So you're as good as me?

So, you're as good as me, hey?

(c) Alys Prince 2013


"This is Angela's story of how Annette arrived. Annette soon realizes how much she enjoys being a teenage girl and being a new-sister."
A second story about how the SisterDom grew and helped so many boys and young men.


I don't know if you can believe me but I'm going to tell you the truth about my sister Annette and her two girls, Georgina and Pippa. Well, Annette is not my sister. She really was my brother until she was just 14. She's a year younger than me and followed me around all day every day. I hated it. Eventually, I decided to make him stop. It was inconvenient enough be the eldest daughter, 'Do this, Do that, Look after this, Check up on your brother, etc etc'. Having a little brother hassling me all the rest of the time - I couldn't cope.

Finally, one day when Mum was at the hospital checking up on Dad, he finally got on my nerves too much. I was doing the ironing - his ironing - and he was getting in the way every second. I grabbed his arm, pushed him into my room and told him that I was fed up. I told him that if he was going to follow me around all day, then he was going to BE ME, take my place. He was going to take over some of my jobs too. "You say you're just as good as me, well, this is your chance to prove it."

He just grinned and said, "Alright".

I was shocked. The irritating child didn't see this as a punishment. Right. "And since you don't seem to care that you're annoying me, I'll sort you out. In fact, since you're going to do my jobs, then I'm going to put you in one of my dresses too. Let's see if that will make you behave better."

He just grinned even more and said 'Yes, please.' You could have knocked me down with a feather. If I was shocked before, I was now almost speechless.

It seemed instant. One moment I was shouting at my brother Alan, next he was sitting at my dresser wearing a complete set of my clothes as if they had been made for him. I was stunned at how willingly he did what I told him. I was also gaping at how pretty he looked.

He must have spent ages watching how I put on nylons and how I put on simple makeup. The stockings slid easily up his legs and clipped onto my old red suspenders. He chose necklace, bracelets and earrings with a bland nonchalance as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He said later that he had never actually tried on any of my clothes or 'anything like that' so we just agreed he had natural talent.

I quickly combed and fluffed his hair into a simple page-boy style then we both sat back with delight at the transformation. He turned to me and held me tight as he said, "I can't go back to being as boy now. I just can't. This feels like the real me. I can't go back".

As we rocked together on the chair we had no idea how things would turn out. We both knew that we couldn't put this newly discovered Jeannie back into the bottle. Almost the first thing we decided was a new name for my pretty sister - we chose Annette in the end.

We talked for quite a while and I let her try on a lot more of my clothes. She swished around the room in my skirts and frocks as if she had been doing it forever. I even managed to squeeze a pair of my shoes on his big feet. They weren't especially high but then Annette had never worn heels before. She swayed to and fro as I held her hands. Then she started to practise walking around the room. When I told her that heels always made a girl's legs look better, she giggled. "I can feel how they make my muscles tighten. Do I really have good legs?"

I said, "'heels improve a girl's legs'. I didn't actually say that you had good legs, although you do. The combination of heels and stockings does wonders for those pretty limbs of yours." I adored the way she blushed whenever I complimented some feminine characteristic.

"However, those shoes of mine really don't fit. We're going to have to get you some shoes of your own. I don't know how Mum will react if she finds I've bought any more shoes - so we'll have to be careful. After all, we can't put a new pair of girl's shoes in your bedroom." We both smirked at each other. "Hold on, let's go and see if Mum's shoes fit you. She's got some old pairs she doesn't wear anymore."

We ran, rather I ran and Annette tottered, to Mum's room and dived into the back of the cupboard for Mum's old shoes. One pair did fit but Annette wasn't at all keen on them. "They're awfully worn and the heels aren't up to much. They don't have nearly the effect that your shoes have," she grumbled.

"They'll have to do for now. You're stretching my shoes too much as it is. Now, let's make a list. What am I willing to let you use and what are we going to have to buy. I don't mind letting you wear some of my old dresses and so on - but I draw the line at lending you my own undies. I suppose for the moment, you can keep what you have at the moment - but that's it. After all, they're not my favourites. Even though you said they were the most comfortable of the ones you tried, you are not having them permanently."

We spent ages making our plans. Since she was a few inches shorter and thinner than me, except for the feet, I could let her have a whole shelf-load of my old clothes. I would deliberately wear some of my smaller things for a few days until I could persuade Mum that I needed some new clothes. This would give us a great chance to trawl the shops. I would insist that Alan go with me - after all, it was a new town and it would be safer. Alan would have to argue a bit that he was a boy and didn't need to help his sister shop and he certainly didn't see any need to have to escort his sister into girl's shops - but somehow he would eventually submit to my demands. Machiavelli would have been proud of our schemes.

We agreed that when we got to the shops I would quickly buy what I needed, then we could spend the rest of the time shopping for Annette. We hugged each other with glee as we looked forward to afternoons of delight.

"I can't wait to have my very own panties", my eager sister said. "I want to run to the shops and get my own stockings and suspenders. How soon do you think we can manage it?"

"We could go out now and get one or two things, if you've got some cash. But we can't get much unless Mum is paying."

"Ooh, could we? Can we go now? Can I go out wearing this pretty dress of yours?"

"Don't be daft. The risk isn't how can we go out with you wearing a dress, it's how can we get back in the house if Mum is back by then?"

"Can't we find some way? Pretty please, hugs and kisses."

My sister was bursting to display her new image. I sat down on the bed. "We can only do it if we can think of some absolutely safe way. We can't switch things around too fast. Mum's got enough problems as it is. I can't believe how good you look in that dress and with only a touch of makeup too, but Mum is a different matter altogether. I'm happy that Annette has arrived and I don't need to tell you how smug you look."

"Oh, please, sis. It's not that I'm smug. Somehow it's as if something has been released, as if something has flowered. I've never felt like this before. I don't feel as if this is wrong. This dress feels right. I love the feeling of the stockings and the shoes. I actually feel comfortable in them. If we can fix it so that I don't have to wear boring, dull clothes, I'd be so happy. This soft, gentle swish as I walk is just so, .... so exciting. I'm happy in a dress. I do realize how irritating I used to be - but now I guess that it was because I was jealous. Now that you've got me into my first skirt, I know that's the truth. I want to wear skirts and dresses every day now. Please help me, sis."

I really don't think I had heard my appalling brother use the word 'please' for months if not years. Here was this pretty miss using the word twice in one breath. I loved it.

"I can't resist a plea like that. Yes, I'll help you as much as I can. What we do is take a pair of jeans with us. We leave the back gate open and the jeans just inside. When we get back, we scoot in and, if necessary, you change into jeans and t-shirt. Once you're back in the house we'll see what we can do next."

Annette was so ecstatic that she kissed me. Almost as soon as our lips met, she jerked away. "Wow, it's so different with lipstick. I wasn't expecting that."

I giggled and passed her the lipstick so she could put on a fresh layer. After a moment to dab her lips against a tissue as I had taught her just a few minutes before, she turned to me and said, "Well, what are we waiting for?

"Let's go. I said I want my own panties so let's get shopping." With that, she leapt off the dressing-table stool and rushed to her own room to get her money and a pair of shorts.

So, my sister and I went shopping for the first time. As we walked into town, we discussed what to get. The most important thing was a proper pair of comfortable shoes. I tried to insist that we would have to get whatever was in the budget, but my eager girl demanded heels as well.

