Patti's Princess (1 of 3)

Patti’s Princess
By JessicaC
Cousin Patti, my Sister Monika and Sam were very close growing up, often enjoying playing dress up in girls’ clothing when they were together. This would have been normal if Sam was short for Samantha but Samuel was his given name. Patti often said that Sam would be Patti’s Princess come her wedding day. The time has come today…

I’m Samuel Conrad and Cousin Patti’s wedding was yesterday at 6:00 p.m. and this morning I awoke to another man’s voice. Its Matt, the groom's cousin, next to me and his hand slips from my hip to between my legs saying, “Sam, please wake up, I want to make out with you one more time. Your sister just called to see if you are here. She says she will be down to talk to you.”

He leans over to give me a kiss and surprisingly I kiss him back as he pushes my hip to move it over into a position which I comply with. I’m surprised by what I am doing and that I have a camisole on. Now Matt is seeking to get the panty I’m wearing out of his way. Though I’m not into guys, I know what he’s seeking to do and for some reason, I’m not repulsed?

“My sister’s coming!”

Matt tells me, “Please, I’ve been waiting over an hour for you to wake-up so we can make-out again. (Again) Please, she’ll probably take thirty minutes to get down here, so we have time. And you have me feeling so horny!” I can’t believe I find myself rolling toward him as though it’s normal.

He lifts me as he is already positioned; one of his hands slips in with a gooey gel. He begins to push himself into me. I smile in anticipation.

* * *

There’s a knock, “Sam open the door; I know you are in there with Matt. Now open the door I need to talk to you.” Matt is just inside me and he quickly pulls out.

“Patience, patience” I frantically get up grabbing the comforter around me as I head for the door. I look back as Matt’s grabbed his pants and is going into the bathroom. As I open the door Monika enters pushing her way in, “Good you are still in Samantha mode. I need to help you get ready. We are going to breakfast and then we'll be coming back for Patti and Robert opening their wedding gifts.”

I say, ‘I can’t believe I’m I in a camisole and panties, and how is it I’m here with Matt? I look around and there’s Cami’s pretty white n’gold dress hung up with her shoes on the floor with a bra, panties and a half slip on a chair.

Monika tells me, “Sam, you need to take a quick shower and I will help you get dressed and made-up.”

“Nika, I’m capable of getting ready myself now just leave me alone.”

She says, “But you will need help with your makeup and hair so get to it” Now things start coming back to me as I look at the pretty white and gold dress, remembering I wore it last night. I make my way to the bathroom as Matt is coming out with his pants on, and still buttoning his shirt. I drop the comforter as I enter the bathroom and close the door.

I turn on the water in the shower, waiting for it to warm up. Monika knocks and starts to come in before I think to lock the door. I scurry into the shower and pull the curtain. “Nika get out of here I am taking a shower!”

“Sorry, I’m not waiting out there with your boyfriend. How did you hook up with him so fast anyway?” The room goes silent with a pregnant pause, Monika says, “You don’t remember do you?”

Again I stay silent, “Did you make-out with him? …You did, didn’t you?”

I confess, “I don’t remember Sis.” My sister giggles, I say, “Nika, it’s not funny. All I remember is Patti’s Maid of Honor and Cami saying I needed to go with them to be Patti’s Princess.”

“So you’re telling me you let Cami and Barb dress you up into that cute little dress? What’s the thing about Patti’s Princess?”

I remind her, “You remember when we were growing up and went over Patti’s and we would play dress up? I was nine or ten when she first told me, ‘You will be my princess when I become a bride.’ She told me that again when I was twelve when we became teenagers and again when we became sweet sixteen.” …My sister giggles, “Boys don’t become sweet sixteen nor a princess.”

“Well, Patti became very upset with me when I did not go to the same university as her. So when I went to get my Master’s, I agreed to go to her University for my graduate degree. She learned Cami and I was the same size, once when I visited her. Once when we were alone she made me wear one of Cami’s dresses. I tried to refuse, but I knew it was breaking her heart so I did as she wanted.”

“You let Cousin Patti force you to do something you didn’t like?” I see Nika becoming angry.

I say, “Nika, she didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t... She just sees me as Samantha and her Princess.”

