Winter's Child: Chapter 3

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Mitsuo is a promising martial artist and dating the most popular girl in school. Life seems perfect until his sixteenth birthday when he comes into his mother's heritage and his father's curse.


Winter's Child
Chapter 3
Department Nine

I vaguely heard my father groan, “Well shit. This day just keeps getting better. Miyuki, if you could please look away from the naked boy, I think we should let him dress so we can all have a talk.”


Author's Note: Thanks as usual to my readers and of course the Big Closet team who work tirelessly to give us all a great place to post and read TG fiction. ~Amethyst.

Chapter 3: Department Nine

“Rei?!?” I blurted out as I almost fell over trying to get a better look at the teenaged guy with white hair and deep green eyes. Sure he kind of looked like he could be her brother but Rei herself? If I hadn’t been recently girlified myself I wouldn’t have been willing to entertain the option. “You say you’re Rei, then prove it,” I said at last, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’m sorry about earlier Mitsuo I thought you were killed by a Yōkai and I was worried I had lost you. I…” Upon hearing me ask her to prove she was who she said she was she recounted the events that had taken place since we had left school the day before. She even recalled fairly minor details that I asked her about to test her. Finally she… he asked, “Could I umm… come in? I’m a bit cold out here.”

My mother looked to me and I nodded my head. “Come in, you may as well have dinner with us and tell us what happened. I assume there’s some reason you’re no longer female. Miyuki please see if you can find him something better to wear. Make it quick and once he’s changed both of you come down for dinner.”

“Follow me up to my room and I’ll find you something to wear,” I told him over my shoulder as I began to head up the stairs. Once we got to my room I gave him a good look over in the interests of finding something good to wear and I found myself liking what I saw. I could feel a warmth and dampness between my legs and I quickly tore my eyes away. “So umm… yeah clothes.” He had looked close to my own size so I offered him a pair of boxer shorts, jeans, socks, and my Yakult Swallows baseball jersey. “Hopefully these will fit you alright. Where did you get the jeans you’re wearing?”

Rei took the clothes and managed a weak smile as he said, “Thanks. I found the jeans with your wallet and phone.” She took said objects out of the pockets and handed them to me. “I thought you might want your stuff back. The jeans are pretty badly torn but they covered the important part. So how did you get home without getting arrested Mitsuo?”

He started to put on the baseball jersey and I turned away to put the wallet and phone on my dresser and give him some privacy. I wasn’t about to leave him alone in my room though until I knew the whole story. “My name is Miyuki now Rei, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. My dad met me in the woods near the lake; he and Mom had been expecting that I might need clothes so he brought some along.” I wasn’t about to give him my whole story until I heard his.

Soon he was fully dressed and I led him back downstairs to the dining room where we sat on cushions at the table where my mom was waiting. Once we had all been served my mother turned to Rei. “What happened after you chased Miyuki into the woods?”

Rei sighed and looked down at the table. “I… I was angry. I thought I lost Mitsuo and I wanted revenge. I found his jeans, cellphone and wallet but the girl I’d seen run off with them was nowhere to be found and I was lost in the woods. I just sat there for a while crying and when I looked up there was a white fox staring at me with a dark green jewel in its mouth. I thought it might be a messenger of Inari.” White foxes bearing jewels are often thought to be messengers of the Kami Inari. Inari can appear as male or female and has been known to send signs to those in need.

Mom and I nodded to let Rei know we were following what he was saying and he continued. “The fox grew and sprouted more tails until it was a nine-tailed Kitsune. He said to me ‘Do not grieve shrine maiden, the one you love yet lives and I have come to guide you to him’. I didn’t believe him at first but I knew somehow that he wasn’t lying and I think I was desperately clinging to the hope that you were still alive.” He looked at me intently before continuing. “Then he told me that the balance in our relationship had been disrupted and that if I truly loved Mitsuo I could restore that balance.”

Mom frowned at that, “Did he tell you how to restore that balance? Kitsunes can be very helpful but they can also be troublemakers and they often don’t tell the whole truth.”

“He explained to me that your heritage had caused Mitsuo to change into the cat girl by the lake. He told me that my training would be useful. That Mitsuo was the protector and male but now he is female and needs to be protected.” He gave me a curious look as he said it.

“Hey! I can protect myself just fine thank you very much,” I grumbled.

