I, Vera

I , Vera
By Paul Calhoun

A pair of engineers with a prototype hollow female robot covered in a sexy secretary skin hear the boss coming. By the time the night of over, they'll have heard him come in several different places.

With a light clicking of heels on tile, Vera walked into Harry’s lab. With her coiffed brown hair, dark hose, white blouse and black pencil skirt, Vera was the perfect picture of an executive secretary. “Hello, Harry,” she said.

“Good morning, Vera.” He replied.

Vera minced over to a clear table and sat down on it, crossing her legs and putting a clipboard in her lap. “Now, your appointments today are a staff meeting at two, a face-to-face with the boss at three and —“ she looked up and nibbled on the pen, “- a blow job from me at four. According to my calendar, you may be getting more than that if your performance is good.”

Harry rubbed her nylon covered leg. “And how can I be sure I’m performing well?” He said, moving to bite her neck.

“I can do an appraisal right now. Your schedule is clear for the next hour.”

“Sounds good,” Harry murmured, moving up to kiss her. When their lips met, Vera went completely stiff and stared out into the distance.

“So, Harry,” a male voice asked with Vera’s sexual undertones, “how was that?” A young, lightly built engineer walked in, still wearing the robot’s control harness, a purple lycra bodysuit overlayed with an array of electrodes, monitors and wires which were stuck down flush to the bodysuit.

“Brilliant. Absolutely amazing,” Harry said to Greg. “She looked good, sounded good and even moved and felt like a naughty secretary. We’re going to make a fortune on these.”

“Let’s just hope we can convince old sourpuss,” their nickname for the owner of the company. He was under fifty, but was a very conservative businessman who never liked to risk the company’s image. They’d tried pitching the hollow robot as an industrial tool, but it was too light for that. Then they’d developed these skins for them and tried the tact that they’d be good as the sort of robotic avatars they had in movies. Still no dice; the boss didn’t want people using them for things like sex, which was exactly their biggest market. The company always retained majority share in all patents, so there wasn’t much the two of them could do. Especially after their second pitch had resulted in Mr. Kingsley reassigning Greg to another department.

The phone rang and Harry’s face went white. “It’s Kingsley! He’s on his way up,” he said when he put the receiver down.

“Damn! He’ll fire both of us if he catches me in here with her!”

“There’s only one elevator and he’ll be in it by now.” Harry said.

“Stall him. I have an idea.” Greg said. Harry knew exactly what Greg was thinking as he picked up Vera and dragged her into the small bathroom attached to the lab.
He didn’t have enough time to argue and no better idea, so he composed himself and opened the door when Kingsley arrived. “Hello, sir. What can I help you with?”

“Just passing through.” Kingsley said. “You know how I like to check on everyone every so often. So, what are you working on here?”
Harry explained about his current low voltage power supply project, all the while aware of the occasional bumps and rustles coming from the bathroom. When he was done, Kingsley said, “Fascinating. Would you mind if I used your bathroom?”

“Of course not ,sir, but there’s someone in there already.”
Kingsley’s expression darkened. “Not that no-good filthy punk you used to work with, I hope. You were so respectable until you partnered with him. I make it a policy not to enquire into what my employees do in their off hours, but if he’s been around here trying to get you into another of his sordid schemes…”
“No, sir! No, it’s my sister. She’s in town this week and I wanted to show her where I worked. She’ll be out soon.”
Kingsley went over to the door and knocked.
This project had given Greg plenty of experience with women’s clothes, which was why he’d stripped the robot and had its skin off by the time Kingsley knocked. He was still wearing the control gear, so all he had to do was turn it on and call, “I’ll be right out,” in Vera’s voice. It wouldn’t hold Kingsley forever, but it might get him enough time to hide in plain sight.
The best way to teach robots natural movement was to move them and then have them mimic the movement just produced. Thus the two engineers had the idea of producing a hollow one that opened up. A series of horizontal lines crossed the robot at regular intervals with a vertical line down the head and back, each leg and each arm, creating paired panels about an inch tall which locked together. For small maintenance, a pair of panels could be opened and work done. When the robot was put in teaching mode, all the panels sprang open at once. This is what Greg ordered it to do now.