“I can’t remember last night except that I was happy and now I’m remembering pieces.” I do not realize I am getting out of the shower until Nika is helping me to get dry and she hands me a fresh pair of panties and a white lacy bra. She leaves the bathroom and comes back bringing the dress and the slip.

“Ha, I thought I saw your legs are shaved. …Wait a minute put on the pantyhose and then the slip.” I sit and roll up one leg of the pantyhose as I begin to put it on. I see my toenails are painted a pretty red and I remember Cami painting my nails. My fingernails are the same color with a high gloss coating.

“They are pretty aren’t they,” my sister says? My eyes tear as Sis brushes her hand through my hair and then touches my cheek. I stand to complete putting my pantyhose on, ‘my pantyhose’. Nika gives me a hug.

She hands me the half slip which I put on with the cut-away properly in place. Then Nika causes me to pause. She puts pads in the cups of my bra and is now ready to help me with the dress. The back is unbuttoned as I raise my arms and she begins to help place the dress on over me. Letting it fall as my hands are properly through the straps. I smooth the front into place, turning my back to Nika as she positions the back and buttons it from behind. I feel her clasp the top and remember Cami doing the same last night. Like then, I twirl around without thought and see the joy of Nika’s face I had seen Cami’s.

Nika stoops helping me into my heels and then she asks, “Where is the jewelry you were wearing last night?” We’re out in the room and I spot the jewelry on the table near the bed. She allows me to put on the bracelet but then asks me to sit. “We need to do a good job on your makeup and hair, before putting on the necklace. Please let me do them, people won’t be comfortable at breakfast with a man dressed as a woman.”

“But I am…” Nika puts a finger over my lips to be silent. “Samantha, please watch and learn,” she says.

“But I don’t need to…” I respond as she again puts her finger to my lips.

“You are twenty-three and last night you looked like a seventeen-year-old debutante. Somehow I don’t see this being your last time Samantha.” Placing on the concealer and foundation, it is like Sam’s face is being erased. Samantha begins to show as she adds makeup and a little blush to my cheeks. Then she asks me to hold an ice cube to my ear. I see a good size needle and know what she is doing and for some reason, I don't protest. She pokes the needle through my ear and then a diamond stud earring into it. Sis steps back and then reaches forward to mark my other ear. She looks again and then removes the ice cube I’m holding on that ear. There’s the poke of the needle and the stud goes in right after.

She uses a little alcohol to dab each ear. I see a hint of red on the cotton-ball and look down to make sure there's nothing on Cami's dress. I hadn’t notice Nika covering up the dress but there're white towels on both shoulders. She leaves them as she finishes my makeup and then begins to brush and style my hair. “Now come look here in the mirror and see yourself.”

“Now that is why I waited for the mascara,’ my eyes tear. O Samantha, I have always wanted to do up your pretty eyelashes. They are naturally pretty and a little mascara sets off your eyes so beautifully.” She lets me look, and I get my purse ready to go out. I open up the purse and Nika sees a tampon. “Way to go, girl, I guess you are one of us.” She reaches into her purse and takes a comb, tissue, and a small mirror to go into my purse. I have taken the lipstick she used and place it in my purse.

I check my fingernails and one nail on each hand has a scratch but one needs to stare to see them. “You will just need to suffer through that; we don’t have time to redo them.”

We are preparing to leave when Matt knocks on the door and comes back in. “Are you going to be staying another night,” he asks?

Nika says, “Our parents haven’t decided, but I think we are leaning to stay and go home tomorrow.” A smile comes to Matt’s face and Nika and I can’t help but giggle.

* * *

We’re going down the hall waiting as the elevator opens and we go down to the third floor and my parents’ room. I’m now getting nervous and pause halfway down the hall. Nika asks humorously, “Getting cold feet Samantha? Mom wants me to remind you they saw you last night. They are pretty sure they are taking two daughters to breakfast.”

I follow Nika to their door and Nika whispers, “My brother is a little hottie, how does that feel?”

“I’m still a little sore,” I say.

My Sister winces, “I didn’t want to know that much. I’m just asking, is being dressed as a woman an enjoyable experience?”

I decide not to quickly tell her and I am remembering some more of the night before. I could remember looking in Matt's eyes as he was lifting me and I help guide him to me. I moaned as he enters me and I can feel him… “Yes, I think it was very good.”

