Little Known TV Crime Dramas

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Little Known TV Crime Dramas

Television Programmes from the United States and the United Kingdom that were destined to be favourites but for that one pesky little detail. TV doesn't always mean television, aye?

In the past fifty or so years, crime drama has been a very popular genre' for television programming. Particular attention should be paid to the sub-genre of transgendered detectives, police officers, Inspectors and generally all-around dicks without dicks. Here are a few shows that gained a modicum of popularity when they first graced the small screen.


A spinoff of the popular NBC Mystery Movie, McMillan as Wife is the story of the former police commissioner of San Francisco who retires in favor of keeping house after settling down as a post-op domestic engineer.


Fun ensued on BBC2 for a single season in this latest take on Conan-Doyle's detective. Holmes discovers the joys of chastity and servitude en femme to Professor Moriarty's sister Mavis.


You may remember this programme from the early 2000's; although if you blinked you might have missed it. Crime scene investigations occur all over the world, but none as fabulous as the runways of Milan, si?


This show, a revival of a popular programme from the early 70's, changed the face of television with a drama about three transgendered mathematicians who solved crimes by use of logic and geometry.


Yet another spinoff of the popular NBC crime drama franchise, Law and Dora portrayed the struggles of an newcomer in the undercover operations in a Manhattan vice squad. Richard Belzer made yet another appearance as the iconic Detective John Munsch; this time as Dora's supervisor and ex-boyfriend.


A new take on a very popular crime drama from the UK, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Book Two picks up as Tommy has gone solo after Havers quits the department to open an antique store in Birmingham. Tommy changes his name to Tammy and picks up right where he....she left off.


This show lasted only four episodes before it was cancelled; most blamed the cancellation on the lack of advertisement, but it did enjoy a rejuvenation of sorts on the net. From 2009, this program portrayed the adventures of Jessica Fletcher's grandson Timmy; erstwhile detective and pre-operative trannsexual maven of the internet.


In the 90's, Crockett and Tubbs go undercover as owners of a florist's shoppe and drug distribution center. After the 'sting' was completed, both detectives discovered that they enjoyed being 'special' girls, to use an absolutely hackneyed phrase.


Not as popular as another similarly titled mystery programme, Parsley and Sage portrayed the adventures of Parsley Smith-Jones, a genetic girl from Bristol, and Sage Crocetti, her former boy friend and the girl of her dreams and their gardening and sleuthing in Sussex. The show lasted all of three episodes when it was discovered that they had been portraying tomatoes as vegetables, when everyone knows that tomatoes are actually fruit...fruits....oh you get what I mean.


Last in a long line of adaptations from the popular Earle Stanley Garner series, Gerri Mason was known most notably for Gerri's posturing before the court and the camera while making silly remarks about her briefs.

and finally...


Based in 1920's Asbury Park, New Jersey, this show, from HBO, portrayed the undercover work of Sgt. Andy Petrocelli. No one had the heart to tell him that he wasn't really required to go femme for the undercover operation, but as he was thrilled to be a flapper anyway, no harm, and certainly no foul.

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