Greg stood the robot up and stepped into it. For reasons of safety, each panel pair closed separately and in series. Greg was fine for the first couple of inches, but then had to bend down and push to get them to close. He’d taught the first, somewhat larger, robot himself. When the time came for a female version, he’d gotten several of the ladies from around the building to take turns being bundled in and spending an hour or so doing different things so the robot could get a general female template to work off of. Its current program had been heavier on one particular woman who was an office flirt and made the best model for the ‘naughty secretary’ simulation. Their voices had also been blended together to form a gestalt voice for Vera.

The knock came again as Greg was pushing with all his strength on his mid-back, barely able to twist far enough in the robotic body which was not yet fully reactivated as so much of it was still open. It hadn’t been meant for a man and certainly not to be entered alone. “Just a minute!” Vera called again. With a loud click, that panel closed and the rest went with only a little bit of shifting from Greg. His gut was being pushed in by the unyielding plastic-ceramic of the robot, padded slightly on the inside for the comfort of the user, not to mention his trapped manhood and compressed arms and legs. Back together, it reacted again to the control harness.

Most of the body was featureless, though it had shaped actuators and effectors on the face and a few other areas as well as sensors to tell when the robot was being touched in various places and to transmit that feeling to the operator. It wasn’t super sensitive, but it got the required result. Greg didn’t need the artificial orifices — mouth, nostrils and so on - and they fell out when his took their place. It was also slick and though that made it easier to get the skin on, it made it harder for Greg to get the skin over the robot’s outer shell with the slippery fingers. He finally got one arm into the skin’s and used that to awkwardly slide the other arm in and wriggle into the rest of the skin. It sealed in back with a small quantity of pressure and would only split again with a specific pressure placed on the back of the neck. Greg moved to throw the long brown hair out of his face and was taken by surprise when the robot made a slightly different motion which reflected in the mirror as a playful toss of the head. The flirt program was still active!

There was no time to change that, but Greg did enjoy the sight of Vera putting her clothes back on in a slightly more provocative way than anything Greg intended. The algorithms were very good and he started to get the hang of making a motion and then letting the robot guide him into a feminine mirror of what he was trying to do. Now the robot was teaching him. Greg allowed a small amount of the lace bra show above the blouse and put her hair back into its secretarial bun before opening the door. “I’m so sorry. I had a little trouble. Oh, hello.” She said to Kingsley, giving him a quick look up and down before smiling and holding out a manicured hand. “I’m Vera.”

Kingsley took her hand in his and raised it to his lips. “Frank.”

“Mr. Kingsley owns the company.” Harry added.

“Yes, and I must say that I wish all my employees had such charming relatives,” he said, still lightly grasping Vera’s fingertips.

Vera placed her other hand on her chest. “Why thank you!”

“I would hate to intrude on family time, but might you be free tonight for dinner?”

“I don’t know…” Greg hadn’t expected the boss to fall for Vera like that. He was in way over his head and cast a pleading glance to Harry.

Harry stepped in. “Well, sis, we can always tour the winery tomorrow. I’m sure you and Mr. Kingsley will have a great time.”

“Your brother’s address is on file. I’ll pick you up at seven.” Kingsley kissed Vera’s hand again, smiled at her and departed.

“What was that about, you asshole?” Greg snarled, though Vera’s voice, body and automated mannerisms disarmed the threatening nature of his glare.

“Getting both our projects a boost.” Harry replied. “If you make a good impression on the boss tonight, he might look at both of us with a bit more favor.”

“Screw that! I’m not dating Kingsley just to get you in with him. Why can’t you put this on and do it?”

“I won’t fit, silly. Besides, won’t it look weird if I’m not home to greet him?”

“What about the other girls? The ones who we used as templates for Vera.” Greg was grasping at straws and Vera sounded like she was wheedling.

Harry shook his head. “Too much of a risk for them. Besides, it’s one thing for you to cozy up to him in disguise and a whole ‘nother for them to do it. I wouldn’t as a real lady to do that for me.”

Vera huffed. “I’m plenty lady for this.” She hopped daintily up onto the desk and crossed her legs like she had when Greg was outside of her. She leaned down and their noses almost touched. “Aren’t I, stud?” She breathed.

“Yes, so you’ll do it?”

“Fine. But he’d better take me somewhere nice and give me presents!” Vera scolded.

“I’m sure you’ll be the pampered princess of the night.”

