My Super Secret Life-33.

My Super Secret Life-33.

Chapter 33.


I’m so different now.

I mean that’s kind of obvious when you go from a washed out Ex-MMA fighter to a ganger and druggie to this…me.

And right now I’m leading Kyle…my boyfriend and lover to our bedroom because he’s scared and hurting and needs some TLC. He’s gone from the blonde blue eyed built preppy media darling that he was to this almost fae…to this dark skinned elfin angel.

And myself from a six foot hispanic mixed asshole to a not quite five foot Japanese girl.

I walk backwards pulling him by his hands to our room and our bed and I’m smiling. I get how a good girl can make a guy feel and he’s looking at me in that way y’know. Never thought I’d be a good girl.

Not even Kai thought that.

Shinobi were spies, killers, assassins not the heroes of anime. At best I…we…I was fighting the English sorcerer as a mission for Japan itself…it was a close to being a hero as we thought we’d ever get.


But nothing has felt to us like this. Working with the police, saving lives and saving Kyle…

I step backwards and up to stand on our bed and he sort of takes it from there with his hands running over my soft skin. I get thrill bumps from how good that feels to how amazing it feels to have someone else’s hands running over my body, touching my little breasts.

I relax with a long sigh as the feelings build and then this build up starts to happen and makes me moan a little, then I’m getting wet, warmed up and better than that is the meld.

Kai me has known men but in this professional way. Kyle is ours, he’s the man we’re falling for and he’s our first by our choice.

Shayne me has the knowing personally of what guys love, but it’s more than that it’s sex, making love that takes that guy in there and buffs away those edges that I don’t want so much anymore…I want to be this new me, to be in my head as myself and not us so much.

The intimacy really does that pulls me together.

I love the whole thing more than I thought I would the emotional thing of being there for him. Being what and who he turns too speaks right to my heart. It’s right down to the basics of both sexes really we all want to be that somebody for someone.

There’s this super sweet intimate moment where I’m holding him gently as he makes love to my breasts and it’s different with Kyle. I’m new to the care he has for me. New from one like entirely and another the men rarely took time to care about my feelings.

And I’m holding him.

Running my fingers through his hair, he does this moany little guy sound and shiver as I race his pointed ears. Apparently they’re sensitive and he likes that. Like I can feel him rise a little down there as I do that.

I love my fingers.

Odd thing to say really but I’m loving myself more and more for being this slight little Asian girl and there’s just something about running that silken hair of his through my tiny fingers that’s erotic to me…that and his hair, everything is just so damned sexy.

He gets me there…my breasts are so sensitive they feel sometimes like they’re just little nerve bundles and that’s kinda true I guess. The fight and the adrenaline have certainly helped me get ready and working myself up in the shower too.

I hold onto his head and breathe.

“Kyle……I love your mouth.”


“You love me so good baby.”

“That’s pretty asian Shayne.”

“Uhm I am Japanese.”

“I’ve noticed.”

I lean back enough to kiss him. “I meant that you make me feel good Kyle really good. It’s a nice…nice that I need.”

“You need?”

“Yes, I need. I you.”


“Yes I need you.”

“You need me?”

I kiss him again. “Yes, you’re it. I’m alone here and….I’ve been alone a long time.”

“Shayne…you don’t have to…”

“Kyle…I want to, I want to and I want you.”

“Me…the way…the way that I am?”

“Yes, fuck boy….you’re my angel.” I say it kind of street.

He chuckles and puts his forehead to mine. I love his eyes I swear they’re hypnotic.

“I don’t know why you’re with me.”

“Why does there have to be a why?”


“Kyle…” I reach out and touch his lips.

I kneel sinking to the bed but kiss my way down and suck on his skin, lick the sweat from his chest…smell it…it’s still fresh…old sweat’s gross but I’m finding the pheromones do things for me. He’s not like mutant charged or something just a guy, just a guy that’s been working out and he’s all guy and I’m all girl and I love that whole sexual link from this that biological connection between male and female…I’m aroused enough that I’m more than ready to go down on him.

