Allie Sequel 2: No Outlet

No Outlet
By Paul Calhoun

Commission by bunnyman

Mark sees something sexy but confining. Connor bets he can't stay in it for two hours. Sexiness ensues.

“Mind if I borrow Allie for the day?” Mark asked.

“Going anywhere in particular?” Connor replied.

“I thought I’d just walk around and see if something came up.”

“You’re going to the pool changing rooms, aren’t you?”

“Maybe. Depends on how I feel.”

“The only thing coming or up in that case will be you. “ Connor pulled Allie out of the closet and laid her on the bed. “Be careful.”

“Haven’t I been in total control so far?” Mark asked. “Have some faith. I may go to the pool or I might just hang out. Maybe I’ll go to a club or something and see if anyone picks me up in a nice way.”

“Just as long as it’s nowhere near here.”

“Of course.” Mark was in the closet now, rooting around. “I’d better have my outfit picked out first or you might jump me.” He said.

“Ha ha, Mark.”

“Hey, what’s this?” Mark emerged with a hanger and a box. The hanger clips were holding a leather item and draped over it were a pair of leather elbow gloves and a long black wig. In the box were a pair of spike-heeled pumps and a pair of rolled up sheer stockings. “Looks like an ensemble already put together,” Mark said. He unclipped the hanger. The article showed itself to be a black corset with a low back, attached gusset and cups that looked like they’d barely hold or cover Allie’s boobs. There was a small black bow between the cups. The boning was obvious but there were no laces, just a tiny metal circle in the back and a small brass key that looked like it belonged with a clock taped beneath it.

“You don’t intend to put that on, do you?” Connor asked, appalled. “For one thing, you’d look ridiculous walking the streets in that, and for another, I doubt you could even make it out the door. That one part looks deadly, and with the gloves and shoes, you’d probably asphyxiate, fall over and not be able to get a grip on anything on your way down.

“It doesn’t look much more restrictive than Allie herself,” Mark replied. “Our girl is pretty trim.”

“Not Jessica Rabbit trim,” Connor said.

“Bet you fifty bucks I can wear that for two hours without passing out.” Mark said.


“Easiest money I ever made,” Mark replied. “Come on, let’s get me into Allie.”

When Mark was properly girled up, Allie pulled her hair back and slipped the wig on. She put her fist on her hip and pouted. “Do I look exotic?”

“Let’s get everything else on first,” Connor said. “We don’t want to mess up your style.”

Allie took the wig off and they attacked the corset. The twists, turns, bounces and wiggles that Allie did gave both boys erections but did not get Allie very far into it from the top. They then undid the gusset and pulled it over her head. It stuck halfway down and eventually Connor ended up between Allie’s legs with her holding on to the door frame as he heaved on it. “Enjoying the view?” She asked, looking over her shoulder and fixing Connor with a sultry look.

“Ask me that when this thing is on.” Connor finally slid it down so that it looked to be in the right place.

“Let’s leave it open for now, just in case you feel the uncontrollable urge to ravish me once I’m fully dressed,” Allie giggled.

Connor firmly latched the gusset shut and picked up a glove. These were indeed slippery inside and out as they were lined with satin, which made it a little easier to get them on at first. With a lot of tugging in which Connor ended up quite happily with his face stuck in Allie’s heaving cleavage both times, they got those on as well. Allie was already posing in the mirror as Connor went for the stockings. “I look pretty good in this,” she said. She turned to look at her side. “It covers everything and reveals it as well.” She rubbed her flank. “Sideboob and sidebottom aplenty here.” She rubbed herself some more. “These gloves feel great. No wonder Donald wanted more.” She sat while Connor rolled the stockings up her legs. They were elastic topped and the corset had no garter clips. She rubbed her legs together and sighed. “I’d forgotten how good these felt.” She slipped her feet into the pumps and crossed her legs. “See? Look how sexy this is!”

Connor didn’t reply. He just turned her around and helped apply some dramatic evening makeup. “We might as well go all the way,” they agreed. He let Allie adjust the wig to her satisfaction as he inserted the key into her back. He gave it a half turn and Allie gasped. “All right?”

“Yeah,” Allie said, taking a deep breath which already consisted more of cleavage and bosom movement than belly motion. “It just pinches.”

Connor turned the key another half turn. Allie grabbed the table and held on, but didn’t speak. Connor twisted it all the way around and Allie gasped and grunted. “Still going for it?”

“Yeah, just finish already,” Allie said, her voice mostly Mark as she grated the words out.

Connor had to turn the key two and a quarter times more — barely able to move it by the time he was done - before there was an audible click and Connor could release the key without it trying to turn back. Allie was bent with her head resting on the table and her eyes closed. “Still awake?”