“Good, and to start the pampering ,you’re helping me find something to wear. I can hardly go on a date in this,” she gestured to their fantasy secretary uniform. “I want something that actually fits my boobs rather that makes it look like they’re going to burst out. Oh, and I’ll need makeup and a purse and —“

“I guess we’ll both be taking the rest of the day off,” Harry sighed. “Come on. Let’s go get you all prettied up for the boss.”

Harry and Vera spent the rest of the day at various stores picking out what Vera was going to wear that night. Greg had never seemed the choosy type, but Vera was adamant about trying on everything that looked remotely good on her and quite a lot did. When they got to Harry’s place, Harry found himself kicked out of his bedroom while Vera got herself ready. “It’s not seemly, a brother seeing his sister naked.” Vera said. When she emerged, Harry was sure that Kingsley would increase his budget. She was wearing a cocktail dress, dramatic makeup and black high heeled pumps. What made the whole outfit really work was that she’d stopped off at a salon and had her hair teased out and put up so that it rose and then fell in loose curls down her back. “So, bro, how do I look?” She asked, turning around for him.

“I wish I had a sister that hot.” Harry said.

“Oh, that’s so sweet. I think. Well, you don’t, so that’s even better because it won’t be incestuous when I practice this on you.” She leaned over and forced her tongue between his lips. He was so surprised that he reacted as if it wasn’t his coworker in a robotic female disguise and wrapped his arms around her. “Not the hair,” she said, firmly moving his hands down her back to her butt. “That’s better.” She purred. She wrapped her legs around his torso and forced him to cup her rear to keep her from falling down. “Now, isn’t it a shame that Kingsley’s getting this rather than you?” She asked sweetly, disengaging and checking her hair and dress to make sure they hadn’t been messed up.

“That’s one hell of a practice run.”

“You haven’t seen the half of it and since you’ve gotten me into this mess, you’re not going to.” Vera replied, still sugary sweet. “No, all this is for the sugar daddy you hooked me up with.” The doorbell rang. “And there he is. Don’t wait up, bro.”

“And don’t cash a check your fanny can’t handle, sis.”

Vera waved a single finger behind her and opened the door, a happy smile ready for Kingsley, who waved to Harry before taking Vera’s hand and departing. As Harry watched Vera’s departing back — not being able to help staring at her body — he wondered who was screwing whom.

Greg was still very uncomfortable squeezed into the hard robotic shell overlayed with soft silicone filled skin and feminine clothing. Not that he was about to admit that to Harry. He’d played around with using the robot to act out their various fantasies and in a way he felt like he was still at it. Playing the defiant but dominated woman whose only weapon was sex appeal and whether someone got any. Greg knew that Harry would spend the rest of the night wondering what he was doing with Kingsley. Maybe if Vera had a good time, she’d reward Harry. Of course, he’d have to make it up to her by making his reward all about her. Harry had never been willing to let their female avatar tie him up or put him in silly costumes. Well, if he wanted any more from her, he was going to have to swallow his pride just like Greg was swallowing his to go on a date as Vera and there was no telling what Vera was going to have to swallow by the end of the night.

On the other hand, he’d gotten used to playing around with men from the simulations and the feeling of the air on her pantyhose and the swirl of an expensive dress made the arm around her middle seem right. When Kingsley held the door for her, she even remembered to flick her skirt so that she sat down like a proper lady. Or maybe it was the robot, Vera didn’t care. It just meant she could pay attention to her date and let the algorithms and servos take care of making her look like she had the correct feminine movements. The hip swing it had forced on him was having an effect on his trapped hard-on, relaxing him whether he liked it or not.

“So, what do you do?” Kingsley asked.

“Me?” Vera squeaked. “Oh, um,” her voice gained a bit of the confidence she’d shown Harry. “I’m an admin assistant for a small company in Ricksburg. Nothing big, but I like it.”

“Really?” Kingsley sounded genuinely interested. “Well, I’m in the market for a new assistant. I can make it worth your while to move.” He rested his hand on Vera’s knee.

Her first instinct was to gently push it off, but Harry was counting on her and Greg was thinking that he might be able to get a bit out of it himself if he played Kingsley right. Vera put both hands on Kingsley’s and squeezed. “I do pretty well even if it’s a small place.” She said, trying to get the right degree of doubt into her voice. As if a company loyalty was being tested by a nice offer from a handsome man.