“You just remembered some more didn’t you,” she asks, as Mother opens the door. Nika and I burst out laughing as Mother is asking, "What is so funny?" We’re laughing even harder while we shake our heads ‘No’. And I am not used to a dress as I flop down in a chair and my skirt flies up.

“Sit up and act properly as a young woman if you’re going to dress as such.” Mother is now a little upset and our Father is coming out of the bathroom. “What is the fuss about?”

“Your daughters are acting up and the youngest doesn’t quite know how to be a lady. So you two tell me what is so funny?”

“Please mother not right now,” Monika pleads and Mother catches on.

“O, okay I’ll talk to you two later, agreed?” We agree but now I am not finding things too funny.

“Sam, you look a lot like your Mother and sister.” Dad pauses, “I’m not sure if I should say this but you are quite pretty.” I bounce up, holding the skirt of my dress down and give my father a kiss on the cheek. And now everyone is quiet.

Nika steps forward with a tissue to wipes Dad’s face, “I bet you never expected that from your grown son?”

“Everyone pick up your purse and let us get going. I don’t want to be the last ones there,” my father says.

* * *

It is almost 9:00 a.m. when we get to the restaurant for breakfast. I’m embarrassed as I forgot about Grandmother, but she is patting the seat next to her for me to come and sit with her. Mom pushes me her way and I go and sit next to Grandmother. “Grandma, I am sorry that I am acting crazy like this, I don’t mean to embarrass you.”

“Samantha, Patti already checked with me last week to make sure I wouldn’t be upset with you in a pretty dress. Don’t you remember many of your dress up games were when I would babysit you three? Now be a good girl and let’s enjoy the day. This is for Patti.”

After we place our orders, Nika and my cousin Sandy say, “We’re going to the restroom.” Nika comes back to tell me that includes me. Sandy and two of Patti’s friends, Paula and Cami want to see me go in the women’s restroom as well.

When I come out of the restroom my parents are standing there an ask me to go outside with them. They are very upset. Mom speaks, “Sam, you were very out of line in embarrassing everyone by going into the Ladies room. We want you to go back to the hotel with Dad. He will take you and we want you to change back to Sam’s clothes and to forget this nonsense! I don’t want a second daughter.”

“So you understand that goes for me too,” my father says! “Now let’s get going. I’ll bring you back, and if the others are done, we can have breakfast together.”

I'm upset and say, “No discussion? Sorry, but I’m twenty-three. I won’t embarrass you by going back in, but I will walk back to the hotel without your help. I am sure Patti expects me at the gift opening. So I will be there but I will try to stay away from embarrassing you but please Patti. Then I will get my stuff and go back to my old apartment or go to New York City.”

Mom emphatically says, “You can’t walk back to the hotel in those shoes you will ruin somebody’s pretty shoes, plus you’ll twist your ankle.”

“Well I am stubborn enough to try and I will walk in my bare feet if I have too.”

Mom laughs, “Have fun trying to get down to your bare feet with pantyhose on.” Even I was not successful in holding back a laugh, but I do set out walking back from the restaurant to the hotel. That is a visible distance, but it might be as much as a quarter to half-mile away.

* * *

Within the first two hundred feet, I have two vehicles stopping to offer me a ride. One was a guy in a pick-up who has trouble with the word ‘No’ until I use my male voice. The second vehicle is Cami and my sister. They aren’t fully on my side but they’re supportive and aren’t leaving me alone to walk back. Cami spoke, “Patti will need to understand Sam if you decide not to be her Princess for the opening of the gifts. I know she really appreciated last night and holds you to be her younger twin sister.”

“So you believe as I do, Patti wants her Princess there? I just wish I had something else to wear.”

Nika speaks up, “Sam, I have your clothes in my room. When I packed it up it looked like half the clothes haven’t even been worn.”

“I meant an outfit or another pretty dress.” They both giggle under their breath, already knowing what I meant. Cami drives past the hotel without a word. “What are you doing,” I ask?

“Kohl’s is down another mile and I know they’re having a good sale this weekend.” I smile as I will have their help in making a good selection.

Nika asks, “What do you prefer, a skirt and blouse or another dress? Can we share our thoughts, we’ll leave the decision up to you Samantha?”