"I don't care what we get but if you say that heels make my legs look better, then I have to have heels, don't I." How could I argue?

We swept into the larger of the two shoe shops in the local arcade. It was quite empty despite the fact it was having a sale. But I suppose that there are just too many sales now. Anyway, we went in and leapt towards the sale racks. I knew what size Annette would be trying as her feet were only a tiny bit too big for my shoes. I grabbed a pair of slim-strap sandals while my over-eager sister grabbed a pair of court shoes - for crying out loud. They were awfully pretty - black with a thin red V across the toe - but totally unsuitable for the moment. I had grabbed a pair of shoes that would allow her feet and toes to stretch and move easily, while the silly trollop was grabbing a pair 'that would make her look pretty'.

I grabbed her arm. "Look, these are your first pair of shoes. Every girl will tell you that you have to look after your feet, that it hurts squeezing them into pointy shoes. There is no way that you are having a pair of shoes like that so soon. You get these sandals, or something like them. No 'wedges', no 'stompers', just nice ordinary feminine shoes so that you can get used to them."

I saw her eyes sparkle enthusiastically at the idea of having 'feminine shoes' and she calmly put the other ones back. "We can come back some other time, when you are ready for some party shoes. For now, just slip these on and see how you like them."

Despite wearing shoes that didn't fit, she almost skipped over to the benches. She then dismayed me by putting her foot up on one knee to take off my shoes. She was doing it like a boy. I was horrified. If I could see her panties then anyone else could too. I snatched her foot back down and told her to bend down properly. She went way past red to instant crimson. I could tell she was never going to make that mistake again. After a moment to get her breath back, she leant forward to slip off the offending footwear. Once she had done up the tiny buckles and got to her feet, we could both see that the new shoes made an amazing difference. She looked far more comfortable. Even though these had 1 1/2" heels she was able to pirouette and prance as if she had been wearing heels forever.

When we looked at the price we were stunned. Even with our minimal budget, we could get these easily. I insisted that we check out a pair of simple moccasins or pumps of some sort for daytime wear. Despite considerable argument from my increasingly feminine accomplice that she wanted to wear her pretty new shoes 'all day, every day', I eventually won.

I had to agree that she could buy the more flamboyant of the two pairs of flats that we looked at. One was a rather nice pink canvas sailing shoe thing, the other was bright red with a clip-on yellow flower. I managed to get her to agree to wear these for the rest of the trip. She eventually believed me when I said for the tenth time, 'heels will make your feet hurt much sooner than you think. If we're going shopping, we do it in comfy shoes.

Next we went to the local Marks & Sparks. After all, if the things aren't suitable, then you can take them back, can't you. It was quite quiet there too so there was no problem spending ages in the underwear section. I borrowed a tape measure from an assistant. You should have seen my sister. If you think she went red when she made the mistake in the shoe shop - that was nothing compared with the colour she went when I measured her bra size in the middle of the shop. Yummy. I really enjoyed that bit. Once she knew that she did have real measurements, she went berserk. We checked every single garment in every single colour in every possible combination. She wouldn't even bother to look at the ordinary cotton or wool. Everything was in the slinkiest, sheerest material. I knew we didn't have enough money to buy much, but this didn't stop my greedy new sister. She felt it, fondled it, stroked it, caressed it, touched it and, whenever possible, tried it on. I was exhausted after an hour of this - but she kept on going.

Eventually we staggered out with the barest minimum that she and her wallet was willing to allow. We had bought two pairs of the most gorgeous french knickers, one in red and one in cream. We had a cream suspender-belt to match as well as a matching bra, A-cup of course. She even had a matching half-slip and teddy. Even I didn't have a complete set of matching undies like that. Finally, I had bought her a present of her first nightdress. She had been so excited at the idea of her very own nightie that I had given in when she had snatched it off the rail and said, "I want this one. I've got to have my own nightie, too."

I had haggled for a while. "You keep saying, 'I must have this' but there isn't a lot of money until we can get Mum involved. We've spent pounds already." Eventually, I had given in because I wanted to encourage my sister's new life. If she started sleeping in a glossy smooth nightie instead of heavy pair of pyjamas, it would give her another 25% of the day in subconscious indoctrination.

We set off home. We were both on a high but we managed to calm down as we got closer and closer.

"If Mum is home, then we use the back gate manoeuvre. If she's still out then we can go in the front. It's quicker too." Fortunately, when we got within sight of the house, we could see that her car wasn't in so we didn't have to bother. At that time of day, the neighbours would mostly be out. If they saw anything they would probably guess that I was with one of my girlfriends from school. Not that I had that many friends at all yet, but how much would neighbours know or care.

"Well, baby sister. How do you feel? You've had your first outing. You've got on your first pair of heels and, if you want, we can go upstairs and get you completely dressed in your new undies. Do you want that."

She didn't bother to answer. The delighted smile as she saw that I was still eager to teach her about her new life was enough. And to think that I had meant this all as a punishment. What punishment, I ask you. The only punishment that would ever work with this one would be to put her back into boy's clothes. Even as her elder sister, I couldn't do anything that cruel.

We rushed upstairs, shrieking with excitement. Annette hurtled into my room and started pulling all her new clothes out of the bags. Then she stood there gazing at her new finery with a silly grin on her face while I unbuttoned the back of her dress. As soon as the dress slipped to the floor, she pulled off her borrowed panties and bra and tossed them to one side. I wanted to tick her off for being so cavalier with my things but I was also having too much fun watching.

Quick as a flash, she was putting on her new bra. Somehow she managed to flip it on and do the fasteners at the back with no problem at all. I was disgusted. It had taken me ages to be able to do a bra up like that. I had to be shown how to do it up at the side then pull it around and then at last put my arms through the straps. And here was this instant-girl doing it naturally. I was really quite pissed off.

Even though she had no breasts to put into the cups, she carefully put her hand under each breast in order to get whatever flesh she did have neatly into their frilly containers. She must have been watching me secretly.

Next came the suspenders and stockings. I was delighted to find that this was not so easy for her. Time after time, she got the stocking almost into the clip and then failed to complete the task. Eventually I had to help with the clips at the back. My instant sister then insisted that she would demonstrate her new heels.

I watched this eager nymph parade around the room. Fortunately the curtains were closed or the neighbours would have had an eyeful. They would have seen a silly young girl wearing only her undies skipping and cavorting across the floor. Eventually she slowed down long enough for me to put her into a different dress.

As soon as I did this, she danced over to the mirror and gazed adoringly at her reflection. But only for a moment. "Oh, sis. My hair. It looks awful. Please do something to it. It looked so nice when we went out, but it's all gone flat and blah."

She looked so sad that I had to give her a hug. "Don't worry so. We got you looking beautiful once today. This time you can watch more closely and learn how to do it yourself."

She sat down instantly and demanded that I explain the procedure step by step.

"I can't do it all for you. For instance, I'm not going to trim your eyebrows or anything that's going to show permanently. I'll tidy up your hair and show you how to do a few simple styles. I can show you all the basic steps of makeup so that you can do that yourself. Lipstick, mascara, eyes and so on. I'll show you the difference between daytime and evening makeup. You've got so much to learn.

"I know. I mean, when you made me buy that makeup this afternoon and the girl said that thing about my colour being different from yours. I hadn't the faintest idea what she was talking about. You must think I'm awfully dim."

