, suddenly remembering her reaction after I'd told her about the orgy.

She had been shocked, then titillated at the details. And though she said that she'd never be caught doing something like that, I think there was some envy there as well. And after all, just a month earlier I would have sworn that I'd never do anything like that either.

"Lust overcomes almost any inhibition," I mused to myself quietly, repeating one of Lori's favorite sayings. And from what I'd experienced first-hand, I had no doubt as to its accuracy.

Just then, Lori came back to the table, having left it right after eating. She smiled at me, then set down right on top of my Playboy. It was a book. And an old looking leather-bound one at that.

"What?" I gasped in surprise, recognizing one of the magic books from her library that she'd forbidden me from touching.

Lori smiled at me as she put one hand on my shoulder and the other on the book. "You've done well," she looked proud as she told me, "You've learned enough that I think you're ready for the next step. Now you can start learning how to do magic..."

"Magic...," I whispered, then grinned broadly in excitement. I'd been so caught up in all the excitement of sex that I'd almost forgotten all about my goal to learn magic. But with that single word, it all came rushing back in on me. "I'm gonna learn sorcery?" At Lori's nod, I laughed, "YES!"

"Of course," she cautioned me a bit more seriously, "you are not to try anything without my permission. We'll do this step by step." Then she paused for a moment, running a hand over the cover of the book, almost in a comforting way. "And don't expect to learn it all at once. It can take you several years to learn what I have to teach, and a lifetime to master all of the intricacies of sorcery."

I nodded at that, becoming equally serious myself. "I'll be careful and do my best," I promised.

With that, Lori sat down next to me and we began to talk. She explained that now that I had given myself over to sex...that I had become so saturated with sexual energy that I was now going to be able to actually manipulate it...and draw power from it. Apparently, I'd already started drawing a tiny bit from it unconsciously, using it to increase sexual arousal and stamina in myself and anyone I was fucking. That was definitely a great side effect of learning sorcery.

Then Lori told me a little about what I was going to be learning next, explaining that I was still going to be learning more about sex and especially seduction techniques. All of those would go in with the spells that I was slowly going to learn. And I could barely wait to get started.

"There is one other thing that I'd been meaning to talk to you about," Lori told me seriously after she was done with the overview.

"Yeah," I encouraged.

She simply said, "Dana."

I stared at her, suddenly afraid that she was going to tell me that she was going to have to erase Dana's memories to protect our secret...or something else. Or maybe that she'd must make me stop seeing Dana. And for some reason, that really bothered me.

I had become close to Dana...closer than I'd ever been to anyone before in my life, with the possible exception of Lori. We were best friends...and a hell of a lot more. And it wasn't just lust that I felt for her. I knew lust well enough and had no doubt that I cared for her a hell of a lot more deeply than that. If I didn't know better, I'd almost swear that it I was hesitant to use that word...but that had to be it.

But before I could demand an explanation, Lori continued, "I was thinking of taking her on as an apprentice too..."

That nearly made me choke and I could only stare at Lori for a moment. "You're kidding..."

She shook her head, then smiled gently, "Absolutely not. She's already demonstrated an...aptitude for sex. I think that she really has potential."

"That would be great," I exclaimed, throwing my arms around her in excitement.

"I might wait until you're a little further into your training before asking her," Lori told me, "But in the meantime, I thought about inviting her in on some of our sessions." Then she added, "If she's interested in a menage-e-trois that is."

I just grinned at Lori, remembering how she'd encouraged me to try new things. "I think we can convince her..."

After a few more minutes, Lori left me alone with the book. At first, I just looked down at it, gently running my own hand over the leather cover, excited as I thought about what I was soon going to be learning. Then I slowly glanced through the pages, seeing that they were mostly hand written and some in a language that I didn't even recognize.

However, as interesting as it was, my attention didn't remain on the book for very long. I looked down at myself, once again thinking about the lack of weight...and sensitivity from my chest. I let out a faint sigh, wondering if I should ask Lori to turn me back into a girl a little later

Then my thoughts suddenly shifted to school which was going to be starting up again soon. And I couldn't help wondering if maybe I could talk Lori into letting me go back in my girl form. I smiled at the idea, thinking that it would definitely be fun.

Of course, I knew that there would be a number of problems if I did go back as a girl. For one, my school records would still show me as being a guy. There might be problems if my mom ever showed up or tried checking up on me. And then, there was Dana. I didn't know whether she'd prefer having her boyfriend with her at school, or her best friend. With a sigh, I knew that I'd have to ask her what she thought before I mentioned it to Lori, though it was still a serious thought.

With a shrug, I pushed that thought out of my mind for the moment and turned my attention back to the book...or at least what the book symbolized. Magic. Magic and the new life that I had dedicated myself to, ever since my birthday wish. It seemed so long ago...

"She was right," I whispered, thinking about what Lori had said that day. That I didn't know what it was that I was asking for.

When I'd made my wish to learn become Aunt Lorellei's apprentice, I had absolutely no idea what that truly meant. But I learned. That single birthday request had completely changed my relationship with Lori. It had forever altered my view of the world. It had given me Dana...and it had given me a life of pleasure, excitement and endless possibilities.

And with a broad grin, I opened the book and thought about becoming Lori's apprentice, then announced, "I wouldn't change it for anything."


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