random acts

this is a story of faith, transition and a grim future

Story by sorcerer.

random acts

I was driving through town getting to know the city
I only moved to this town a few weeks ago, so I had to find my way around.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer I had been given a year at most
I passed that time limit
I only moved so others I knew didn't have to live with the pain I had
besides driving my car helped me focus on something else but the pain.

It was on one of these days I stumbled on an unfair fight
two men were beating up a woman
I wasn't on time to stop the bullies from beating her
but I sure was on time to pick her unconscious body from the ground
I placed her in my car and drove to the hospital.

Ones arrived I quickly got out of the car and rushed in for some assistance
when two nurses came out with me to get the woman they sighed when they saw her
one of them said ' o no not again Mary-Ann'.
You know her? I asked her
I’m afraid so she answered, she seamed to be the focal point of harassment.

They brought Mary-Ann inside and brought her to a small room somewhere out back
feeling sorry for her I stayed in the hospital wanting to know she was all right
after some time on of the nurses came to me and told me Mary-Ann was awake
and if I wanted to see her.

I told her I did and she escorted me to the room she lay in
ones arrived a doctor stopped me and asked if I was related to him
I told him no, but I wanted to know if she was all right
I had barely finished my sentence when it struck me, he called Mary-Ann a he!.

The doctor saw by the look on my face I didn't knew
he explained to me what was going on with Mary-Ann
she appeared to be a male in transition gone bad
she lost her job her home and income.

When I entered the room I was outraged as to what I saw
there she lay, the wounds on her body were minimally treated
and the room resembled more a jail cell then a hospital room
I rushed outside again and stopped the first nurse passing by.

I wanted an explanation why she lay there as she did
the nurse told me since Mary-Ann couldn't pay the bills there's nothing more to be done
I was outraged what was said and I stormed to the main desk
I gave them my credit card and told them to take care of her
I then returned to her room where I found her to be sleeping again.

I stayed with her for a while, finding it hard to believe what I looked at was a male
she was so petite and fragile, there must be someone in her live she could trust
I gave her a kiss on her cheek and whispered 'get well soon' and then left.

The doctor promised me he'll let me know when she was well enough to leave
when I got home I did some digging to find if there was anyone for her
but every answer I got was the same, there were none.

A week has passed and I couldn't get Mary-Ann out of my mind
when she would be released where could she go to what would she wear
I’d seen the clothes she wore, they were no good
then the doctor called and said Mary-Ann was to be released in a few days
I knew I had to act quickly.

I guessed her size and ordered some clothes, some lingerie and some heels
and had it delivered to her the day she was released
I had placed a card simply saying 'please wait for me'
when I arrived to pick her up I honestly believed her to be gone.

I started walking to her room when I was stopped by one of the nurses
you’re here for Mary-Ann she asked, I told her I was
she escorted me to another room, we looked through the window
the nurse pointed to her and said there she is
this was the first time I heard anyone calling Mary-Ann a she.

I knocked and then entered the room holding some flowers
as I walked towards her I had a feeling she recognized me
she absolutely looked beautiful, dressed in a blue leather skirt and red silk blouse
the nurses at the hospital had fixed her hair and make-up
and she looked stunning.

She stood up when I gave her the flowers, without waiting for it I gently kissed her
she was at a loss for words when I told her 'ready to go home'
I placed my arm around her waist as we left the hospital
I didn't drove home immediately but I stopped at a restaurant where we ate lunch.

We then walked into town as I took her on a shopping trip
she had absolutely no sense of fashion so with the help of a saleslady
we left with a large collection of clothes and lingerie
at the shoe store she got some heels.

As we walked back to my car she suddenly stopped walking
an elderly woman approached us
can I help you I asked the woman
I just wanted to say how good you look Mary-Ann, and you've found your special guy
before she left she gave Mary-Ann a kiss on the cheek.