"You're not dim, sis. You're just uneducated. That's a heck of a lot different. Although it is difficult to grasp that you've never noticed how many hundreds of different makeups there are. I guess that there is an awful lot for you to learn."

"I'm sure there is, and I want you to teach me everything you possibly can. I want to be as much of a girl as I possibly can as soon as I can."

Over the next few hours we talked about how we could help Annette join the household on a regular basis. I could already see that she was nicer, gentler and more helpful than my ex-brother. I wanted my sister instead. I was very determined to do my utmost to manipulate things to my satisfaction.

We soon agreed she could get away with wearing panties instead of pants. To my amusement, she still insisted that my favourite panties were more comfortable than the ones we had bought specially for her. She was adamant that this didn't mean that she wasn't going to wear her new undies. As far as she was concerned, they were the true beginnings of her new life. When she confessed that she had actually borrowed my pants in the past - I found I was almost angry. "You're really lucky I didn't know that before. I'm going to think of something to make you suffer for doing such a disgusting thing."

Mum was a long time coming back from the hospital. Dad's tests weren't good and she waited while she worked out what to tell Alan and me. When she did come home, Alan had unwillingly gone back to his ordinary clothes. He was in a foul mood the rest of the evening. Eventually he was sent to bed early. After a while, Mum said she would go up and see what the problem was. I stopped that, my little sister was almost certainly wearing her new nightie. It would not have been a good idea for Mum to interfere yet.

Later that night, she did ask if I had been in her bedroom cupboard, "Someone's been in and disarranged all my shoes. I don't know why you bothered, dear, you know your feet are too small for my shoes." I kept my mouth shut and changed the subject very fast.

In the next few days, Alan became Annette on an almost daily basis. Our rooms were on the top floor of the house and Mum almost never came up to check on us. Even on the first night, I had him wearing a nightdress but we were more careful with having Annette around in the daytime. When we later decided that she shouldn't wear her new pants every day, she did persuade me to buy some
nearly unisex pants for daily wear. I didn't like spending my money so I stated that she would have to pay. I was awfully pleased that she was so keen to wear what I called 'proper' clothes. Some days, even when Mum was around, I had my sibling wearing panties, unisex shorts, unisex shirts and some plain sandals of mine. The only major disappointment for both of us was that I wouldn't allow her to wear a bra except when we were alone.

Day by day, Annette became more skilled. There was inevitably some overspill into Alan. Her hair was brushed and combed until it was a major feature; this meant that Alan also had longer hair and kept it in much better condition than boys usually allowed. Similarly, she began to walk and sit in a more feminine way. She told me that it seemed almost automatic. "As soon as I'm wearing those lovely smooth soft pants, I can feel my hips sway like you tell me they should. I take smaller steps because you tell me to and my mind does all the girlish things that you insist I learn. I know you don't actually insist very hard. I'm as eager to learn as you are to teach."

We were extremely careful to keep Annette concealed from Mum. There were times that we thought she had to have guessed. On one occasion, I had to snatch my brother away from the breakfast table because she still had traces of eye-shadow. Surprisingly, Mum hadn't noticed.

Not long after, about a month, two major catastrophes happened. Dad died and we had to move house. The first had been coming for a while so we had done much of our grieving already. The person who wasted away in hospital was not the father and husband we had loved so much. We were all sad - but perhaps not as sad as if it had been unexpected. By hindsight, this imminent disaster had
prevented Mum noticing much or even caring a great deal about the state of the rest of the household. I don't think she would have noticed anything untoward unless she had actually met Annette in full sail.

Nevertheless, it was a bad time. Annette and I had to look after each other a lot more and this perhaps helped cement the bond between us.

The move to a new house was more of a surprise. I think there was a problem with the mortgage. Fortunately, the new house didn't really seem any smaller and we each had our own room. Annette had the attic room, which we two youngsters thought was an excellent bonus.

We only moved a short way but Alan and I both had to change schools too. There seemed to be no problem until Mum came off the phone after talking to the school supervisor. "I always said he was stupid. The silly man has got the wrong details. You're okay but Alan doesn't have a place. He was stupid enough to suggest that Alan go to your school instead until I told him that it was mostly a girls' school and therefore not suitable. We do have a few weeks to spare as this is the summer break, but I am not happy."

I glowed. I knew that sending my brother to my school was not a problem from his view or my view. Alan would be so pleased to go to a girls' school - especially if he was told to wear dresses and become, as much as possible, a full-time girl.

I wondered for a moment how Mum would react to such an amazing solution. I had seen her sidelong looks when local boys had come to fancy-dress parties as girls. Once, one of the other girls had actually said, 'Methinks the lady doth protest too much', so I too had a feeling that she would not be distressed to meet Annette. In fact, I had a distant memory of when I was about 7. Alan and I were caught misbehaving at a neighbour's house with their children. As punishment for me being a tomboy - I was put into rough, scratchy tweeds while Alan's punishment was to be put into a dress. We had been sent home like that and Mum had been quite shocked. By hindsight, perhaps her shock was at how comfortable we had been in our new costumes. She had never referred to the incident since and I had almost forgotten it.

I did take steps to prepare the ground. I brought the conversation round to a recent party and spoke about one of the boys in the football team who had come as a girl. Mum said everything I wanted to hear. "I don't like boys pretending to be girls. Boys are boys and girls are girls. It is not as if any boy could ever look genuinely like a girl."

The next day, I said I wanted to know about certain aspects of sex. What was it that made some men tough, some men sensitive, what made some women cover the same extremes and so on. I knew the standard reply was that there is a spread of maleness and femaleness, that no one is 100% one or the other. Fortunately, she used almost exactly those words.

This gave me the opportunity I wanted. "But Mum, if there is a spread, then surely that doesn't fit with your 'boys are boys etc' statement you made yesterday."

She grinned at me, "Oh yes, now you'll tell me that I couldn't tell a boy from a girl. That's not what I really mean. I mean that boys and girls of your age are still in a state of flux, so they need to be encouraged to be boys and to be girls. I'm as vague as anyone on the balance between environment and heredity in deciding anyone's characteristics - but I do feel that there is a benefit in encouraging what I call hetero-ism. I'm not that keen on homosexuality because they do get a rough deal in life. I know there's no definite reason that some people turn out homosexual and some don't but I find it more comfortable not to encourage it. I suppose my attitude is a bit wrong in these days of sexual equality - but I believe in equality of opportunity rather than forced actual equality. As far as I'm concerned I prefer boys to do boyish things and girls to be feminine."

I was interested in how she said 'boys do and girls be'. I said that I was awfully pleased to hear that she hadn't really meant what she had said the day before, but that I might come back to the discussion later. Before she could continue, I rushed upstairs to help Annette into a new dress. It had to be one that Mum had never seen before if our scheme was going to work. In the end I had borrowed one from Madeleine. Like everyone in the area, she was a new acquaintance. She lived a few streets away and already was turning into a new best friend - apart from Alan/Annette. Fortunately, all three of us were more or less the same size. Without knowing it, Maddie had actually given Annette her second pair of heels as well as this old dress.

In the next half-hour, I asked Mum if a friend could come over to do some homework ready for the term when it began next month. She did look surprised at my unusual eagerness to work, but agreed quite easily. A little later, I rang the doorbell and Annette scooted down the stairs as I opened the front door. We both went into the front room and began work. We knew that Mum would be in to check on us in a few minutes.