“Why don’t you wait on your answer until later tonight,” Kingsley replied. He pulled up in front of a marquee and opened the door for Vera.
She looked up and barely had to manufacture a gasp of surprise and delight. “How did you get a reservation here so quickly?”
“I know the owner very well,” Kingsely responded. He offered his arm. “Shall we?” Vera wrapped hers around him and walked as close beside him as she could. She was looking forward to this meal a lot more. If only her plastic form underneath would let her eat it.
Before she knew it, Kingsley had gently pushed a seat under her and ordered. She barely had a chance to thank him when the wine arrived. She took a careful sip. “This is very good.” Greg had no idea whether wine was good or not.
“I’m glad to hear it,” Kingsley took a slightly larger drink from his glass. “Yes. It’s a good vintage indeed.” Vera could tell that his gaze was switching back and forth from her face to the large amount of cleavage her dress left visible. She leaned forward slightly, giving him a better view. “So what’s it like being a rich industrialist?”
“Well, for one thing, bathing in gold coins is a lot more painful than Scrooge McDuck makes it look like. I know from experience!”
Vera laughed and to her surprise found that she’d been genuinely amused. Greg was normally a beer drinker and as Vera took larger and larger drinks, she wondered why everyone talked about getting drunk from wine. She was having no problem at all and was already refilling her glass! She did miss the first time Kingsley went for a toast, but that was more to do with the sudden pang of pain from her belly after eating more than she should have than from the drink. The conversation was going great and she was finding it so easy to make up an whole new life for herself, but that pain made her wonder if she should relieve herself. “Excuse me,” she said, getting up.
Greg’s first trip into a ladies’ bathroom was a little surreal. He hadn’t been ready for the antechamber before the real toilet area, but Vera took the opportunity to sink into the plush sofa and look at herself in the mirror. A beautiful brown haired woman in a cocktail dress looked back. Nothing wrong with that reflection, she thought. Getting back up, she made her way to a stall and only later wished she’d made a better urethral opening back when she was a man. Her return to the table was accompanied by a much wider swaying of her hips than before, the result of the robot correcting her slightly tipsy lack of balance into the closest analogue it had stored. She leaned over with her hands on the back of the chair and asked, “Missed me?”
To Kingsley, his date looked like she was hot and ready to come home with him right then and the bill was paid despite her protestations at wanting dessert. She didn’t protest, however, when Kingsley suggested she join him for coffee at his penthouse. It sounded like a way better night than going home to his own messy apartment and she wasn’t in the mood to try to start on making Harry into her fantasy slave. She allowed herself to be helped to her feet by Kingsley and clung to him all the way to the car. She thought about resting her hand on his crotch while he drove, but she decided she wasn’t that kind of girl.

Though the robot made things a lot easier, Vera’s legs and feet still hurt when she got out of the car. It was a fight against the machine, but Vera contrived to stumble and just as she’d hoped, Kingsley not only caught her, but swept her up in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and snuggled into his chest. “Thank you.”

“Any man would have done the same,” Kingsley said.

There was a fire already in the hearth in his penthouse living room and he set her gently down on an arm chair before going to get the coffee. Vera was feeling sleepy and comfortable and pulled her legs up under her. She might have fallen asleep there if Kingsley hadn’t come back quickly with the coffee. “Mmm. This is good too.” She said. Coffee she knew and it was very good.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” They sipped their coffee in silence. Kingsley never took his eyes off of Vera and Vera was starting to feel flattered that someone who could obviously have picked anyone he wanted was paying so much attention to her. It was getting harder and harder to think of herself as the engineer in a robot suit. When Kingsley said, “You’re so beautiful. I just don’t know how to ask if — “ she gracefully rose, walked over to his chair, sat in his lap and kissed him. After that, it wasn’t hard for either of them to tell what the other wanted and soon Vera was shivering in anticipation as Kingsley slowly unzipped her dress and slid it off of her. She’d never had sex with a man, but knew what they wanted. Kingsley did not seem in any way disappointed and the feeling of penetration and having Kingsley massaging her breasts was a completely new experience for Greg, who showed his appreciation by taking Kingsley in Vera’s mouth when he seemed to be slowing down. Of course, while Vera was turned around, Kingsley proved himself the gentleman by using his own tongue to good effect. He seemed fascinated by her nether regions for some reason.