We looked at each other but neither of us spoke
we briefly looked back at the woman, then walked to my car and drove home
when we were at my place I told her she could stay as long as she wanted
no strings attached
I gave her a spare key to the front door and showed her the spare room.

I told her this was her private place and I wouldn't bother her while inside
she gave me a kiss on the cheek and then moved her clothes in the room
for the next several days she didn't came from her room
and that was fine with me
when I made diner I placed the food for her on a plate, gently knocked on her door and called dinnertime and left her alone.

One day while making us a meal she suddenly stood behind me
just looking at me
despite the pain I had, I tried to function as normal as I could
I had decided to make us pancakes, I picked up the plate with pancakes
and started to walk to the table when a jolt of pain made me drop the plate.

After recovering from the pain I looked at the pancakes lying on the floor
Mary-Ann was on her knees picking up the spoiled pancakes
as we looked at each other I noticed a concerned look on her face.

Why didn't you tell me, she asked me
your well being is more important then mine I replied
you care for me, even though you now nothing of me
no-one has ever done anything to help me, why you?.

I can't save everybody, but even if I save one I’ve done a good job
my time will come soon, you have a life ahead of you
she gave me a big hug and said I had a big heart.

A few days passed, when I came home from a walk
Mary-Ann wasn't there, I figured she too went out
so I didn't give it much thought, but when evening came and she still wasn't home, I tried calling her, when I heard her phone ring in her room.

I went to her room and gently knocked on the door
when there was no response I opened the door
as I walked inside I noticed the phone laying on the table
a further check of the room showed all her clothes hung neatly in the closet
even the clothes she wore from the hospital.

This puzzled me, she wouldn't run off naked
I went out again trying to find her
I even went to the hospital and asked if Mary-Ann had shown up
I got a surprise when the nurse answered there was no and never been
a woman named Mary-Ann in the hospital.

Confused as I was I returned home
when I entered it was as I suspected, empty
I sat down and actually started crying
not for myself, but for the loss of Mary-Ann
I could not imagine a live without her.

In the brief time I had with her, I had fallen in love with her
as I stood up to fix me a drink, an excruciating pain surged through my body
as I fell to the floor I knew this was it, my time had come to die
when all of a sudden a bright light appeared in the room.

Great I thought at least I go to heaven
as I looked into the light it didn't blinded me
and as I looked a figure stepped from the light
as a second surge of pain overwhelmed my body
I couldn't take it anymore and I lost consciousness
but not before I recognized the figure, Mary-Ann.

When I opened my eye's again everything was black
all though it was the middle of the day
there was nothing to focus on
then a familiar voice spoke to me
'this is my gift to you' and light suddenly came through the window.

At that moment I began to become very aware that my entire body was tingling
as I looked at my chest I saw my breasts grow before my very eyes
my waist began to narrow down
I ran to the mirror and saw my facial features changing.

I began to turn into a woman
as I looked down I sadly noticed my cock had remained present
it had not diminished in size
I became an exact copy of Mary-Ann, but I felt stronger

I was lucky I still had all of Mary-Ann’s clothes so I got dressed
and after putting on some make-up' i was surprised I knew how to do that'
I walked out the door and ventured into town.

I did a lot of window shopping, but didn't actually buy anything
as I had a lot of fun I didn't notice the darkness has sat in
it was almost eight o'clock
as I started to return home, at some point I noticed I was being followed.
As I walked into an alley the men took their chance and surrounded me
they pushed me around while making fun of me
at one point someone grabbed me from behind while another grabbed my dress
and ripped it open
I worn no bra, so my breasts were in full view.

While he fondled my breasts another man stuck his hand under the remains of the dress
he was surprised as to what he found, and with a single rip my dress was fully
open, showing my cock for all to see.

I started screaming and that made the men more vicious
one of the men hit me in the face hard splitting my lip
blood ran down my face on my breasts.

I saw him get ready for a second blow
in fear I closed my eye's, but the blow didn't came
I heard a lot of yelling and screaming
and then silence.