When she came in, she just popped her head round the door to see what we were doing. Finding two heads bent over schoolbooks, she was quite happy. I did say, "Hello, Mum, this is my friend Annette", but she didn't get any closer than the doorway. She offered us a drink and I said no for both of us.

The evening went on. Once, Mum asked where Alan was and seemed quite happy when I said 'upstairs, reading.' After a couple of hours we went into the kitchen to get a snack. Mum came with us and joined in the conversation. I led it round to my favoured topic. If things went to my satisfaction, Mum would shortly meet her son in his newly preferred costume.

"Mum, can you give Annette a hand. She wants to know what to do about Alan. He keeps pestering her. He keeps asking questions about the difference between boys and girls. Mind you, it's not the physical stuff, he just keeps asking about the difference in attitudes, in behaviour, what it's like at a girls' school and on and on."

There was a short silence.

"Angie, why do I get the feeling something is going on. Your friend Annette has never been mentioned before by you or Alan. All of a sudden, I am being told that Alan is asking strange questions about this new girl. What's up?"

Although, she was head down in her books and, obviously, concentrating hard, AlanNette giggled. Mum turned to her and stopped as if struck.

"I don't believe it. Is this my Alan in a dress? I don't believe it. You look so comfortable, so real. In fact, you look happy too. What's been happening. This can't be sudden, you look far too relaxed. You must have been doing this for weeks. What other secrets have you been hiding from me. You haven't been going out dressed like this have you?. I'm actually very worried about this. I know I said you look happy and relaxed, but if you've been playing at being a girl then this is actually quite serious. I'm not comfortable about this. What's going on here?"

So I began the story. About how I had had to punish Alan for being a pain and how putting him into a dress had revealed the girl inside. Alan then joined in about how magical the change was and how he truly was more comfortable and relaxed while wearing a dress.

At the end, Alan reminded Mum. "Your first question this evening was 'was I happy.' Well, yes I am. I love being a girl. I don't want to pretend. I heard about the problem of the school and we both saw that this was truly a miracle. If the school believes that I am a girl, then I'm willing, in fact, I'm wanting to be that girl."

So there it was. SHe was happy. I was happy and Mum became so.

Mum took Alan up to bed that night and spent some time talking with him/her. They talked about his behaviour and his attitudes until eventually Mum began to see how deep his feelings were. Her almost complete acceptance was made evident immediately. Their discussion finished with her accepting Annette almost completely.

"Well, darling, I don't know how this has all been building up without me noticing but I can hardly argue with the evidence. From what I saw this evening, you are comfortable in a dress, you like being in a dress and you want to be in a dress. So, for the rest of the summer you are going to be Annette for as much of the time as we can manage. Here is one of your sister's nighties, a sleep-bra and a ribbon to keep your hair neat. In the morning we will go out and get you a set of your own clothes. I don't approve of you having to share with Angie - so since you are going to be my daughter, you'll have to have your own wardrobe. I can see from your smile that you are looking forward to it. So, sleep well and dream of a feminine future with frills and perfumes."

Mum came downstairs and continued the discussion with me. Needless to say, we talked in very different terms. We argued about how much of the time Annette could be at home and how much of the time Alan would have to take her place. I wanted Annette to be there permanently, but Mum was adamant that Alan would have to be there sometimes. We talked about housework, shopping, parties and almost every aspect of the household. We spent a lot of time talking about Annette's training. We recognised that she wouldn't agree to everything we were going to do to her. We were equally sure that there would be times when her masquerade would betray her and embarrass us. It was important that we were ready for any such mistake.

The length of the summer holiday was our biggest advantage. We were still not well known in the area and we could introduce Annette rather than Alan. If it became necessary to have both Alan and Annette around then we could find a way to explain that too.

I had made one or two acquaintances already. However, apart from Madeleine, I couldn't say I knew them well enough to be friends yet. So, the arrival of a sister who needed full-time training in her new lifestyle was a real bonus. I found I was busy all the time. At home, I watched Annette like a hawk - 'That's not the way you do that.' 'Let me show you how to braid your hair.' 'See if you like this lipstick better - see how the shade matches your eyes'; and so on.

The rest of the time was spent going round and round the shops. Annette had to learn about fabrics, styles, colours, accessories, shoes and just everything. The more she practised, the better and smoother she became.

At first, it was clear that Mum was intent to show Annette that being a girl was really, really hard work. It was almost as if she was trying to make her go back to being a mere boy instead of a decent girl. I had to keep a tight grip on myself sometimes. I think she had been reading too much about something called 'aversion therapy'. It didn't seem to work too well. Two determined daughters were too much for her.

It took some effort but Annette spent a lot of time with Mum in the next few weeks. I found that Mum asked question after question until she began to agree that her new daughter was indeed no longer a 100% boy. Gradually, the atmosphere changed. Mum, Annette and I went shopping for his birthday present and spent every speck of money on a new wardrobe for her. Since we had bought quite a few things on the first day after Mum met Annette and could add those to the small collection we had bought together, my sister actually now had quite a good wardrobe.

Annette was now accepted for every minute of the day. She would get up, dress in one of her range of pretty summer dresses while I would wear shorts and a knotted shirt. Her taste was considerably more feminine than mine. I had always been a bit of a tomboy. I had no problem with a bit of dirt, I mean, skin's perfectly washable, if not easier and quicker than denim and such.

However, it was quite embarrassing at times to listen to the two of them reading the magazines and window-shopping. I found that I was getting more and more annoyed at the competition. Annette spent more time on her makeup than me, she spent more time curling and braiding her so-slowly growing hair. She spent hours in the shops, comparing colours and textures to get 'just the right thing'. As she spent more and more time prettifying herself, she became more and more comfortable in her new lifestyle.

We spent a lot of time working on her behaviour, her wording and her speech. We found that if she spoke softly and used girlish words like 'pretty, sweet and cute' that it was less and less likely that anyone would detect a horrid boy beneath the growing curls.

Although I spent a lot of time teaching my new sister, I did take time off. At first, I would come in after an afternoon's play, hot and sweaty after running around and having fun. It didn't take long before I was having to take steps to deal with the competition.

Mum started saying things like, "Angie, dear, do you have to rush around like that. If you would only be nice and quiet like your sister." Aaaaaagh. I couldn't cope. I found that I started wearing dresses instead of trousers, frocks instead of shorts, blouses instead of T-shirts. I even began to put lipstick on every day. Sweet dainty demure little Annette put the whole works on as soon as she got out of bed. There was no way I was going to be compared to her as the 'boyish, drab-looking one'. I did have shorter hair than her, but not for long.

In only a few weeks, we were both behaving quite differently than when we had arrived in the town. I was no longer a tomboy, and Annette was most definitely not much of a boy at all. To Mum's amazement, we even spent time in the conservatory and in the garden getting a tan with bikini-patches. Annette had almost nothing to put in her bikini, but I told her that the boys loved to see a tan with bra-straps.

As term-time approached, Mum became a little more concerned. There seemed to be no problem with Alan joining the school - but how was he to change sex so speedily. Eventually, Mum went to speak to the headmistress and returned with an invitation for the three of us to go round to her house for a 'drink' a few days later - which we all knew really meant an interview and cross-examination.

On the day, Annette and I were ready hours beforehand. She wore her favourite pastel-green cotton dress with the dark-green appliqué pattern and her best stockings. I was much more casual as we felt that it was helpful to emphasise her charms rather than mine.