Again…There’s my pasts coming together.

And it’s Kyle and his emotions. That him being just him and being the most real thing that I’ve known…and knowing how it felt to have a wet hot mouth doing things…just gets me even more aroused as I take him in.

I love it, I know those feelings, I know the sounds and I love making him make those sounds.

It’s not gross either, before when I had a girlfriend I’d been down on her, different but not that much.

Actually this is much more fun.

I like doing this, it’s something too I was trained in all that long time ago. Breathing training, skin diving, to use my lips to tease and touch the head, under the head, to use my tongue to flick underneath and my hands to massage….swallowing is easy, taking him down my throat is from all the training…hiding lock picks, packets of poisons for those kinds of missions or just like this.

A man will and has spilled secrets to a woman like me.

All in the past, these are my first real times for me and with him.

Times…yes I’ve done this before.

I love the way he tastes…it’s this asian pallet thing salty, sweet, something guyish that’s meaty and in the back of my head there’s always been a huge difference in girls that liked it, that swallowed and liked it.

And there’s, nothing, nothing like the thrill of him exploding his wings from his back as he cries out my name.


Shayne…we’re so Shayne now.

Part of me rejoices at the fresh start I have now.

I make sure I’m clean when I’m done…lips, mouth…some stuff like left overs freaks guys out.

I look up at him feathers falling like black snow and those pale eyes staring into mine and he reaches down to move me back and he kneels and goes down on me.

He’s good at that…oh he’s so good at that and I swear his tongue delves deep, so deep in me and I writhe, I dance almost on the bed and honestly. Every blowjob I’ve ever had doesn’t even come close to this.

And my legs are over his shoulder and the feel of silky feathers on my feet and calves, my fingers through his hair gripping and holding his face there.

Arch, writhe, cry out…sexy dirty talk in both Spanish and Japanese.

I’m still breathing hard when he comes up my body and sinks into me.

Again I have to say I love this.

It’s more sensitive, but not all that hugely different but it is. It’s deeper…so deep and in a body and with a brain designed for deeper. And I love it…it carries me deeper and deeper into being melded.

And here’s where his mutation comes in…endurance…Kyle’s very fit…endurance wise to create the things he makes, his wings, the power blasts it all takes endurance and despite being thin, and fae he’s hard…all that sleek almost girl skinny is really hard muscle under all of that.

Sex does not generally for most human beings last more than an hour….that’s with a couple of orgasms and resting time…actually an hour is amazing from my experience.

Kyle gets me off twice hard and it’s almost twenty minutes before he cums.

It’s a good thing we don’t use condoms. I need his extra lube to keep from getting too raw and sore.

No, we don’t use protection. I don’t need to…there’s a Shinobi…a kunoichi secret focus that turns off the connected energies. Essentially a Chakra energy form of birth control.

Pregnant’s not an option right now as things are.

And…if it does get to that point where I feel it’s safe enough…I want the ring, I want the modern girl fairy tale.

I lose track of time making love and wake after falling asleep in his arms and in sated exhaustion.

I hear him in the kitchen and I have a smile on my face and feel all blessed out from the hormones and afterglow and very together in my head.

Together’s good.

I really don’t want to move but there’s that one thing after sex about a girl that’s a chore and that’s getting cleaned up.

Actually it’s not that bad…I’ve done worse things like stick a needle in my body to get high.

I get up and pad to the bathroom and take another shower and steam. Oh yes there’s this setting where I can have the shower give off steam like a sauna and have the hot water shower both. I fold out the seat from the wall and sit in the steam and go through my mudra poses and go deep chi flow as I meditate and get all my chakra’s firing.

You see it in martial shows and movies the ninja doing the poses. Well it’s basically gunning our chi through us so much like gunning a street racing car to get it warmer up for racing.

It’s a be prepared habit thing for me.

I love a good steam too and I use the kunoichi art of raising my energies to my skin and bringing al the blood flow up higher too and cleanse, sweat it out and let the energies do their things…it’s why Shinobi women are so pretty, we do this as part of our meditations.