Before I opened my eye's a soft and gentle voice asked if I was alright
when I opened my eye's I saw a slender build young woman standing before me
she had long raven black hair tied in a ponytail
as she helped me to my feet I tried to cover myself up
but with no success as the dress was completely ruined.

As she supported me she brought me to her place which was only a few minutes
walk from where she rescued me
as we entered her place she guided me to the bathroom and suggested I took
a bath as I was all messed up.

she must has notice I wasn't really at ease after the attack
but as I accepted the bath she excused herself and left
after fifteen minutes or so she knocked on the door and as she entered
I got the biggest surprise of my life.

In front of me stood a fully dressed latex maid
before waiting for an answer from me, she asked me if she could dry me off
as I stepped out of the bath the she wrapped my hair in a towel
before she started to dry me.

When the maid made sure I was dry she lifted a short latex nightgown
as I stepped into the mule's she had placed in front of me she guided me to the bed room where she sat me down before the mirror.

She removed the towel and started to comb out my hair until she was satisfied
she curtsied and took a step back as I checked my self in the mirror.

While I looked in the mirror I noticed she only had a single bed
and more strangely was the large metal cage placed in the corner
I wasn't supposed to sleep in the cage, did I, I thought.
But my fear quickly faded when the maid returned in the room.

Dressed in a clear latex baby doll I noticed the chastity belt she wore
in her hands she carried some restraints which I imagined were for her to be worn.

Boy was I wrong, because with a speed I had not expected she moved towards me
and had my arms locked behind my back, she did the same with my ankles
she then forced a gag with build in dildo in my mouth
the dildo was hollow so breathing wasn't a problem.

Next a collar was placed around my neck, and finally a thick leather
blindfold was placed over my eye's
now I couldn't see what she had planned
although I had a pretty good idea where I was to sleep
she walked me 'as I suspected' to the cage
she made me crawl in and locked my collar to the top of the cage
she closed the cage door and locked that as well.

She then did some thing I never expected
through the bars of the cage she forced a large dildo deep in my ass
there was no way I could work my way out of it since there was no room
to move around.

Before she left I heard her say 'boy that was easy'
I quickly turned my head towards where her voice came from
I tried to ask what she meant
but all what came from me were some UN-recognizable sounds
by the way I was trapped I couldn't get some sleep so
I wondered all night what she meant by what she said.

The next morning I quickly found the answer to that
she took me out of the cage and removed my leg restrains my collar and
blindfold, but not the gag nor wrist restrains
from a rail system on the ceiling hung a chain and on that chain hung a steel collar.

She showed me the collar from every angle, I quickly came aware the collar
had no key opening, so it was save to assume that one's the collar is
around my neck it was there to stay, permanently.

As she looked at me with a wicked smile on her face, she placed the collar around my neck and a series of clicks were heard
the collar was now a part of my existence
with that done she removed the handcuffs and ordered me to follow her.

As I reluctantly followed her the idea came to knock her out cold
but as I looked at the ceiling that idea faded as I saw there
was no way for me to to break free.

We arrived in the bedroom where she ordered me to lay down on the bed
I did what she asked and when I lay on my back on the bed
I was fitted with a chastity belt which she firmly locked in place
for a while she played with my imprisoned cock, pulling and twisting it
before she ordered me to get dressed
as she pointed at a pile of clothes I knew what was expected of me
I was to be her personal maid.
I did as asked and fifteen minutes later I stood before her
looking the perfect maid.

I was allowed to explore the house, that is as far as the chain allowed me to
as I walked my thoughts went from me a man dying to being reborn a female
and, dressed as I was, a slave, a maid.

I found out that picking things up would be a challenge
I could bend down, but picking things from the floor was out of the question.

Suddenly the chain yanked me back and guided me to my mistress
laying on the bed
there she was, on the bed her lower body completely exposed
the chastity belt was gone and in full view was her cock fully erect.