Allie straightened up, “Just about.” She turned the chair around and looked in the mirror. “The things we girls do to look good.” She smiled bravely and crossed her legs again. She knocked on the front of the corset. “This thing’s as hard as a rock.” She rubbed her sides, “and about as comfortable as being squeezed by a giant.” She toyed with her new hair, “ummm. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I think you’d better let me out.”

“Now, a bet’s a bet.” Connor said. “It’s barely been a minute since you got into that. Besides, I’m starting to think of it as the best fifty bucks I ever spent.” He laughed. “I’m kind of turned on right now. You’re really sexy, vulnerable, desperate and hilariously stuck in that thing.”

Allie’s voice turned deep and husky and she looked at Connor through lowered lashes. “Well, if that’s how you feel, maybe you should have some fun with me.”

“I am already.”

Allie stamped her foot. “Listen, Connor! I feel lightheaded right now! Or do you get off on the idea that when I’ve passed out you can do what you like with me.” Mark hit closer to the truth than Connor liked, but he didn’t show it. Allie rubbed her crotch. “Even this bit is squeezing me, getting the last tenth inch of leg out that it can create. If you have sex with me, at least I’ll be free of that tiny portion of it.” She tried to get up, but her gloved hands slid off the back of the chair and she landed with a thump back on the seat. “Now I’m stuck in this chair too! I can’t even seduce you.” She whimpered. “Stuck stuck stuck.”

“Here,” Connor said, feeling bad for her. “Let me help you up at least.” He managed to keep his grip on her slippery hands, but when she tried to balance on the skyscraper heels, she fell forward and knocked him down, landing on top of him on the bed.

She rubbed his chest. “While we’re down here, maybe…”

“No. Let’s get up properly.” He slid out from under Allie and helped her up, though the only way she stayed up was with his arms around her.

“Mmmm,” she mumbled. “Now we’re talking.”

“I’m not having sex with you and I’m not letting you out.” Connor said.

“Fine!” Allie cried. “Then let’s at least go downstairs where I can take my mind off of this with TV or a game or something.” She twisted around and pressed her heavily supported bosom against Connor’s chest. “But you’re going to have to carry me down.”

“All right,” Connor scooped Allie up and held her with one hand on her buttocks and the other behind her back with her body draped over his arms.

“I didn’t really mean it!” But Connor paid her no notice and carried her squealing down the stairs. He settled her gently on the sofa and sat beside her with his arm around her shoulder. “Nice and cozy.”

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Allie asked, crossing her arms and uncomfortably aware of how far out her boobs now stuck as she tried to get her arms across them. “Having me as a sexy doll who can’t get around by herself.”

“Maybe,” Connor grinned. “Care for a bit of TV?”

As they watched, Connor became aware of Allie leaning on him. When he turned, he found she had fallen asleep and was nestled into his shoulder. He let her stay that way for awhile but when he shifted, she opened her eyes. “How much longer?” She murmured.

“About an hour,” Connor said.

“All right,” she kissed him gently on the lips and curled up with her head on his lap. Connor was really feeling like he was taking advantage now. His friend was obviously suffering from some kind of oxygen starvation. At that point Bruce walked in. “Is that Mark,” he whispered.

“Yeah,” Connor said quietly. “He wanted to try this stuff on and I bet him he couldn’t last very long in it.”

Bruce stroked Allie’s hair. “She looks so vulnerable like this.” He kissed her on the forehead and left.

Allie stirred again and sat up, yawning. “How long?”

“Forty-five minutes.”

“Man!” She rubbed her sides. “Just let me out of this thing, will you? Keep the money, just open the suit.”

“Nothing doing,” Connor said. “Not until the two hours are up.”

Allie got up, finally able to balance on the heels, though she still swayed from side to side. “Isn’t there anything that I can convince you with,” she breathed, leaning over with her hands on Connor’s legs and her face up against his.

“Not that I can think of.”

“Are you sure?” She said, taking a few mincing steps and shooting him a smoldering look.

“That hasn’t worked yet,” Connor observed.

“Yeah, but it’s all I’ve got.”

“Think of it as payback for that Halloween night when you got us in over our heads. Or like that time we were stuck in the pony costume. Is it really much worse than that?”

“Yes.” Allie said. “I’m going to go get a drink.” She left, her butt wiggling back and forth involuntarily.

Connor leaned back and closed his eyes. He was disturbed by a weight on his body and tickling on his face. He opened his eyes to find his view blocked by twin mounds of flesh and a curtain of black. Allie was on top of him. “This is getting really repetitive,” he said.

“You look fantastic!” Someone said from behind them.