We arrived and Mrs. Grant very smoothly made us feel welcome. We all relaxed as we realized that she wasn't the ogre we expected. We talked about this and that until Mrs. Grant turned to Mum and asked, "Well, what is the problem. I find Angela and Annette are both quite delightful. I think they will be a perfectly acceptable addition to my school." We relaxed even further as we heard her continue.

"Do you think there will be any problem with Annette. She obviously can't do any of the sports yet because of her condition, but do you want to encourage any special feminine pursuits in her case?".

We gaped in horror.

"Don't worry. I could barely tell. She is definitely a complete success as a girl as far as I am concerned, but I do have access to previous school records. The package you sent me only used the initial A - but there are a lot of obvious telltales. Not many girls are congratulated on their skill at computers, for example."

"As far as I can judge, Annette is already a lovely girl. I will do everything in my power to encourage her to blossom as any teenage girl her age would do. I know a number of specialists and there are a good few others of her persuasion, though not her skill, already at my establishment. Since she clearly has natural talent for this new life, all that is required is the extra training for which a school like this is designed." She turned to Annette with a smile, "Exactly how long have you been dressing up, dear ?"

Annette had prepared a small adaptation of the truth, "Oh, for several years now, off and on, but continuously for the last year, as often as possible. And every day of these holidays. I do love it so much. I love the feel of skirts swishing against my legs, of the wind in my hair, the tinkle of my bracelet - I can't help it anymore. It's like the song, I want to tell everyone that I enjoy being a girl."

"Well, my girl. I must say that you are clearly both eager and determined to go down this road. As I say, there have been others at this establishment, some as eager as you, some who have had their futures decided for them. But I will be pleased to have you as a schoolgirl under my tutelage."

This was a very big surprise to all of us. We had really not even considered the possibility that there might be other boys who had the same fancies as Alan. As time passed and we learnt more we did find that there were other avenues to 'GirlWorld' as Mom soon called it. Alan actually had taken one of the less common paths. We heard about mothers who were so keen to have a daughter that they brought up their sons in frills from their first day. We heard of sons who were so badly behaved that they were put into silks as a punishment. We heard of brothers forcibly transformed by sisters, cousins transformed by cousins and indeed nephews and stepsons introduced by aunts and stepmothers. Mum and I both believed that Annette's confidence and skill were in part due to the lack of force during the project.

With other girls, as we now knew, sometimes it began as a game, sometimes as a punishment. Sometimes it was encouraged and sometimes it was initially discouraged. Force, Pain and Pleasure all had a part to play in most of the stories we heard. Eventually we got to hear of the SisterDom - that wonderful self-help organisation. What was most amazing was the huge spread of the SisterDom both geographically and socially. We met people from every social category - single mothers, aunts and nieces, sisters and brothers and even schoolgirls and classmates.

Annette at school

As we learnt more about the SisterDom, we found more and more occasions where the correct 'code' would lead us to another participant. We found there were shops of every variety which could assist with the transformation. Not just clothes and suchlike, but dance classes, drama and speech tuition, handwriting and so on. Evening classes were available to help girls learn a huge variety of decently feminine talents. Yes, I suppose that this was a deliberate effort to deny our 'girls' the benefits of sexual equality but their whole demeanour denoted a deep wish to be old-fashioned. The risk of exposure also made it much more important that they behaved prettily rather than assuming any attitudes which could be interpreted as 'mannish'.

Mrs. Grant was extremely helpful. She ran a small school of only some 300 pupils with about 20 teachers. As I said before, it was apparently an all-girl school so Annette and I were both determined to detect the other 'girls'. I had a bet with her that I would find one first. It was impossible. After a few weeks we both gave up. There was really no way to tell. I thought the avoidance of sport would be a giveaway - but it was quite easy to avoid sports and I couldn't believe that there were any, let alone several, 'girls' at the school.

Annette was an immediate success at school. She wasn't stupid or ugly - which are two good points at any school. Because she was still frightened of being found out, she stayed in the background a lot, not saying much and not making herself obvious. This made her even more popular. Because she only spoke when she had to say something worthwhile, she made fewer mistakes than everyone else. It was remarkable. This was my ex-brother, the tiresome, interfering, irritating, noisy, ordinary sibling I hadn't liked much. His new girlhood had changed everything in him, inside and out.

One of the few things that did make me cross, was when I found out that I was being referred to as 'Annette's big sister'. At school, such things matter.

In the spring, Mrs. Grant introduced us to a new doctor. She told us that Dr. Yeats was 'particularly helpful' for girls like Annette. A few days after the spring holidays began, Mum took Annette over for her first check-up.

The doctor was very matter of fact about the whole process.

"Yes. Mrs. Winter. I've had to help several people like your little Annette. Sometimes, there is a deep medical necessity for a change of lifestyle. In computer terms, one set of reasons is hardware, and one set of reasons is software. But you have a typical soft example here. Annette has been brought up as a perfectly ordinary boy, but for some unknown reason, she feels equally if not more comfortable as a girl. You are right to bring her in to a specialist such as myself.

You have no idea how much pain and damage can be caused to either a hard or soft case by denying the situation. Those cases where girls have to change because of ineffective hardware are much less common but it does happen. I have found that software is the more common track and I have learnt a number of methods to analyse and, where necessary encourage or discourage the change. Some girls are actually so unwilling to accept what their minds, hearts and bodies are telling them that they insist on reverting to the masculine form. And there are a few cases where girls feel that they are male to the same degree that some of our boys feel feminine.

You will note that I am not using the word effeminate. That is a silly word. It has no validity in professional circles. People spread across the whole scale from 100 % masculine to 100 % feminine. There is no place on the chart for something called effeminacy. Some of my clients have a masculine physique and a more feminine heart. It is my duty to help them get comfortable with their real selves and become happy with their position and status in daily life."

"Annette is happy as a girl. You are happy with her as a girl. And Angela is happy to have a sister. But. There's always a but. But, Annette is approaching puberty. You know what should be happening to the boy-type body and this is going to conflict totally with what the girl-type mind requires.

Although you may not have expected it, there are one or two choices to make. You may decide to force Annette back into being a boy. We can trigger the onset of puberty with a small dose of male hormones. Once this fundamental physical change has begun, Annette will gradually develop an ordinary male body. If you wish, she can dress as a girl on occasion. But dressing up is, for such girls, rather more difficult. Their disguise will be more obvious. Hairy chins and adam's apples are not the usual repertoire of a dainty maiden. There are however, many boys and many men who do persevere with this double life."

Annette almost shrieked, "I don't want to be a boy in a dress like that. I'd rather be a girl."

The doctor smiled. "It's only one of the options, my dear. If you are going to be that much more of a girl, if you do truly want to stop the onset of boyhood, then we trick and trigger your body the other way. We inject a dose or two of female hormones. This will quickly give you all the characteristics of a girl, both physically and to a degree mentally too. I do have to tell you exactly what will happen or I could be misleading you. It is important that I tell you and that you understand the truth."

"The most obvious change will be that you will grow breasts, that your voice will not break. In addition your body-fat pattern will shape your hips differently. You might sometimes feel a little sick, a day or two per month.

There are other things too, you won't grow much of a beard and your hair pattern will remain female. There's a pamphlet here about the changes that occur at puberty. Annette needs to read the pages which are, unsurprisingly, in pink."