He nodded at that. “I told him that, and he said that we would protect each other if the balance was restored. He said that to restore the balance I would have to leave the past behind and embrace my future and that if I felt ready to do that I must take the jewel he was holding. As soon as I took it I passed out and when I woke up I was changed with my clothes ruined and the jewel and the Kitsune were gone.”

My mother sniffed indignantly at that, “Just like a Kitsune to not give all the information. Far too often they use their affiliation with Inari to cause mischief. Is there anything else you haven’t mentioned?”

Rei picked nervously at his food for a moment. “This wasn’t the form I had when I woke up. I just sort of knew that I could take human form as well so I changed and put on Mitsuo’s jeans. I could just feel where he… she was so I followed my instincts and came here.”

“If this isn’t the form you had when you woke up, what is?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Umm… I don’t want to ruin your shirt so could I maybe show you both after dinner?” he replied nervously.

Mom levelled an icy glare at Rei but let out a sigh after a moment. “Both of you please finish your dinner then so Rei can go undress and show us.” The rest of dinner was quiet and didn’t take long after that. Finally we had all finished and worked together to put the dishes away and covered the leftovers for my dad and grandfather to have once they got home. Once that was all done we headed out to the living room and mom and I sat on cushions with our backs turned as Rei got undressed

After a moment Rei’s new masculine voice sounded from behind us. “Okay I’ve changed.”

I turned around to see a two-tailed white fox the size of a border collie with dark green eyes. “I thought as much,” my mother said beside me with a sigh. Then she continued on to say, “You should be able to change into a regular white fox as well Rei. Either Inari knows something about the two of you that we don’t or the Kitsune that changed you is having a great laugh at your expense, possibly both.” She shook her head as she looked the two-tailed Kitsune over. “Rei, your parents are Yōkai Hunters. If they believed that you are who you say you are, and that’s a big if, how would they react?”

Rei let out a very fox-like whimper. “Not well. You know how bad I first reacted with Miyuki? Multiply that by fifty. They have been training me to hunt Yōkai since I was six years old and they’re the type of Hunters that believe the only good Yōkai is a dead one. They consider Kitsune to be tricksters and likely wouldn’t believe me. They would probably jump to the same conclusion as I did about Miyuki, that I killed my female self and needed to be killed.”

“And how do you feel about Yōkai?” I asked.

He snorted and looked right into my eyes, “Well I’m hardly in a position to be throwing stones now am I? Even before this my training as a Miko taught me that not all Yōkai are necessarily evil, just like humans there are good and bad ones. I may have lost sight of that when I thought you were dead but I thought I had lost you and I wasn’t thinking very clearly.”

I was a bit shocked at his words. “You were that upset about it?”

He nodded his vulpine head, “Hai, I was serious last night when I said I wanted to marry you some day.” Being a guy and a Kitsune feels really weird and I’m scared about what I’m going to do now but if I can still be with you then this is a small price to pay.”

I could feel tears coming to my eyes and sniffled a bit. Stupid girl hormones, I thought as I tried to mentally chide myself. Crying didn’t feel wrong to me though. He had just said the sweetest thing in the world so getting a bit emotional was natural. I tried to distract myself with another question. “Why didn’t you kill or seal me at the lake like you threatened to?”

“Before I saw the torn shirt and freaked out I didn’t kill or seal you myself for three reasons,” he began with a sigh. “First, I wanted to be sure whether you killed Mitsuo or not. Second, I didn’t have any of my weapons. Third, I’m not near as powerful a Hunter as my parents are. The spirit ward I summoned probably wouldn’t have held you for more than a few minutes. I know sealing spells and some other magic but I’ve never been able to use magic very well.”

“You may find that has changed,” my mother said. “Kitsunes are gifted with magic. Like changing your shape, using magic and foxfire should be instinctual for you. Of course you’ll only be able to use magic of the element you are aligned to.”

Rei’s vulpine face looked thoughtful for a moment and suddenly a ball of pale blue flame appeared between the tips of his two tails. He looked back at it and as quickly as it appeared it vanished. “Interesting, I will have to experiment a bit when I have more time. I’ll have to become much stronger if I’m ever going to be worthy enough to marry you.” There was a determination in those green eyes as he looked into mine. I felt myself starting to tear up at him being all sweet again. At this point Rei began to shrink and lost one of his tails as he became a normal sized white fox. I quickly turned away to compose myself and so that he could change back to his human form and get dressed. He was in the middle of doing so when my father and grandfather entered the room through the front door.