Allie looked up. “Donald!” She squealed and she launched herself at him. Donald was totally unprepared for the horny, oxygen deprived girl wrapping her arms around him and planting a big kiss his lips. A kiss which continued and Donald couldn’t break. Allie had her tongue almost down his throat and was gyrating against him.
“Nice outfit,” he gasped when she let him go for a moment.
“Like it?” Allie turned to give Donald a full view. “Connor’s making me wear it because I bet him I could manage in it. Care to distract me from this annoying contraption.” She rubbed between her legs. “I can’t grasp it, but the gusset undoes.”
“Connor?” Donald asked.
Connor shrugged. “I have no problem. If you’re looking for help, though, I’m neutral here. Get her off you if you can.”
Allie was already pawing at Donald’s clothes, but couldn’t move them with her slick fingers. “Please. I’m hot, I ache and this thing really pinches. I need a distraction.”
“Well, I’m not sure.”
Allie opted to just keep kissing him until he gave way. “Aren’t I sexy?” She said in a kitten voice.
“Very,” Donald said. “I wish I’d seen that outfit first.”
“Well, if you want, I can put on something nice and sexy on top of this.” She said, realizing she needed to play more on Donald’s weaknesses. “Maybe that velvet dress. It has an adjustable bodice.”
Donald was carrying Allie up the stairs in no time and Connor heard a lot of giggling and laughing from his room. When there was only fifteen minutes to go, Connor went up to check on them.
Donald had put Allie in the velvet dress he’d bought for his Allie version and had pulled the laces so that it clung to her newly created wasp figure. At first Connor didn’t see him, but then Allie moaned happily and Connor saw some rustling in her skirts. The fullness of them hid almost anything beneath, including a horny effeminate teenage boy priming the pump of a somewhat older girl with an impossible figure. Allie didn’t see Connor because her eyes were closed to happy slits from Donald’s ministrations. There was some movement under the fluff again and Allie fell backwards at the same time as she seemed drown in silk, lace and chiffon as Donald pushed the skirt over her body and lined himself up between her legs. That was when he saw Connor. “Echem.”

“Sorry, old chap, but we’re almost done and I’m sure Allie would love to be out of that as quickly as possible.”

Allie leaned over, though she could hardly bend with the stiff boning of the corset holding her. “Aww. You always stop me as soon as things get fun.”

Connor shooed Donald out of the room and gently rebuckled Allie’s gusset. “Ten minutes to go.”

“He could have finished up in ten minutes!” Allie sat up and pushed her skirts down, pouting. “I don’t suppose you’ll be willing to finish what he started.”

Connor patted Allie’s leg. “Sorry.”

“In that case, you’d better get me out of this thing.” Allie got up and presented her back to Connor. “I only put it on to get Donald going.”

Connor slid the dress off of Allie, leaving her back in the corset, gloves, stockings and pumps. Allie took a deep breath. “Whew. Now that I’ve stopped, my head doesn’t feel too good. See what you did!” She kicked Connor and then fell down. “I hate this thing!”

Connor helped her up and stuck the key in her back. “Let’s get you out of it, then.” He turned it a little and the mechanism clicked. The key slipped out of Connor’s hand and spun five times before flying away and embedding itself in the wall. Allie sagged and let out a deep breath. “Wow, that feels just divine.” She sank back on to the bed and lay down with her eyes closed. “I think I’ll just stay like this for awhile. I’m too beat to get out of it.”

“Not too long or my parents will get home.”

“So?” Allie smiled wickedly but didn’t open her eyes. “Just a babysitter visiting an old client. In a corset and heels. Nothing wrong with that picture.” Allie fell asleep, her black hair pooled around her head and shoulders. Connor tiptoed out and found Donald sitting in the hallway. “Sorry I disturbed you.”

“I think it was for the best. Mark wasn’t exactly himself, was he?”

“No, but I think you helped him. He’ll be find with some rest.”

“You can do something for me if you want to feel better.” Donald said, looking at Connor earnestly.

“What?” Connor said, feeling oddly wary of this expression.

“Trap me in Allie. Stick me in and make it so I can’t get out until you want me to get out.”


“It’s not too much to ask, is it? Just zip it up, put some sort of blockage on the zip and refuse to take it off until you feel like it or I do something for you.”

“I never had you pegged that way.”

“Well, I really want Alan to do it, but I don’t think he would. He’s just as much of a pushover as I am and it wouldn’t take nearly enough to convince him.”

“No, but maybe you should ask anyway. At worst you’ll have a mediocre time of it. At best, you’ll have some interesting fun.”

“You think?”

“Given what we’ve all done so far, it doesn’t hurt to ask.”

“Speaking of which,” Allie said, standing over them. “What do I have to do to get some help getting the rest of this gear off?” She extended a stockinged leg and leaned on the doorframe. “I hope it’s more than just ask.”

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