I’m nervous as Cami is pulling into a parking space at the store. “Do you think I look alright to go into the store?” Cami turns to me reaching her compact, and brushes a little blush on my cheekbones and asks for my lip gloss. I give her my lipstick but she reaches into her purse and pulls out lip-gloss and coats my lips till all areas are shiny. “Let the lip-gloss set before you close your lips.”

I wait over two minutes and awkwardly ask, “When will it dry?”

“It is set, we can go.”

But I say, “It’s still wet.”

“That’s why they call it lip-gloss, your lips are luscious?” I parse my lips and she is right. I think, ‘A boy shouldn’t have lips like this.’ Then it dawns again I am now Samantha and I get a big grin.

As we are walking to the store, Nika tells me, “Stand straight and don’t round your shoulders like that."

“But I don’t want my chest standing out like I’m a girl.”

Nika says, “That is exactly what you want or others might look harder and see a boy in a dress. You know Mother would never let her daughters slouch like that, so be a good girl and straighten up.” I straighten up and notice by our shadow and then in the store windows, we are three girls entering Kohls.

Once in the store, Nika quickly knows the layout and tugs me in tow. We first look at dresses and find two we like. I and Cami like one dress that Nika says would do. We all like a halter style sun dress. It is white with various spring blossoms on the upper portion and vine-like scrolling along the skirt. I try it and step out of the changing room. Nika asks me to turn around, and then says, “Luckily this bra adjusts for a halter top but we should get another bra better suited for this.”

I’m sad as I love the dress but I am not buying it and a special bra. I’m not likely to ever wear either again. While I am still in the dress, Cami pulls me over to select some skirts. Nika picks out a layered skirt that is very pretty and festive but it is way too short for me. With Cami and Nika’s help, I select two other skirts and I am sent back to the dressing room.

I quickly hand out the first dress and then as I change out of the sundress I hang that one out as well.

I hear Cami saying to my sister, “There aren’t many guys who can wear size 6 dresses and look as good as Samantha. I don’t want this to be a problem but I still want Samantha as Patti’s Princess. Patti thinks the world of Sam. I’m not sure but somehow Patti sees this as keeping Sam close to her.”

Nika says, “They consider themselves twins, ‘twin sisters’. They are very close like our mother and Patti's mother are. Sam even looks more like the women on mom’s side of the family. Even our father at your sweet sixteen party, joked that ‘Samantha takes after our mother more than I do. As a gag gift, Sam received a gift card to have his nails done with Patti.”

“That would have been cute to see, did Sam throw a fit? I bet Patti pulled him along telling him not to sulk.”

“So Patti told you, huh?”

Cami giggles, “No, I was joking; you mean she did?”

“Patti even wanted Sam to get his ears pierced along with her.”

Someone asks, "Hey, Samantha what is taking you so long?”

“I’ve already tried on one skirt and it’s a ‘No’ without even asking. I’m almost into the one you’re forcing me to try.” It is the pretty three layer skirt that I am too short.

One of them hands me a top over the changing door. “Try this top with that skirt?”

I didn’t want to say it but the skirt is cute and fits nicely. I like how it moves and looks. I notice the blouse was on one of the racks near the skirt and by the same designer. It is not a surprise that they look good together. As I come out Cami says, “That answers my next question, if you got the lace body shaper on. It really helps your waist and your hips to stand out better as well.”

“It is a bear to get on, but as you say it really helps the girl look.”

“The shape-wear is already paid for so you can keep it one if you wish,” Cami says. “You'll look like Patti's twin but hers is white.” Cami sees my surprise that Patti would need one. “Patti is just vain enough and wants to look her best.”

Nika and I chime in together, “She is truly beautiful this weekend for her wedding.” We hooked pinkies and made a wish like when we were kids.

I chose to go with the skirt and blouse, but they also brought over the sundress, a light yellow bra and panty set, along with several packages of pantyhose. “I’m not buying all that!”

“No, we’ll buy it but it will all be yours. We think you should wear the dress to the gift opening,” Cami tells me.

“Don’t I even have a say in that?”

Nika says, “You can say thank you if you want.”

Cami spoke up saying, “I saw a nice pair of sandals with 3” heels that you should have as well.” We all go and look at the sandals she's talking about. I try them on agreeing they look and feel great. Nika says, "They are very nice and will go with both outfits. They're even reasonably priced..."

To be continued...

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