And the shower afterwards with the really hot water is so nice.

The tower spoils us. I’m sure that if I lived someplace else our bathroom wouldn’t have a heated towel cabinet.

I brush and blow dry my hair out and slip on some panties and then go into the kitchen and sit on the window seat as Kyle passes me a coffee.

I love a nice cup of coffee every bit as much as a great cup of tea.

He’s kissing me and then he goes back to making supper. I know it’s late for it but that’s part of why it’s so good.

“What are we having?”

He smiles. “Pizza’s it’s one of the few things I’m good at.”

“Mmm…I like pizza.”


I watch and he’s good at the dough thing actually and I’ve never actually seen a dough get tossed before.

“Where’d you learn that?”

“I worked at a pizzeria last summer. It was kinda cool.”

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that.”


“Mmm…yeah it reminds me of pulling noodles.”

“Really? Now that’s cool I’ve seen that done a few times.”

“I can do that.”


“Yes. I was taught to cook as part of my ninja training.”

He’s looking at me like I’m joking and I smile. “Tomorrow, I’ll go get things to cook with tomorrow and I’ll cook you something Japanese.”

“Cool I like sushi.”

I snort. “Sushi’s just one specialty of Japanese cooking and I only know enough of that to really appreciate the good stuff.”

“Really, I though that’s like a lot of what you guys eat.”

I roll my eyes. “No…you have any idea how long it takes to be good at sushi? Years. I’m just a good sort of home cook.”


“I can do ramen, it’s a good type of dish depending.”


“It’s like anything else fresh ramen is different according to each region.”

“Cool, you want one of these white?”

“Yes please.”

I watch him make our pizza, the regular one he does with the works like heavy on the meat and stuff. I do like the fact he drains off the fat from the hamburger and sausage so it doesn’t get greasy and the fact he does this roasting the peppers over the burner to take the skins off. It’s like a pizza that’s an old neighborhood special with sausage and peppers but some extra meat and lots of cheese.

The white pizza is covered in canned alfredo sauce and some mozzarella then he cooks up spinach with it a lot of it and a whole bunch of mushrooms and garlic and a bit more mozzarella on top and he makes a pitcher of lemonade with it all and we just take the pizza’s into the living room on platters and we snuggle in to feed each other and watch some movies until the food’s gone and it get’s late enough to go to bed.


Shayne’s still asleep when I wake up and I get the house cleaned up and stuff and set the leftovers in a lunch box for her. I got one of those bento things for her and even had Bodi put a bonsai tree on it for her.

I can’t help but lean in the doorway to our room and watch her sleep.

I’ve never been with a girl like her before…sexy, caring, and hot…so freaking hot and all that and restful too.

I drink a whole coffee just there watching her before heading off to train.

I grab my training bag and head to the gym to get changed.

I’m sort of okay with the mirror today. Shayne’s got a lot to do with that honestly. She’s never left, not when I was going through my changes, not after I power spiked in the medical level and not since.

Sort of okay though.

Being reshaped into this new me is still freaky.

I sway when I walk.

Yes like a girl, not as much as some but there it is…slender shoulders, longer arms and legs, even a longer body. My hips though are femmy and I have a girl like bottom.

It’s scary because as an “elf” I can pass as a girl, a tuck between and a bra with falsies and poof I’m female looking.

Another thing that Shayne just gets and is good with.

I slip on the lycra flexi suit and I slip on the ballet flat sort of ring sneakers I’m used to and I hit the treadmill as Ruby one of the head Tower techs and I’m getting tested and scanned again and from running to weights and then the turbines.

They actually have a huge room with all these super turbines and stuff for flight here.

“Is all this for me?”

“No, we use it to gauge and practice all of the team fliers. Champion for example uses this to train his own flight powers under hurricane force conditions.”

“And me?”

“Well it’s got to be better than falling from way too high trying to learn how to fly.”

“Learning to fly?”

“Well I doubt the wings are decorative. Lets get started?”

