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WARNING: This illustrated story (aka comic) contains violence against a transgendered person, including an attempted rape. That's why I rated this story 'Mature Subject' rather than 'General Audiences'. While the main character isn't just a helpless victim, this story definitely has some scenes some might have difficulty reading, especially if they've been the victim of violence. While this story doesn't end as badly as it could, it's pretty far from the disney-esque ending I usually write today.

I created this illustrated story a number of years ago when I had recently moved to a new area and heard about transgendered people being stalked there and about some other things that had been happening to them. It was a time when I realized bad things didn't happen in other places to other people. It could happen where I live. It could happen to me.

That's why I created this story.

Story, art, and characters copyright 1999-2007 by Heather Rose Brown

Espisode 1
Espisode 2

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