At the sound of the door opening my eyes shot from my father and grandfather to Rei, in all his naked glory, who was trying to get into the boxer shorts. I couldn’t stop myself from staring. Damn, he really is yummy. Then my father’s voice caught my attention as he asked, “Yuki, why is there a strange, naked teenage boy in our living room?”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and squeaked out, “Otosan and Ojiisan, this is Rei.”

I was too busy to see their reactions since my attention was on the rather nice male specimen in front of me. I had trouble not looking and looking was getting me very turned on. I vaguely heard my father groan, “Well shit. This day just keeps getting better. Miyuki, if you could please look away from the naked boy, I think we should let him dress so we can all have a talk.”


Sadly Rei was soon completely dressed and he, Mom, and I explained to my father and grandfather what had happened with him. “That explains a lot,” my grandfather said. “We ran into your parents during our ‘search’ Rei. They were very upset and claimed they had found your purse and torn clothes out in the woods. They swore to us that Yōkai had killed or kidnapped you both and vowed revenge. They weren’t even thinking rationally enough to come up with a cover story.”

My father nodded, “We’re going to have to take both of you to Department Nine tomorrow so you can give your side of things before this gets out of hand. We’ll need to also arrange with them a new identity for Rei and passports for you both just in case. I’ll call Rika first thing in the morning.”

Grandfather looked Rei over for a moment before adding, “Rei can use our guest room for now.” I felt a little disappointment as he said it. Dammit my mother was right, I really wanted him.

Mom seemed to notice my disappointment and gave me an accusing look. “I’ll also need to get Miyuki in to see one of Department Nine’s doctors while we’re there and then they will both need some clothes that fit decently. Miyuki, I need you to go through all your clothes and see what will fit Rei so we know how much he’ll need.”

“Hai Okasan,” I said and started to pull Rei along with me.

We were just starting up the stairs when my I heard my mother add, “And trying on clothes had better be the only thing going on in that room.”

“Hai Okasan.” I answered with a groan. I probably had a pretty good blush on my face as I pulled Rei along to my room.

“What did your mother mean by that?” Rei asked as we entered my room.

I looked away to hide my flushed cheeks. “We’re Yuki-onna and she told me earlier today that we have extremely high sex drives. We also have a high probability of pregnancy and she doesn’t want to be a grandmother yet. I get turned on at the drop of a hat, or shirt, or pants or…” I licked my lips at the thought. Bad! Bad Miyuki!

Rei’s eyes widened at my revelation. “You mean you find me attractive like this?”

I nodded and let out a sigh. “Hai, it’s part of my nature to be attracted to yummy looking guys.”

“That seems like a lot to take in on your first day as a girl,” he said as I tossed him some shirts to try on. “How are you handling it?”

I shrugged as I replied, “My mind is still trying to get used to the idea but it all feels natural and right to my body and instincts. So I’m not freaking out as bad as I probably would otherwise. How about you? How are you handling being on the other side of the gender fence?”

“It’s weird,” he admitted while he tried on a shirt. “Everything feels kind of wrong and my balance is off. I’m not sure what feels weirder being a guy or being a Kitsune. I hope I can get used to it.”

“Did you… umm… mean what you said earlier?” I asked as I tossed some more clothes on the try-on pile.

“About it being worth it if I’m able to be with you? And wanting to be worthy of marrying you?” he asked as he tossed the shirt he’d taken off on my futon. I nodded but my attention was riveted on his bare chest until he put the next shirt on. “I meant every word. Since we met I felt like we were meant to be together. I think I love you and this doesn’t change that. I can get used to being male, Kitsune, or anything else as long as I have you.”

I could feel myself tearing up again and sniffled as I watched him. “You’re making it really hard not to tear all of those clothes off right now.” I leaned in and kissed him and I could feel the heat of his own desire. It was delicious and I began to drink it in until he shivered. I quickly pulled away, worried that I had taken too much of his heat. “Kuso! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…”

He shook his head, “There’s nothing to be sorry for, that was a nice kiss. I’m a little cold but I don’t think you did any harm.”