Vera was laying with her head pillowed on Kingsley’s chest when the executive smiled, exhaled and said, “Well done, Greg. You really did pull it off marvelously.”

Vera’s head shot up and she almost fell out of the bed. Getting up, she backed away slowly. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re so cute when you’re terrified. Still, I can’t have you bolting, especially not when you haven’t got a stitch on you.” Kingsley reached under the bed and withdrew a large box covered in knobs and buttons. “Come here.” He manipulated the controls.

The robot stiffened as if turned off and then walked Greg slowly back to the bed. With a few more button pushes, she was seated on the end of the bed. All of the euphoria was draining away now and Greg seemed to see the room for the first time.

Kingsley stroked Vera’s hair. He turned her around and set the controls to put Vera’s legs around him in a jerking movement that left a lot of room and her arms around his shoulders, her elbows out at an awkward angle. He leaned in, fixed the controls to have her mouth open and kissed her. Greg could still use his tongue and decided to play along and see where this was going. Kingsley broke the kiss and set Vera back down in a sitting position on the bed. “You’re not much fun when you’re petrified. Now, I’m going to turn off the controls and I want you not to run.” He pressed a button and Vera relaxed. She was back under Greg’s control.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing much. You’ll see. For the time being, let’s get you out of that thing.” Vera reluctantly helped Kingsley to remove the outer skin. The panels on the back of the robot sprang open with a single button press. Greg collapsed out of the back and passed out the moment the constriction around his middle relaxed. All the wine he’d consumed earlier had finally been allowed to pass through and had overwhelmed him.

Greg woke up to an extremely pleasurable sensation around his crotch. He had a headache, but it was nothing to the stimulation of his cock and balls. He opened his eyes and there was Vera. Lick. Lick. Lick. She was methodically caressing his testicles and shaft with her tongue. When he stirred, she looked playfully into his eyes. “Sleepyhead. In two ways.” She rolled over and got up off the bed. “You’re still almost paralytic from the booze. I’ll let you rest on the bed until you’ve recovered.”


“What now?” Vera smiled brightly as she adjusted the shoulder strap on her cocktail dress. While Greg had been asleep, she’d gotten herself together and dressed. “Well, you’re going to have a nice nap. Meanwhile, I’m going to go back to Harry’s place and fuck him silly. When he finds out that his old boss is inside the robot, I’m sure he’ll be as willing as you will be to listen to my proposal. How’d I know it was you? Look up from your work once in awhile. Straight up. Someone watches the security cameras, you know. Why am I doing this? I’m straightlaced in public, kid, but that’s just for the bottom line. This bottom,” she grabbed her padded rear, “is in a category of its own. The lovely Vera will be my assistant, as I’d offered, as well as my loving and devoted companion. Both you and Harry will receive substantial raises and assignment to a secret development project and lab facility. Improving this very nice design,” she gestured to herself.
“You will both receive the salary of a 40-hour per week engineer and a 40-hour executive assistant. Meanwhile you both will be spending twenty as each. You will naturally receive overtime for the copious evening and weekend work you will be doing. I imagine you’ll enjoy it, however. What if you refuse? The counter to that is ‘why should you’? It’s a very nice package to do something that you’ve already found quite pleasant up until that rather nasty shock as well as to develop a product you have shown great initiative in bringing to my continued attention. It will be marketed, by the way, by a small business funded by a venture firm that nobody has heard of. It will be run by a trio of amazingly attractive ladies. You two have got guts and tech smarts, but I wouldn’t credit you for good judgment in some other categories. Look at how blotto you are. You should have taken into account what would happen when you got out of this. You’ll need some real brains behind the pretty faces if you want to break into that industry. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but there’s a Jap with some serious connections, an American who seems to have ties to the Federal government, some mad geezer who thinks he’s a magician and a whole lot of smaller fish we’ll have to catch up to. We might be able to get the smaller FX artists out of the way, but the others will need business saavy.
“I’ll leave you to consider how fortunate you are and to recover from the very nice night you’ve given me. Time for me to go give our third partner his ultimatum.” Vera winked and wiggled her butt. “The look on his face after I’ve played naughty sister and brother with him will be priceless. Good night.”