"This is a significant step. I will do absolutely nothing for at least a week. Annette can beg, plead and wheedle as much as she wants, but I never agree to this choice unless it has been confirmed by phone every day for a week. I need to be completely confident that this is the wish, no rather, the fervent need, of the child."

"So, Annette, my dear, I hope you have been listening hard to everything I've been saying. I know how clever you are so I know you can see the possible complications of both choices. I want you to ring my secretary every day and confirm the appointment for next week. If you miss a single day, then I shall have to assume that your current demand to be an even more realistic girl is not as essential as you have said. Is that alright? I have every certainty that I'll see you next week and we can begin to make you even more of a beauty."

I smiled to myself. This doctor was only pretending not to influence the decision. She couldn't have been manipulating the poor dear any harder - 'Confidence', 'even more beautiful', 'Annette, my dear',' Huh.

As we left the surgery, Annette sped up to the counter to book the next appointment. "I'll be awfully busy in the next few days, so I might have to change the times once or twice."

"Don't worry, dearie," said the nurse, "I'll make sure there's a nice blank in the doctor's book for a pretty girl like you." Her eyes twinkled. "I know how important these appointments are. My Daughter, Wendy, reminds me every day."

Mother came up to the counter, "Your daughter, Wendy," she said in a particularly meaningful tone of voice. "Is that the Wendy who owns the dress shop in the marketplace; the smallish lass aged about 25, with that trio of leggy girls she calls assistants who look more like models. I have been recommended to her already by a sister."

"Yes, that's the one. She eventually became so desperate to be like the other girls, I didn't have the heart to refuse or the patience to argue. She's turned into such a pretty lady. I can give you her special business card, if you wish. There's a lot of girls go there from this surgery - and Wendy is always keen to help any sister or trainee both with choosing clothes and general advice."

Mother murmured, "How can I argue with you. I always thought she was something special. Now that you've given me an introduction, I'll take Annette there this afternoon. It's about time we looked at something special for your birthday next month."

Annette burst out, "But Mum, my birthday's in January," before she remembered that we had talked a few nights before about how in a couple of months we would be able to celebrate the anniversary of Annette's arrival. As a family joke, Mum had said it would be her first birthday and she could make a cake by herself. She could invite a few friends but only family would understand the significance of the single candle.

Annette's first birthday

For Annette's first official birthday, Mum planned a surprise. The growth of the SisterDom in our little town was bearing fruit. There were doctors and all sorts of professionals able to help. We had been to Wendy's dress shop and she had told us of other places to go. The new corset-shop in the next town was of special interest. Since it had only been open for a few weeks, it had a number of introductory offers. Mum took all of us along to see what was what. My best friend from school, Madeleine came as well as her parents were out of town for a couple of days. I was confident that Annette was going to get something special as a present.

The shop was not obvious. It was in a quiet cul-de-sac just off Church Street. The curtains covered much of the front window, so although it was clear that the place dealt in something expensive, the exact nature of the business was nicely understated.

When we went in, we found lobby leading into a warm, perfumed room with several couches. The whole was decorated in grey and pink satin with enough bows, frills and flounces to gladden any heart. It was clear that there was NO encouragement of any masculine habits in this place. There was a curtain across each of the four alcoves. There were two or three pillars with bowls of flowers. On the far wall were several photographs. Examination of these made it clear that the 'something expensive' was in fact top-quality underwear. The girls in the picture were all young and attractive but the silks and satins which encased their pretty young bodies were fabulous.

While we were examining the half dozen or so pictures, the proprietress arrived. "My name is Miss Sterling. I am so pleased to see you. I would be delighted to show you any of my goods and you may indeed try on any garment which catches your attention. I am new to the area, but if you wish a little advice, I have found that very few of the ladies hereabouts are particularly experienced with specialist underwear. I have also found that the best way to begin is to try one of my simplest Nymph styles. I can say with confidence that these are designed to encourage proper posture in the teenage child and I have very few complaints. I say I have few complaints - what I mean is that I have NO complaints from the mothers and only the most petty gripes from the lucky corsetee."

"So, who is going to be first?"

To my surprise, Madeleine volunteered. She flicked a glance at me as Miss Sterling led her to the door at the far end of the room. Mum saw this and bent towards me. "Didn't you know. Her mother has discussed this with her. She asked me to bring her with us today. She thinks that she would gain from some proper training - if you know what I mean."

I felt myself go red. "Are you telling me that I'm going to have one too?"

"Well, I haven't made my mind up yet. You are certainly going to try on at least one or two. Annette has no choice. She may dress better than you - but she is definitely going to leave here with some underwear which will encourage a better and more modest posture. On behalf of Madeleine, I have some flexibility - so I am willing to give you the same leeway."

I smiled at Annette as she sat beside me. She had her legs together and her hands neatly in her lap around her new white leather handbag. She whispered, "I don't know that I want to have a corset. Don't they hurt a lot." How was I supposed to know! In fact, how little did I know!

In a little while, Madeleine came back into the room. I could hardly recognise her. She glided into the room instead of her normal stride. Her short skirt had been replaced by a longer Victorian style and she was obviously taking much shorter steps. Her waist had shrunk and her breasts seemed several inches bigger. Most amazing, she had a broad grin. It was fantastic.

It was my turn now. Madeleine came with me. I won't go into details. I was given the same package as her. The miraculous effect of lycra and lacing was almost instant. I too had to take smaller steps, I had to hold in my waist, I did have to project my bust - it was wonderful.

Miss Sterling beamed with pleasure at my evident excitement. "It is such a bonus to find young girls who have such instant enjoyment at wearing one of my basic garments. It means that they are almost certain to tell others about it. It also means that they are going to be both my customers and my friends. I can see that we are going to get on really well."

I glowed. I felt sexy. I felt female. I felt gorgeous. I wasn't going to let go of this luscious feeling. I was hooked, literally, physically and mentally, on corsets.

Then it was Annette's turn. At her request, both Mum and I came with her. Maddie clearly didn't want to be left out so she followed us - and no-one stopped her.

Miss Sterling began, "Right, my dear. First of all, you can undress while I take some basic measurements."

Annette tried to delay the inevitable but Mum soon stopped that. "Come on. Chop, chop."

Annette undressed down to her panties, suspenders and bra.

"No, sister dear", I said, plucking at her straps. "That comes off too."

"Quite right, Angela," said Miss Sterling. "Everything, Annette. You will have to have a new set of suspenders for your new waist-size - so that comes off too."

Annette blushed scarlet as she took off her bra to reveal her small bosom. After only a month, there wasn't a great deal to show but she was both proud and protective of her little blossoms. Madeleine grinned at me from the far side. Annette put her foot on the stepstool to unclip her stockings from their lacy clips. As she slid the glossy nylon down her leg, she smiled to herself.

Miss Sterling marched forward with Annette's new costume. "Oh dear, I am sorry, but I do prefer it if you wear panties rather than those pretty knickers. It helps me to see the shape of the hips and how they fit into the corset.

Annette, Mum and I all glanced at each other. I think Miss Sterling instantly guessed what was happening because she merely smiled and said, "Come on, dear. I have seen everything in my time."