The chain had led me right to the bed side
she looked at me and all she said was 'service me'.

Since is didn't comply she pressed a button and a shock went through my penis
I guess that did the trick
I lowered myself between her legs and reluctantly placed her cock in my mouth.

It appeared I wasn't doing a great job as she placed her hands at the back of my head and started forcing her cock deeper in my mouth
I started gagging as her cock was deep in my mouth
so she eased off a bit, only to thrust it deeper again.

And then I felt her sperm thrusting in my mouth
with her cock still there I was forced to swallow every drop
when it was all over I was forced to lick her cock clean.

Then without looking at me she ordered me to get her a glass of whine
when I came back holding a tray with the glass of whine I saw her
she was dressed in a long latex gown which hugged her every curve
as she took the whine I was forced to make the latex dress ultra shiny.

The dress was floor length, so I knew it would take me a long time
but evidently I wasn't going fast enough, when a blow of a whip landed
on my butt
she didn't had to explain her action, as I quickened the pace.

When I finally was done, she ordered me to do something I never expected
she made me clean her boots, with my tongue
I thought it was disgusting but what could I do
so I licked the boots clean, after I was done I had a foul taste in my mouth
what on earth had she stepped in.

next she led me to another room, on the wall was mounted a small wooden bar
on the bar stood a large dildo
she lifted me in the air and forcefully lowered my ass over the dildo
as I stood there, my feet barely touching the ground
I knew I never get of the dildo by myself, but to be sure my mistress
attached leather straps on either side of the chastity belt
and secured them under the wooden bar.

Now I knew for sure, I wasn't going anywhere soon.

My mistress was about to leave, but before she left she made sure I wasn't
to make any sound or other attempts to attract attention or,
and then she pressed a button
it was as if my cock was on fire, and I knew what she meant
she placed the setting on auto mode and then she left.

There I stood, no one around, no where to go and afraid to make any sound
that is until the damned dildo came alive and massaged my ass
it was only because of the belt, otherwise I would have a full blown erection
I started to moan and because of that moan the belt punished me
with another electric jolt
I almost passed out.

On the table next to me lay a large gag
I barely reached the gag, and when I got it I forced it into my mouth
securing it from behind
hoping it would prevent me from making another sound as the dildo was still
stimulating my P spot.

I have no idea how long mistress was gone
but finally I heard her keys in the door
as mistress entered the room she momentarily was surprises as to what she saw.

As she quickly got back into character she said
'good girl, you got yourself ready for your next treatment'.

My arms were secured behind my back, and with that a second woman entered the room
she was carrying a small box which she placed on the table beside me
I looked at it as she opened it and fear came over me, as it was a piercing kit.

Without delay she began her job and five minutes later both my breasts
were pierced with large steel rings
to make things worse, mistress had removed the chastity belt
and the woman placed a wide steel band around my cock
it was a tight fit, she locked it in place by three steel rods which she pierced through the shaft of my cock.

But she wasn't done
through the head of my cock she placed another steel ring locking it in place
two short chains were attached to my breast rings
and as she pulled up my pierced cock they were connected to the ring in my cock
making a neat v shape.

I was in a lot of pain as my cock was trying to pull my breasts down
as they tried to hold my cock upright.

One last thing was done, a small medallion was attached to the ring through my cock
I later learned it stated the position in my life, 'SLAVE'.

I was determent to fight her in every way possible
but because of the electric shocks I resigned to my faith
and after two months I was her loyal slave in every sense
during that period she had my breasts enlarged from a B to a D cup
my nose was pierced and permanent make-up was applied
and my hair is now platinum blond.

I now dutifully serve my mistress and her friends
some times I wished I had died when I should have
but being what I am today I made at least one friend
who dislikes just as me what I became.

He doesn't treat me as a slave, but as a companion
Maybe, just maybe he does the honorable thing and get me out of here
until then, I’m looking forward to the next time we spend time together.

The end.

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