Harry was getting really worried. It was two in the morning and Greg still hadn’t gotten back from his date with Kingsley. He didn’t even want to think about the possibility that his friend hadn’t been trying to get a reaction from him earlier with his suggestions of how the night would go. When he opened the door to Greg’s knock and Vera swished in with a cat-ate-the-canary grin on her face, Harry could tell Greg thought he’d gotten one over. “So, what happened?”

Vera put her arms around Harry, “Not now. Sis is still horny from her night with an older man and is in serious need of some brotherly love.” She tried to kiss him, but Harry ducked out of her arms and stepped back.

“Are we fired?”

Vera her hands on her hips. “No, Harry, we are not fired. “ She flashed him another of those smiles and twirled her hair on a finger. “In fact, I got us an offer.”


Vera sighed. “Can’t we have some fun first?” She pushed him down onto the couch and knelt on his lap, massaging his chest.

“Get off!” Harry said. “How much booze did he give you anyway? This is our life at stake!”

Kingsley was not sure if he was impressed or frustrated. He really had been horny as all hell after climbing into a female body, taunting one worker and now attempting to seduce the other in the persona of the girl played by the other coworker. Now the one he was after was actually showing restraint and prioritizing his professional life before his sex life despite everything Kingsley could throw at him as Vera. Kingsley decided to try one more tact. Vera splayed her legs and started to wiggle around on Harry’s crotch. “Are you sure you don’t want a bit of incest before we talk business.”

Harry grabbed Vera’s boobs in a very nonsexual way and pushed her off to one side. “Geez, Greg, you were a lot better at it earlier this evening. If you’d come back from your date with the boss in that mood, you might have had me.”

Kingsley was livid at the suggestion that drunk reprobate might make a better woman than him. Vera flicked her hair back and said, “All right. Let’s see. I got him into a conversation about our work and he agreed to fund it. Put us together in a dedicated lab and even market it from a small business that can’t be traced back to him. Good enough?” Vera tried to kiss Harry again.

“Holy shit, Greg. You must have given him the blowjob of the century for that.”

Vera looked down and fidgeted in embarrassment. “He wasn’t too bad either.”

“You mean you enjoyed it?”

Vera looked incredulously at Harry. “Why else have I been trying to get in your pants for the last fifteen minutes? He was good, but I need even more.” Vera undid the button on Harry’s pants.

Harry looked into the eyes of the man he thought was in the robot. “Is it really that good?”

“Yes. And you’ll be learning that very soon,” Vera replied.

“Ew, gross. You’re not getting me into that thing. It doesn’t fit anyway.”

“We’ll make one that does.”


Vera pouted, then looked sly. “Fine. You may as well get me out of this if we’re not having any fun tonight. I’m sure Kingsley will be willing to tell you all about his plan when you see him.” She turned and presented her back to Harry.

“Aren’t you going to take off the clothes first?”

“Just do the head. I — I want to feel myself up a bit more before I take the rest off.”

Harry pulled the skin away from the robotic head and sprang the catches on the back. Something was off about the hair inside and Harry almost fainted when Kingsley’s face emerged from the robot’s. “You are a remarkably dedicated person.” He said to the still stunned engineer. “Quite unlike your partner.”

“Wha — wha — wha —“ Harry sputtered.

“Allow me to explain what’s going to happen.” He gave Harry the spiel he’d done for Greg ending with, “But before all that, you’re going to close this robot back up, slide the skin back on and we’re going to screw like crazy.” Harry helped him back into Vera’s head and face and she flashed him yet another of those smiled. “After all, a brother should be willing to help his little sister and I desperately need help. If I don’t get a man inside me soon, I might explode.”

Harry didn’t have a chance to say anything before Vera was on top of him. He didn’t really have to do much; Vera was fully in the dominant role. He didn’t even blink when she got up and ordered him to carry her to his bed. He even got into the role play at that point and asked, “My room or yours, sis?”
“Yours, of course.” She giggled.

It wasn’t too bad and when the sleeping female form was curled up beside him, it was hard to believe that she’d been two men in the course of the evening. Harry lay back and thought about all the things Kingsley had told him would happen. He wasn’t too keen on being the boss’s secretary and girlfriend, but the rest of it sounded fun. Even being the buxom proprietor of a business selling these avatar robots wouldn’t be too bad. Who would recognize him? He could seduce his own brother — his real brother. String him along. Get lots of nice things and free meals before one night of passion and a morning breaking up because he wasn’t a ‘real man.’

Harry didn’t like his brother much.

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