So Annette slipped off her favourite green knickers and stood there absolutely naked with her hands at the front and waited for the expected exclamation. There was none. Miss Sterling simply passed her a pair of panties and said, "Put these on for now. We can sort out any additional problem later. What I want to see is how comfortable we can make you in a simple basic corset like Angela and Madeleine have tried."

Madeleine pulled me to one side. "Did I see right", she hissed, "Is Annette some sort of freak. She had a wotsit."

"Yes, alright, now calm down, Maddie. My sister Annette is just as much a girl as you or me - but sadly that's all on the inside. On the outside, she is still a bit of a boy."

Madeleine glared at me. "Do you think I'm stupid or something. Is Annette a boy? She can't be - but she's got breasts and everything. She goes to classes with us."

I liked the way she coped with the sudden surprise. No major fuss, no horror, no excitement, she just stood there asking a series of complicated questions. I smiled back at her. "Now look here. My sister is absolutely a girl. Have you ever seen her except in dresses? Have you ever seen her without makeup? Have you ever had any doubt - come on, say something."

Maddie hesitated. "Well, no. But on the other hand, I've never seen her completely naked until today. She doesn't do gym classes or sports. I know what I saw and it makes your little sister into a half-and-half at the very least. I can see she has tits so that makes her a girl, but that thing between her legs doesn't belong on any girl I've ever gone out with. Come on, tell me. If she really is a boy and you've been turning him into a girl - I think it's the best thing ever."

This time, it was my turn to hesitate.

She prompted me once more. "Come on. You've never told stories about when the two of you were at school together. In fact, I can't remember you telling any story about Annette. You have mentioned a brother Alan once or twice - are you trying to tell me that Alan has been transformed into this dishy little Annette. I find it difficult to believe. She dresses better than both of us. She spends more time on her hair, nails and makeup than you or me and she's even got smoother legs than both of us. Apart from having tiny tits and now having that extra thing, she's more of a girl than either of us."

After a moment, I started to tell her. "Well, yes. She is. Yes, she's really my brother Alan - but I never think of her that way - not anymore. She's nicer and prettier and everything now and she's never going back to being a mere boy if I can help it."

"Don't worry, Angie. I want her to be a girl too. I find I'm throbbing with excitement at the idea that a boy can be turned into such an appetising morsel. I want to join in with this game."

I interrupted. "Now I want you to listen real hard, Maddie. This is NOT a game. This is for real. Annette is a girl as if she had never been a boy. She lives as a girl and she is a girl all day every day. I can promise you that there are others in town who are girls just part-time and that is rather more of a hobby. But Annette is not a game, she is not a toy. Annette is my sister and my friend. Mind you, she's your friend too - so you don't want to spoil that."

After a moment she agreed. "Yes, you're right. Annette is safe with me. I'll do everything to help. Tho' in return, I want to know more about this whole conspiracy. I want to know how it started, how you managed to keep it secret at school and everything. Then, I want to know how we can do it to one of my cousins. I can't wait to get Peter into a dress. He comes to stay a couple of times a year and I have been waiting for years to find a way to make him do what I want. If we can find a way to sort him out - I'll be forever grateful."

I smiled. It seemed that the SisterDom would have one more guide and at least one more initiate.

While we had been talking, Annette had been squeezed into her first corset. It was much the same as the ones Maddie and I wore. Like us, she seemed to have gained a smaller waist and a larger bosom. Annette was beaming with pride but clearly found it quite hard to bend over, so Miss Sterling was clipping the stockings to the built-in suspenders.

Shock. As Miss Sterling stretched to fix the last clip, it flipped away and hit Annette hard. She immediately reached down to massage the injured item. Miss Sterling snapped out, "Don't do that, dear. I can fix it so that such things don't happen."

While Maddie and I looked on with concern, the autocratic Miss Sterling ushered the others into the next room. They weren't away for long. They came back and we could all see there was something quite different about Annette's whole demeanour. Mum said, "Don't worry, Angie. This really is something that is only suitable for Annette. She, and I, have been introduced to a neat little garment called a gaff. It helps conceal any unwanted or inconvenient things. Miss Sterling assures me that with it on, Annette can even go swimming and so on."

Maddie burst out, "Well, that means we can go swimming this weekend. We can get Annie a new swimsuit and we can all take the boys out."

This did not go down well.

Mum said, "There is no need to be in such a hurry. First of all, these corsets are just the beginning of your training. You all need a little more discipline and figure-training is a key part of it. Over the next two months, until school restarts, you three are gradually going to become better behaved, better organised and much more stylish. Provided you put in a reasonable effort - by the end of the summer, you will be far more attractive to the boys and the boys will be much more interested in you."

"Secondly, decisions on clothing for Annette are mine. If I decide that she needs a swimsuit so that she can flaunt her body at the local youth - it will certainly not be until she has more to flaunt and more control at so doing. So, for the moment, keep quiet, Madeleine." Then she grinned and continued, "I don't think that will be too far away though, will it Annie love? When you come back on Friday, we can all go out shopping. I guess I mean tomorrow don't I. Time has been moving fast this week. But, yes, tomorrow, I suppose we can say that you begin the next stage of becoming my daughter."

I guessed at once. This was the first I had heard that Annette was going to have a little enhancement, but I was awfully happy to realise that my sister was going to have a proper pair of breasts rather than the smallest pair in class. I rushed over to her, as much as I could in that corset. "Oh, Annie. I am so happy that Mum's agreed at last. I can't wait to see them."

Annette grinned back. "Too right, I've been begging for so long and Mum finally agreed last week. We went to the doctor's and she was awfully helpful. I want to have bigger ones than you, but she says that for now all I get is a basic enhancement while for the longer term we continue with the hormones. I can't wait either. I want to parade in a swimsuit. I want to get my first low-cut dress so that I can have my own tits peeping out to excite the boys. Will you help me choose lots of new clothes. Say yes, please."

I looked at Mum. "Yes, please, Mum. Can I help Annette choose her first low-cut dress?" And we all laughed out loud when she said yes.

As we left the shop, Annette and Mum went in front while Madeleine swished beside me. She checked that they were far enough ahead and murmured, "I'm really excited about this. I want you to tell me everything. Then I want us to get together and make some plans for my dirty little cousin, Peter. He's coming to stay over Christmas. He steals my panties whenever he comes. If we could be
even half as successful with him as you've been with Annette - I'll have him under my thumb."

"It's not always like that, Mad, Annette has hardly been forced at all. But I've learnt a lot in the last year. I know there are ways to deal with a grubby beast like Peter. Exactly how far under your thumb do you want him?" I grinned demonically at my eager accomplice.

As we drove towards the edge of town, we all started asking Annette how big she wanted her breasts to be. Did she want them as big as me - what shape did she want, pert ones, pointy ones, proud ones or projectiles. All the jokes came out and we all giggled and laughed together. Suddenly, Mum noticed that Annette had gone rather quiet and she asked what was up.

"I don't know, Mum. I'm so looking forward to the operation and really having my very own real breasts, but, on the other hand, it is a big step. I mean, I really won't ever be able to go back to being a boy once it has been done. I don't want to be a boy anymore. I think of myself as a girl so much more. I like my dresses, I love being told I'm pretty and wearing makeup. I love the feel of my hair over my shoulders. I love the swish and swoosh of my silks and satins. I love the feel of my stockings as they stretch along my legs as I walk. I really do love being a girl - but it is the final step isn't it."