It’s hard at first, whole different sets of things to control in my head and gliding is sort of the first getting the wind under my wings and getting used to the lift or loft but at the same time there is this thing going off in my brain.

Wings…wings I can make are tied really into my brain and the instinct is there…the need and the joy of flying.

There’s a need to push it…push it like I sort of do when firing my shadowplasm bolts….I nearly crash into the wall but pull back and hover…sail on wind like a kite.

Ruby cuts the turbines and I’m still aloft.

Not beating my wings but just hovering there.

“How? How am I doing this?”

She pulls down a visor set of goggles. I sort of drift checking out how to move and to fly and stuff. I can…little wing twitches, leans and my direction shifts.

“Particle flight!” She yells up to me.

“What’s that?” I think downish and come in for a landing.

“Your wings are like emitters, you give off shadow energy particles invisible to the eye but strongly enough to create lift and thrust.”

“Okay but I need wings for that?”

“Apparently so but we’ve also seen that you glide very well with them too. I’m thinking a secondary redundancy trait.”


“Very actually considering shadow energy is about as scientifically documented as oh…leprechauns.”

I laugh at that. “Okay, fringe science stuff so what’s next?”

“The range or more flight?”

I look up at the room and smile and spread my wings and push rising up off the ground. “Okay Doc, bring it.”

………………………….Wow…that’s hard work…really hard work and I can feel the flight stress on my body after two hours. I know I should have stopped a long time before then but I was flying…and fighting currents and cross winds learning how to feel out currents and thermals and even power pushing it.

As superhuman goes I’m not that fast 220 kmph give or take but certainly fast enough really that’s sports car fast and more that able to get me from point A to point B.

Though Doc Ruby has lots of data on me and flying now.

The range is next and working with the range master with my shadowplasm blasts. I can’t really do a solid projectile but the energy is still semi solid enough that it’s like being hit with a super hard stream some of the volunteers in armor say. It like a stream of smoke and black light hits them and sort of dissipates but it’s as hard as a shotgun.

If I get mad or put that kind of force behind it there’s bits in it that harden like a shot shell blast. That’s kind of scary that I can use deadly force…but given what’s out there.

And I’m getting to be a better shot, my blasts being semi solid actually have kick.

I’m really wiped out and sore when I’m done.

I’m in the shower when I see Shayne come in.

She’s in that black skin suit with form fitting plates and gear and holding her mask. She passes me a bundle.

“What’s this?”

“You’re uniform, we need to go back up the others.”

“What? Already?”

“There’s meta’s involved and we’re needed. You can do eye in the sky for us Kyle.”

“Okay…what about the others.”

“It’s a handful a team on team thing.”

“The reserves?”

“Already out there or on the way.”


“Bad enough….Mongo.”


“Anthro-gorilla…very dangerous, very smart.”


“Terry called him a Grod.”

“A what?”

“Genius type.”

“Lovely so Bad.”

“Yeah Bad, the team ran into some serious trouble.”

I’m getting dressed into the stuff she gave me. Black tights that are really tight and heavy? Matching gloves and boots all close fitting and a harness like a SWAT torso one without the gun holsters.

“What’s all this?”

“Police gear I’ll give you an intro as we go.”

“Okay…So much for you cooking huh?”

“We’ll see about that later, I was still looking forward to it.”

“So…I don’t get a mask?”

“You’re pretty unique you want one?”

“I….no, there’s not that many whatya call it’s Drow out there?”

“Not that’s on record.”

“Well it’s not like they’ll link me with the old me then.”

“You need a call sign or a code name not Dark Elf.”

“No?” I smile at her trying to fit on the headset she’s passing me.

“No.” She adjusts my headset for me.


“Nazareth…it’s angelic but kind of metal.”

“Okay.” She smiles at me.


“Yeah okay.” She offers me shooting glasses and I slide them on.

“Alright…let’s go.”

Five minutes later we’re in a SWAT Aero-APC heading downtown. Terry’s there with us looking focused yet smiling.

The APC banks and I think I hear Terry telling Shayne she had a date last night.

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