“I… I think I was stealing your body heat. I’m sorry. Maybe we should hold off on anything too intimate until I learn to control my abilities better.” I looked down at my feet slightly ashamed that I had allowed myself to lose control like that.

He nodded, but there was a smile on his face. “You’re new at this, we both are. We can take our time. Let’s finish seeing what fits.” With that we went back to me finding clothes and him trying them on while I tried to keep my hormones in check. It was a while before we finished but we found that some of my larger t shirts and my exercise clothes fit him decently. He was several inches taller than I had been and had a bit more of a masculine build though so everything was a bit tighter and a little shorter in the limbs. They would do for tomorrow but it looked like we would both be needing new clothes. Once we were finished we reported back downstairs to my parents and grandfather. It was decided that since we had a lot to do in the morning we should all get some rest.


I awoke the next morning confused and really horny after a night of erotic dreams. It took me a moment after waking to realize that the events of the day before weren’t just some strange dream. It was all far too real and even though my mind was still trying to come to terms with it my body felt perfectly natural to me. As I opened my eyes I realized that my dreams had had an effect on me and my hands had been roaming seemingly of their own volition. I quickly pulled the offending hands away from my breast and between my legs with a groan. My body may not have wanted me to stop but my mind was not ready for this yet.

I put on the last new pair of panties from the package and a sweater dress that my mother had found the night before. It wouldn’t be a perfect fit since I was taller than my mom, but it would keep me decent. Once I was dressed I went to the bathroom to relieve myself, brush my teeth, wash up and brush out my hair. After getting rid of the bedroom look for something more socially presentable I headed downstairs where mom was finishing making breakfast. Everyone else was already awake and seated at the table. “Ohayou,” I greeted everyone as I sat beside Rei at the table.

Breakfast was a quiet affair. My father told us all that he had arranged an appointment with his contact Rika at the Department Nine headquarters in Shibuya for ten o’clock. I was nervous about the upcoming meeting and I could tell that Rei was as well, so neither of us said much as we ate. Once we were finished our meal Rei, my parents and I all climbed into my father’s SUV and headed into Shibuya.


It was almost ten when we pulled up in front of a fairly nondescript ten storey building. I looked at the sign over the entrance and read aloud, “Yo-com Software Development?” I turned to my father confused, “Otosan why are we at your workplace? I thought we were going to Department Nine.”

He nodded as we entered the underground parking, “This is Department Nine. It operates under the radar. The software company is just a front. The first floor is the only floor that actually does any software development and it is completely staffed with employees that know the truth about the very real existence of magic and magical beings. Most are Cursed, Mages, Psychics, Yōkai, Yōsei, or relatives or spouses of one of the above. The upper floors are all Department Nine facilities.”

“Are you really one of the software developers?” I asked suspiciously.

He grinned and shook his head, “No, but I know enough about it to be convincing if anyone asks. I’m actually one of our counselors. One of the services Department Nine offers is counseling for the newly cursed, those who unexpectedly come into strange abilities or magic, and those who due to the nature of their trauma can’t see regular human counselors. One of Department Nine’s biggest goals is to help the abnormal to live somewhat normal lives. If you or Rei decide you need counseling to cope with your changes you could see another counselor like myself or we have a counselor that specializes in teenagers.”

“I guess it’s good to know that such services exist for us,” I said as we all exited the vehicle and headed for the elevator to the main levels. Once inside my father pushed the button for the third floor and a moment later the doors opened to reveal a waiting room. The décor was all in earth tones and very tasteful and there were a number of plants, close to a dozen comfortable looking chairs, and a table with some magazines on it. Dad led us to the reception desk and smiled at the woman seated there, “Ohayou Kirin, we have an appointment with Rika at ten.”

She smiled back and nodded. “Ohayou David, she’s waiting for you. You can go right in.”

Dad led us past the desk and down a large hallway with doors leading into large offices. Once we got to the fourth door on the left he knocked and then entered. The woman sitting at the desk rose as we entered, motioning for us to all take a seat. Since there were only two seats Rei and I were both encouraged to take one as my parents stood. The woman across the desk from us looked completely ordinary and was dressed in a white blouse with a dark blue skirt and blazer. She gave us a warm smile. “Ohayou. I’m Higashi Rika. You must be Miyuki and Rei. Miyuki, you’re every bit as lovely as your mother.”

I blushed at the compliment and softly replied, “Domo arigato Higashi-san.”

