A Recipe for Aunt Jane

A look at how authors come up with their characters.

A Recipe for Aunt Jane

by Tigger & Brandy DeWinter
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Image Credit: Aunt Jane by Brandy DeWinter 1997 ~Brandy.

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Based on the characters and situations presented in "Seasons of Change" by Joel Lawrence, Copyright 1989. ~Tigger


Well, I know I said that Kendra was my last "Aunt Jane/Seasons of Change" derived story, but well, there is another one in the works. Dunno how long it will take because life is happening right now, and the story concept seems pretty challenging to pull off. Already, I've had to trash hours of work because I found myself taking the "easy" way out.

Anyway, I have been corresponding with Brandy Dewinter on the concept and got into a basic discussion of Aunt Jane's character and make up, and being me, well, it sort of got a little silly. Still, it was a lot of fun and we thought we would share the result with you, our very good friends, and hope to give y'all a bit of a smile.


PROUDLY (we think) PRESENTS . . . .

A Recipe for Aunt Jane

By Tigger and Brandy Dewinter

  • Brandy's Baseline: Any woman who knows as much about femininity as Ms. Jane, must be incredibly feminine herself. I think her basic honesty would force her to dress up any time she requires the same of her charges.
  • START with two parts of Joan Collins. First impressions are terribly important, and don't forget the somewhat dated look.
  • Add a dash of Mary Poppins' smile, though only when the taster isn't looking.

    Tigger's Caution:
    But forget that "Spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way."

    Oh yeah, and that tape measure she used on the two kids? The one that when she measured herself and came up with "Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way"?

    Well, whenever Jane measures a new boy he always comes up short... at least until she gets him into his first set of heels.

  • Add a dash of Queen Elizabeth the First, imperious, but with a hidden soft spot for a gallant rogue.
  • Mix in a smile that is equal parts Joan Collins (Dynasty), Susan Lucci (All My Children) for when the taster IS looking.
  • Whip in a little steel magnolia for strength in the face of challenge.
  • Blend in the innate class and dignity of Sophia Loren for body - about two large ("D" size) cupfuls.
  • Three pinches of Mata Hari for basic sneakiness - One obvious one at the end to show on the surface, one strong dusting to pervade the mixture, and a subtle whiff yet nonetheless quite sharp to make keep the taste buds from getting overconfident.
  • A couple of dollops of Tina Turner for "in your face" attitude.
  • A thorough basting of Lucille Ball for mischievous humor, and an ability to laugh at herself, while appearing to be horrified.
  • "Season" to taste with the sharp intelligence, wit and steel-hard, self-taught discipline of Oprah,
  • Spice with a sprig or two of Morgan Fairchild for the essential hard-assed, bitchy nastiness needed to efficiently demolish an overblown ego,
  • Top it off with a subtle bouquet of Mother Theresa/Father O'Brien for heart - A delicate aroma that lingers in your mind though you're not entirely able to place it.

Editor's Note: After it simmers, place it in the hands of two our best writers.
Serve and enjoy!

~Tigger & Brandy


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