"Yes, dear. It really is A final step - but you do seem to be so much happier as a girl. You're nicer, gentler, more helpful and you do better at school. We've been over all this with the doctor lots of times. I don't want Alan back. I know Angie doesn't want Alan back and I don't believe Annette wants Alan back either. We have discussed it often enough and today's the day. By this time tomorrow, you will be a lot more girl than you are today and we can go shopping for your first low-cut dress. I can't tell you how much of a thrill it is for a girl to get her first sexy dress - but you will find out for yourself in just a few hours. It really is time, darling."

We picked up our darling new-girl the next evening. The operation had been almost nothing. There was a small set of stitches under what were no more than a pair of 32 B buds. I was surprised how little they were. I think I had been expecting a full-size pair to have been glued on. As we talked I realized how much more sensible a gradual growth would be. These new implants were a new material which would absorb body fluid over the next 6 months. They would slowly expand until they were a full B or even C cup. In addition, it would be possible, although not easy, to add new material later. This would allow Annette to get a full breast suitable to her desires as she grew. She would never be a 'Baywatch Babe' but she would have a much more realistic bust than would have been possible even a few years before.

Mum and I watched Annette snuggle down on the settee to watch television with us. It was fun watching her. Every few minutes she would peek down at her newly shaped chest and smile with delight. Soon she fell asleep as the anaesthetic dragged her away once more. She lay there with her hand curled gently around her left breast as if caressing a favourite pet.

Mum and I talked long into the night. By morning, steps had been taken. Annette was going to get a great deal more indoctrination into being a girl. She was going to experience more and more of the pleasures that she had missed.

There would be overnight 'slumber' parties as our American friends called them. And she was going to have to learn about boys. Mum was less keen on this but I made the choice very clear. Either Annette was going to go with girls in which case how would we cope with the small town attitude to 'lesbianism' or Annette was going to go with boys. I could certainly help teach Annette about boys and I would do my very best to try to make sure she was a good girl.

Nothing much happened for the next few days as Annette rested. However, by Monday, we were all set. Madeleine was once more free to join us as we set off to buy Annette a more attractive wardrobe. She had to have new bras to put her new treasures into; she would want new stockings because she always wanted new stockings; and she would have a first sexy dress because she had been promised one. Since it was her first 'birth'day as well, she was going to have a hard day's shopping.

We tried on pink, green, cream, yellow, buttercup, navy-blue, emerald, red, maroon, scarlet. We tried chiffon, satin of course, silk as always, denim, velvet, lycra, wool. We attacked the shops as if it was the most important thing in the world. By the end of the day, Annette was exhausted, I was exhausted, Mum was exhausted and Madeleine was exhausted. We staggered home with our loot and collapsed around the room. After a while, we decided to sit quietly for half an hour and then we would have a fashion parade by our new mannequin. Annette giggled and said, "I'm not a manekin, but I'm willing to be a girlikin, if you like." We all threw cushions at her in protest at her feeble pun.

A few minutes later, Annette found the energy to start changing into her new costumes. First, she paraded before us in her new bra so that we could all agree that it fitted properly and did a decent job of lifting and separating what little there was. Then she tried on the tasty red jersey number we had chosen in the very first shop. Annette had never worn a properly fitting slinky wool dress before - it was terrific. The pantie-line was subtle as it should be with panties as expensive as she was wearing - but there was just the right amount to attract a red-blooded male. She looked good enough to eat - and this was her sister saying so. As it was, I called her over to me and whispered this comment into her shell-like ear. She blushed like a pillarbox.

Mum interrupted and said that the other clothes could be saved until tomorrow. Her younger daughter was going to go to bed at once, whether she wanted to or not. The next day she was going to be busy once more. She could slip downstairs to show off her pretty new satin nightie - but that would be enough for now.

As she skipped upstairs, Mum told Maddie and me what was to happen next. "Tomorrow, we give Annette new shoes with heels, we get her ears pierced and we turn her into a blonde. I want you each to promise to help as much as you can. We only have a few more weeks of the summer."

Maddie agreed at once. As she did so, she flicked a glance at me, the message was quite clear. 'You bet I want to help - I want to learn everything necessary to sort out Peter'.

In the morning, we went shopping again. Maddie came as well, eager to work with us to ensure Annette received full encouragement - and so that she could learn for her own project.

Annette squeaked like a little mouse when she had her ears pierced. We all laughed and told her that it was just one more of the pains that came with being a modern girl. She said it herself when we reached the fourth or fifth shoe shop and she was tottering around on her new shoes. And as for the complaints when we went into the hairdressers and she had her hair treated. Appalling. She was quite out of order. She had been there often enough for an ordinary trim - but the noise she made over a few chemical pongs - dreadful. I was nearly ashamed of her. But the excitement she showed when at last she looked in the mirror was all worth it. She looked lovely. I knew exactly what I was looking at and I thought she was a very beautiful teenage girl.

To complete the session, although we were all getting tired, we went into the new local coffee shop. There were several boys there from the school and they couldn't keep their eyes of my sister. After a few minutes, I was getting crosser and crosser until I realized with horror - I was actually jealous of the pampered little darling. A moment later I also realized that my intention of keeping her as a 'good girl' was going to be tested far sooner than we had expected. I caught a twinkle in Mother's eyes as she signalled that she was aware of the problem too.

Well, that's how it began.

In the next few years I found that I was close to the centre of a whole series of events involving boys becoming new-girls. Maddie and Annette and me helped so many boys find out about their female selves.

If you stay around, you'll learn the stories of Alice, April and many others including my husband, Patricia and our next door neighbours, Anne and Jezebelle.

It's now just over 10 years since Annette arrived. She went to college with suitable advice from Mrs Grant as to which tutors and so on would be 'best'. While she was there she met the most gorgeous man called Henry. He was infatuated with her to such an extent that his continual efforts eventually paid off. Although she was felt something slightly skew with actually performing dirty deeds with men, Henry won her over and they married just after her 21st birthday.

It was a lovely wedding. Henry even agreed to wear frilly underwear as a token of his esteem for his bride.

But that was some time ago, and I did want to tell you about their two adopted daughters. Henry had some sort of leverage with the adoption agency and all the red tape eventually evaporated. The two boys arrived about two and a half years ago as arranged. Then, would you believe it, Annette came home from work early one afternoon, she works part-time, and found the two little ones at the neighbours merrily playing tea-party with several local five year old girls. And Annette couldn't tell which ones were hers. They were in dresses too.

She didn't know whether to scream, laugh, hide or congratulate them.

George was the first to see her and he rushed up saying, "Mummy, mummy, I'm having such fun. Hazel asked us to join in and all the other girls said it wasn't fair unless we were all dressed up too. So, Hazel's mummy found us these lovely dresses and we're pretending to be girls for the afternoon."

"Well, I can see that. But I'm not sure whether I approve - but if it's only for now, then I'll have to let you all have fun, won't I", she said.

Nevertheless, the seed was sown. A few weeks later, she had to, really had to, impose a little petticoat punishment on Philip - and just to be fair, did the same to George the next day. Within only a short while, the two little boys were spending half their time in skirts and dresses. The almost complete absence of other local boys made it much more fun to encourage them to play with the local girls. At least, that was one of the reasons Annette gave.

Now, the two boys are nearly eight and known most of the time as Georgina and Pippa.

Angela, Annette. Maddie, Wendy turn up in other stories of the Sisterdom which will be coming out soon.

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