Rika looked at my parents, “I already have the paperwork done for Miyuki’s passport done I just need your signatures and I can send you to the records office to get her photo taken. They should be able to have a passport ready for her within an hour.” She turned her smile on Rei and said, “Rei-kun as I understand it you are still a minor and you will need a new Identity?”

“Hai Higashi-san,” he quickly replied looking worried. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get my parents to approve anything though. They are Yōkai Hunters and I doubt they will believe I’m their daughter. They would probably kill me as soon as they discovered I’m not human anymore.”

Rika nodded as she responded, “I can set you up with a new identity but seeing as you are still a minor I will have to assign you a legal guardian until you reach the age of twenty. Do you know of anyone who would be willing to fill that role?”

Rei shook his head, “All of my family are Yōkai Hunters, none of them would accept me as I am now.”

He looked so sad, it broke my heart and I felt ready to cry. I looked up at my parents and my mother let out a long sigh before wrapping me up in a hug. “I will consent to being his legal guardian,” I heard her say.

I heard a sharp intake of breath from Rei. “Are you sure Thompson-san? I got the feeling you don’t like me very much.”

Mom caressed my hair as she answered him. “I do not like what your family does Rei-kun. They work outside legal channels and often kill or seal innocent Yōkai. You are not like your family and now you are in as much danger from them as Miyuki is. My daughter cares for you and you cared enough for her to want to kill anyone you thought harmed her and to blindly take the word of a Kitsune to stay by her side. You have honor and if you make Miyuki happy then I will do my best to keep you both happy and healthy.”

“Domo arigato Thompson-san,” Rei said. “I will do my best to be deserving of the honor you are giving me.”

I looked up to see Rika smiling as she looked at her computer screen. “I have the forms right here. We will need a new name for Rei-kun to put on all these forms though.” She turned to look seriously at Rei, “It’s probably best to leave your old name completely behind. People could use it to find you.”

He nodded at that, “How about Kei? It’s a gender neutral name and it sounds like mine so it should be easy to respond to.”

“That would work; do you have any ideas for a family name?” she asked.

“He can use Tanaka.” My mom interjected. “It’s a common enough name and if he and my daughter do decide to marry it would give them easier access to my family’s influence.”

Rika nodded as she began to enter the name into the computer. She clicked her mouse and the printer on her desk began to spit out the forms. “Alright Yuki-san I’ll get you to sign all of these and take them to records as well. They should be able to provide you with proper identification and a new passport for Kei-kun as well.”

Mom nodded as she let me go and began to sign all the forms. There were a lot of them but soon mom put the pen aside, “Domo arigato Rika-chan, is there anything else you need from us?”

Rika shook her head. “No, they have everything pretty streamlined these days for identity changes. I’ve added the information into public records as Kei being an orphan that you have decided to take in. There are false birth records and parents death certificates. I had most of it prepared before you came in, all I needed was the names to enter and now that that’s done I’ve adjusted the public records. If anyone asks Kei’s parents died in an automobile accident when he was two years old and he doesn’t remember them very well. I’ll work on a full biography for him and hopefully I can send it home with David in a few days.”

My father grinned at her, “Rika-chan you are one in a million. We owe you one.”

We left Rika’s office and after making our way back to the elevator we made our way to the seventh floor. The waiting room was nearly identical and dad once again led us to the reception desk. We had to wait ten minutes but once we got in to see the records officer, a Tanuki of all things, he was quick to take our photos and process the forms that Rika had sent with us. Soon we were back out in the waiting room again with the promise that the passports and Kei’s other forms of identification would be ready for us to pick up in an hour or so. If only all government agencies were this efficient.


This time we got off the elevator on the fourth floor. My father pulled Kei into the waiting area while my mom dragged me up to the receptionist, a woman with a greenish tint to her hair and skin. I had a bad feeling about this. It got worse when Mom spoke. “Ohayou, is Dr. Morisawa available? My daughter Miyuki manifested yesterday and she needs to have a check-up.”

The receptionist smiled at me, “Congratulations.” She then proceeded to refer to her scheduling book. “I’m afraid Dr. Morisawa is at her human practice today. We do have a new Doctor that is working here full time, Dr. Sumida. She had a cancellation and doesn’t have her next appointment until after lunch. Should I see if she can fit you in?”

“Yes please,” my mother replied.

The receptionist went into the hall behind the desk and came back moments later. “Dr. Sumida will see her, please follow me to examining room four.”

“Domo arigato,” my mother replied as she dragged me down the hall after the receptionist.

Dr. Sumida was an average looking Japanese woman possibly in her late twenties with black hair, light brown eyes and a very genuine smile. I felt comfortable with her almost immediately. “Ohayou. Miyuki-chan is it?”

“Hai Doctor-san.” I quickly replied.

“Why don’t you have a seat on the examining table while I get your mother to tell me what your circumstances are,” she suggested. I complied while my mother explained to her about my mixed heritage and the fact that I seemed to have inherited the traits of both my parents. Dr. Sumida listened carefully and took down notes. She also had my mom fill out some forms on my medical history and my ‘conditions’. Once the forms were filled out she placed them in a folder with my name on it. Then she gave me another of those smiles, “This is a pretty big change for you Miyuki. How are you feeling about it?”

“I guess I’m handling it alright. It would probably be worse if my body and instincts all felt wrong to me,” I admitted. I didn’t really think she could truly understand what I was going through though. My new body and instincts might feel normal and comfortable but my mind couldn’t stop thinking about how everything had changed. Everything in my life, my whole world, had changed with my body.

She nodded as she replied, “I remember ten years ago when I turned sixteen. I came from a normal human family but I started to see strange things and everything seemed to be blanketed in colored lights. I could sense things about people and things. It was all very frightening to me and my parents thought I had some sort of mental disorder. They took me to all sorts of doctors and one of those doctors was a Mage who worked for Department Nine. He discovered that I have magesight. I can’t use magic but I can see it. I can see spells, auras, and magical creatures for what they really are. I can also sense things about people and things. Learning to accept a new reality and to use new abilities you may not have wanted in the first place is hard. I think you’ll do alright though.”

Suddenly I didn’t feel so alone or scared about my new situation anymore. “Domo Arigato Doctor-san, I think I’ll do alright now too.”

She motioned my mother to the door, “I need you to undress and put on the gown beside you Miyuki-chan. We’ll give you a little privacy and I will be back in a few moments.” She followed my mom out and I was left alone looking at the paper gown beside me. I let out a long sigh and started to undress. Soon I was naked except for the gown and sitting on the examining table again. There was a knock at the door and Dr. Sumida entered the room and asked, “Would you feel more comfortable if I brought your mother back in?”

I quickly shook my head. The last thing I wanted was for my mother to be in there with me. “I would rather not if that’s okay.”

She nodded and smiled. “Of course it is. Whatever makes you most comfortable. I am going to do a physical exam and then your mother asked that I talk with you about something.” I nodded and she proceeded to start the exam. First she checked my eyes, ears and, mouth, then my reflexes, followed by my heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. Once those were completed she did a breast exam and I was sure I must have been bright red from embarrassment. It only got more embarrassing after that though. She had me lay down and put my feet in the stirrups to do an examination of my new girl parts. Having her look around on the outside was bad enough but then she had to stick that metal monstrosity inside for a better look.

Finally she was finished and gave me permission to sit up again and left the room while I got back into my clothes. When she returned she gave me a sympathetic look. “I know these exams aren’t a lot of fun, I have to get them too. It’s part of your new reality Miyuki-chan. You seem to be in fine health and you’re still a virgin.”

“I wonder how much longer that will last,” I muttered.

She reached over and gave my hand a reassuring pat. “Your mother tells me that as a Yuki-onna you will have an elevated sex drive. Have you been having any sexual urges since you manifested?”

I looked at my feet as I nodded. “Hai, I get turned on a lot and it’s not helping that my girlfriend is now a very sexy boyfriend who I just learned will be living with us. I saw him naked last night and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. If my parents and grandfather hadn’t been there I probably would have jumped on him then and there. I don’t really want to talk to my haha about it because talking about sex with her is like very awkward. And she’s so forward about it.”

“Your mother has been living with this since before you were born so sex is just a normal part of life to her,” Dr. Sumida said. “She also mentioned that you have a very high risk of pregnancy. Given that, your urges, and the fact that your boyfriend will be living under the same roof as you I think it’s very important that you start on some form of birth control immediately.”

“I kind of figured you were going to say that,” I admitted. “What would you suggest?”

She chuckled at that, “Normally I would suggest abstinence for a girl your age but we both know that’s unlikely given your situation. In your case I am going to suggest birth control pills combined with condoms. This is very important. Given your high probability to conceive you may find the pill less effective than a normal girl, so you must take your pills every day and use a condom every single time you have intercourse. No missing your pills and no exceptions with the condoms.”

“Hai,” I answered somewhat less than enthusiastically.

She went to a cabinet and pulled out a three small boxes and a huge handful of condoms. First she handed me one of the boxes. “These are birth control pills. I’m giving you a three month supply. When you are close to running out come visit me and I will give you more. They are clearly marked in the order of days they need to be taken.” She put the other boxes and the small mountain of condoms beside me on the examining table and went out of the room to the water cooler to pour me a paper cup filled with water. When she came back she handed me the cup saying, “I want you to take the first pill now and starting tomorrow take them with your breakfast.”

“Hai Doctor-san,” I mumbled before taking the first pill out of the box and using the water to swallow it.

“”You’ll get used to this in time,” she offered sympathetically. “I suggest you get a purse today and always keep some condoms in it with your other necessities. Remember; no condom, no sex.” She then went on to explain about a woman’s monthly cycle and what I could expect from my new body. She also warned me that with my abilities and because I’m stronger and faster than normal humans I would need to be careful not to give myself away. Before she ushered me out of the examining room she gave me her business card with her cell phone number on it in case I had any concerns, questions, or needed someone to talk to about my changes.

I said thank you and good bye to Dr. Sumida and headed back to the waiting room where Kei and my parents were waiting. Kei’s eyes widened at the boxes and the condoms and I blushed before quickly handing them to my mom to put in her purse for me. “So, what do we have to do next?”

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I find the Japanese-english mash-up in this disturbing

While the story is good the bits of Japanese really ruin up the flow of the story and are some times placed where they shouldn't be placed. for Example:

"Doctor-san" There is an honorific for doctors and it's just "Sensei" ( which can be used for lawyers, MD, teachers and so on). So the way a Japanese will address their doctor ( if they aren't rude enough to not use the honorific ) is X-Sensei ,where x is the surname of the doctor. For example in your story : Sumida sensei.

Anyway keep up to good work :)


Sadarsa's picture

the use of -Chan is incorrect

Now Let me say i'm very much enjoying this story and i'm eagerly awaiting more, but i thought you should know that an Adult Female to another Adult Female will never use -Chan (unless they actually *mean* to be insulting) So Dad saying it fine... Mom saying it is an insult, like she's being condescending.

i was also gonna mention the Doctor vrs Sensei thing... but it's already been pointed out^ (in this situation Doctor-san sounds like she's Mocking her)

but it's also used to describe master artisans, such as novelists, painters, ect..

~Your only Limitation is your Imagination~

That bothered me as well but

not as much as the doctor-san.

I think that if the author wanted to use some Japanese she should have had someone who understands the language prof those parts.

The Sensei honorific is to state one whose proficient in a given profession/subject.

I liked this chapter, I can't

I liked this chapter, I can't say anything about Japanese culture, but then it's not like I care very much ^^

Rei is seriously in love with the protagonist. She was a Jokai Hunter and is actually willing to listen to one to be reunited with her love. This was a bit strange though, why didn't she think that Kitsune was lying? Aren't Kitsune Jokai as well?

Anyway, thank you for writing this captivating story, I can't wait for the next chapter,

(Fox)Fire and Ice

There are definitely going to be some fun times ahead - it's just typical for a Kitsune to turn up and solve Rei's problem... but not in the way she was expecting :)

Of course, with both having gender flipped and living together, they may be able to help each other adjust... if Miyuki can resist the temptation to rip Kei's clothes off and, erm, explore the feel of his body... :D

For those same reasons, it'll probably be Miyuki's parents who offer the most help / advice / assistance with their respective clothes shopping rather than each other...

As the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handers are in their right mind!

I found the aplomb

That Miyuki's father showed when finding a naked teenaged boy in his living room to be both humorous and kind of nice.


with the two teens changing

with the two teens changing genders, will they meet others who are Kitsunie?

May Your Light Forever Shine


I agree the Japanese is distracting, her parents are going to cause problems

hugs :)
Michelle SidheElf Amaianna